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  1. Rather than complicate matters, I will use the current stamped single re-entry permit when I return to Thailand next week and obtain either a single or multi re-entry permit at either DM or immigration later this year. Thanks all for the feedback.
  2. I will be departing Thailand this weekend with a single entry re-entry permit (retirement extension until Nov 2018) and towards the middle of this year, I anticipate a further single re-entry permit will be required. My question is, will I be able to obtain a further single re-entry permit this weekend (DM) considering I already have a valid permit in my passport which will of course be used when I return to Thailand in about a week? Thanks
  3. EMS no updates since Jan 5th - panicking!

    Call Thailand Post. Simple. Enjoy.
  4. Yes, exit Thailand as normal and ensure that on re-entering Thailand the IO is aware of your re-entry permit. Enjoy.
  5. 'the full verdict in Yingluck's case in English' Again, another lengthy translation into the English language. Where have I head this before? Another case maybe? I will return to this thread in a couple of months or so. Enjoy.
  6. No way Yingluck is going to be extradited by UK your say January 08, 2018 01:00 If anyone ever deserved to be granted asylum in the UK then she does. Orton Rd Damn right she has! We still do not understand that most countries are refusing to extradite a person to a country without a democratically elected government. I am pretty sure that she’s going to get her political asylum too. Move on, folks. Not much more to see here. Get Real I wonder if she’s sharing a flat with Red Bull boy? daboyz1 As far as I am aware, the UK does not have an Interior Ministry! All applications for political asylum are dealt with through the Home Office, or have things changed since I was last there? graemeaylward For one thing Yingluck is not going to be extradited to be locked up for something that is not a crime in the UK. For another, her conviction and sentence for the same must surely provide “substantial evidence and reasons to justify the application for asylum”. The Thai powers that are harping on about seeking extradition, can only strengthen Yingluck's case to stay in the UK, and make themselves look like ineffectual bullies. Aj Mick We have read a lot about applications being submitted to Interpol concerning two recent applications by the Thai police for assistance from them about bringing them back to Thailand. So far, Interpol does not appear too concerned about either of them. If the Thai authorities cannot prevent, resolve, or clean up cases within their own jurisdiction according to Thai laws, which it appears can be easily and readily circumvented if one has the status, position, knowledge, and money to do so, while the persons are still within the country, then why would any institution even offer to help? Maybe, Interpol may have put things on hold while waiting for some reason unknown to us regarding their lack of involvement. If the Thai authorities cannot arrest a cop killer while the killer is within the geographical boundaries of the country, why should Interpol waste its resources to help clean up the Thai authorities made mess? wotsdermatter http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/your_say/30335637
  7. How to invest £160k

    The most sensible suggestion is to deposit the GBP160,000 in an interest bearing offshore bank account in the Channel Islands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_banks_in_Jersey
  8. Don in dark over claim of UK passport for Yingluck

    http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/woman-believed-ex-pm-yingluck-seen-shopping-uk/ December 29, 2017 | (38 views) | By Thai PBS Authorities concerned are trying to verify whether a woman who was seen shopping in the United Kingdom which appeared on the Facebook page of New TV was former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra as claimed or not, NCPO spokesperson Maj-Gen Piyapong Klinpan said on Friday (Dec 29).
  9. PC Monitor

    Thanks guys. I have opted for the following PC monitor (without speakers) connected to a VGA cable which will do me just fine: https://www.invadeit.co.th/product/monitors/lg-electronics/23inch-led-monitor-1920x1080-vga-hdmi-23mp48hq-p-p031097/ Searched for the same model and found it to be cheaper at IT City: http://www.itcityonline.com/item/201709DM050000001-LG+LED+Monitor+23"+23MP48HQ-P+IPS Cheers.
  10. PC Monitor

    I intend purchasing a PC monitor, 21-24 inch, to connect to my laptop as my TV screen size is far too large. My question is, if I connect by way of a VGA cable and not HDMI, will I need a 3.5mm audio cable, or if not, will I receive the audio through the laptop? Excuse my ignorance.
  11. ThaiPBS English‏ @ThaiPBSEnglish 18m18 minutes ago More The ban against passengers riding on the back of pickup trucks postponed for next year http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/passengers-allowed-ride-back-pickup-trucks-another-year/
  12. Visa Service

    Can it be recommended? Definitely not.
  13. Forget Bangkok Bank. They may be the biggest but definitely the worst. I can highly recommend Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri). Verified by VISA. Enjoy
  14. Jailed Thai Coal Protesters Can’t Afford Bail

    Prachatai English‏ @prachatai_en 7m7 minutes ago UN Human Rights Office calls for the immediate release of all arrested during a coal plant protest https://prachatai.com/english/node/7494