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  1. Zoe Complex.

    This Zoe complex is a load of rubbish. Zoe in yeallow does not go that far back. The area is called Gad Bon Yoo or Bon Yoo Market. Zoe's in yellow only rent a few units there.
  2. Dash Cam recommendations?

    I baught off Lazada before, a few times. They've always been late
  3. Dash Cam recommendations?

    I knew people would recommend Lazada. I don't have time to wait I don't have time to wait for Lazada I want for a gift on Monday.
  4. Dash Cam recommendations?

    I'm looking for a dash cam, so many around, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced dash cam that I can buy off the self somewhere here in Chiang Mai?
  5. Any Falafel recommendations?

    Imagine that when I wrote the post I wasn't going to mention Chiang Mai because the thread was going into the Chiang Mai forum, but I thought no, I'll just state Chiang Mai so that there is absolutely no confusion. But still......
  6. Any Falafel recommendations?

    Any good Falafel severed up around China Mai?
  7. May v Mac

    Usually Thai Channel 8 show these fights, In Thai commentary though. CH 8'is on WETV
  8. Double Rainbow

    With a double rainbow the second arc always have the colours reversed. * pic dedicated to Dave2
  9. HIV Testing Chiang Mai

    What do you mean "give away for PEP and PrEP"? They are giving away PrEP? For free?
  10. Full Roast Duck shops

    MK Restaurants do half and full ducks. Very nice too.
  11. Place to use laptop - Tapai Gate

    Ah the "Digital Nomads" I like to call them Farang kee nok 2.0
  12. I was told before there is a website (maybe based here in cmi) the sells or shows house designs you can purchase. The website was described to me like an eCommerce store for houses, though I never got the websites name or URL.. Has any heard or this?
  13. Qatar Airways CNX-DOH

    The queues at immergration can at times look daunting and a lot of people panic when the see the heard, but they get through the people pretty quickly. Yes allow yourself 3 hours should be ample amount of time and if you are ever strapped for time ask for a priority lane pass at check in. They will give you one.
  14. Qatar Airways CNX-DOH

    It's an absolute ridiculous suggestion to fly 5 hours in the wrong direction to avoid Suvarnabhumi Airport, there's nothing wrong with Suvarnabhumi Airport.
  15. Qatar Airways CNX-DOH

    Hang on now until I get my head around this. How long does it take (in the opposite direction from Europe) to get to Seoul?