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  1. You think anybody cares about what you do?
  2. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Site wouldn't load at 9:20 pm last night & 9:30 this morning - both times I got the same message as Blackcab. Up until yesterday it was fine.
  3. I'm so sorry that you're unable to understand or indeed interpret my post. Maybe, just maybe, I needed to s p e l l o u t e x a c t l y what I meant. Then, you'll have no difficulty comprehending what I write, you won't be able to make slightly barbed comments, & indeed you might possibly provide answer. But I doubt it.
  4. People who drive cars. Also, farang, as we have a much higher standard of driving.
  5. 67, not a great age, but he leaves behind some lovely songs. Can you just imagine what The Partridge Family would be like if they brought it back? Dreadful I expect. RIP David
  6. Earlier you said that indicators aren't important. Now you're saying they must be used. Never wrong....are you female? 555!
  7. Please show where I said that I didn't like it. Also, please tell me where this 'Fog' is here. Thanks in advance. Michael Fish.
  8. You post in quite a rude way. No doubt your somewhat aggressive manner, is reflected in poor driving skills. As for your comment about indicators not being important & only advisory. Words fail me. It seems that you interpreted my opinion, based on many years of professional driving, to suit your clearly incorrect & some might say, pig-headed attitude.
  9. Can't find Acceptable Risk in the usual places.....
  10. Yes but..yes but, he did use his indicator but it didn't work. Not his fault. It was the m/c fault.
  11. Common decency prevents me from expressing my thoughts on a young lady & Ice - Cream.
  12. Internal Travel

    Flew AirAsia about 3 weeks ago. They wouldn't accept my Thai dl or id. Had to show my passport.
  13. Car drivers fault. Also, because motorcycles are small & cars are big, we have a greater responsibility to drive with 'due care & attention'. The indicators weren't used.