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  1. Manchester City

    Incidentally, the attendance at that ManU 0 v 1 WBA game, as reported on ManU's website, was 75,095. Everywere i've looked the Old Trafford capacity is only 74,994!
  2. Who's your Player of the Year

    Well done Mo Salah: exceptional season! Seems a decent character too.
  3. Manchester City

    Not clear to me what your post is intended to say? 18 year old Jadon Sancho is a left-winger that City picked up from Watford as a 14 year old. He was highly rated by City. Pep didn't take him on our pre-season tour so Jadon spat the dummy and went on strike, refusing to play for City and wanting a move - poor attitude! City had no choice but to sell him on. He joined Dortmund. He's made 9 appearances in the Bundesliga for Dortmund. A case of not wanting to compete for the position at City with 22 year old Leroy Sané! 17 year old Stockport-born Man City-supporting Phil Foden has made 4 appearances for City this season. Highly rated and well thought of at City. Like all youngsters (at all clubs), if he's good enough - and he looks it - he will make it at City, if he's not, he will be sold on at a profit. He had an excellent performance in yesterday's game didn't he R2D2!
  4. Manchester City

    Bob, you seem to have a very keen interest in empty seats. I hope that interest extends to Anfield as well. Etihad Capacity 55,097 Premier - City 5 v 0 Liverpool Attendance:54,172 [empty seats 925 or 1.68%] CL - City 1 v 2 Liverpool Attendance:53,461 [empty seats 1636 or 2.97%] Premier - City 2 v 3 ManU Attendance:54,259 [empty seats 838 or 1.52%] Premier - City 5 v 0 Swansea Attendance:54,387 [empty seats 710 or 1.28% - DECENT] Anfield capacity 54,070 Premier - Liverpool 4 v 3 City Attendance:53,285 [empty seats 785 or 1.45%] Premier - Liverpool 0 v 0 ManU Attendance:52,912 [empty seats 1158 or 2.14%] CL - Liverpool 3 v 0 City Attendance:50,685 [empty seats 3385 or 6.26%]
  5. Manchester City

    Here you go Bob. BBC match report Attendance:54,387 Wiki 55,097 Etihad Stadium, Capacity 710 seats (1.28%).
  6. Manchester City

    No 'lords major parade' but 'a walk in the park'.
  7. Manchester City

    My kids are expecting City to bang in many goals tonight. I've been trying to teach them the phrase 'After the Lord Mayor's show'.
  8. Sunderland - sad to see this.

    Very sad to see such a big club in such a long slump. I wish Sunderland well and hope to see you back in the Premier in the coming decade.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Think you're the sole Spurs fan to (finally) come on after the game. Was going so well for 20 minutes. What happened?
  10. Tottenham Thread

    Must be a worry. Weren't with it vs Man City. Weren't with it vs ManU.
  11. Arsenal

    Can't believe the lack of appreciate for what a great manager Arsene Wenger is/has been; for more over a decade, along with Fergie, he was greatest manager of the time in Britain (yes he stayed on a few seasons too long). Sure some people on here have only following football for 5 years (post aimed at non-Arsenal fans on TV).
  12. Manchester United

    Mourinho. ..he's bloody rubbish isn't he. That's what some on here would have you believe, but the thing is, though he might not play the most visually attractive football, he is a serial winner. I have you down to win it now. Still waiting to read the Spurs boy's opinion on the game but they've all gone AWOL today.
  13. Manchester City

    Seem to remember people saying similar about City and trophies in 2008. Seem to remember Rednose saying not in his lifetime in 2009. Think by now we've proven them wrong. Seem to remember an equally cocky liverpool laughing at Fergie and his we'll knock liverpool off your perch quote, and look how that worked out. Football has moved on since the Liverpool bootroom success days, but liverpool haven't kept up. You were a dominant power in my youth but since 1990 you're just a top 6 team. So when are you going to win the Premier R2D2? I won't be as stupid as to say never but it's a long time watching others do it. Your answer is?
  14. Manchester City

    Verg good on the CL front but why you so crap on the Premier front? Can't keep it up for long enough eh.
  15. Manchester City

    You're real patient with that approach R2D, it's really working for you and liverpool: NEVER won the Premier; it's well over 20 years and counting isn't it. Impressive.