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  1. Anyone in Thale Noi at the moment? How affected is the lake and surroundings from the floods?
  2. Anyone in Trang environs at the moment? How are the roads to Pak Meng Dock? Current floods notwithstanding, we are due to fly into Trang for Koh Ngai second half of December 2017. Would we be able to get a public mini-van from Trang airport to Pak Meng, then boat? How much? The hotel quoted THB 600 pp one-way mini-van and boat which sounds excessive.
  3. Non-GMO preferred. This isn't for religious/philosophical purposes or making desserts. I just can't take bovine and porcine products. Thank you in advance.
  4. R/E counter is still AFTER passport control at Don Muang, yes? That means I would have been stamped out of the country already?
  5. Lung transplant in Bangkok?

    Thanks very much for all the responses so far. Ya, I agree. Teaching hospitals would probably be the best bet - Ramathibodi seems to have done the most transplants. Statistics for lung transplants are much the same internationally. They don't look great. Sixty % mortality in the 1st 1-5 years after transplanation. Enquiring for a family friend outside Thailand. Am in touch with Ramathibodi cardiovascular-thoracic department but doctor has not got back. Will go down in person.
  6. Lung transplant in Bangkok?

    Please recommend surgeons by name and/or hospitals.
  7. Anyone been hit with duty on iHerb vitamins?

    After being given the runaround by the EMS office/Thai customs which seems to be the same body on a parcel that was absconded to their office in Chaeng Wattana on 6.9.17 (it is 26.9.17), it was just "clarified" to me TODAY by the original number I first rang two weeks ago that there would be a 5-7% customs charge + THB50 rental PER DAY on a parcel that went over the $100 limit (at the time the order was made on the iHerb site) by $2. I was also just told TODAY, the parcel would NOT be sent back to the USA because it is a "food and drugs" item. When I was given the impression it would be if it is not collected. My question is: WHY THE EFF wasn't I told this the first day I rang? This is WRONG and designed to EXTORT the maximum amount of money from urgently needed items. Nutraceuticals ARE medicines to people who need them. Parcel value approximately THB3,384 Estimated costs Customs at 7% THB 237 Parcel storage "rent" at THB50/day THB1,000 Taxi fare to and from Chaeng Wattana from central Bangkok THB700 TOTAL THB2,000
  8. Loy Krathong in Mae Sot

    I've been to Mae Sot, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai etc at other times of year. Question was specific to Loy Krathong. Just didn't like the idea of jostling with PRC masses at the more obvious places for Loy Krathong but would still like to be somewhere with a more local, still festive atmosphere. That's all.
  9. Anyone been hit with duty on iHerb vitamins?

    I was ordering under $100 ($90-something mark) per parcel until August 2017 with no duties. Until the last order which was $102. It's now sitting in customs in Chaeng Wattana (I'm in central Bangkok) and no one on the chain of telephone numbers I was passed along can tell me how much customs or re-delivery will cost. The P.O. website says 60% of value of the parcel???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Loy Krathong in Mae Sot

    PS: Where are the good gathering spots on the river to see krathong?
  11. Anyone resident in Mae Sot? What is Loy Krathong there like? Do you also release sky lanterns like in Chiang Mai? (I guess it may not be traditional to this area)
  12. Alternative plan suggestions please from anyone who's been? Is it worth staying in Nong Khai and songthaew it to Phon Phisai with traffic tailbacks? Thank you in advance.
  13. I actually went back to Singapore for 2 nights but did not have time to apply for the O-A then. Just to share my experience in Singapore: I only had time to see the GP at Faith Family Clinic in the nearest housing estate. He requested a blood test for 1st stage syphilis. If positive, there are tests for more advanced stages. TB requires an Xray in Singapore and I had to go to a government clinic in Chai Chee for that. In his medical opinion, only leprosy, elephantiasis and "drug addictions" on that list have obvious physical manifestations.
  14. Hi chuang, what did you write on your "dossier" ("applicant's personal data" on the requirements page http://www.thaiembassy.sg/non-immigrant-visa-o-a-long-stay)? Did you apply using the electronic application form? I thought I would upload some documents first in order to get a case number so I could get the last requirment (Certificate for Clearance which requires a letter from the embassy - I can't make a fingerprinting appointment without one) but they wouldn't 'take' even after compressing to well under 5MB.
  15. I went to J & B hair salon supplies between Phetchaburi soi 31 and 33 on the main road - they didn't have natural dyes but I managed to get a few odds and ends like large sectioning clips and claw clasps. I browsed a few other items like hairdressing capes for customers and hairdresser aprons as I saw someone else asking. I'm not a hairdresser at all but I thought a customer cape might be useful for my little project but at THB450 it is not cheap. Better off buying off Aliexpress if in bulk.