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  1. At Least, you can avoid some issues by scanning and targeting the youngest Immigration Officer and NEVER A FEMALE Immigration Officer. It's not a PC move...but it works....All the problem I had at immigration was with a lady immigration officer or an old guy. The younger they are, the better....They usually do not care that much unless its very severe...for small small problem, they do not bother - its very much like in day to day office job - The young folks do not care too much about paperwork.
  2. starchild5

    Immigration queues

    I waited three hours, arrived on 10th feb ... i had single entry tourist visa, earlier, it took me literally 2 minutes to get the visa....now, its hellish....be prepared, its due to chinese new year, should be over by 18th of Feb, many new flights added which lands in the early morning. It was a nightmare....Chinese tourist, as usual jumping queue and even the number of immigration officers were just 50%
  3. The NEW S-Curve Z-Curve or All Curve Would Need Big Data and Cloud Computing..Without IT no Automation or Robotics would take off....Digital Business is IT ..duh??? Yes, We are on it and SKYPE was Developed in Estonia so is Transferwise Skype at 10: How an Estonian startup transformed itself (and the world) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/stories/skype/skype-chapter-2-welcome-to-estonia.aspx Tallinn: The Former Soviet City That Gave Birth To Skype https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2013/06/12/190693661/tallinn-the-former-soviet-city-that-gave-birth-to-skype
  4. I waited for this visa for like Six months, since the news came around August and I NEVER EVER thought I would be this disappointed. IT IS THE SAME STATUS QUO as was BEFORE Where is the Equation with RISK... The IT Industry was BUILT on RISK not on Laws and Status Quo. Where is the Mavericks Visa? Mavericks built the entire internet not people who love 9 to 5 jobs ... No Country wants to take Risk on Human Ingenuity...Even if 100 People Fail...Thailand needs one guy to succeed and put the country on Map..Like how Skype was invented in Estonia and now Estonia is the second most popular start up country in Europe with a population of just 1.3 million. I can't work in Europe due to Cold Climate which my body cannot handle it properly as i get sick most of the time there. Thailand will FAIL in this as many have noted as most likely people who could succeed are 20 year olds with no 200k Salary and No PH.D background... Bottom Line..MONEY RULES...Not Creativity...Smart Visa Puts you in Reverse Gear With Everything with the meaning of what Renovation Stands for.. A guy who has 200k / month Salary ...WHY WOULD HE THINK HARD to Innovate anything ..lol.....Necessity is the mother of invention.....This visa is a JOKE to me personally as far as Innovation is concerned Apple, Microsoft, Google were all built in a garage ...those guys never had 200k THB/month salary
  5. Just go here..You will get all the stats http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?p=137012291 He has done more in three months in office than all the presidents combined. The question really to ask is...Are Filipinos inferior to the west? When Filipinos have no issues with his way of work..then why is west have problem... Every Filipino you ask is SUPER HAPPY now a days. The optimism is through the roof.. Filipinos’ optimism hits record high – SWS http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2016/07/29/Filipinos’-optimism-hits-record-high-–-SWS.html Philippines is 3rd most optimistic country in the world http://asianjournalusa.com/philippines-is-rd-most-optimistic-country-in-the-world-p10508-67.htm
  6. What has Duterte got to do with it? The previous regime...aka the puppets of western countries did that to Philippines. Duterte has increased infrastructure spending more than any president. In next six years...Philippines will spend over 200 billion dollars to improve infrastructure...More than all presidents combined. Its bad now, which is due to corruption in the past.
  7. Who is the guy with her...He seems to be kissing her as well..and with his looks, height, hair length, he sure is not a Thai or Tuk Tuk driver..? Why no one is talking about that guy on CCTV...? he sure looks like a farang...
  8. starchild5

    Hong Kong Tourist Robbed by Two Women in Pattaya

    Its part of tourist attraction....I really want to see how ladyboys rob you...It can't be that simple...common...You have sex with me...NO...then snatch your wallet or chain...1,2,3...Its harder to get a freelancer here Since, last two days, I'm walking the usual hunting places of robbery past 1 AM beach road and no one is approaching me...I'm keeping my wallet out, chain out but with ZERO money...just to experience ladyboy snatching ...I don't believe it can be that simple... When you are out to get robbed with no money in wallet...no one robs you...strange...
  9. Do people even read here... Around that date the Dutch Department of Justice starts an investigation into the business of ‘The Grass Company’ and Johan van Laarhoven is named as prime suspect. During this investigation, the Dutch police execute several raids on the shops, offices and homes of the coffee shop chain and several telephone and e-mail taps are being used and houses searched. The investigations by the Dutch Department of Justice are not focusing on drugs, but mainly on tax-evasion and money laundering. According to the Dutch head Officer of Justice, Charles van der Voort, part’s of the daily turnover was being kept away from the official accounting by ‘The Grass Company’. These investigations by the Dutch Department of Justice took place over a period of 4-5 years, with no official claim or prove of any wrongdoing by ‘The Grass Company’. It was the Dutch government who started legal proceedings against him..Thai's were not interested but they kept on pressuring them What a GIANT LOAD OF LIES BY THE DUTCH This liaison police-officer, on July 14, 2014, sends a rather misleading letter to the Thai Officer of Justice in Bangkok. This letter tells a totally different story than the official request for legal assistance. Yeah Yeah. How convenient..Since the Dutch were not getting any help from Thai's they convinced Thailand of him being a Drug Suspect so that he could be arrested. They were jealous as he was a free man and not sucked into Dutch TAX System which is actually the real MAfIA... Europeans are fed up of illegal TAX System which is used to fund illegal immigrants to your own country and destroy it your own money. Why are people being so retarded now that Dutch People are protesting..The government is acting as if they are they Good guys... Its the DUTCH government who faked him through the letter as being a DRUG SUSPECT...WAKE UP...As a result he was arrested.
  10. Looks like even Europe is leaving America. I think Duterte was just the trigger...expect more countries to follow the China way and not the carrot and stick approach called USA Good Bye my friend...Guess your wish to be left alone is been heard by God finally... http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/3/17/europe-defies-us-signs-on-to-chinas-world-bank.html Europe’s economic powerhouses snub US, sign up to China-led ‘world bank’ France, Germany and Italy on Tuesday joined the U.K. in signing onto the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), brushing off Washington's reservations about the burgeoning institution and leaving the U.S. on the sidelines of yet another Chinese challenge to the global financial architecture. Tuesday’s decision followed a surprise announcement by the U.K. last week that it would join the $50 billion development bank, which is meant as a small-scale complement to the Western-dominated World Bank. Analysts now believe Washington’s efforts to keep heavyweight allies outside the bank — a stance it argued would give them leverage to bargain for greater influence and higher lending standards, like those of the World Bank — have all but collapsed.
  11. So in the same logic would you care to explain..Why Americans give more money to tyrannical regimes known to violate human rights like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan... You mean to say these countries are not corrupt and spend their money well. If you don't give money to Philippines...good...but why you are giving money to even worst countries....I don't understand the logic here? Why give money to Pakistan where Osama was found, lived and killed...even now, Pakistan being a terrorist state ...America continues to give more money ...WHY? and by the way....Philippines is a catholic country but America gives more money to a Muslim country...even in every logic....American actions does not make any sense...
  12. Very good post by a Filipino himself an eye opener... In a way, the US seems carry the burden of fault regarding this day of reckoning. Somehow it never foresaw that one day we would have a leader that would be totally against US interests. In fact in a single day, Duterte single-handedly has shred to pieces America's much ballyhooed "Pivot to Asia" and TPP down the drain. The bitter expulsion of the US bases in the 1990s was the catalyst. US policy towards Philippine security interests deteriorated to a carrot-stick paradigm. Instead of selling advance weaponry and credible defense equipment we are sold crummy dated military equipment. No anti-air capability, very little air defense and until recently a rusting navy. The US has taken advantage of our situation by keeping us weak militarily and to some extent, weak economically by rolling the wheel of vicious cycle of uselessness. We receive less and less economic aid from them whilst they pillage the best and brightest minds by flagging the much worshiped US Green card.We have all but accepted our "fate" to be second rate citizens of the world. Indeed they have turned a blind eye on the gross incompetence of our past leaders to prevent the the Philippines to project itself as a middle power. Americans looked the other way while the oligarchs rule with impunity. We have a stunted growth as a democracy undermined by US hegemony. In fact, upon the pullout of the US bases, the Americans also unilaterally terminated many support programs. One of which is recruiting Filipino servicemen to join the US Army.In 2001, we briefly joined the War on Terror, however when we pulled back when we wanted to save face due to an OFW hostage in 2004. The vitriol from the Americans was vicious. We were even called cowards. Over a war that was based on a false premise that Iraq kept weapons of mass destruction.More recently we withdrew from UN peacekeeping mission in Syria again to serve again our national interests. Again with much umbrage the US and Western powers calls us cowards.Adding insult to injury we receive less and less military and economic aid compared from even the most hated country around the world. The Americans have given more money to countries like Afghanistan, Egypt and Pakistan whose human rights records are even more atrocious.Do you see a pattern here? When we attempt to squeeze in our national interest somehow we get punished or castigated.Let's not even forget the Subic rape case or the Laude slay or the US orchestrated Mamasapano incident. Truthfully, the US ugly treatment of it's so called "brown friends" is congruent to any aggression the Chinese ever did. The worst thing is it was done under the guise of friendship.It is no wonder then that one day somebody like Duterte was destined to be elected. I actually think he should be more calculated in cutting ties with the US. However I think the saying "you had it coming" aptly describes this situation.Despite his bombastic, unstatesmanly rhetoric it seems to be effective projecting the Philippines as somebody you can no longer ignore OR take for granted.Japan is next in his state visit list, a country known to have a difficult relationship with China. There is an eastern iron curtain between US aligned powers (South Korea, Japan, Philippines) and the Chinese block. Duterte intends to shake that up. If Japan toe the line and make peace with China. The US will be the one that is isolated. The EU is fractured and bickering with the UK split/refugee crisis and we all know nobody respects the US in the middle east.Now that's a powerful hypothesis. A nobody from Davao city suddenly changing the rules of the game.Sen. Santiago posits, in her dissent over the VFA deal couldn't have said it any better. Quote: Never in the annals of modern political history has a country been so manipulated to serve the interest of another, and taught to be so ironically grateful for such an inequitable relationship.
  13. Lets end this US AID to Philippines once and for all. The devil is in the details. People are so easily brainwashed by mainstream media. Its scary. Philippines is not even in top 25 countries which receives top aides from America. US spends over $35 billion annually in aid across the globe but the Philippines it's most loyal friend is nowhere near the top 25. US military aid for example to Israel & Afghanistan totaled a whopping $4 billion while military aid to the Philippines averaged a paltry $188 million annually. US gives more money to tyrannical regimes violating human rights like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya than Philippines ever. How's that for a fact. The statistics doesn't lie in the private sector either. In Asia-Pacific. here is the ranking and dollar investments the US private sector gave across Asia (the Philippines received the least amount at 4 billion from 2009-2015) Source: BEA (US department of commerce) US investment in billions of dollars Asia and Pacific 502,826 Australia 106,212 China 54,069 Hong Kong 50,720 India 21,752 Indonesia 9,743 Japan 91,196 Korea, Republic of 23,930 Malaysia 9,740 New Zealand 6,141 Philippines 4,602 ............ Singapore 87,909 Taiwan 19,894 Thailand 9,457 __________________ Philippines receives the least amount of aid, investment from America but it claims Philippines to be his PIVOT in Asia and long lost brother. It just does not show up in facts though. America is the biggest trading Partner of China, but tells other countries not to do business with China. TIME for all these Ignoromous brainwashed idiots to shut up and do more research.
  14. starchild5

    Six Taiwan tourists robbed in Pattaya

    Call me racist ..I don't care...I'm Indian and I know the truth. This whole night life, going out for fun, vacation is a farang thingy...Its part of farang culture. Honestly, When farangs go out at night, its way past our bedtime in India Farangs really know their sh*t when it comes to having fun. I only go to farang bars, farang owned condos, farangs restaurants and never had issues with robbery, bill padding etc. in Pattaya. Pattaya was created by farangs not by Thai, Chinese or Koreans...Why would anyone be that stupid enough to not know this. Its because of freedom offered in Thailand, it boomed but the contribution of Thai's to this whole concept is ZERO. To all Asian's..If you don't want to be ripped off, scammed, robbed or pushed...Endorse Farangs owned places...and you will just do fine. As an outsider...I see way more honesty in Farang business in Pattaya than others. This would not have happened, if this resort was manged, owned by a farang.
  15. So just because they were farangs, its justified behavior...We have already agreed that, Thai style of group kicking is really low so why applaud when its farangs? God knows how many farangs they would have kicked like that back home in Europe or America ? Low Life's are low life's everywhere...without any race... They got lucky..usually, Thai's have weapons and guns,...they just messed with average Thai's not the gangs..who do most damage to tourists....