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  1. So, the writer walks everywhere or rides a pushbike instead of using motorised transport. If not, you are just a hypocrite. Smoking is vile, but I doubt it contributes much to general pollution levels or global warming.
  2. Stupid old fool, he must be a newbie. Always assume that when you take one of these women to your hotel room, if they spot something small and valuable, they will take it. Usually when you are in the shower. Reason, I always keep cash in my pocket and disrobe in the bathroom, whereafter, I roll up my trousers into a tight ball, and keep them well away from the bed, on top of a tall wardrobe for example. Other valuables are in the room safe.
  3. So, he led a man who he had just tried to kill straight into the school where his young daughter is in attendance? Not very bright. He conceived the child at the age of 69, was he on a high zinc diet or something? A man his age should be relaxing at home looking forward to the occasional visits from Grandkids, instead he is fighting his way through traffic in a clapped out old estate car with an old man's quick temper on him too. And always drive a vehicle with heavily tinted windows if you are a foreigner driving in Thailand.
  4. Is this a wind-up? The rainy season is about to end. The dry season is from November to June. Bangkok used to be the Venice of the East until the idiots filled in all the canals, that drained excess rains to the ocean, with concrete.
  5. All these scams have been around for decades, and are well documented all over the internet, especially on Youtube. You would have to be gullible, stupid, and extremely naive to fall for them. People should be told what airline this muppet works for, so that it can be avoided for obvious safety reasons.
  6. Police order bars in Bangkok and Pattaya to close on Friday

    You not familiar with the Thai way of doing things? The only problem that I can see, is that they will re-open.
  7. Just another old fool who for some bizarre reason wants to live in Thailand 'until the end of his life'. Thais will be happy to smack you if you are 25 or if you are 78. You are just a barely tolerated foreigner, until such a time that you have a run in with a local usually a lot milder than the one illustrated here, suddenly the situation can turn really nasty, and the true feelings of the Thai people involved come quickly bubbling to the surface.
  8. 'Five rivers of power' Dystopian and scary. These people have the guns, and they ain't going nowhere.
  9. Well observed. I was in one of those venues, on the sad day last year I didn't see one employee of any of those places shed a tear. I thought it a bit odd, as Thais are usually so emotional. I think all go go's, discos, clubs, bars, etc should be closed for the week that the main events are happening, anything else just seems wrong. Why does everyone have to be 'entertained' the whole time anyway? Go for a walk, read a book [yes, those things with pages in them], go to a quiet place, and sit down, and just listen.
  10. Whatever, I met my wife last night, she is 40 years younger than me, but we divorced this morning right after breakfast.
  11. Nobody should be able to buy a ticket. The animals should be left alone in peace.
  12. So what did the boy do to provoke the teacher? What made him snap? Many Thai boys of this age are young thugs, their voices have deepened, their bodies are bulking up, they strut around shouting loudly, with no respect for parents, teachers or anyone else, riding around on their motorbike, often until the early hours. M2-M4 are the worst. By the time they reach M5 or M6, they have usually calmed down or left school.
  13. Mark goes to Thailand and makes one bad decision after another. Opens a bar. Drinks like a fish. Marries a bar-girl. Buys her land. It's a train wreck. He then leeches off friends, and eventually has to go home with his tail between his legs. Some generous person gives him a job, but he blows that by drink driving, and is shocked to find that drink driving is illegal in the UK! So, in Thailand he was drink-driving, and risking the lives of all around him? He thinks he is entitled to be looked after by Britain, just because he is British? What a good-for-nothing scumbag. It's a pity we still don't have a penal colony we can just ship this kind of trash off to.
  14. Who cares? Best forgotten about, they are both corrupt, very dishonest and not particularly clever.