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  1. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Just take another one. Its not worth all the hassle that comes with it. If youre new to Thailand then you just want to change....
  2. Travelinsurance is 20 euro for max 45 day coverage. Driving a big bike without is is pure stupidity
  3. I still havent seen 1 Thai that knows how to use a bumgun. The reason i remove the bumguns in all apartments i hired is becauase i was tired of seeing the toiletseat all weat from missuse of a bumgun
  4. Little bit overthinking ?
  5. Why you need to marry? Dont fall for it if she is saying that family looks bad at her if she is not married and have bf bla bla.
  6. Those seats looks everything but comfortable
  7. You van either accept to live with her mindset until you die or chanhe to another one. There are girls that are intelligent and know how to conversate. But yes its a common problem in thailand and thaigirls
  8. Well its a smart move. If hes a political adviser to 20 different parties then hes rolling
  9. The day i wont have money to wipe my ass properly the day i hope ill stop to shit
  10. The clock is ticking for her
  11. One arab bar less? Good there werent more hurt
  12. Girls Nice Weather Girls Cheap Food Girls Cheap Beer Girls Im Beautiful here Girls Everyone loves my money
  13. Again just thrashtalk from EU. How about first ensuring that their own EU members takes some immigrants. Think its about 10 EU countries that havent received 10 immigrants. Damn Sweden would have 20,000 instead of 200,000 y2017. Otherwise a very good idea that will never see any effect.
  14. 30 years ago. She took the money to keep quiet and now she wants more.... Some doesnt deserve to live. As that russian agent who revealed hundreds of russian agents and now hes family suffers. <deleted> is it with all theese <deleted>