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  1. Tottenham Thread

    The ManU reject is to cover Stones and Kompany, though I'm pretty sure WBA have played him at LB so he could cover Mendy. He's capable but not a great idea buying from your hated rivals (there are always exceptions of course). Like others on here I'm not impressed by Barkley - there was stupid talk a few years of buying him to replace Yaya - so I hope you get him.
  2. Burnley

    Very impressive...Maureen is probably looking over his shoulder and worrying.
  3. Tottenham Thread

    ^We are only trying to buy the ManU reject at WBA..shouldn't break the bank (we should give them mangala as a freebie while we are at it) and surely is within your budget also.
  4. Manchester City

    So did Maureen purposely cause the after match rumpus to deflect from ManU's poor performance and derby defeat. Judging by the amount of articles about the clash compared to the loss I'm seriously thinking he did.
  5. Manchester City

    ^If you win the battle and we win the war I won't be mithered.
  6. Manchester City

    "...If it was indeed Romelu Lukaku who struck Arteta with a bottle, as some reports suggest, Arteta can at least console himself with the certainty Lukaku was probably aiming for Pep Guardiola at the time..." ;-)
  7. Manchester City

    City's record of 46 points from their 16 matches would have been enough to see them finish eighth in last season's FINAL table already.
  8. Manchester City

    Didn't Basel beat the mighty ManU recently?
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Juventus. .you should be able to rest a few for that one.
  10. Manchester United

    Next season more like 555
  11. Manchester City

    Thought the Independent summed up ManU well: "...the home side looked like a team from one of Europe's lesser leagues hoping to nick an away goal which might give them a chance in a second leg. They appeared utterly convinced of their inferiority to the opposition. .. Yesterday they played like a struggling Everton side did at Anfield in the earlier derby of the day, ceding possession and territory while hoping to get lucky on the break... underwhelming trio of Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku and Mkhitaryan cost £220m between them, a sum which would have netted you De Bruyne, Sane and Raheem Sterling and left you with the £56m which bought Nicolas Otamendi and Gabriel Jesus."
  12. Manchester City

    "Park the bus, park the bus, Man United / Park the bus, park the bus I say / Park the bus, park the bus, Man United / Playing football the Mourinho way.”
  13. Manchester City

    United posted a 35% possession rate, their lowest at Old Trafford in the Premier League since 2003-04 - when data was first collected. Sunday's result ended United's 40-match unbeaten run at home - which stretched back to City's win here in September 2016. United have lost eight of their last 13 games against City, winning only three of them. Mourinho has won just four of his 20 managerial meetings with Guardiola, drawing seven and losing nine.
  14. Liverpool F.c.

    Think Everton's only chance was the penalty but Liverpool failed to kill them off and a very poor Everton team snuck an unlikely point there. Question over Klopps selection.
  15. Liverpool F.c.

    Yawn. Only Liverpool trying to play football and deservedly leading from a quality finish. Game would have been buried if Mane had passed to one of his THREE teammates in space! Everton deserve nothing..haven't put 3 passes together.