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  1. Manchester City

    Not impressed with our performance...been 2nd best. Put Silva Fernandinho KdB back in their usual positions, Gundogan (beeb awful) off for Bernardo. Change it before we lose it!
  2. Manchester City

    England lose. Spurs win. ManU win. Bogey team. Bravo in goal. Worried.
  3. Manchester City

    Manchester City Team vs Arsenal Bravo, Walker, Kompany (c), Otamendi, Danilo, Fernandinho, Silva, Gundogan, De Bruyne, Sane, Aguero Substitutes: Ederson, Stones, Laporte, Bernardo, Zinchenko, Foden, Jesus
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Loved that 2 man goal...worked it so well.
  5. Manchester United

    ManU with possibly the tallest midfield 3 I've ever seen.
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    "I'm almost hoping you get beat today." With England losing yesterday I feel the omens aren't good. Best check some chicken innards.
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    See Carmines back after his strop. Have to take issue with his comment "Hopefully Pep too will get his wish on stricter control of dangerous challenges with Delph getting looked at for that dreadful studs up lunge, although i read on here that some deluding City fans didn't think it was a red card!!!!!!!! Yes, thought it was only a yellow <deleted>!! Kind of pathetic really." 1. Anybody with any sense will know that Pep is seeking better protection FOR ALL PLAYERS. 2. I've just reread the comments on the City pages and couldn't find any comments that City fans didn't think it was a red card. What was upsetting us City fans was how the apparent yellow card for Delph became a red card.
  8. Manchester City

    OUCH...now that's going to hurt
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Being called Chelski bothering you after 14 years? By the way, I think it's spelt -ski and not -sky (as in Slutsky) because people would have mispronounced the -sky (would have said it as that big blue thing above us), so Chelski is a better spelling. Next you'll have us debating the rights and wrongs of the use of the word Citeh.
  10. Manchester City

    Wouldn't surprise me if they did just that..."don't want those noisy neighbours of yours winning the title again now do we Sir Alex"
  11. Manchester City

    He's certainly done the most of all in bringing the catalan protest to the eyes of all uk football fans and probably done enough. Just hope he doesn't want to be a martyr to the cause.
  12. Manchester United

    Thought he was more of a Darren Fletcher than a Scholes.
  13. Manchester City

    Should have added that the over reliance on Fernandinho will be rectified in the summer with Fred joining us.
  14. Manchester City

    Champers "I think he has been superb but does not get the plaudits like Silva or De Bruyne." Good post and fair comment. A lot of players have upped their game and had a great season. Some like Delph and Otamendi we'd happily have written off preseason but have been great. But I think after KdB then I'd have to pick Fernandinho as our best / most consistent player this season. He's incredibly fit, strong and has great endurance for his age, he certainly supports our fragile defence well while getting forward when it suits. Very brave of Pep to go with 2 creators and a box-to-boxer; don't think we've been 'found' out by any team playing such an attacking midfield.
  15. Manchester United

    What do you reds reckon to McTominay? Is he good enough to establish himself as a Premier player? Read he's highly rated by Rednose and Maureen.