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  1. Manchester City

    "Are BEin Sports showing all the 3 o'clock games in Thailand?" I watch overseas on ilikehd and I think BEin thailand show about 4 games but not all (could be wrong). I was home last weekend and we were on BEin1. I'd be amazed if City vs Burnley wasn't on...I can't remember a City premier game not being on live in Thailand.
  2. Manchester City

    ^I presume you saw the two goals you are referring to?
  3. Manchester City

    What was wrong with our pitch? It looked bloody awful (not as bad as ManU's grey/white shirts...how do we let kit designers get away with it? )?
  4. Manchester City

    City became the first top-flight team to score 29 times in their first eight league games of the season since Everton in 1894-95
  5. Liverpool F.c.

    Bit of a bore. Don't remember ManU creating much...lukaku saved shot before half time, was that it? Can should have put his chance away. Home team wanted 3 points, the away team didn't want to lose.
  6. Manchester City

    ^Because you'd have to be a complete muppet not to enjoy that if you're a neutral fan. See Harry Kane XI did well today.
  7. Manchester City

    Three nil up, should have been six nil up, 84% possession, Stoke being battered and then they get a deflected goal before half time and a deflected own goal (Diouf's header going for the corner flag before Walker gets in its way) immediately after halftime and suddenly it's game on and a nervy few minutes before City blast Stoke away 7v2. We should have had double figures. Cracking performance. KdB deserved MoM (only played 66mins) but Jesus, Silva, Sane, Fernandinho and Stones were excellent with the others very decent. Very enjoyable for the neutral and City fans.
  8. Manchester City

    From MAN CITY INFO VIA THE ALPS: "I just want to watch this great player for as long as possible and Ihope he does sign this new contract. What a great player David Silvais. I love his intelligence - he's made us tick more than anyone forthe last 7 years and been instrumental in our success. Always lookingto create, rarely losing the ball, often incisive and instrumental inour best moves. You just know something good happens when he gets theball. It's not just his brilliance on the ball, though, he's excellentout of possession - often nicking the ball back. In short, a greatteam player. City are doing the right thing to keep him. He’s been akey player in City’s most successful era which has yielded two Leaguetitles, an FA Cup and two League Cups, and he clearly has much more togive, having already provided 7 assists for us so far this season.Milan paid dearly for not keeping Andrea Pirlo when he still hadplenty to give. Though David Silva is a different kind of player toPirlo, he too is the heartbeat of his team. We shouldn't make the samemistake the same mistake that Milan made. I’m certainly not alone whenI say David Silva is my all-time favourite City player. Long may he reign." Can't agree more. Silva seems to have come alive under Pep, he's clearly loving having kdb in tandem and having the speedsters making runs for him - his link up play with Sane is exceptional - and he seems to have toughened up in recent seasons and gets stuck in. Earlier in the week I waa reading Ian Cheeseman's comparison of King Colin with his heir apparent, kdb, but City's greatest player can only be between Bell and Silva (though my old man reckons it waa Denis Law in the season before he went to Torino); II often wonder how great would Ali Bernabia have been for City if we'd picked him up in his prime years (some of you will be wondering who was Ali B).
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Back then, I guess Spurs were one of the Big 5 with ManU, Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal. How the histories of ManU, Spurs and Rednose could have differed if he'd joined Spurs.
  10. Manchester City

    Actually you don't answer my question at all. You may have "spent loads of time on the United thread" BUT there YOU NEVER go on about your youth, your youngest team, your net spend, only on HERE...is it an inferiority complex or is it jealously old chap, which is it? And before you reply think seriously about your postings on here and on the ManU threads. Your comments on Chelsea are pathetic and embarrassing. We all know I hate ManU but I can be honest about their standing in football. Your comments on Chelsea are akin to arguments from my young kids!
  11. Manchester City

    See you persist in resisting my query so here it is again: Why do you persist on coming on the City thread - but no other thread - to go on about your youth, your youngest team, your net spend? Do you have an inferiority complex with City you feel you need to fulfill?
  12. world cup football

    Loving the Guardian's headline: USA! USA!! US … oh
  13. Manchester City

    I find your 'it's so unfair' rant embarrassing, though not as bad as your "Stop being so mean" comment a while back. Will you be coming up next with arguments such as it's so unfair because another team's players are faster, better, bigger, etc.? And keep amusing me with your classic "Spurs field the youngest side in the league!!". Why do you persist on coming on the City thread - but no other thread - to go on about your youth, your youngest team, your net spend? Do you have an inferiority complex with City you feel you need to fulfill?
  14. Manchester City

    ^Of Jesus, Sane and Sterling I'd choose them for my select XI in that order.
  15. Manchester City

    ^I have a problem with Sterling because he is inconsistent and therefore frustrating. He has moments of brilliance interspersed between all those moments when he gets it so wrong. The money he is on does not come in to my thinking at all.