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  1. There are too many people in the world. Unfortunately, it really is just as simple as that.
  2. I don't have or want kids either, neither do most of the people I know, which begs the question, WHO are the people having kids, and why do they do it?
  3. No. But instead of banning it embrace it. The reputation has been made so, go with it and build on it, make Thailand the undisputed world centre of commercial sex. Though in my opinion, the 5 million or so sex tourists who come here annually, missed the party by at least ten years.
  4. This is turning into a veritable nest of vipers. I always thought the people driving these things in Thailand look like smarmy lowlifes, now it turns out they are nothing more than a bunch of criminals masquerading as wealthy people who could actually own such a car. However the full blame rests on successive Thai governments, I mean; 300% tax, I ask you!
  5. The principle wants to know which boys to invite round for 'tea and cakes' in his office.
  6. Quite right, the Thais don't seem to understand the meaning of duty free, all that tat for sale in Suvanaphumi, can be bought much cheaper in town. All those thieves should be kicked out starting with K+++ Power.
  7. Over inflating to 70psi and above is common here. Most people who have school children in the back would drive slowly one would think. A blow out is only a mere inconvenience at a slow speed.
  8. A bit difficult to equate the physical suffering of dancers and athletes with the tortured minds of artistic geniuses. Van Gogh cut off a small part of his ear, put it in a match box and presented it to his favorite prostitute. This strange gesture was probably as a result of a mad weekend of drinking and fighting with his chum Paul Gaugin in the South of France, which could have resulted in the death of either one of them. Gogh and Gaugin were both very regular customers at French brothels [maison de tolerance], and it's likely both had syphillis. Gaugin died from the advanced stages of the disease a few later in Tahiti.
  9. No difference from young dancers training in ballet schools in Russia, France and Britain, hoping that they one day will be able to join the Bolshoi, The Kirov, The Paris, The Scala or the Royal Ballet companies. No use starting at 18 to be a top dancer, 8 is more likely. Though I would have thought they might have a specialist school for training young Thai dancers, where the progress of dancers can be followed more carefully.
  10. I thought he looked a bit like the Terminator, or maybe it's the Perminator. 'If you want to live come with me'
  11. Quite hard to be 'happy' when the average household debt is 100.000 baht, and the 'government' is trying to turn the country into Singapore. Does Singapore look like a happy place to you?
  12. Never mind 'education reform'. Education 'has gone nowhere'
  13. At what age does 'elderly' begin in Thailand? From 57? The proper term is middle-aged, late-middle age lasts until 75, whereupon the term elderly can be used.
  14. Dr Liviu Vedrasco 'health cluster chief', the job title sounds like a nasty and exotic infection. Maybe he has been to Switzerland, bet he certainly has never driven in Thailand. His WHO, or WHO? report is a total cluster <deleted>.
  15. Junta and Military Dictatorship describes them admirably. It always makes me squirm when I hear the press describing Prayut as Prime Minister, as if he were part of some democratic process.