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  1. 3NUMBAS

    What happened to Mama brand pot noodles?

    available in the UK as usual in the YUM YUM asian shop in worcester
  2. the rate was 100 to the pound ..and even made 105 very briefly ..the numbers on the cambio board were changing every 5 minutes.. i was rolling in money.. a great time to be long timing with the honey of your choice
  3. barnier will never be happy with any ideas ..sour faced old git at work..end of in march
  4. a stitch up by loser remainers ..just like hillary niggles trump for losing
  5. wj whatever theyre offered they will never agree as thay want UK not to leave and keep paying millions every month to keep their gravey train on the rails
  6. 3NUMBAS

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    winston churchill summed it up nicely
  7. no mention of health insurance which could be large or your dead
  8. such things are on sale in london at militaria dealers so no big deal now .and theyre genuine from german dealers
  9. migrants have turned Paris into a cesspit ,.metro trains dont stop at some stations as the area is now too dangerous to stop at.so macron wants a few more
  10. thats a long list of monks on the run ..the sums of cash involved must be monumental
  11. the solution is easy remove all the taxi punters driving round all day looking for a fare
  12. bitching ''sweaty sox'' as usual .never happy
  13. only chaos at the guardian from muddle headed reporters
  14. 3NUMBAS

    Is Craigslist Thailand being blocked?

    yep personals has been shut down