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  1. MickeyMaow

    Chiang Mai to Laos tourist visa run

    I know you want to go the cheapest way and you want to be farang kee nok and all that, but honestly do yourself a huge favour and fly. You can get a return flight to undon for around €100 and it’s only 200 baht to the border from the airport. You can then share a taxi to Vientiane for as little as 100 baht.
  2. MickeyMaow

    Long term car storage?

    Going away for a few months need a place to but my car. I’ve heard of a few places over in Hang dong. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any place in particular? Also how much should I expect to pay? thanks in advance
  3. MickeyMaow

    music venues in chiang mai

    Serious question. What does farang friendly bar mean?
  4. MickeyMaow

    Alcohol price hike

    Awe, I thought the beer went up by 41 baht wholesale. Maybe it’s yet to go up?
  5. MickeyMaow

    Alcohol price hike

    I’m out on the country at the moment. So how are any of you night owls getting on with the price hike on drink on a night out? I usually drink with the locals so normally I pay 70/80 baht for a large Leo, how much is it for a large beer in Thai bars/Restaurants now? On occasion if there’s a football match on I want to watch with English commentary I might head to sonewhere like the Unirish Pup, there they charge around 120/140 baht for a large Leo. What are the tourist holes selling for now?
  6. MickeyMaow

    The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    What happened the owner of the Hangout, Sam is it? Does he have another business around Chiang Mai?
  7. MickeyMaow

    Zoe Complex.

    This Zoe complex is a load of rubbish. Zoe in yeallow does not go that far back. The area is called Gad Bon Yoo or Bon Yoo Market. Zoe's in yellow only rent a few units there.
  8. MickeyMaow

    Dash Cam recommendations?

    I baught off Lazada before, a few times. They've always been late
  9. MickeyMaow

    Dash Cam recommendations?

    I knew people would recommend Lazada. I don't have time to wait I don't have time to wait for Lazada I want for a gift on Monday.
  10. MickeyMaow

    Dash Cam recommendations?

    I'm looking for a dash cam, so many around, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced dash cam that I can buy off the self somewhere here in Chiang Mai?
  11. MickeyMaow

    Any Falafel recommendations?

    Imagine that when I wrote the post I wasn't going to mention Chiang Mai because the thread was going into the Chiang Mai forum, but I thought no, I'll just state Chiang Mai so that there is absolutely no confusion. But still......
  12. MickeyMaow

    Any Falafel recommendations?

    Any good Falafel severed up around China Mai?
  13. MickeyMaow

    May v Mac

    Usually Thai Channel 8 show these fights, In Thai commentary though. CH 8'is on WETV
  14. MickeyMaow

    Double Rainbow

    With a double rainbow the second arc always have the colours reversed. * pic dedicated to Dave2
  15. MickeyMaow

    HIV Testing Chiang Mai

    What do you mean "give away for PEP and PrEP"? They are giving away PrEP? For free?