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  1. At Least, you can avoid some issues by scanning and targeting the youngest Immigration Officer and NEVER A FEMALE Immigration Officer. It's not a PC move...but it works....All the problem I had at immigration was with a lady immigration officer or an old guy. The younger they are, the better....They usually do not care that much unless its very severe...for small small problem, they do not bother - its very much like in day to day office job - The young folks do not care too much about paperwork.
  2. Immigration queues

    I waited three hours, arrived on 10th feb ... i had single entry tourist visa, earlier, it took me literally 2 minutes to get the visa....now, its hellish....be prepared, its due to chinese new year, should be over by 18th of Feb, many new flights added which lands in the early morning. It was a nightmare....Chinese tourist, as usual jumping queue and even the number of immigration officers were just 50%
  3. The NEW S-Curve Z-Curve or All Curve Would Need Big Data and Cloud Computing..Without IT no Automation or Robotics would take off....Digital Business is IT ..duh??? Yes, We are on it and SKYPE was Developed in Estonia so is Transferwise Skype at 10: How an Estonian startup transformed itself (and the world) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/stories/skype/skype-chapter-2-welcome-to-estonia.aspx Tallinn: The Former Soviet City That Gave Birth To Skype https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2013/06/12/190693661/tallinn-the-former-soviet-city-that-gave-birth-to-skype
  4. I waited for this visa for like Six months, since the news came around August and I NEVER EVER thought I would be this disappointed. IT IS THE SAME STATUS QUO as was BEFORE Where is the Equation with RISK... The IT Industry was BUILT on RISK not on Laws and Status Quo. Where is the Mavericks Visa? Mavericks built the entire internet not people who love 9 to 5 jobs ... No Country wants to take Risk on Human Ingenuity...Even if 100 People Fail...Thailand needs one guy to succeed and put the country on Map..Like how Skype was invented in Estonia and now Estonia is the second most popular start up country in Europe with a population of just 1.3 million. I can't work in Europe due to Cold Climate which my body cannot handle it properly as i get sick most of the time there. Thailand will FAIL in this as many have noted as most likely people who could succeed are 20 year olds with no 200k Salary and No PH.D background... Bottom Line..MONEY RULES...Not Creativity...Smart Visa Puts you in Reverse Gear With Everything with the meaning of what Renovation Stands for.. A guy who has 200k / month Salary ...WHY WOULD HE THINK HARD to Innovate anything ..lol.....Necessity is the mother of invention.....This visa is a JOKE to me personally as far as Innovation is concerned Apple, Microsoft, Google were all built in a garage ...those guys never had 200k THB/month salary