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  1. Nobody saying anything about the quality of the roofs in Thailand.
  2. laborers = slaves laborers is American English. In correct English it's written with ou. Labourers But in other words: Their slaves ran away...
  3. So Pattaya will become a ghost town in the future as they will get rid of all foreign criminals. Thai criminals don't like competition...
  4. So, what was your score on the tests? How many grammatical errors are there in your post?
  5. Well, I won't stop them making the biggest mistake in their life time !!!
  6. The position requires scores of 400 of 990 for the Test of English for International Communications, or TOEIC; 3.5 of 9 for the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS; or 40 out of 120 for the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test, or TOEFL iBT. In the western world: 400 of 990 --> You FAIL (40.4%) 3.5 of 9 --> You FAIL (38.9%) 40 out of 120 --> You FAIL (33.3%) In normal (western) countries you only pass when you score 60%. Not less than that !!!
  7. Block facebook here in Thailand and start a thai facebook. A complete thai version: หนังสือหน้า.ไทย would be an option. And if someone wants to use the international version, let them apply for an international facebook license. This would generate extra income for Thailand and the users are known to the government.
  8. A guy that I know is completely renovating his house in Bangkok. That was going on for several weeks now and it was planned to have it finished by September. For 2 weeks now, nobody showed up and the Thai contractor told him that his skilled labourers went back to Myanmar due to visa problems. He told the guy that the renovation could not be finished by September as planned and that he had to hire skilled locals that are 5 times as expensive. The 2 million renovation (75% paid) will now be done for 5 million THB, the contractor told him and asked him to pay 3 million in advance and half a million when the jobs is done... It sure looks like a scam to me.
  9. Grea Great headline. The reporter still has to learn how to write in English. Even Google translate doesn't make such mistakes. It's: Dutch tourist !!!
  10. And sick dog, sick father, sick buffalo.... Don't thai to me !!!
  11. So, who paid the hospital bill??? As the girl was planning to go back to Belgium because she needed an income, it looks to me that she wasn't having much money. Is there still a record of her medical checkup? Is there still a cctv footage of her at that hospital? Just 3 questions to be answered.
  12. Does anyone have a clue where her missing mobile is??? According to her mother it is missing. It wasn't returned with her belongings. Ahh. I think it will be probably found near some cabins where Burmese are living.
  13. They then will advertise Koh Tao not as death island but as Ghost Island. Come to Koh Tao and meet ghosts.. But I think, it's better to send Hercule Poirot over for an investigation than have it done by the RTP.