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  1. The place to stay whilst waiting for your visa is the Avalon Residence (Booking.com) B652 for one night next wed International bus station just 5 mins walk from hotel and the Thai Consulate being just a 10 mins walk. Enjoy
  2. The short answer is, yes you can.
  3. Muffin the Mule, or failing that:
  4. At this stage of the game, I'm only experimenting in making homemade Indian curries having obtained the most recent recipe one on YouTube. Rather than making and using Indian base gravy, I am looking for alternative ways of making Chicken Vindaloo. Others will follow. This recipe calls for onions (I presume red) which when fried turn to pink. I have all the other ingredients. I will try and locate red onions at my local market.
  5. I have located a recipe for an Indian curry which calls for red onions. Here in Bangkok I can only find white onions or shallots. Would white onions be a good substitute although they would turn golden brown when frying as apposed to red onions turning pink?
  6. Appears to be a pretty straightforward process. Just contact the embassy for further assistance. http://www.mofa.gov.pk/thailand/content.php?pageID=consthai
  7. Immigration WILL NOT ask to see 20k cash or will they want to view a bank statement.
  8. Confiscate passport. Did they miss that AGAIN? We shall see.
  9. If an original marriage certificate has been lost, there is no problem submitting the relevant documents to Savannakhet subject to having obtained a registry copy of the marriage at the amphur where you were married. It is known as a Kor Ror 2. For a single copy, the fee is B20. I would suggest applying for a KR2 a few days before travelling to Savan.
  10. Agree, 'you've hit the nail on the head'. An English speaking foreigner getting involved would make all the difference but, as we all know, he or she would need to have the necessary qualifications and of course a work permit. Let's see how it goes.
  11. Thanks for the MOE link Fookhaht, I will forward this to the lady concerned.
  12. Understand, but my question was initially directed to those foreigners who have a Thai wife, girlfriend, friend who have had experience of setting up an English language school and working from home.......if any.
  13. If a Thai lady who has an excellent command of the English language, wishes to teach the English language to Thai students working from home and charging a small hourly fee, would there be any problem or is she missing something?
  14. If you require a London broker who accepts non-resident UK accounts and have reasonable charges, I would recommend the following:https://www.svssecurities.com I have been dealing with them now for approx 18 months and have had no problems.
  15. Incorrect. This particular agent in Pattaya does not require any forms and declarations to be completed and signed. They only ask for passport, photos and the relevant fee. I have never personally used this agent and I never will. The above is purely an example