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  1. Yes, but on the other end they also dropped the price on thailand elite. 100,000 THB a year ($2800 USD) is really pretty reasonable considering all the hassles it solves if you don't qualify for any other way of staying. It works out at $7.60 a day, less than many people spend on cigarettes or booze in the west.
  2. How about more sensibly the mods make a pinned post with a title "online 90 day reporting indefinitely down", then unpin it when that changes. Unlike the current pinned post which from the title implies the opposite and someone has to scroll to the end and read back to find out what the actual situation is.
  3. Thats not what 'zero dollar' means in this case. Zero dollar tours from china are a bait and switch where they offer super cheap tours then slug them with hidden extras and pressure tactics to pay for gifts etc.
  4. It would be nice if they made some kind of statement so we know if it's going to come back or not. The threat of hacking is not going to disappear so either they do the necessary security work to harden the site or they take it down for good and let us know we need to use mail or come in person.
  5. <deleted>? IT IS ACCESSABLE, there are lifts. According to your logic every single office which isn't on the ground floor is in violation of the disability discrimination act because a lift might potentially break down. It doesn't work that way. Also as has been pointed out, you don't have to go in person if you're not able to, you can send someone else and sign a doc to authorise them to do it for you.
  6. What do you want them to do? Move the office to the ground floor just in case a disabled person happens to need to renew a passport on a day that ALL the lifts are not working? Seriously you're creating a problem where there is none. I'm sure if a disabled person really was in such a situation the staff would either come down to the disabled person to accept the application where they were or help the person get to the office somehow. Really they were polite and friendly and eager to help, much better than the normal sullen embassy staff you deal with.
  7. The same is true for any office that has a lift. So you'd have to come back another day in that case. Seriously why are you making out like the lift is some huge problem? I found the process painless, much nicer than dealing with Thai government departments.
  8. It's still on a UK address but I'm going to be swapping it for a Thai driving license soon. Not even sure if they needed that, but I had a copy and they took the copy.
  9. Not sure why you're making the lift out to be a big deal. There are other lifts that go to the 27th floor, so I imagine if the 28th floor lift was broken you'd go to the 27th floor and walk up one flight of stairs.
  10. I went today to get UK passport renewed. There is a VFS front desk right inside the door, they speak english and directed me to the lift to 28th floor, pretty clear and straight forward. Staff were efficient and helpful. It seems if you have a work permit you don't need any proof of address, from what I can tell what they care about is that you're legally a resident of Thailand, not about where you live, so copy of work permit takes care of that. I also had bank statements with my address but wasn't asked for them. I also had a copy of my UK drivers license and they took that as well. All good, in and out in 15 minutes.
  11. Tues 20th Dec: has been unreachable all day yesterday and today, tried through multiple ISP's CAT and TRUE. Anyone know the last time it was up and working?
  12. Ah ok, it's just been my experience in the past that whenever I show them an extension stamp at immigration they inevitably go back through the passport and find the original visa it was based on to check everything. So even better I can apply for a new passport now and get the extension in the new passport to start up then?
  13. I've jumped all the hoops for BOI and qualify to get a two year extension (available to certain types of technology companies) . Problem is my current passport only has two pages left unstamped. Is it true they really will not copy a visa (or extension) to a new passport? I've already got the 90 day non B , so maybe too late? If I understand correctly then I will have to carry around both passports to show the original visa, the two year extension and then any entry, exit and re-entry stamps will be in the new passport? Is that really the only solution? I imagine having to do that makes it all more complicated and time consuming at immigration. I'd much rather have everything clean in the new passport if possible?
  14. I guess just because it's only really been an option in the last couple of years. Hotels used to be silly prices in yangon, nothing under $100 US a night. I just went and got a non B in yangon a week ago. Plenty of cheap places to stay of Much less queues at the embassy than Vientianne and dirt cheap once you get there.
  15. No it does not, it costs 5000 THB . Of course you must be paying the social taxes for four thai's to get your extension but if they're employed legit and generating income for you thats not a cost of your own work permit. Perhaps you mean paying the social tax on four thais when you don't actually employ anyone costs 100,000 a year?