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  1. All Thai government school teachers should have to move every 5 years to keep them learning and on their toes. I've seen so many just sat in the same job for 20 + years. They've got their own little cozy office, with it's own reclining chair and coffee corner, students drop by to give them massages [and sometimes visa versa]. Their own learning cycle ended years ago, unless you count Facebook, and Thai movies as learning, all the other teachers bow down to them, their English is poor at best, and they teach 10 hours a week.They've got their after school, extra study center, just around the corner from the school, which they aggressively promote during regular school lessons, and students 'have to' attend if they want good grades. Kick them all out.
  2. Horses don't sprint, they gallop. Never mind, Thailand most definitely isn't an equestrian nation.
  3. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    Rip the air-con out of these places, making them intolerably hot, so they have to go outside and do something.
  4. Baby boomers, millennials, tossers, closet management. What a load of stupid gibberish.
  5. Oh well, they've all been brainwashed with this stuff for so many years, they shouldn't have found it too difficult.
  6. Sounds like he is making it all up. Running through the jungle towards the south from a helicopter crash with a pilot he couldn't remember, dead bodies of GI's just left by the roadside, I think he must have watched the extended version of Apocalypse Now. Someone should do a check on him. I've met a few war fantasists here over the years, you know - 'I was in Nam' barstool buffoons; when you correlate their age you find out that they were all of 7 years old when they did basic training in Fort Bragg, and 10 when they claim to have been chasing Charlie through the Chu Chi tunnels. Shut up, you gibbering idiot.
  7. Similar to an incident 4 years ago, when an epileptic man driving a black pick up took the lives of four 9 years old students at the entrance to a school in Nongbualamphu. He knew the risks, had already had accidents, but carried on driving regardless. Compensation was paid to the families, but the killer never went to prison. So similar, and students involved this time too, same man? Unlikely I know, but how many people would be so callous to drive knowing that they could have a fit at any time?
  8. So a bath is included in the price for foreigners? That doesn't seem too bad.
  9. Study finds high pesticide levels in local food

    Let's be clear, there are no controls in Thailand, and any controls that do exist can easily be circumvented with a bribe. This is what happens when corruption becomes 'acceptable'. Meanwhile, millions of honest people are being slowly poisoned. The companies that manufacture these chemicals are owned by some of Thailand's richest families, who will easily buy out any attempts to limit distribution. The farmers don't care, they couldn't give a damn if the fruit and vegetables they are selling are full of toxins, just so long as they can maximise profits.
  10. Why the big crowd with their cameras and rubber necks? Not really an issue of the lady and her obesity, but one of a lack of empathy from her fellow humans. I suppose they'll all have a good laugh about it on the bus on the way home.
  11. Here we go, we are back to the '7 dangerous days again', so the rest of the year can conveniently be forgotten about. But this time it's 3 sets of 7 days. Beyond ridiculous. It's 365 25000 every year.
  12. Thanks, that was great. In this country, they would have to blur out all the glasses. Sad. Unfortunately 'responsible drinking' is not a concept Thais understand. In Italy, where alcohol plays a big part in life, few people get drunk, and to do so, is seen as gauche and impolite.
  13. Good pizza can be found in Thailand, but only in restaurants run by Italians. Thais don't seem to understand that pizza should not be sweet, should not have any kind of fruit on it, or mayonnaise, or ketchup, or those horrible hot dog things that give you the runs. I don't know why this Italian guy couldn't find an Italian pizzeria, there are plenty of them around. Also, don't complain about anything in Thailand unless you like getting beaten around the head.