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  1. the wet starts /every year the mosquito seem to get bigger smarter and quicker you line them up to hit when biting /they always escape /they seem to have super amazing movement / and multiple eyes years ago when you bought spray it would kill them /and you could see them dead on floor now you spray they move out /do not kill /then come back are the now immune to the sprays / and just a ripoff from the monopoly company selling the spray maybe the spray company's are putting hormones in the spray
  2. my wife's iPhone and some of her friends have had trouble with there iphones/when they take the iPhone back to shop after 6mths old /sorry have to pay 4000b to fix over the years have bought tools etc made in thai/ break down in a few weeks/ same sorry have to pay to fix probable the worst was a jackhammer one week / a set of drills bent like a banana first go seems no back up on there products
  3. i brought it up last time you were saying it as my wife has 3 friends work in immigration and they are nice people not animals as you repeated it many times a normal person would have apologized to the staff at immigration shame/ shame?
  4. wow ?look back trough your past posts to see how many times you have referred to immigration as the zoo seems to have a memory loss
  5. take care /as a home owner with wife i/i have been in and out of country many times every year never filled out a form /and never a problem until last trip /when i went for year retirement visa was fined 1600 b for not filling one out on return even immigration on arrival shows me on passport/ my next visit to immigration would be on the 90 day date stamp
  6. opalred

    Just be aware - Crypto Currency

    be quick to get rid of them before a expat group will start make there own and tell you they are a great investment
  7. he is a expert on animals he and all people around him belong to the vultures
  8. hit rock bottom now remember when he said on a leaked phone call to camilleee i what to come back next life as a tampon to be in you all the time/ sick man
  9. opalred

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    after seeing the ozzes word got about its a growth hormone and penis enlargement food now the us men and Thais are buying it
  10. so lanna care is not a charity or business no money involved anywhere interesting? they train people to do home care for people in need the client has to pay for there service and you can read in there business set up any profits go to-lannacarenet.org? so its not a charity
  11. a simple question is lanna care a charity or business not a trumpism answer maybe is/ maybe not/ yes/ no /i don't know
  12. i knew a expat some years ago here /was paying insurance to get care later when needed when he later needed it/ the care mob said there were no rooms or beds spare he had to pay a private nurse to care for him at his place till his death is lanna care a charity or a business
  13. if you come here to live why live in the past? enjoy the new environment cheap to travel in Asia/ anywhere mix with the local community its a two way street help them they will return a few weeks ago i had some of my children and grandchildren over short of 9beds for them /who came set up beds and bedding for them community center i had a bike accident some years ago /sometimes i have trouble with my leg who turns up with crutches to use /community center these rotary/ bridge clubs and masons died out 30 years ago expats were good 40yrs ago where you could information from your country through them/ as the world was isolated /telephones hard to work/ and mail slow now instant internet in the world/so now just sit and fester bad things get a life and shut the door to gods waiting room
  14. things must have changed had my own business all my life to retirement when young till 30 was in rotary/ then you advance to the lions/ also was a mason everyone i new advanced to the lions after 30 or 40 yrs of age as was only for young people if i can save one newbie from the cons and scams here that come from groups of expats would make me happy people think Thai girls rip the newbie off half would be ripped off by people in these expat groups the newbie is a easy target /insurance/ health/ real estate/and want money to put into projects after 14yrs have seen many sorry people from these cons and scamers
  15. if you have a interest in movies you can get free showings of walking dead and zombies just go to one of the little groups of expat gatherings