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  1. The insurance company are scum basically. The Thai hospital will be cashing in no doubt. I guess crowdfunding is the only option, not many people in Britain have that kind of money at the moment. I hope she recovers.
  2. The bystander who clearly gives him a gun [0.51] with the intension that the cop should kill the foreigner, should also be jailed for assisting in the murder. If it wasn't for this cowardly action, both men would be going about their normal business today. We all know how this will run, a short time in jail, then quietly released when things have all blown over. Just like the other cops who have killed foreigners in the past.
  3. God forbid that anyone might like to do something creative and as harmless as taking some video from the air in this place. And why post a picture of that huge 10 year old drone? The latest ones are the size of an i phone.
  4. A lesson on how to be racist and misogynist in one short post.
  5. As has been pointed out, this isn't the first time this has happened. Such easily offended people with fragile childish egos shouldn't be issued with firearms. A lightweight plastic baton should be all that they are allowed to carry.
  6. No surprises here. Go to any fruit growing area in Thailand, and you'll see chemicals being sprayed around like it was water, day after day until the fruit is picked. The farmers just want their fruit to look good so as to get the best price, they couldn't give a damn about the health of the people who eat it. No law, no controls, no inspections, corruption everywhere..........this is the result.
  7. 'Enter the fist' Whatever. As she can be heard screaming ''I'm coming'', [siouw!] someone is certainly hitting the spot. However, they certainly don't have any consideration for third parties [outsiders], but that surely is a common characteristic of most lovers, locked away in their own little 'wonderland', oblivious to the plight or suffering of others.
  8. Jeremy50

    Thailand fifth in "World Cup of Scrabble"

    I've not seen a single Thai student playing scrabble in 20 years. Clearly a case of being able to spell 'popular', but not fully grasping it's meaning.
  9. Another of those nonsense weather reports that some idiot flings out just for the hell of it, because it's about the time of year when there might be cooler temperatures. 30+ in Udon today, and now a warm night. Stupid.
  10. Most of Thailand has no wildlife, only birds, rats, insects and reptiles are left. The rivers are polluted and mostly fished out. Only a few wildlife 'reserves' remain , and these are targeting by many poachers trying to sell exotic meat to the Chinese. Shark fin restaurants in Bangkok are always busy, and are protected by the police. Nobody really gives a s##@
  11. The trouble with being a compulsive liar is that nobody will ever believe you again, even if some day you are telling the truth.