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  1. ellathai

    Eyeglasses Vietnam

    Hi all l live in Thailand and am going to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam in November for a week. My present glasses frames are just about done,l have read so many threads on how expensive glasses are here and so many bad reports,yet the exact opposite is for Vietnam much less expensive and so many good reports. My glasses are progressive ,scratch resistant and transition. l was hoping to get some uptodate ideas from people that have done it recently and any reccomendations. Cheers Bruce
  2. ellathai

    How to look after this plant?

    Cheers for the info. Looked better before l bought it, Yes a side shoot has just begun flowering l noticed this morning.
  3. ellathai

    How to look after this plant?

    Cheers for the tip
  4. ellathai

    How to look after this plant?

    Browning on sides of flower and the leafs then death on the the other 2 l had. Got them in shade water them twice a week.
  5. For the life of me l cannot work out what l'm doing wrong, they come in yellow and red look beautiful when l buy them but after a couple of weeks start looking sad, l'm not a green thumb, matter of fact didn't give 2 hoots about plants before l moved here. l have tried the plant apps but no luck. So can any green thumbs out there give me some advice how to look after them. Cheers Bruce
  6. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    So is this a free service or paid in cash or bikkies At Sakon Nakhon ? Cheers
  7. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    I'm going to Sakon Nakon in a couple of weeks will report back what happened!!!
  8. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    How long does it take to process?
  9. ellathai

    Certificate of Residency

    Tanoshi, Thank you so much. Cheers Ellathai
  10. Hi all Can anybody advise me what l need to take to Sakon Nakon Immigration to arrange a Certificate Of Residency for a Thai Driving Licence. l know all offices differ so l need to get it right first time as it's a long drive for me. Cheers Ellathai