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  1. You think your hip surgery caused ed?
  2. Would you enforce this by law? I try to refer to a lb or Tom as she or he.
  3. If I give the name of my Divorce Lawyer in the UK, who ensured I was 'financially scalped' will the RTP do the same?
  4. Seems there aren't any Canadian people on this thread. Bill C16 https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-canada-passes-radical-law-forcing-gender-theory-acceptance
  5. Does anyone think, we should be forced by law, to refer to a ladyboy as she, or Tom as he?
  6. A few months ago, my lovely wife went to see a lady doctor for women's problems. On reception there was a ladyboy, who was a little camp & I felt it was incorrect in having a non - healthcare professional, who seemed to want to project their sexuality, in such a sensitive position. If a biological woman had been on reception also projecting their sexuality, I would have felt the same. In Boots, there is a stunning looking ladyboy who sells cosmetics, & I felt that was ok, because she was not projecting her sexuality. The ladyboy was, in truth, quite gorgeous, very feminine. So, would I employ a ladyboy? In my opinion, it depends on their character, the job description, and, like any other person, their professionalism. Without taking the pish, does anyone see that I have impercieved internal bias?
  7. 13 year bump.....must be a tvf record? We'll be moaning about conditions in the Somme next.
  8. I thought Tracy was a Chutney.....? Mods, I'm really not being disrespectful.
  9. Bollerques, I've been rumbled.
  10. Post # 211 ROTFPMSL! Waay too much Sato ce soir.
  11. Stephen, I do not loathe Gay or Transexuals. It's just a bit of harmless fun. Ok na? But I wouldn't have one for Christmas.
  12. He's married to Ben Dover, isn't he?
  13. Poor lad doesn't know this yet. Try not to 'ruffle his feathers'.