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  1. Ahhh...ok then. Can you remind me who was first to find the boys?
  2. Thanks will, dunno how I missed this.
  3. Prayer is the answer, my son.
  4. In the first picture, is that his left or right hand that's raised? No matter, just pleased to see he's doing a smashing job as always. See you in chapel Sunday boyo.
  5. Viz, what a great comic that was. Very apt for the times. Remember that Farmer bloke in it? "Get orf moi laaaand!" There were so many funny characters in it, can't remember most of 'em. ...what was I saying....??
  6. I use the orange BIC razors, at 110 baht - 4 in a cassette ,they are excellent. Gillette once was " the world's finest blade" but not now.
  7. Delayed climax, by at least 8 weeks. I pity the poor woman.
  8. Unbelievable! At least Jordan Peterson is attempting to offset some of this madness.
  9. Thank you, great pictures & sounds like a whole lot of fun. Yup, I love living here too. There are many Thai people who can be truly lovely, & their sense of humour is often so devilish & appealing. And there's never any ice on the windscreen in the morning!
  10. What about a dozen bottles of Johnnie walker instead??