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  1. He had the guts to do what most people would not do with his disability, why crucify the guy, just leave him alone and concentrate on your own lives, at least HE wants to work
  2. Everything you all say is correct, but there's an old saying, you are pissing into the wind, until this saving face syndrome is finally gone, Thailand will never change,
  3. Q? What do you get if you put a sheep dog in a field with sheep, they go the way the sheep dog guides them, what would happen if you put Monty python in charge of the country A? BREXIT , All the ones who voted out keep saying, we will be great again, What are you going to sell, the crown jewels, Apart from Rolls Royce, that's the only thing left that we haven't sold, France own most of the water/Gas, India own MG+, China have all the steel, even our bus stops are owned by France, maybe coal will come back into favour NO CHANCE, Thatcher sold Britain to the highest bidders, Thatcher took the Great, Brexit took the Britain, now all you have is the US & UK, put them together and what do get, clue, take away the &