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  1. Mostly hunted out, that's why. I see more wild mammals during a three hour walk in rural Dorset, than many years walking and cycling through rural Thailand.
  2. Ahh Yes, the old 'I'm a fashion photographer' ploy. It's been around since the 1950's at least. Let me develop your 'portfolio'. I'll make you a star. Photographer? Say no more! etc etc.
  3. Sad you got all those likes. Most people would be prepared to die to save their child. To stand firm and take revenge like Rambo, would certainly seem apt to me and to most others in such a situation. Dispatch some punishment and retribution, if you don't, live with the shame that you didn't.........for the rest of your life.
  4. This guy looks like Ai Weiwei's dad. Maybe there's a Chinese connection somewhere.
  5. Jeremy50

    The cost of corruption: Bt100 billion

    It probably won't ever be fixed. Certainly not in a country who's population is largely made up of brainwashed, and sheep-like peasants.
  6. People still fly with this airline? I had no idea.
  7. Agreed. Most people who have spent decades in Thailand have quite a lot they would rather keep quiet about.
  8. I'm convinced that these people just make it up as they go along. Have they ever looked a map to see how far Hong Kong, [where Mangut made landfall, heading determinably and resolutely West] is from The Gulf of Thailand? Really quite laughable, but I suppose they are like everyone else here, just sit around totally mesmerised by their phone all day.
  9. Anyone who is concerned with their health shouldn't eat dead flesh. On the rare occasions that I do, it's imported. As for the Thais, strange 'Bhuddists' that eat meat three times day.
  10. Just trailer trash uneducated white trash who think curly curly Thai script is 'well cool'. They deserve to be mocked and derided for eternity.
  11. Let a couple of strangers drive off in my car? I don't think so. Especially knowing the kind of riff-raff, n'er-do-wells, and assorted losers, tossers, and deviants, that so often wash up here.
  12. So, sanook, who ever they are, don't know the difference between a University girl [pictured], and a school girl? Not that it's much better, but details are important.
  13. 'Manners maketh man' , which makes these people.......................animals I guess.
  14. Lam Morrison, a beer bar player is in some way comparable to Keith Richards? I wouldn't have thought so. Unless it's just their ages you are comparing.
  15. You told us this last week; to expect heavy and prolonged rain throughout the North East for the whole week up to the 9th, but hardly a single drop fell, in fact it looked more like April weather. How is it possible to be so wrong, inaccurate and unreliable?