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  1. and 500 baht is closer to 2 days pay for those lucky enough to get the 300 per day rate..........so yes, it’s worth picking up.
  2. Better go easy on the Chang Scottie, I think all that alcohol over the years might have blown your brains out...alcohol does that. its a shocking drug...
  3. Jim is the reason that the legislation is getting delayed, they have to get rid of all the farang companies trying to patent everything to profit themselves...yes, Jim has a million ideas on making money and working with Red Bull, he has a whole range of money making ventures, vaporizers, pens, yep he’s got it all covered.....Jim’s about money money money.........Jim somehow has to have his snout removed from the feeding bowl...... its not about patents and farang corporations circling the export trade....thankfully it appears thethais haveother ideas.....and Jim’s corporation of greed is not one of them. jims goal is to dominate the global industry.... today thailand tomorrow the world...buy Jim’s weed ..... no thanks Jim.
  4. He’s been released to open the new gay chapter.... The rainbow boys.........apparently he has seen the light. very convincing in the right clothes, you wouldn’t even guess.
  5. Is it true they have a special chapter now for the gay members ? bet they have the prettiest patches........they would be very popular.