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  1. last time i did a 90day there had some idiot Jesus freak annoying me now always do postal as don't need those freaks in my life
  2. i hope they poop on the whole place went there the other day to go to tops lower floor couldn't park on lower floors all closed and empty sent to top floor so you go down through all empty floors try to get you to shop how stupid all i wanted to park and go to lower floor drove out and will never return
  3. Eye Specialist

    i use to go to public hospital see you 5min write script for months then wait near day at dispensary past 3yrs wife gets the different drops at most pharmacy's i found the dr was doing nothing as treatment of drops to control glaucoma is all can do does anyone know if brown sunglasses help outside i saw bono the singer say he wears them all the time as had glaucoma past25yrs cheers
  4. is pussy a currency here

    over the years we always see girls pay traffic stops handing phone number or police will follow them home the wife says they pay with pussy many dept do same but i saw a good one yesterday next door the husband a truck driver is always away the wife a school teacher has a evening drink at small country bar near they have been wanting to fill small dam at back house they have been excavating ground near bar /must have conned a driver a truck of dirt arrived but couldn't get near dam asthe ground is to wet she told him if couldn't drop in dam no pussy he revved the truck till the clutch was stinking then dropped load she yelled at him no pussy driver left with a burnt out clutch
  5. Police Check

    very cheap accidentally got on a freeway with bike in bkk as i was looking for away to get off was pulled over by bike cop handed my licence over said for2000b could get licence back/ had to pay further along road out of bkk everyone was pulled over fined 400b asked what for he smiled and said speeding only had 1000b he took it and said go
  6. i have noticed over the years my wife spending more time on Facebook and games on the f n iPad sometimes hard to communicate with her even children getting harder to communicate with need to be on iPad all the time i think only time would find me not there would be when needing money
  7. will they allow her to take her gold plated chopsticks to jail
  8. the best trick is sneak up behind them with a shovel when they have finished sneak away they tun around to see nothing then they go home to see a doctor
  9. a/c versus fans

    many years ago mining in outback oz/ with no elect temp 40plus day and night for 3weeks you soak sheets and towels in water lay on bed and cover your self with wet towels you will get sleep for 1hr then repeat cheap way for the people here with short pockets
  10. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    why are they not barmaids /?
  11. Pink ID Card

    if you are aged its for life no renew great for the annoying police stopping you on roads
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    i grew up south of kiama my father sold the dairy farm to developers for houses was great whole coastline to myself for fishing and beach i think they were selling blocks for 800 pound
  13. a/c versus fans

    may be the best what they use to have in India and Singapore a boy pulling a rope/ and large shutters moved across ceilings back and forth good air circulation
  14. a/c versus fans

    after 14yrs here i always liked fans in the house last year was extremely hot/so i put a/c in-the house i found i always had a restless sleep and congested in the chest in mornings went back to fans in house and found i feel better i think with the fans over body when sleeping evaporates any sweat and cools body natural and i sleep like a baby and wake no congestion ?
  15. i think most people know who have a brain/? when putin and his mob took over they needed someone to launder there money in usa wow we have found a broke real estate man and dumb and real money in 20years went from a small salary to now the richest man in world 200billion now do you understand why trump and friends helped them move there money into usa buy a condo from trump properties 20million then flog for 10 now i have legitimate money in usa