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  1. Just curious what race would you find it acceptable to have shaved heads?
  2. Probably a decent guy when he is not abusing alcohol ... sad and embarrassing behavior
  3. I heard there is a vaccination available but you need to take it before you get herpes.
  4. It is actually uncommon for a man to get HIV from a women during regular intercourse.
  5. Yea it must be the gals who are at fault and not the guys who pay to be with them.
  6. Clearly the guy in the photo did not take this picture which shows he underwear
  7. JohnThailandJohn

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    looks like he fell in some bushes or hedge
  8. JohnThailandJohn

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    This is what happens when get fall down drunk in Thailand .. blame somebody else.
  9. This gals are lucky they are in Thailand --- they'd be in big trouble in the US for trying to pass $1,000 in fake bills in the US and there excuse was the found the money in the street.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/05/asia/thailand-sex-guru-deportation-russia-intl/index.html
  11. JohnThailandJohn

    New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Just saw on their website that Pattaya police are selling slightly used dart boards at really good prices.
  12. JohnThailandJohn

    TM30 New Passport

    I am not sure immigration will transfer stamps but one of the Mods can tell you that based on your situation but anytime I have replaced a passport overseas, the embassy always gives me a letter along with my voided passport explaining the change for athorities. I am a US Citizen.
  13. Sounds like she picked the wrong farang
  14. JohnThailandJohn

    Airport JAIL!

    A US Citizen can travel to Ukraine for 90-days without a tourist visa. If you plan to stay longer than 90-days within a 180-Day period you must have a visa. Because he previous had a visa before, it sounds like he stayed longer than 90-days. Or if he didn't have a visa then he stayed there longer than 90 days (91). Returning so soon it sounds like he would have also needed a visa since a 90-day entry would have put him over the 90 Days within 180 days. In other words, it may not have been or only been due to the 1-day overstay.
  15. JohnThailandJohn

    Airport JAIL!

    1. He is not allowed to enter Thailand given his refusal to enter Ukraine. 2. Airlines are responsible for returning passengers when they are not allowed to enter a country. (this is why they make sure you have passport, return ticket....) 3. There is a process which takes place that likely includes immigration officers escorting him to the plane and handing his passport to the Airplane's staff to ensure he doesn't try to go somewhere else. It is unfair to request another airline to be responsible for him returning home. It is almost a punitive punishment against the airline who brought him to a country he is not allowed to enter by forcing them to correct the situation at their cost. IMO, Ukraine should have given him the option to fly to the US, since he is a US Citizen and should have known he would be refused entry to Thailand.