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  1. TG had better sort out their policy, and their staff. Because the next time this happens, the crew just might p_ss off entirely the wrong passengers.
  2. They'd better do somewhat more than scurry. The idiot employees who caused this issue need a good a__e kicking to start.
  3. Cheap <deleted>. But then, such a derisory amount offered in settlement of similar issues isn't unusual in LoS.
  4. All twenty seven? She's obviously extremely careless. And stupid, to expect people to believe such BS.
  5. Whatever he says means little. And he would only hope another coup isn't on the horizon.
  6. Then he shouldn't be behind the wheel of a vehicle. And, yes, I know, the same can be said of innumerable Thai drivers.
  7. Hardly constitutes an emergency.
  8. Well, if one incident hadn't killed them, another might well have done.
  9. Jonmarleesco

    Stampede for the cave drama scoop

    For Christ's sake, some kids foolishly got themselves trapped in a cave, leading to the need for other people to put their lives at risk to rescue them. Documentary? Perhaps. Feature? Emphatically not.
  10. So neither he nor the press have anything better to do in the early hours?
  11. First time I've seen shirts with built-in strip lights.
  12. Jonmarleesco

    Getting Thai TV in Hanoi/HCMC?

    Ubon Joe assumed HCMC, but you don't actually mention a Vietnamese city. If HCMC, I've only ever got non-immigrant Os from there, but with nary a problem.
  13. Err, what? I think someone needs to revisit the information.
  14. Jonmarleesco

    NACC executive admits pulling gun on Bangkok cabbie

    A fact-finding committee? They can't just pull the a__ehole in and ask him?