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  1. How can there be no eyewitnesses and then they claim the truck was travelling at speed and overturned? Did this truck not have a driver? Would not this driver be an eyewitness?
  2. To think this is supposed to be the Editors pick? Go figure! Has TV suckered up to TAT now to promote the rare occasions a taxi does something any decent human being would do? A good thing that driver did however, an editors pick remains to be seen... The way the article was written this man took herto the police out of fear of being accused to rape her since they caught thelast driver who did this.. A shame taxi companies don't check their driver's backgrounds or licenses for that matter...
  3. Maybe you haven't been there in awhile! I was sitting at a bar overlooking the passersby and could not believe the amount of african prostitutes walking back and forth.. To top it off on the corner had a gang of no less than 6 males harrassing tourists and grabbing at single thai women as they walked past. What gets me is why the police are only focusing on visa violations? Surely they know what these Africans are doing and could easily catch and charge them for a more serious crime..
  4. clearly the crew is not at fault and will be released later without bail and no charges. The police will conclude ywt another foreigner deliberately used the parasailingas a method for suicide and we won't hear anymore about it. Seriously though! I have never parasailed but i didn't know they would have a quick release so easily accessible while in the air... Csn any experts put forth their kkowledge on this to clarify?
  5. Well. I stopped dreaming about women once i hit Asia. Seems to me that no dream could be better than having the real thing.. Ulysses G.. seems to me that isn't a dream with Ivanka.. May just be your fantasy hehe... If i dreamt about her for sure it would be a nightmare.. But some nightmares can be turned into fun hehe
  6. I remember all of my dreams... I can also to remember some of my dreams from when i was only 12 years old.. what's more is that I can control my actions in my dreams almost all that happens... and i have the realization inside the dream that it is only a dream... if i sleep with the tv on, my dreams can be focused on what is on the tv... an example would be.. a zombie movie is on and i will dream and zombies will be in my dream but i will still be able to control what happens with that..
  7. another suicide hehe... wrapped in t-shirts, tickets for flight home, luggage on the ferry to Chumphon. Yep! definitely suicide.
  8. did the write of this article leave out the part of the security team that went to collect the political analyst for re-education? or it hasn't happened yet? if not i will be surprised... maybe charges of inciting dissention? maybe the current status now allows propaganda such as this teacher is spreading? anyone know?
  9. bad influence is not what is making these kids do bad.. bad parenting, bad education and lack of responsibility as well as lack of concern for other should be blamed..
  10. insurance offered and refused means you don't want to go into thailand
  11. I have been invited to have a drink... I have been invited to sex a woman other than my wife... But this invitation is a new soon on things.. Way to go P. Maybe these types of invitations will become commonplace in Thailand! NOT!. Can you imagine the loss of revenue and tourist dollars if thais actually took this seriously? I think he will need to invoke a certain article to even attempt the population to accept his invitation
  12. I guess with his certification of satisfaction, the industry can sit back and relax for the inevitable approval of the rest of the aviation industry... way to go Mr. P
  13. they surely would not deny your entry... they would instead force you to buy their insurance while granting you the option to refuse and return home.
  14. Better questions left unasked and unanswered. This story reeks of bait to entice the rampant replies with which could land someone's arse in prison just for suggesting improper accusations and assumptions
  15. Actually, if this guy was an asylum seeker. He should have at the least checked which country to seek asylum with. Your statement about situation is one he created himself. Note to self: if ever i want to seek asylum, check and make sure country accepts asylum seekers.