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  1. He would have come off sooner, if he had gone into the sand at the side of the road when he was undertaking. These 'big bikes' are the work of the devil. Maybe they can be ridden in Germany with some safety, but they are not for Thailand.
  2. What on earth is a two year old doing at school? Looks like she wasn't much loved or wanted at home either.
  3. A lot of Bangkok taxis are clunkers that are really only safe for short inner city journeys. The drivers spend all day sitting down so must be physically in very bad shape, and with a short fuse and attention span. I can't understand why someone would use one for a long journey. It must have been the irrational plan of the female, and the guy just went along with it.
  4. And a few people need their 15%, so that they can start on some serious house-buying in London.
  5. I doubt hygienic standards in the kitchens of the many thousands of restaurants and hotels across the capital, are any better than those of the street food sellers. It's never very healthy eating on the street as regards sugar and fat and salt, but as far as getting ill from street food goes, not even once in 30 years.
  6. Probably one of the best arguments for short-time. You don't have to see what you brought back from the bar in the harsh light of day.
  7. Sounds fine, but with the Thai Baht so strong it won't be cheap. I've always found Tesco Thailand to be excellent, superb fruit and vegetables, and very cheap. If you want a more international range go to Villa which has an excellent store in Udon and other places. Great take-away pasta dishes etc, and very good British sausages, marmite, beans etc etc. Tops is good for bread, but has the most overpriced fruit in Thailand, all sold in little fancy packets like it is a delicacy or something. Avoid this flagrant rip-off. Some Big C's which used to be Carrefours, still have a good range of fresh French style bread.
  8. Died naturally of old age. Absurd and intrusive 'reporting'.
  9. Is there anyone with an IQ of over 80 in this place? Or is that just the age of the tourist 'policeman' who is seen just kind of hanging around playing on his phone or something, before disappearing; never to be seen again.
  10. There is a huge amount of paperwork that the employer has to provide for you to submit to the embassy, in order to get a NON IMM B, the work permit follows this process, once you already have the visa. So the answer is almost
  11. Sex-in-public is a big turn on. There should be more of this.
  12. He wants a clean beach, as anyone who has a love of nature would. There is no evidence that he loves Thailand as the article suggests. It's absurd that a country, company, organisation , group of people, or an individual can say they actually 'own' a piece of land, wether it be beach, mountain , river, forest or field. It's on very temporary loan from the planet and needs to be treated with the greatest respect.
  13. So glad I had a couple of decades in the old Thailand.
  14. Thais can't even walk a short distance, most expats in Bangkok would agree that walking any distance in Bangkok is just too sweaty. So what are the sidewalks for if not for providing cheap food? Bangkok is a filthy place, even so, I have never got sick from street food in 30 years. If you love to walk, live in London, probably the best walking city in the world.