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  1. Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce responded that it would investigate the matter. If the vendor is found guilty of overcharging customers, she could face up to seven years in prison and/or up to a fine of THB100,000. Pretty good evidence she was overcharged from dual pricing. Why is am investigation needed? ohh! i forgot they need to to give ample chance for the woman to make wai and pay small fine to be forgiven.
  2. that was my first thought as well... if a foreigner was the one died.. instant suicide.. being this was a thai.. instant murder assumptions.. i am not saying it could be murder... only comparing how the police approach this and the press releases that follow
  3. Lindsay Lohan bitten by snake on holiday in Phuket

    i sure wishi was there to suck out the poison..
  4. his idea is not a new one.. China's grocery stores make you pay per plastic bag. yet it doesn't hinder them from buying more. i have yet to see them whip out a bag to put there food in. although it sounds like a good idea. i doubt it will deter the Thais. it will just add 5 baht to their overall bill..
  5. Study finds high pesticide levels in local food

    i have seen in many occasions how they kill their land using chemicals after harvesting a crop. This is after they have sprayed using chemicals on the crops themselves. I have warned my thai family aboit the long term hazards eating foods from their land and they only laugh at me. Seems this is how they have been doing it for so long that they are unwilling to change their ways. i think this attitude is rampant in Thailand among farmers. Even the veggie festivals were tested to have formaldehyde in their foods sold there. UNFORTUNATELY, our choices are limited to where good is sold and never certain how it was grown or kept before we eat it. This country needs a proper FDA. to regulate and constantly check quality of farms, markets, and vendors without influence from bribes or powerful politicians. It will never happen though.
  6. and this guy was a greeter for tourists.. wow!this should boom tourism confidence greatly
  7. Japanese man sought in rape and murder of tourist 10 years ago

    how is it that the dsi still has enough dna samples after 10 years when thry could not even keep enough DNA from the 2 burmy men within a year?
  8. fair?? how is it fair when a thai can commit the same crime and admits his guilt and then get his sentence reduce to half or a death sentence changed to life imprisonment? true he deserves death but i would hardly use the word fair.
  9. I'm just waiting now for immigration to stop foreigners at airports to look though their phones and computers for illegal content. That will be the day tourism takes a dive for sure.
  10. actually.. from what I read in china laws.. only people with chinese drivers licenses are permitted to drive in china... they don't accept international licences.. you must take a chinese driving test... as to whether it is is enforced? I would hate to take my chances just to find myself in a chinese jail cell
  11. no offence to Thais... but why is i don't believe this article? perhaps because Thais are not really taught astronomy and astrophysics? for crying out loud.. ask a thai why their are tides in the sea.. or how many planets in the solar system.. you won't be shocked to know that most can't answer even these simplest of questions. Perhaps phuket felt the need to have Thais win something as it was held in thailand. or perhaps they won some obscure awards as this article doesn't specify exactly what they won their medals in exceot for the gold winner for observation.. i know some kids are intelligent.. so I could be wrong about what i said. But really to make this story believable they should include more details.
  12. Curse of the Black Magic

    8k is kind of steep to be asking a friend for unless your wife had given her money in large amounts before... You would be the fool to allow your wife to do this as it ultimately affects yourhousehold and relationship. Tell your wife to stand up and say she she will help her get divorced so this so-called beauty can find herself a good man who doesn't cheat
  13. Where to go, special occassion

    thung wa laen beach.. picture perfect and untainted by tourism.
  14. You both are wrong.. those are just the ones nearest to the police station... working across the street from them