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  1. This has been going on for years... 8 years ago these monkeys were rampant in the streets near the market and in the market itself... You could not stop your motorcycle if you had food on it.. What took them so long?
  2. Surely they are mistaken.....that was a Vietnamese lady.. Thailand doesn't have any prostitutes. It's illegal.
  3. if all these rags are reporting the negative. i would not be surprised when TAT intervenes to reinstate the street foods once they are tourism dollars are dropping.
  4. Let's see... door open.... fan on..... pants on floor outside bathroom..... man dead on floor with head injuries... definitely a suicide....... or maybe he opens his front door, runs to go to the bathroom and at the same time taking his pants all the way off lest he trickle some on his underwear.... then as soon as he finished with the toilet, he gets up and slips and hits his head causing the deadly blow. or someone came in while he was in the toilet and killed him... dragged his pants out of the bathroom and left in a hurry leaving the front door open.
  5. It simply amazes me that the police allowed this sort of farce to happen... Justifying it all the way for what? a year and half of wasted time. Why they didn't just walk in undercover and arrest his are before he fled. Why did they serve advanced notice that they would be seeking to arrest him? Why waste all that money putting on a year long show of wasted effort when they already knew they have him to opportunity to flee with their haphazard unorganized and unothordoxed methods of granting time to run. This monk had more than enough opportunities as well as more than enough money to do as he pleased.What a giant egg on the police and Mr. P' s face. Thailand has lost face to all the world that know of this and other instances similar. Shame on them
  6. no it won't! history is written and changed and rewritten in Thailand to please those in power and to shed good light on leaders and decisions made. Just look at the history books used now and you would know this
  7. why would the police even advertise their little demos to the public and arouse the locals to gather for a lynching? tight lips is not a police trait apparently..
  8. who cares if monks are there? the parents just got 1.4 million for their son... and the happiest couple in. the region would be the parents I presume
  9. seems to me that all these rectors did was say they didn't want the job title to avoid declaring assets. The still have and are actively performing their duties in the same capacity as acting reactors hehe... As I am sure they are still receiving the same salaries as before they stepped down (hehe) from their positions.
  10. Hard to believe that TV is calling this a top story. Even harder to swallow is that Thairath is using the poor me card. If it is the law, then it should be followed regardless until the law is changed. The fact that anyone can go but a car or motorcycle without a license to drive, that the police cant even enforce a stupid helmet law, nor any other related driving laws. Makes this about the dumbest article I have read in a while. Why is it that Thais continually make it use excuses for not doing something the way it should be? It seems the news also is encouraging this sort of irresponsibility. So what if it wasn't fully enforced before. This is a police issue, not a loor thais problem.. The poor thais driving should have been aware of this law before and been following the law during their driving history. Thai Rath should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to be in print.
  11. by people I hope you are meaning the thai monks... if they themselves dont practice good Buddhism then how can their followers be expected to..
  12. surely you are not serious.. they would make the foreigner pay before they would make a thai... the thai driver can easily claim he told you to wear one and you would be no wiser.
  13. You read this you criminals associated with this investigation? You have until the end of the year to collect your monies and assets and flee the country. So nice of the NACC to provide you with an ETA of their progress
  14. pretty sad state of affairs when. the results of their assessments are released to the news before the President even see them... Trump needs to fired all of these officials and get some that can keep their taps shut until he approves releasing information to the public
  15. Funny! I saw just the opposite last night in soi 6.. short time rooms being used quite frequently... as for the massage girls.. they are not shy and just need a curtain to do their happy ending