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  1. before there was a free service to needle your dog or cat every /maybe/ sometimes/6mnths to stop pregnancy / at your local govt center never solved the problem today went to local center and now they are operating on all the dogs and cats a permanent solution/ great job at last maybe next they will look at some of the bars and massage joints?
  2. opalred

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    take care/ the wife got a photo and 500 fine in mail turning left on a red light they always believe you can do that?
  3. my wife has 6 friends work airport/ airport immigration/ and prom the story's they tell would make you ashamed to be expat here you chose to live here accept there way they don't take children from us i go for 1yr and re entry and see little what goes on/ the last 2 times was ear bashed by a god freak the next time /the room seats were full/for 2 seats ether side of a expat /every time someone tried to sit /he told them he did not like people sitting near him i grew up in the hippie days /how many you see still want to look like one here now how many canvass to sell there insurance and health care /and other things/ to find someone vulnerable around the immigration offices the immigration people see all the time accept you chose to live in los don't kick your host /you are only a guest here
  4. have a look at the old posts nancy started it at old immigration i well remember/ as i brought it up at the time it was offensive as my wife has friends work at immigration / and they are nice people /not animals they have a tough job /putting up with the arrogant/ moaning /and rude farangs everyday
  5. opalred

    Orphanage Donations

    what i have found is to travel yourself to see /as to many ripoff groups about / to many sponging off the generosity of people that care what i have seen is they all seem to have enough food giving money never gets to the children what the children enjoy are toys/ color books and pens Asia parents say they cant afford to give/ as they need there money for food so i get my children in oz to collect toys /books from there friends and send here we should give all the children a bear or doll or toy to cuddle and enjoy as we did when we were kids remember the teddy bear you cuddled for comfort when you got into trouble by mum or dad cheers allan pm contact if i find out will let you know
  6. opalred

    Orphanage Donations

    over many yrs here / and visited different orphanages / have found the govt have places and orphanages for the orphans and children in need and well looked after /the children in Laos are the ones in need also burma
  7. in 15yrs the only mail received from oz was registered mail all mail posted ordinary mail was never received was told the post people take them looking for money
  8. opalred

    Immigration Line Sitter

    take care as i hear people taking photos the bags on chairs could be school bags you cant employ school children for services
  9. opalred

    Im getting very bored

    with the response to this topic you can see how many other people in pattaya are bored / dont do a fly out of a window at the condo like a lot you can make it back to paradise OZ
  10. opalred

    Im getting very bored

    the only thing when you skinny dip in pattaya there will be plenty of blind mullet swimming around the lady boys wont worry only giggle if they ask to give a stroke /its not about swimming
  11. opalred

    Im getting very bored

    take out a lady-boy /better still take 2 on a skinny dip on pattaya beach your mates in oz will be jealous
  12. opalred

    Vegetable Seeds

    sorry i was wrong /the wife drives it is past hang dong to sanpatong market/a big market both sides of main rd go early as a lot of people go cheers i have found getting own seeds from tomatoes/other vegs you like the taste off dry the seed on tissue in sun week /put in water to melt tissue then plant
  13. opalred

    Vegetable Seeds

    i have found over the yrs most of the seed you buy are to old /wont germinate try to get from farm produce seller better still /the sat morn market hang dong sell seedlings for a lot of the vegs buy the potato you like/put in dark /then cut into quarters around eyes and plant make a cage /get young hens for eggs and shit for garden snake beans/cherry tomatoes /cucumber /passion fruit grow like mad happy growing cheers allan
  14. i was at immigration the other day WIFE AND I WERE SHOCKED AT THE SICK EXPATS GROUP the wife was talking to 2/ young school girls /15 and 16yrs they said like others do sitting for the frangs get there at 3 to 4 am and sit on a chair for the expats \paid 300to 500 b then when the expat turns up 8 /30 they go to school the wife is a volunteer for a women's group to help abused women and protect the exploration of children she was shocked and upset at the abuse of the young girls these expats can sit in a bar and look at a wall for hrs groups sit at bars for hrs and grunt at each other sometimes or sit for hrs and watch old football games at a bar / then pay a child to sit in a dark mall 3am /as to lazy to get out of bed early WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR DAUGHTER TO SIT IN A DARK MALL AT 3AM i hope they deport these sick people and the expat group that arranges this sick practice
  15. opalred

    big big wet coming

    things i haven't seen in 14yrs here in cm the dam out back overflowing already ants and ants every where /building nest higher from the ground crabs around walking to new areas/ not the pattaya ones snails/ and first time slugs every where i was having a beer in my bbq area /and left for awhile on return a slug was in my beer i said to wife was time to leave country /or build a large wood boat