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  1. Manchester City

    The ref was very gullible. Calvert-Lewin's and Agüero's dramatics got Walker and Schneiderlin respectively wrongly dismissed!
  2. Manchester City

    That was a difficult game so pleased to get at least a point from it having played - and dominated with 63% - the whole 2nd half. A game of few chances. Everton came for a point, even trying manmarking merlin. Everton had only one chance and Rooney scored from it. Calvert-Lewin was excellent throughout and his pace troubled City. Neither Walker's or the Everton lad's sending off was correct decision. Bob Madeley had a poor game. We're still having trouble putting chances away and the one chance one goal theme from last season continues. All in all have to be happy we got the point which was the minimum we deserved. [Hope MrBj caught the game]
  3. Manchester City

    Samir Nasri has joined Turkish side Antalyaspor on a two-year contract.
  4. Tottenham Thread

    Merson knows a footballer when he sees one, his assessment of KdB was spot on. 555
  5. Manchester City

    1. You have to buy credit. I think its b299 ..it says on one of the pages. Pay something like b500 so you enough credit. 2. You do that by: I pay by TrueMoney (something like that, TrueCash). Buy it a 7/ 11. They give you a receipt with a TrueMoney bill number. You would type that number in to the webpage box to get credit. I believe you can pay by credit card but I've never tried. 3. You wait a wee while for them to accept your payment and they give you credit points...I've never waited more than hour. 4. Go to packages page to select the basic tv package b299. 5. On the main page which shows loads of movie titles you should see text TV to click. Click it you see categories like sport. Found what you like. I'm watching in Vietnam this week it buffers a little but its ok. Good luck
  6. Manchester City

    Most likely Bein1. Also on Sky
  7. Manchester City

    That'll teach you to take the wife away on a romantic trip in the mountains! If you had decent wifi then the new version of ilikehd would be your answer for about 300 baht: https://hdprime.tv/
  8. Manchester City

    City sniffing around...he's only on 53k...plenty of maneuvering space for City there Jonny Evans? Man City turn attention to Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld http://www.101greatgoals.com/news/transfers/jonny-evans-man-city-turn-attention-to-tottenhams-toby-alderweireld/
  9. Football Quiz.

    That was the 2005 trip [City, Bolton, Everton & Thailand tournament]. Went to the hotel to pick up our free tickets for the games in exchange for the wife's shopping help to the players, stood at reception when Dunney goes hobbling past on crutches... Read Barton's account: http://www.newstalk.com/reader/47.302/82870/0/
  10. Man City out to show why they're Premier League favourites

    Leave off kiddo! Nothing wrong with old school.
  11. Football Quiz.

    See Distin has most Premier appearances for an outfield foreign player. The wife once took him, Andy Cole, Trev Sinclair, Micah and Ireland shopping in bkk once and said he was a lovely fella.
  12. Manchester City

    ^"60 games in 2 seasons versus 1st choice VK 25 games over 2 seasons. I don't think choice will come too much into it." What's your point?
  13. Man City out to show why they're Premier League favourites

    Probably the last time a favourite won the Premier was Fergies ManU pre-Mancini season.
  14. Manchester City

    ^We're after a CB who can cover fullback positions, think Danny Rose might struggle at CB don't you.
  15. Manchester City

    I agree "Decent 3rd or 4th choice CB". Ronnie believe I've seen Evans playing leftside for WBA...don't think it was in a 3. We're looking to buy a replacement for Kolorov who covered centre back and fullback positions and I could see Evans doing that.