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  1. My youngest was showing me this this morning (had to play along that I'd not seen it before). So as a tribute to ManUs current best player going in to retirement with knee knack...enjoy
  2. Bob, I shall look out for Highland Park. Duty Free shop Suvarnabhumi by any chance? Got to go overseas in a week and need to pick up a bottle (or it'll be a bottle of laphroaig).
  3. Sure....that'll be 2 spurs, I lpool and 1ManU. You will reciprocate though I hope Carmine?
  4. Yeah we're all jealous of a team COMPETING for the title and COMPETING for a champions league spot and HAS NO MONEY TO COMPETE IN THE TRANSFER MARKET...keep entertaining us boys
  5. ^"You dish it but can't take it."...where have i ever complained (and I get more stick than most)...i just put them on ignore if someones a complete muppet.
  6. ^I remember you. You're another of the windup merchants on here. So what were your impressions on the derby?
  7. Finally got to watch the game on the rerun just now. We played really well. Must have picked most of the 2nd balls. Don't think I've ever seen us dominate ManU so much and so easily. If City had been the team in red I'd be seriously pissed off right now. Thought we didn't get what we deserved and ManU were fortunate to skulk away with a point.
  8. Manager of the year...means nothing. Pellegrini, new to the country, wins the Premier in his first season which was quite an achievement. ..and they gave it to that lover of attractive football Pulis! For gods sake!
  9. Fellaini has form with Aguero
  10. "obviously the second half you had to come on stronger as you were at home"....WHAT?
  11. ^The ThaiVisa Football/Soccer Forum Award for the Football Forum with the most webpages...they have a lot to say you know ;-)
  12. Enjoy the headline
  13. Bob, Nolito lost his place when Pep realised he should be playing Sane leftside not right. Nolito gets 5 minutes at the end of games now. Rumour is Barca are back for him.
  14. Sounds like your still in the 70s with your description of rugby union...
  15. ^Alfie do tell us why it was "incorrect". Please.