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  1. Thanks Joe - Over the many years you seem the best informed. Thanks for all your support of countless members. Can I ask a followup - If a person works outside Thailand but resides in Thailand much of the year, OR works for a home-country company online as "digital nomads" may do, is there a problem using that income for the "over 50 long stay visa" we call "retirement"? Please advise if you know both strictly legally and "in practice". Thanks again for your help. W
  2. I saw the following posted in Chiang Mai by a visa assisting company. "Urgent; If you are a USA citizen and use an affidavit for your retirement visa extension, you will now need to show proof of the amount declared. This can be a statement from social security or your pension provider. Please note the amounts have to match the number stated on the affidavit. This is for renewal and for first time applicants. Please request for these statements now as they can take time to obtain." Is this true also at Jomtien or other locations? What if one's income comes from other than Social Security or formal pension? This is the case for many who were self-employed.
  3. The Agoda add even adds this lovely view of the lap pool with the overlay title "Things You'll Love", and a caption "Swimming Pool" but yet Agoda doesn't seem to notice this is deceiving. I've been with Agoda something like 15 years and must have spent thousands on business travel with them. It's easy enough to take my business to Expedia or another booking competitor.
  4. Ya, But once Agoda knows it is deceptive isn't it their responsibility to protect AGODA customers? Agoda bills my credit card so I'm Agoda's customer first. I think their duty is to protect their customer - not their advertisers. I wasn't after a refund and told Agoda the same. The right answer would have been "Thank you for bringing this to our attention we will follow up and make sure the advertising is more clear". Agoda pointed out the "no refund" policy of the hotel even though I didn't request a refund. There must be some fair advertising limits somewhere. Can I post a photo of the Hyatt pool and claim it as part of my crappy guest house? What if I post photos of a Marriot room in the room description of my crappy guest house? I'd probably get a lot of takers but it would not be fair
  5. I recently booked a room at this hotel only to learn that the pool in the photo is actually the public pool once city block away. The pool is well loved and used by the local community which is great - but very crowded much of the time and difficult to swim laps much of the day. There is no mention in the Agoda hotel listing that informs that it is not the hotel's pool. The advertising tactic worked on me because I like to swim for health daily, but this seems deceptive. When I brought it to Agoda's attention they defended the advertisement because the hotel provides a voucher to the public pool. I pushed a bit with Agoda saying that they should remove the pool photo from their promo - or at least require a caption that note's it isn't the hotel's property. Agoda refused and agreed to close my account instead. I wasn't after a refund - just get straight on their advertising practices. Is this reasonable advertising practice of Agoda to keep this advertising as is?