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  1. to tell the wife when you empty bathtub the water will go clockwise down the plughole if you are in Europe the water will go anti ;clockwise down the plughole
  2. civil trump is a expert on that with all the civil lawsuits against him over the years
  3. are we talking about elevators or escalators because i have not seen a elevator or sign is it for private use to dukes users why do the immigration officers tell you at arrival airports when you need to go next visit to immigration /90 day or 12 mths why did they put this office hidden / on top floor near tm30 and dukes when the lower floors are empty / and easy access for the people bringing money into country 14 yrs here dukes 10yrs ago was a real money spinner but sad to say like all restaurants and and bars did a big slide they were for sale for years are the new owners
  4. sir/ i ask him if he needed help he said would be ok as he joked about me as wife helps me on and off escalators and steps now why would you put a place on the top floor when the place is near empty no lifts for elderly /and people in wheelchairs now the numbers at immigration would be down 70% to a few years ago to the other poster if people are not here /down 70% to a few years ago in immigration and restaurants do you call that thriving numbers/ or failing numbers
  5. wont be long before boarding up windows and doors
  6. i saw something bad there the other day i had to go 2nd floor to pay like others a older gent with a walking stick was there on leaving went to escalator / but said he couldn't get on as they go to fast getting on and off he had to slowly and painfully walk the stairs now i have to be careful/have problem too through a motorbike accident years ago now why would you put this immigration room up there because to get business to failing dukes and g4t sick and sad
  7. take care there after money /as only a few go to immigration now been 7 yrs on retirement visa usually go out of country for holidays to another country 4 times a year never been asked to do a visit to immigration on return or tm30 form have house and yellow book and married to Thai had to go 2nd floor and pay fine 1600b/ before did my 12mth visa wife was talking to a friend /her husband was same/never filled in form or report on return was fined also 1600b/with lack of tourists and retirement people /looking for money the strange thing is usually at airport the immigration fellow will look at visa / and say you need to go in on next 90day or when 12mth visa finished
  8. sad / sad/ i send my son in law overseas to try and burn his paper trail but he goes some where in mid east to talk peace he was my puppet now he can speak/ sad/ sad he couldn't make a cup of coffeevee at wh sad/ sad
  9. sad/ all there money is going to 100 lawyers
  10. if the people don't get rid of the brainless child he will send the world back 100yrs to conflict and hate and war
  11. i have posted twice mistake to answer the other i built on the wifes land which was or has been in the family 60yrs before pig farm and would say 70%house same in 5klm area they were accepted as gave employment to people there was never any smell for years they lied to the people of Mae rim when they said were moving to lampang years ago they did a expansion without telling the community as the farm is hidden from sight and never put in extra provision to treat the shit the head man of the village and govt people were on the handout from the farm even when the smell started they just asked the people and govt to give money to them to control smell i picked the extensions up on google earth and showed people to there surprise there were no new dams in to treat the waste because the owner is a high official in govt no one will say anything that the Thai way
  12. sir /if you have a knowledge of google maps go to the road to prem english school and look for the buffalo training camp on the map opposite you will see a large PIG FARM which was explained before by e/s post
  13. how can you work out the trump and family sick minds son tells people they can survive in the golf course business only with Russian finance the other day when they want to calm the heat trumps son on fox says dems are not even people? when did the parents take the dummy's away from there children i think they still share them with son in law
  14. sir /if you have a knowledge of google maps go to the road to prem english school and look for the buffalo training camp on the map opposite you will see a large PIG FARM which was explained before by e/s post
  15. look on a google map