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  1. Another everybody else's fault story
  2. Dental Instructor Draws Anger in Thailand By WILLIAM C. SKINNER, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER February 11, 2016 146 UPDATED: February 15, 2016, at 9:20 a.m. A Harvard Dental School instructor has been accused of fleeing scholarship loan debts in Thailand, prompting massive outrage in the country among its citizens. In 1993, Dolrudee Jumlongras allegedly agreed to a scholarship loan of Thai Baht 8 million—which under current exchange rates amounts to roughly $220,000—whereby Thailand’s Mahidol University would sponsor her to study dentistry at Harvard and she would repay the loan upon returning from her studies by working at Mahidol, according to English-language news outlet the Bangkok Post. http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2016/2/11/thai-dentist-debt-outrage/
  3. Unless something has changed, I didn't know Thailand had any laws specifically against Child Porn. Assuming he is being charged with having pornography unless they have finally enacted laws specific to Child Porn .
  4. Court case over but black listed

    Would an appeal in the case allow you to stay in the country as it was on going? Even if you pled guilty, you still may be able to appeal certain aspects like the sentence.
  5. Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    Who cares?
  6. There are a few countries in the region you can enter if you have permanent resident status (Green Card) in the US that you could not otherwise travel with a Thai passport without a visa. This includes some cruises but you also have to show your passport. And yes, no more entering Canada and Mexico just using your US ID. Never remember a time you could cross into either country without showing any form of ID. I am aware of no country that would allow a US citizen to travel without a passport and just a US ID let alone just a Green Card ... even the US is not going to let somebody reenter the country just on a green card.
  7. Regretfully, I don't believe that is an option. The only way she is going to get a green card is if she gets a wavier for her overstay and reenters the country legally. Again, I would really suggest you contact an attorney who specializes in immigration issues. Given the current climate in the US, applying for a green card in this situation is basically waiving a flag telling them where they can pick up another illegal immigrant in the country. You might want to read up a bit, here is one link ... https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/three-and-ten-year-bars
  8. Myanmar men ‘killed woman after sex refusal’

    I wouldn't dwell to much on murder rates as they are reported by the government. Last I remember Myanmar was rated one of the most corrupt countries in the world with a rating of 171 out of 176 countries. Here is a recent article showing the government there saying there is no evidence of rape, murder, arson... despite the thousands of people fleeing who have reported such things along with UN and Human Rights groups conclusions. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/burma-government-finds-no-evidence-of-rohingya-rape-murder-and-arson-mhpr92sfr Again not at all saying people from 3rd world countries, or from Myanmar specifically, are bad but how people grow up, what they see and experience do have an effect on them and there has been some very horrific crimes committed by Burmese in Thailand ... crimes you don't often here about a Cambodian or Laos in Thailand.
  9. Myanmar men ‘killed woman after sex refusal’

    While all this may be true. Myanmar has a very violent recent history where women are raped as a form of punishment by the government ... and this punishment is often just the result of being from the wrong tribe. Some areas of the country murder and rape have just been a normal and accepted occurrence. Much scrutiny should be given to these young men from certain areas of that county just as much as young men from terrorist regions. No not everyone is bad but when you grow up seeing this kind of violence and treatment of women, it does have an effect, often a very negative one, just as if you were raised around terrorists.
  10. Lost Departure Card

    I would just suggest not just grabbing a new one yourself ... let them give you one. They may think you are trying something shady if you do it yourself as the number will not match up with their records. As pointed out already absolutely no big deal when leaving the country as the immigration officer will just give you another to fill out as you are leaving. I have lost mine at least a couple times over the years and never an issue and never a raised eyebrow when departing ... just step aside at the counter to let the next person in line go through as you fill out your new card they give you.
  11. Bottom line is Thailand in not the USA and Thailand and its immigration officers have the right to deny those from entering the country they don't think are good for the country and its people. They also have the right, as they should, to dictate who and for what reasons a foreigner can stay in the country long term. It is kind of amazing to me that the people who do the most complaining about Thailand are often the ones doing the most complaining about difficulties they have staying in Thailand long term. Immigrant workers are an integral part of the economic growth and add to a shrinking labor force. Many of these workers, you may think are in Thailand illegally, are actually here legally as the government makes it fairly easy for folks from countries like Cambodia to work in Thailand and very costly if they don't register as workers in Thailand.
  12. You may not realize but there are tons of people from first world nations who come to Thailand and work illegally in order to stay long term. The overwhelming vast majority of scrutiny of people entering Thailand is to limit those without proper visa looking to work illegally in Thailand. There are numerous visa types available to those who want to stay long term who don't need to work while they are in the Kingdom. Like the US and many other countries, locals don't want those crap jobs and nobody wants prices to increase due to higher salaries for these unskilled and often back breaking jobs. Keep in mind too that Thailand has an incredibly low unemployment rate. There simply is not many Thais looking for a job that cannot find one.
  13. Bottom line an Immigration officer in many countries, including the USA, can refuse you entry at their discretion regardless if you have a valid visa. Thailand Immigration Officers on the other hand seems to use this 20k as an excuse to not allow people in they don't think should enter.
  14. Curious -- did she get a waiver already? I am confused because I believe you said she overstayed for 6-years and you got married a couple months ago and then applied for green card. Unless you received a waiver I would expect you are not only not going to get a Green Card but she is going to be barred from entering the USA for 10-years due to the overstay. Even if she got a provisional waiver, which I believe she can only do if married to you already, she would have had to return to Thailand at some point and you are saying she has not been back for 6-years. This makes me also think you are going to be in for a rude awakening on the Green Card. Unless I am missing something, I suggest you look into this and possibly contact an attorney.
  15. Clearly you will not believe any evidence including a guilty verdict and much prefer to believe gossip and conspiracy. So, there is NO "evidence" you will believe not the Thai police, UK Investigators, the labs doing the DNA, the prosecutors, family members who have seen evidence or the three judges who ruled on the case.