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  1. JohnThailandJohn

    Non-o visa revoked

    Or perhaps an EDU visa if you don't have a Thai child.
  2. How would the school know if you are in Thailand with your wife ... wouldn't your passports & ID confirm this.
  3. It would seem he qualifies. Wonder if it would be helpful to bring this down and speak to a supervisor.
  4. What do Clause 2.8 and 2.9 say?
  5. You don't say where you are and only you have a Brazilian passport but rarely go to Brazil. If you are in Thailand just go to a hospital or Red Cross to get an updated certificate. If you have something that is expired then chances are it is not going to be accepted
  6. There are many ignorant tourists, who through the fault of their own, do not know better. There really should be signs to alert tourists of proper behavior.
  7. JohnThailandJohn

    49 offenders remove monitoring devices to jump bail

    2.5% failure rate ... that is probably better than in most places who use these devices.
  8. If they keep "improving" things then there will be no reason for tourists to come to Thailand
  9. JohnThailandJohn

    Trump warns Iran to never threaten U.S.

    Other countries should take notice, if they mess with the US they should expect an All CAP Twitter response.
  10. Clearly Thailand doesn't need these low interest rates to keep housing sales where they want
  11. Was he a magician too and able to transport to pooh through his underwear and pants onto the seat?
  12. JohnThailandJohn

    Getting new passport won't work anymore!

    The have facial recognition technology at the airports and probably and almost all border crossing now. It works very fast too, especially if you are using the same name and DOB, and will find any other passports you entered under.
  13. JohnThailandJohn

    Bangkok police hunt four ‘free running’ YouTube posters

    And this scar on my face, I carry with me the rest of my life, is from the time I fought some teens who put a dent on a car I had about 5 cars ago because they put a dent in my hood, I could have easily pushed out.
  14. JohnThailandJohn

    Bangkok police hunt four ‘free running’ YouTube posters

    Did anyone of the vehicle owners contact police or claim damage?
  15. They have the names of the people they want to check? If they have the names then would think they would not need to actually visit them but rather just check their records.