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  1. stop feeding street dogs

    the wife and i ride a bike every morning now for years you can see now the street dogs have breed like rats the local people take out food every day to them and they keep on breeding one area we go through you have to go slow and weave through them a temple nearby would have to be 25dogs hanging around why don't the govt have a program to stop it the worst of it is when they shit every where. it dries and the cars run over it the wind blows and puts it into the air now you know why you get a sore throat
  2. the wife and i go to Vietnam this month have been waiting to do visa as they said on Feb were changing visa rules
  3. recycling here

    i have noticed on my bike ride every morning / in 4 different areas they have put in recycling cages in past 12mths only one cage has quarter filled in that time the areas still have the plastic bags and rubbish on the sides of the roads it seems you cannot train the adults so they have to start training the students at schools to stop them following there parents bad habits
  4. just another load of b/s from a diarrhea ass
  5. stop feeding street dogs

    in oz the govt give you on farms poison meat baits to put around to kill the dingos wild dogs and cats maybe the need a program here
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    respect for ones life am 75 ride a bike 12 km every morning past 14 yrs have my beer every afternoon same for over 50yrs but i don't sit on my ass at a street bar breathing in all the powdered dog shit in the air is that respect for ones life
  7. how brainless next you will have a stressed out teacher which are many shoot a bad abusive pupil but he thinks everyone brainless like him keep the nra happy to keep there donations we can sell another 500000 guns to all schools has anyone have compassion for the kids in USA
  8. stop feeding street dogs

    is it something to with belief on reincarnation you can become back as a dog my thoughts when i am reincarnated i want to be a table cloth pulled off and layered 3 times a day
  9. mature enough not to be somebody's lackey
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    agree there was a bounty in oz on cats and wild dogs as they destroyed the wildlife maybe bounty and then maybe have the people that street feed them neutered
  11. the grass is greener on the other side of fence especially if you can smoke it
  12. now days here and all country's money laundering is a normal every day thing years ago i was in opal mines.a cash businesses . people laundered money on gemstones small time now days its big money every where billions and now with bitcoin and others i believe will get worse
  13. why do they have so many problems airlines, half finished building estates everywhere they don't want any Indians or Chinese in govt or high positions if a Malaya Muslim apples for a govt job .who was dunce of the school he will get the job ahead of other non Muslims Indian and Chinese even if they have the top qualification they worry if put to many in high places ,could undermine them
  14. a funny thing i was going with a muslim girl when we went shopping at large supermarkets they have a closed room where you can buy bacon the checkout girls will not touch so you have to put it through the scammer yourself then girlfriend made me put it in the boot of the car another Chinese shop sold bacon and when i brought was told to say i wanted smoked chicken so no one in the shop new it was pork
  15. beer and wine available every where but high tax added mainly from Indian and Chinese shops i used to buy German and Holland beer up to 12% alcohol extra large cans 90b to 120b a can or go to langawi buy duty free; the only place a can of beer was cheaper than a bottle of water
  16. i converted and have a Muslim card as i was going to marry a Muslim i left after seeing how stupid it was you can marry 5 wives as long as you show you can support them and as long as they are over 12yrs old how sick looking forward to all the virgins promised when i die but my Thai wife said she will be boxing them there
  17. hello English police strike again
  18. they would be the most unhappiest people in the world i went to a lot of events with the Muslims once i was laughing and playing with the children i was told to stop as people would think i was drunk anther time was at a Muslim wedding i joked and laughed was frond on and told to stop to live there you have to be serious and depressed with them
  19. i lived there for a few yrs and have been most country's in the world and would say that would be the worst even changed to slam because of a women i was going with i saw all sides of Malaysia and you would have rocks in the head to stay there
  20. great to see the 90 day easier now by post 4day return next one half size tm47 form and now with bar-code
  21. i have traveled past 20 years in china and all Asia country's many times each year now lived los 14yrs you were greeted with smiles and respect years ago now china and most Asian country's treat you with a sour look and i am not from usa why?
  22. reading the posts i wonder which country would get the smiles and respect now German oz NZ UK Indianian Muslims USA and others
  23. have you noticed the young kids and young adults now you cannot communicate with them every where you go they are full time on there bloody i pads walking on transport even when they come to your house what a wasted generation
  24. elect charges go up and up

    the wife and i have lived in our own house now 7years elect charges started at 400b we are in winter so no ac i have gas cooking gas hot water i believe the elect mob keep putting charges up without telling the people my new bill 1920b how they like to rob the people have you seen them upgrade the spaghetti lines for past 20yrs
  25. elect charges go up and up

    the only thing i can think of is the wife's new vibrator