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  1. You don't need any documentation. Only a bit of money / brown envelope(s) . Or shares in their "business" for some officials. It's the corruption that makes it possible. And someone in Pattaya didn't receive a brown envelope last month, or one with not enough content, that's they were caught.
  2. So they can get themselves a cup of tea...
  3. I don't want to live in such tower of 40 floors. I got a nice apartment on the 3rd floor of an 8 floor high building. In case of an emergency or fire, I will be out way faster than people living on the 40th floor of such tower. Most emergency exits here in Thailand are blocked, locked or have the doors wide open so the smoke / fire can spread... Accidents with many deaths are waiting to happen. Was last week at a friends new place on the 21st floor where the emergency exits were locked. I told him that and his Thai wife said that security guard will unlock the door when having an emergency. I asked her if the security guard would go upstairs to unlock the emergency exits on every floor when having a raging fire / inferno. Maybe that made her think about the situation where they're living. Yes, I have been working with the fire department many, many years ago...
  4. Thai police isn't that bright. They want result immediately. Ask any Thai or police officer if he wants to have 20.000 THB on the spot or wait 4 weeks to receive 50.000 THB. They all will choose for the first option, take the 20.000 THB on the spot. Four weeks later they will come and ask if they can get the "remaining" 30.000 THB.
  5. Foreign investors & Thailand ??? The Thai Baht is 25 to 40% overvalued. Thailand is way too expensive to invest. International investors (multinationals) already pulled out of Thailand because production costs were rising sky high in the last 10 years.
  6. crackdown launched on Koh Samui to clean up I bet that those 4 druggies were arrested for poluting the air.
  7. Currently the Thai nationals are investing outside Thailand, mainly in consumer products and food (supplies), as it is getting cheaper to import them into Thailand. It won't make the Thai economy stronger as it will be having a negative balance of trade pretty soon. Thai exports getting too expensive for purchasers, they will get their products somewhere else. You can already see this in the automotive industry as producers getting rid of Thai manufacturing. The Thai Baht is having the products more expensive but the economic and the technical value stay equal. Big loss for investments in Thai manufacturing as they can only sell their products within Thailand.
  8. So working a few hours per day on the main road where our soi ends, will make you a millionaire within a month !!!
  9. They should lock him up - in a zoo. In Thailand it's called monkey house.
  10. Pattaya: synonym for a town loaded with low life, tatoed, brainless foreigners and Thai whores.
  11. One of my friends went with his family (daughter 7yrs, son 5yrs and Thai wife) by plane to Ubon Ratchathani last week to their inland hangout and was planning to return on Monday. Monday morning at the airport, 2 seats were overbooked. The children could take another flight on Wednesday, Thai solution... They all came back by train this morning. They all were divided in several wagons. Not even one monkey was trading places. Pure Thai egoism, selfish bastards !!!
  12. Taking a bus or mini van in Thailand is more frightening that any roller coaster ride anywhere in the world. With a rollercoaster ride you always know that you will get back safe... Sounds to be good for a commercial: Tired of all those rollercoaster rides? Scary stuff ??? Come to Thailand and get on a bus or mini van. It will really wet your pants !!!