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  1. the guardian is on its last legs so printing ever more desperate stories to find red readers who are passing on
  2. keeping their donations so no more long lunches on UK coins
  3. guardian is a ropey left wing rag on its last legs .stiring trouble for marxist corbyn ..its the cold weather causing problems but thats all over europe... blair, major heseltine are all stirring the pots ..all losers in their time .only george osborn is missing..heseltine will lose his EU subsidies as a big landowner
  4. reigistering partys NOW but wheres pheau thai party? banned again
  5. pimps are doing a fine job on eradicating it
  6. cast off the shackles of these tyrants at last and breath the fresh air of democracy ..similar to ditching adolph hitler
  7. now ya know why stickman left town he could see the writing on the wall
  8. its too late except for desperadoes who are worried about their fat pensions on UK coin supplies
  9. a chiseling Mr 10% maggot whos only interest is what he can screw somewhere
  10. its always the same guy who has just been let out of jail
  11. lets hope it catches on all over the realm
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    brits taking their thai wife back home will get short shrift as EU migrants will be able to just walk in with unlimited family members .that brits cant match as they ve been shafted
  13. easy and painless to do ..then PPs renewed in the UK