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  1. I spotted it immediately. That bag is too big.....
  2. Its not due in February. He just stated it will be after the coronation, and no1 knows when that will be
  3. Are you somehow trying to justify your move
  4. sead

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    So im here 6 years and have been just like you are. Naive.. You just hope that what your guts are telling you aint true. Well it is. And when you start to come here more often you will soon master the game and hopefully find a better choice.
  5. He took them all. So Prawit is sueing for 80 million bht. Prawit only needs to show the receipts to the insurance company.
  6. One step towards stoping the immigration is telling Trump to stop bombing everywhere. Making Europe destabilized. Getting rid of the old armory so he can get new money for new toys. But naah. He cant be that clever that he does all this because he wants Usa to be on top
  7. sead

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    If you follow the news... The winds are changing in Europe
  8. And he showed to be just as all other cops........ Just started to like this guy
  9. For this month i had a girl paying me a trip to her home Kanchanaburi and back to Pattaya. She paid for everything Shes 28 and gorgeous. Im 48. I had a 24 year old 2 weeks that i didnt pay anything . her family owns a jewelry shop in chantaburi. I left her because there wasnt much to talk about with her. So yes you can find girls that doesnt want anything.
  10. sead

    This thai girl

    if you cant afford to give her 10,000bht every month then i pity you.
  11. Didnt have sex with her because she didnt have condom rofl. If a girl wants sex with me a dont have condom i would go to seven next corner and buy duuh. Thats a lame excuse
  12. Its just a game. She would never harm them. Stop all payment. Wait until she contacts you. And strike a deal
  13. sead

    HIV/STD Scare

    Ok. The best option would be to pay the Lb for an complete test. That way you dont have to wait xx days for this and that infections inkubationtime. If you go to your home country you have free sexual disease centers. As i know its not possible to pretreat hiv or any other infection even if there are options. H
  14. Report passport as lost and get new one?
  15. sead

    Jompthien Baht Bus Routes

    From Jomtien second road take a small walk to jomtien beach and take buss all the way to Naklua. On way back it goes from Pattaya beachroad to first intersection after beachroad. Then you need to cross the street to take buss to Jomtien. So only 1 buss to pattaya 2 from pattaya to Jomtien