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  1. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    the EU kept quiet about having to use the euro and the EU army and the extra poor countries joining that will need tons of money..let the germans pay for them . and migrants can bring wives and families into UK for benefits and pensions and passports .100billions divorce bill is better spent on customs and leaving these mobsters who hate democracy and accounatbility
  2. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    that will inflame the reds another one put out of action much to their irritations
  3. that senile old fool just wont accept a democratic outcome of leavers voted to get out.. disaster looms for him at the next election when libdems get flushed down the lav
  4. theres many like him that thru a wobbly at the UK embassy when they were refused
  5. if she is taking meds her viral load will be to low to pass on to punters but a rubber will make sure its safe
  6. many strokes are when you are asleep .take an aspirin before retiring stroke units in the UK have guys of all ages and many have no bad habits a stroke can hit even very healthy guys for no apparent reason
  7. Monster "fatberg" found in east London sewer

    brick lane indian restrants to blaim
  8. junckers latest words point to more joiners from the piss poor part of east europe looking for german prosperity paid for by the brits who are unfortunately leaving the party just in time..all of whom will need to move over to the euro currency which is not for brits
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Barnier is like Kim ,in N korea ,looking for plenty of trouble ,unavoidable trouble..
  10. they advertise on adultwork website so its claimed
  11. he is the next PM for the red shirts in a few years time ..cant lose the vote much to the chagrin of the yellows ,,again..
  12. you forget about the EU army which is brewing in europe ,,no chance of UK joining that idea .plus many other problems of staying in EU
  13. EU monkeys are just obstinate ,and think blighty will just roll over because thats the way david cameron used to be but times have changed and they havent taken it in yet..80 billion is taking the wee wee. its their last chance to screw the brits before the gravy train stops in its tracks..but UK takes in more goods than UK sends them so its shooting themselves in the feet
  14. croations are hoping to jump the gun and theyre not in the EU yet..desperate to leave their SH1thole pension age is rising to 68 and will keep on rising as the kitty cant take the expected load