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  1. '"Terminating the contract would have a significant negative impact on our highly skilled employees, our supply chain across Canada, and the Canadian defense sector broadly," the statement added.' Should have thought of that before signing it.
  2. You don't need to transfer the stamp; you simply carry both passports.
  3. Yep, a major problem in LoS: far too many U-turns, on far too many roads.
  4. Accident? Seriously? BS! A moron at the wheel, as is all too often the case in LoS.
  5. What, you don't agree the RTP are a collective shower?
  6. I hadn't realised carrying one's licence was such a chore.
  7. It's of some concern when we have a teacher relying on mumbo jumbo. And unless it was the spare, how could he possibly have collided with the rear wheel?
  8. And plenty more like you. Problem with the young is that they are too full of themselves (and s__t).
  9. Wow! Seriously? I can't imagine why.
  10. A Thai policeman. Doubt he could spell restraint, in Thai or English.
  11. There's little fear of Prawit sticking his foot in it; he can't see his feet.
  12. Thai cops and weapons. A volatile combination.
  13. Only in LoS. Presumably he will now no longer be a cop? Or perhaps that's presuming too much.