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  1. the rambling goes on by kosomoto Thailand is a breeze on visa \to a lot of country's in the world go have a beer and settle down kosomoto cheers
  2. opalred

    its OK now to clap yourself

    i see now in usa/ trump starts clapping himself when he appears anywhere and now i see other leaders start doing the same so i might have to start clapping myself when meeting people or going into a conversation in my 75yrs of life you were clapped when you finished you speech/ or talk
  3. you say don't know what its like to be without a passport? when i was some years ago in china and put in a detention jail passport taken and not allowed to ring my embassy/and released without a apologizes after aweek but that was there country laws but i believe this troll kohsamida has gone on to far
  4. yes nancy i go away on overseas break in a few days i didn't need an agent for my return stamp didn't upgrade my seat to 1st class i am not going out to dukes for a meal before i go and will not be staying at le mariednnn drinking there expensive wine and i have had my passport taken and detained in china some years ago for a week but they had a belief artifacts i was carrying were stolen from a tomb but were wrong /nancy look back at past posts and kosamoto stop trolling
  5. a bit of common sense here all country's in world you show passport to immigration/ airlines /hotel booking i was referring to/ as anyone with a brain would understand in 14yrs driving/walking and travelling in los never asked for passport and pulled up 100s times at check points asked for drivers licence sometimes / is normal in all country's when driving
  6. kohsamida do you were blinkers/the site is 144 pages long because of trolling get a life i said i went at 8/30 got a number to return at 3pm never said gave my passport in ? if they are holding a passport there is a problem i have been here 14yrs and never asked to show passport in that time and i believe have traveled near every place in los?
  7. i don't understand the fuss/and nancys self promoting went for yr retirement the other day arrive 8 /30 got number and told to come back 3 pm went home and returned and was out with passport and stamp 3/45pm if you go there with a good attitude and not the nose in air you might get a good service with a smile
  8. sounds like you belong/ and need to join the expats club
  9. i have had fares as low as 420b veitjet even used them to nam /top airline same as lion on different routes when airasa first started i used often/ and were cheap \ then these added on /and hidden costs /now anyone flying with them have rocks in there head
  10. vietjet is best and new planes /and go to international airport book ahead and get half price of others then lion air cheap prices if booked ahead they don't add heaps on the price given /not like the ripoff airasa
  11. if you want to enjoy and live life here / keep away from the bored /and lost souls /that gather in groups and clubs/
  12. go anywhere in Malaysia be prepared not to smile or laugh lived there for some years and became a muslim /not now it was frowned on to laugh/ as they think you are on drugs or drinking
  13. anyone know the new bus service to rayong/from the airport the service was said starting end may i need to go to rayong next week from the airport with thanks allan
  14. anyone tried the new bus service from pattaya airport to rayong it said it would start end may how do you find timetable ? cheers allan
  15. get away from Chinese tourists go to Bangkok Hilton/food not the best