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  1. i think every one knows trump has lied all his life his family the same but what makes it bad now is all the people around him think this is ok now
  2. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    still think my breakfast with my Thai friends is the best under the nawarat bridge great water view the food bags they bring are not full but can make great smorgasbord
  3. sometimes hard to explain

    i was in a large shop looking to buy cup and eye hooks trying to explain /i formed a hole with two fingers on one hand the other hand put finger through the hole to make a cup and hook a group of staff came around to work out what i was explaining as i was getting frustrated as no one understood as the staff all walked away laughing i was poking my finger through the hole at a fast pace in frustration and over the years i though i was good at explaining things
  4. Rimping has turkey again!

    seems you have not been around immigration there are many go there but probable a bit tough
  5. Rimping has turkey again!

    you are a glutton for punishment i thought everyone has had a gut-full of the head turkey living in the big turkey house
  6. what i have found here in cm after 14yrs was a falang behind them i don't know now as i live out of town but before the incubation seemed to start at ex pat groups to hit the green new comer
  7. Tropical Crotch Rot

    if you have a yellow book your local community center have a health clinic its a free service
  8. Yellow Book at Amphur Hang Dong - how long?

    did you know with yellow book at community center in your area they have health clinic can get basic medical from nurses there /check blood pressure etc a few times over the years i needed crutches every thing is free
  9. My Recent Experience….. May Save You Money!

    i am married to thai and over many years have visited a public hospital registered with yellow book and get same price as thai the doctor trained same university
  10. Scientists discover an ‘octopus city’ off the coast of Australia

    i grew up near there just a myth every girl called me a octopus just big story
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    you sure he is not a plant centerlink have private company's that investigate everyone they get payed on money they squeeze and rob from centerlink customers take care what you say
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    for all the big money numbers thrown around why would you want a pension leave the money for people that need it
  13. Christmas Dinner

    that photo looks like the stew i was served when in jail in oz
  14. if she was red bull heir things might be different
  15. whats new English school teachers i am so shocked?