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  1. Yes, we know that NGO groups covet and abuse young girls, it's all over the news.
  2. You don't sound very convinced, having put the word 'real' in inverted commas. However, if all you've got to do is float over on a raft from Vietnam to be considered a real Australian, fair enough. Most Thais wouldn't be able to point out the place on a map, as for Austria......forget it. Other places they struggle with, are: America, Africa, or even neighbours like Laos, and Cambodia, which they still insist on calling Kampuchea.
  3. For sure. Some people can be very unpleasant. I hope Pie can get over it. I enjoyed your videos Graham. Rest in Peace.
  4. High quality masks needed for pollution

    Nope, they'll all still be wearing those annoying surgical masks, or holding their hand over their face 555.
  5. Commercial sex is a huge part of Thailand's tourist industry. Boris should have gone into it in more detail. Get a life you PC idiots.
  6. A perfectly harmless old school joke, based on facts. Besides, embassy workers, aid workers. and NGO's are among the worst offenders when in comes to the sexual exploitation of third world girls and women.
  7. Yep, usual flippant and thoughtless comments one learns to expect from some TV users. It's a tragedy, we don't know the details, and this road is used by dozens of sport cyclists Thai and Western every day of the week. RIP.
  8. The Ruby club tries to play down the incident in their lame statement. 'An altercation that lasted 20 seconds'. 'Serious looking injuries' 'Passed away'. It should have read: A customer was brutally attacked by by a violent thug in a merciless attack in our bar, his head and face were kicked in, and as he lay there dying, other customers laughed and took trophy pictures. The man died almost immediately. As a result of these shocking events we will be closed indefinitely.
  9. The country where waving an ambulance through makes you a national hero. A little sad. Why wouldn't people move out of the way of an ambulance, when you can hear and see it coming from a mile off?
  10. Don't be surprised if the whole damn lot of them are slaughtering beautiful wild animals to be sold to the Chinese for their mumbo jumbo medicine, and 'exotic' cuisine.
  11. What’s happening to Bangkok’s air?

    Do those people in the photo realise that those surgical masks do absolutely nothing? You would need a proper mask with a charcoal filter, like a quality cycling mask, to filter out the PM 10's. Better still, just move.
  12. Coal? I didn't think anyone used that stuff anymore. This place is Dickensian.
  13. Chubby boy in the forest gets tracked by some 'crockers' and bu** <deleted> . That damn movie scene springs to mind. How did this rich lard-arse with his fat little legs, even walk so far into the jungle anyway?
  14. Silly rich fat boy playing at being a big game hunter. Peasant trappers who know what they're doing are a far bigger risk to what remains of Thai wildlife [very little], than this muppet.