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  1. Partly her own fault. If you leave a big enough gap in heavy traffic, some aye whole will try to take it. And usually appear to think it is their right to do so.
  2. No changes implemented , planned ,or even talked about or considered, by those who could make changes, the government, or the police, who want to maintain their cushy little lifestyle, sitting by the roadside collecting cash, back home by 6pm at the latest, feet up watching the soaps, or in the short time with the mia noi. Expect the same old story being posted on TV in 10 years time, by which time another 250 000 will have died on the roads. The Thai public are just as complicit, the topic is rarely, if ever discussed at school, in class, at home or anywhere else. Everyone would much rather just carry on regardless.
  3. Always rent, so you can move at moments notice, when something like this happens, or some youths move in nearby with their mindless Thai 'rock', or the Thai neighbours turn on you for a whole myriad of reasons. Just go to one 'just built building', until the problems come [which they will], and then onto the next 'just built building'. Quick on your toes, and travel light.
  4. The place must resemble a huge building site. It should recover in about 1000 years, if people can leave it alone.
  5. If you don't have the money, don't buy it. It really IS as simple as that. The bank is a business, not a charity.
  6. She may have been lamb once, but is now definitely mutton. Makes you wonder where she got all her money, but it wasn't from modelling.
  7. These outlaws like to disguise themselves as English teachers. That's easy, arrest all westerners who are wearing a cheap cotton short sleeve shirt, a coffee stained 70 baht Pratunam tie, shiny black polyester slacks, and open sandals with white socks.
  8. Their offer should politely be put on hold. A University place should be earned, and I'm sure the students who studied for years to get there would agree.
  9. It's one of the defining characteristics of most heroes, that they would never want to be referred to as such.
  10. Rambo 5. Rescue a bunch of kids from a cave, while 'Charlie' [the media scrum] try to get at them. Rambo's done caves before, so no problem there. Bring back Trautman too, he was great. 'Is that you Johnny?' 'Talk to me Johnny'. [Yes I know, he passed away a couple of years ago.]
  11. What, with that annoying 12 year old narrating it [badly]? No thanks. Time to move on from this cave stuff anyway.
  12. Jeremy50

    Luang Cave to be turned into 'Living Museum'

    The cave had a peaceful run for a billion years, sadly that's all over now. Here come the car parks, the concrete mixers, the scamming double pricers, the human effluent, and the trash.
  13. I would say that many people need to take a step back, and take a weirdness check. People all over the world fixating on the small lives of these people that they have never met, never would have met, and never WILL meet. It's OK up to a point, that point is 'the job is done', 'well done'. Beyond that, it gets decidedly unhealthy and a bit unsavoury. Worse than that are the famous people that keep butting in with their 'heartfelt' messages. Does anyone really care what Jose Mourinho thinks? Just send a cheque Jose, or some footballs, on the quiet, in a way that used to be labeled discreet, dignified, or unassuming. But no, we need his picture, and he needs the publicity, not the usual sort that he gets, but the 'Jose's a nice guy' sort, which understandably he DOES need. Could Kyle Walker not have found the boy's address' just by making some discreet phone calls ? Of course he could, it really can't be that hard with his connections, but he had to ask/tell the whole world about it. 'Manchester United announced', 'Donald Trump tweeted', 'David Beckham posted'................
  14. No mention of any birds, though that would be unacceptable and contemptible behaviour too.
  15. Easily avoided by just not going to the movie theatre. Real life action movie drama, with many key Hollywood ingredients; kids in peril, exotic location, foreign hero types sent into save the day [see Rambo], race against time, female reporter for possible romance sub-plot, mystics and charlatans, etc etc. Unintelligent and exploitative.