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  1. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    I'm going to Sakon Nakon in a couple of weeks will report back what happened!!!
  2. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    How long does it take to process?
  3. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    Tanoshi, Thank you so much. Cheers Ellathai
  4. Hi all Can anybody advise me what l need to take to Sakon Nakon Immigration to arrange a Certificate Of Residency for a Thai Driving Licence. l know all offices differ so l need to get it right first time as it's a long drive for me. Cheers Ellathai
  5. Hi Thinking about putting a garden waterfall in my beer garden. l have all the rocks ( Those red volcanic honeycomb ones) Not interested in having fish, just falling water. l have been looking for a place to find the plastic liners but that seems to be difficult. Have searched the forums but they are old posts with the same problem. Never done anything like this before so any advice would be good. Have watched youtube but of course finding the bits and pieces here is hard.I'm in the Kalasin area. Thanks in advance