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  1. '“They cannot march, whether they support or oppose us.' I doubt that supporting the junta would generate any action. 'They will just cause conflict and upset the economy,” Prayut said.' Both areas of expertise that are reserved for the government. Though I'm far from sure how a march could upset the economy.
  2. 'Thailand's Minister of Foreign Affairs has highlighted Thailand’s progress on the international stage as the country will begin chairing the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS) meeting in June, before taking the chair of ASEAN next year.' Not exactly international.
  3. Jonmarleesco

    Thai economy surges: growth in all sectors

    Prayuth cutting and pasting, no doubt.
  4. The time they took to get one wheel onto the central reservation, they might as well have gone on to the next U-turn. But that would have been too easy.
  5. Not, I imagine, if they're on your doorstep.
  6. Jonmarleesco

    Dial a friend - But no sex please, were Thai!

    The piqued interest must have peaked.
  7. They need to keep to tradition. It's not a fine, just beer money.
  8. 'Banks of computers manned by cops were shown on the video ... ... the cops ... are playing down the fine collection saying that they will help improve driving standards.' Yeah, right. There is bu_ger-all that sitting on their ar_es playing computer games is going to achieve that they can't - or don't - achieve when out and about.
  9. Jonmarleesco

    Varsity’s move ‘may damage’ Thai credibility

    Something of a contradiction in terms.
  10. What the government - or Prawit - agrees and what it/he actually does are two entirely different things.
  11. The problem with governments, national or local, being ordered to pay compensation, is ... they don't. The taxpayer has to fund the fall out from their incompetence, ignorance, corruption, stupidity, or all of these.
  12. Indeed. But Cardiff, for example, would issue a tourist visa, which could then be converted at immigration.
  13. Jonmarleesco

    Prayut is taking unfair advantage

    'Now it’s a fully-fledged, game-on political player preparing to contest corrupt an election.'
  14. I'm sure they'd like to sue her for this, but even old Prawit would be hard pushed to come up with a suitable excuse.