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  1. sounds like you belong/ and need to join the expats club
  2. i have had fares as low as 420b veitjet even used them to nam /top airline same as lion on different routes when airasa first started i used often/ and were cheap \ then these added on /and hidden costs /now anyone flying with them have rocks in there head
  3. vietjet is best and new planes /and go to international airport book ahead and get half price of others then lion air cheap prices if booked ahead they don't add heaps on the price given /not like the ripoff airasa
  4. if you want to enjoy and live life here / keep away from the bored /and lost souls /that gather in groups and clubs/
  5. go anywhere in Malaysia be prepared not to smile or laugh lived there for some years and became a muslim /not now it was frowned on to laugh/ as they think you are on drugs or drinking
  6. anyone know the new bus service to rayong/from the airport the service was said starting end may i need to go to rayong next week from the airport with thanks allan
  7. anyone tried the new bus service from pattaya airport to rayong it said it would start end may how do you find timetable ? cheers allan
  8. get away from Chinese tourists go to Bangkok Hilton/food not the best
  9. Putin and china have been pushing for years to have usa troops removed from south Korea trump says will remove now/ with out telling congress ?
  10. his realty show goes on anyone with half a brain would understand will china the world number one power let the usa near there back door would you let a mad dog in your back gate/?
  11. opalred

    Giant Mushroom found in Doi Tao

    what was her choice of weed or mushroom ?
  12. why is there no up grading in elect services i pay 2000b a month /and has anyone seen the power lines upgraded for past 40yrs every time the wind blows/ or a neighbor farts the power goes off its starting to get like Burma the spaghetti lines every where no upgrade just take the money
  13. i notice a lot of aged people want to live in the past i am now aged/ but everyday look at the new technology/ new look at the universe /look at the telescopes into new trillions of suns and planets i grew up when horse and carts were around/ house with bag walls dirt floors in oz we believed the world was a sun and a few planets/ that was it now with trillions of planets /we are the only people in the universe who could believe that?
  14. i am wondering who will the translator be in the meeting in singapore
  15. if you have two children / sorry mentality of a child they cannot speak the same language but have the same level of mentality you would get a interpreter from a pre school to help would you not how could they understand if you had a adult to interpret
  16. opalred

    Giant Mushroom found in Doi Tao

    i saw heaps of them in my younger days some the size of trees/ as not capable of chopping the large ones down we would only use the smaller ones/ for eating or making tea
  17. looking at the past i have done some stupid things when i was immature/ only looking at that day now retired\ i wake to see and plan for the future days with computer brains\ and medicine might have to plan for next 100 years
  18. the wet starts /every year the mosquito seem to get bigger smarter and quicker you line them up to hit when biting /they always escape /they seem to have super amazing movement / and multiple eyes years ago when you bought spray it would kill them /and you could see them dead on floor now you spray they move out /do not kill /then come back are the now immune to the sprays / and just a ripoff from the monopoly company selling the spray maybe the spray company's are putting hormones in the spray
  19. yes its strange a small sand fly will make me have lumps and itch for days the worst one here is the horse fly or buffalo fly here i get a bite it makes a a great welt for weeks and can turn into a sore
  20. i do see two people on this forum over the past years have given me a ear bashing while waiting at immigration one on god/ and one on care and clubs /trying to tell me i would be interested ? so will they keep the visa forum clean of self promoting
  21. really how smart are we \when all we want to do is play with balls\ or watch some one play with balls we kick/ throw \club\ bat\hit and try to kill balls if an alien came here to see that/ they would leave \forget that crazy planet now the top brains came up with /we don't have a number in our language bigger enough to count the solar systems out there\so to make it easy /pick up one grain of sand on the beach/that is our solar system now count all the other grains of sand in the world you might get close to what is out there now you believe we are alone and someone is watching us sleep on it \and take care as someone might be watching you in the bedroom
  22. was the planet of the apes here/ or another dimension common sense will tell you/ we can only see the distance of the last telescope the new telescopes in space soon will see another trillion light years away/ for another trillion suns and planets but some people live in the past and believe there is a back fence like there own yard /just past our solar system or as past thought next town i grew up on the small farms outside of Sydney/ where all family's battled to grow food for there family's i remember the small shacks made of tin and bags and anything they could find never got shoes till i was 8yrs but no socks and my mother was a Wallace her people from the highlands of Scotland/where they breed them tough but that was the past /now look at the great future/ where maybe an alien will arrive take away trump to save our planet
  23. my wife's iPhone and some of her friends have had trouble with there iphones/when they take the iPhone back to shop after 6mths old /sorry have to pay 4000b to fix over the years have bought tools etc made in thai/ break down in a few weeks/ same sorry have to pay to fix probable the worst was a jackhammer one week / a set of drills bent like a banana first go seems no back up on there products
  24. i brought it up last time you were saying it as my wife has 3 friends work in immigration and they are nice people not animals as you repeated it many times a normal person would have apologized to the staff at immigration shame/ shame?
  25. wow ?look back trough your past posts to see how many times you have referred to immigration as the zoo seems to have a memory loss