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  1. Pm sent -it was brief coz I was eating breakfast.
  2. What's your E2? If you are on trt because you have normally low Testosterone, then your e2 wouldn't rise as significantly as you suggest.
  3. Just found that there's a tv series called The Firm, seems that its a sequel to the John Grisham movie adaptation, which had Tom Cruise as the main character.
  4. Ozark - yup, so far so good. Watched e1 & 2, & just getting e3. Again thank you Will27 for another great suggestion.
  5. What sort of Vinegar helps, Malt/NBC/white?
  6. 'Humour' is the correct spelling. Or does this also need to be included in the crime stats?
  7. And that figure is after the stats have been 'adjusted'!
  8. As it would appear that Thai people are not as knowledgeable about WW2, I think giving Military personnel a discount is a good idea. It's also a ploy to cash in from a wider audience.
  9. You got what you came for, but somehow it's a shambles!
  10. ^^ Yes, everybody deserves a second chance.
  11. Whatever happened to Johnny Vegas, used to make laugh alot, his dry humour & the accent?
  12. Yes, this exactly. But this fool says he needs a car too. Do they not have public transport or bicycles in nz?
  13. Your 2 posts on here are so funny. Is that intentional, or are you just niave?
  14. Yes agree with post #15. My reference in my first post to the Freud family, was seeing if any of the bashers actually understood Consumerism. It was developed by Edward Bernays, Freuds nephew.
  15. Totally agree with post #8. None of it is ok. Always knew that the Freud family was nutz...... Btw, anyone seen the rates charged on 'pay day loans'? 10%.....? A mere stroll in the park for Thai people. Fairly sure Line is getting into finance.