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  1. Born to kill -really enjoyed it. Romula Garai's in it....quite sexy I think.
  2. Dick Ins...get it? It's a very old joke.
  3. Do you like Dickens? I've never been to one......
  4. Newspapers in the UK have been hacking peoples' phones for years.
  5. Why the outrage from some people? The NSA & GCHQ have been doing this & more for years.
  6. Or, as per your sentence, like rabbits. Birth control would be much better.
  7. What's the procedure for getting black plates, how much, & how long do they take to come,
  8. Her Thai id card is sufficient.
  9. Thought the chicken crossed the road to see his flatmate.
  10. Why are you so cynical Colin? I have a supply of Magic Beans for sale. Pm me your a/c details & I guarantee a surprise for you.
  11. Contact the card companies before you come back & settle up.
  12. Doesn't it slow the absorption rate though?