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  1. sead

    One step closer to legalisation

    Will be fought hard to prevent this. In Thailand all benefits from ilegal marijuana, Police, kriminals etc. If this goes through then its a good step to have less corruption in this country.
  2. 1.5billion and no money for some bodyguards. And living in Africa.......
  3. You dont mention any children, but if you have you can always put the condo name in your Swedish childrens name from former wife or if you have with thaiwife children, you can also put it in their name.
  4. Hmm. Family doesnt have money but their soon got a ticket to stay in Thailand for a month....
  5. Well yeah, that's the sad but true story in most cases
  6. Yes. If she looks as you tell us then she sure can find a provider so why shouldnt she. The norm in Thailand if she stayed with a Thai boyfriend would be they share but now you aint Thai are you? I would seriously leave that girl asap because if this issue bothers you now then it will bother you always.
  7. Guess husband, boyfriend or sponsor found out and now this is how she shows she's innocent. It's also cheap commercial from the datingsite
  8. If you want to fix all your teeth at once then a trip to Serbia is recommended. Thailand become too expensive Veneers and crowns are 80- 180 each where the 180 euro are the highest quality. Implants with titanium screws and highest quality crown is 500 euro. This is made by internationally educated dentist. If your in Europe then airplane tickets are approximately 50-200 euro to Belgrade. They fix all in 4 days
  9. Want to take my thai gf with me. Born and raised in Sweden but always work 8n Denmark and Norway. I have also Danish CPR and bank and also Norwegian. As soon as I come home I'm away for work. How can I take my gf with me since I dont have time to apply or wait for Visa In Sweden for her.
  10. You're just jealous because dogs have higher status than you.........
  11. As I got info from immigration last week, Owners can report stayers online.
  12. I made a bad deal on a bar and now I need help. Article 44 can fix that
  13. I took my bullied girl 5 years ago and changed school against her mothers and everyone will. No matter if you have to pay you just ask your kid what the kid wants and do it. Even if that means changing school The kid needs to feel you care. Now my girl is the most happy 17 year old girl I ever met. With loads of friends etc etc
  14. Bribing an officer only works when caught. If you wait and there's several cops involved then they will never take the money. I'm not talking about Thailand specifically. If she were only caught smoking a joint then just relax and let it go to court and pay the 10000-20000 fine and finished. You can visit the girl and bring some smoke or food for her. She has to wait until Monday for court