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  1. How could you afford to stay in thailand so long time? When you don't even have 20k for the fine? You must have spent more than 10 times the amount for the fine while waiting.
  2. I have a friend with the Thai Elite 5 year visa. She tried to do the 90 day online report but never got approved. So she phoned the Thailand Elite and they told her that people with the Thai Elite visa can't do it online!!! Is this really true? Her office is Samui
  3. Bangkok, I did my online report yesterday august 31. And I got my approval the same day. Very fast
  4. 1 year extension for spouse

    Thank you ubonjoe
  5. If the Thai spouse die or divorce the farang. Is the extension still valid? Or he must leave Thailand?
  6. The Embassy in Stockholm clearly states on their website than you need to show an employment certificate in English when applying.
  7. Retirement Non-O visa.

    Sweden still issue multiple non O visa. Both for over 50/retirement. And for Thai family.
  8. Where in the Don Muang airport do I buy a re-entry permit? I have done it at Suvarnabhumi before, but never here.
  9. I have done the online reporting 5 times. Since I followed Ubonjoes advice about using the IE tab, it has been very easy
  10. Airline Ticket is 35 Days Trip

    You can buy a ticket with Air Asia every month from july 2016 to July 2017 to Vientiane Laos för less than 1000 baht
  11. Airline Ticket is 35 Days Trip

    Air Asia have tickets to Burma for 888 baht. And they have tickets to Laos for 990 baht. To Singapore 980. To Vietnam 980. To Cambodia 980. Just look at their sales on the first page. But it also depends on what date you like to have
  12. Immigration Volunteers

    I'm rather surprised that they are about to open their own immigration website here. http://piv-phuket.com/
  13. 3 single entry tourist visa is maximum for a ten year passport How can anybody belive that
  14. Arriving by sail boat

    A person with Swedish passport
  15. When a person arrive with their own sailboat from Malaysia, how many days does he get without any visa? 15 like he get by land or? And can you get back and forth a few times like you can on the landborder?