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  1. Well done those cyclists, it's all within the normal bounds of the camaraderie and bonhomie of the sport, to help each other and strangers in trouble. It's not the first time that a group of cyclists has been on the news helping out at a road accident in Thailand. If they'd come from Udon to Kumpawapi, they were quite some distance from home.
  2. The cause was riding a powerful big-bike at high speed in Thailand, which is a bit silly don't you think?
  3. I have to agree with them, it's high time someone took a stand against those dirty old red buses. Next, they should go after those little old green ones, which are also bad polluters. Well done lads.
  4. He should be stripped and horsewhipped in public before going to a harsh prison for 10 years.
  5. Not so much poet as muppet. Perhaps the 'Dunciad' by Alexander Pope should be his choice of bed-time reading.
  6. No, that nasty red rash you both have now isn't an STD.
  7. Why differentiate between those who die at the scene of the accident, and those who die a bit later either in the ambulance or at hospital? A dead person is a dead person. It's just another way of shying away from the true toll. So much for the Junta leader's claims that he would reduce fatalities by 70% within a year. In any case, the Thai public isn't the slightest bit interested in a safety campaign, or any other measures that might prevent them riding on the wrong side of the road, or packing babies and infants onto motorbikes.
  8. Ask any Thai teacher the dates of WW2 or even the Vietnam War, and the response will be the same.
  9. They look harmless to me, what's it to you if you either fling a few baht in their direction, or just walk past? Go back to your own expensively housed, schooled, and fed wife and kids, drive around in your wasteful car, who's the real parasite here?
  10. Oh well, but why was there another 2 minutes of this guy driving along? I thought the racers were going to come back, or perhaps Godzilla walk into frame.
  11. Even a bottom-rung has-been 'celebrity' alcoholic gets energetic attention from the British Embassy while an unknown expat with dire problems would be left ignored, and expected to cope on his own, or just float quietly away to oblivion in a sea of indifference.
  12. It's a pity the inference is that walking is an unpleasant chore. It's very enjoyable even in sweaty Thailand as long as you are not in work clothes. Thais in Bangkok walk quite a lot, but in other towns hardly at all. I'll put in 10 000 steps on a Sunday just walking to a few places to pick up some sundries. It's estimated that the poet Wordsworth walked 170 000 miles in his lifetime, but humans have gone soft since Victorian times.
  13. That's rich considering that most sex-pats in Pattaya can't even pronounce the name of the town they are living in, It's pattaYA not paTTAYa. Presumably, the road sign should read South Pattaya, as most foreigners in Pattaya wouldn't have a clue that Tai means South. Alternatively just learn to read Thai, and you won't have to bother with the mis-translations.
  14. King Power DUTY ADDED. Unfortunately most people are not very discerning about where they buy from, or knowledgeable about the lower prices that shopping duty free should entail. Or customers would just ignore these stores and airports would be free of these vermin.
  15. The video on St....boy, almost unwatchable, especially as it is filmed by his wife or girlfriend. How sad and tragic. RIP.