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  1. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    i wonder why anyone would come to cm some one asked how to meet people we are on menopause and adverts for rip off care mobs i am surprised they haven't sold you insurance or a condo yet
  2. i have a daughter and son in law that manage affairs of one of the riches men in the world i believe they hear things we don't
  3. i hear when he goes to pardon in law and son Muller has a envelope in a safe and will produce to the court charges on trump then he cannot pardon anyone while charges are pending who holding the trump card now
  4. Is tomorrow, 5 Dec, a big/holy holiday in CM?

    i wonder if my wife will remember tomorrow morning
  5. watch/ 3 charges will come up collusion money laundering and traitor to the country kushner will disappear to another country trumps and family will go for a small charges in exchanges to leave on health grounds and never re enter politics
  6. where do you think kushner has a holiday home wouldn't be a country that has no extradition agreement with us
  7. i see a news report on news asia the fruit and vegs in bkk and cm have very high concentrations of poisons is there no control of herbicides and pesticides here like other country's
  8. i have a bad tree growing next door and the tree roots are amazing i have put down sheet plastic under the garden twice a few months the tree roots find away in you can have a pin hole and the root will go through and multiply to a thick branch is there a poison to put under plastic cheers
  9. i accidentally got on to motorway with my motorbike in bkk i am from cm and didn't know the area pulled over by motorbike cop and told to show licence he said could have it back for 2000b i tried 500b but he stuck to 2000b eventually paid to get licence back and go but he has a nice chap as showed me where to get off the motorway
  10. new farm outlet

    the pig farm has just opened a shop near the farm all kinds of pork products including bacon ham snags and franks just tried the franks best i have tried in los giving free samples today go through mae rim turn on road to international school signs giving directions everywhere
  11. i often think how many times people get conned by girls before they wake up we are all weak as men when it comes to women especially when the are younger and well built men become jelly 14yrs ago my first being green stole my camera and 300000b gemstones the next i lived with and bought here young children down from mountain to go to school then found out was seeing other men but you don't give up as found a top wife here 8yrs of honest and happy bliss i think you have to have a couple of encounters before brain gets into gear
  12. it was a warm and humid day in los the postman delivered my mail to my house mailbox in the mail was a returned letter for my 90day report i carefully undid the letters to my surprise was a note in the immigration letter it read you can email your 90day report to this email address i think this might be easier in future thinking did everyone get this notice or left the angry old farts out and only sent to the people with good attitude have a good day
  13. last returned mailed 90day had a note to send to email address given is every one get or only for grateful and people with good attitude
  14. i see every year the still want to burn the rice waste after harvest my father grew wheat 50yrs ago and were all told to stop burning waste the soil benefited more if you plow the waste back into the soil which has been proven over the years the people still want to burn there rubbish and plastic around my area maybe a belief about burning
  15. when i grow 4inch hair all over the body i will return