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  1. Birds in your garden

    However, thanks for posting the pics.
  2. Hip Replacment

    My Hip surgery at Fort Prajak Army Hospital here in Udon was 120,000 baht, private room was extra at 1800/night inc. all meals - which looked great, but ate little coz I 'went off' food: lost 3.5 kg though. BKK Hospital quoted me 280,000, & they seemed to focus only on price.
  3. Changed Amphurs recently, so therefore got a new ID card. It's valid for life. I'm 61.
  4. Karsai Nei Tsang (genital detox massage)

    Nope, this is external massage.
  5. Karsai Nei Tsang (genital detox massage)

    Also Udon, if anyone knows please.
  6. Hip Replacment

    Had my hip replaced here 10 weeks ago. The surgeon had an excellent bedside manner, unlike the often lofty approach of some senior clinicians in the UK. The nursing staff were lovely, happy, & seemed to really care. As for the surgery, it seemed fine & there plenty of pre op tests. Now, my hip feels really solid after years of it feeling weak. Is there anything specific you'd like to know?
  7. I wish you peace of mind in this difficult time.
  8. So are you gentlemen saying you don't like smoking in the morning.....?
  9. Knee Replacement

    Good to hear your experiences. Had my hip done a couple of months ago, & have found swimming helps alot. You sleeping ok? Taking pain meds? Keep on exercising....
  10. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Stop bickering. Go to Gen Con to do so, if you must.
  11. Nope, coz 'black' & 'white' aren't Colours.
  12. So glad you brought that to my attention. You're an awfully clever chap aren't you, quite the expert on burgers - & Sausage too, no doubt.
  13. Yup, went into McDonald's & was asked if I wanted to "upsize" my order. Now, the correct form would have been: "Sir, would you care to have a larger burger?" My reply would have been: "Madam, my burger is large enough"