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  1. Thanks, I think we all know that an i phone is a 'smart phone'
  2. This hardly seems likely, most sex workers insist on condom use. Sounds like you just wanted to expatiate some hate.
  3. Why? HIV is very hard to catch heterosexually. A slow moving virus that really needs an exchange of blood to be transmitted, thus it's prevalence among needle sharing addicts, and gay men into high risk behaviour.
  4. 'The assembled press were baying for news' One guy with a mic, maybe he got one of the cakes the dad was 'armed with'.
  5. Go to any Tesco in Issarn, and you will soon have your answer. I am often surprised by how old the Thai wives are, really not much of an age difference, 20 years maybe. Nearly always some kids being dragged along, more often than not , clearly not his. The adopted kids are also much more likely to be girls for some reason. The guy in the video looks nice enough, and young, but sits there looking like a dummy, for he understands not a word his wife is going on about. How does he support himself? What on earth does he do with his time? And why would he leave Switzerland to live with an extended family of Thai peasants who are all depending on him financially? Beats me.
  6. Fat Indians, fat everyone. The world is becoming fatter and more stupid by the day.
  7. Pointless pointillism. There should always be more than one pointer for best results, pointing technique also impointent, arm more outstretched, with arching hand and finger Thai-style.
  8. Not as bad as the trash in the Mekong. Hundreds of tons of it sweeping down every day.
  9. Youthful public sex is just fine. When I lived in Italy I used to see it all the time, in parks, cars, quiet alleys, no one turns a hair. That bridge looks damn uncomfortable, but as most Thais are too lazy to use footbridges, preferring instead to run across busy roads, it should be used for something. Technically the person who shot the vid is a predatory sexual voyeur, and should be apprehended.
  10. A cold-hearted and racist response by Thailand, but probably what was expected.
  11. He's been doing what people with a deformity have been doing for hundreds of years. Joining a freak show, or begging. I can't see why anyone would hate him. Like giving money to a blind man, and then being outraged when you discover, he has a little sight left in one eye which will enable him to stagger home, as long as he walks sideways.
  12. Yes, even though it's a picture, I can smell the stink of corruption. Those absurd medals and ribbons. The caps that mimic those worn by the SS so accurately. Very disturbing.
  13. There should be more of this. The place is a zoo anyway.