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  1. True that a court ruling is required, however, the Thai Condo Act is there to protect the joint owners, so I don’t think you’d find many judges that would interpret the Act as allowing building a new external wall w/o approval from the other joint owners. And the Act even has section 72 that says how much a co-owner, violating section 48 (3), can be fined.
  2. Astra Condo and area

    That intersection is still painful (with no light for pedestrians). As for quiet place in Nimman, are you aware of the plane noise associated with that area?
  3. Agree, and I had been eyeing the building exactly because of the location. If foreigners weren’t so limited in what we can do here, I would consider buying and renovating the building myself :)
  4. There are dozens of abandoned buildings in Chiang Mai, I assumed they were all a result of the financial crisis.
  5. I passed this building today: https://goo.gl/maps/iKjDdwm5NvA2 and noticed that there are (new) scaffolding (see photo below). Anyone know what the plans are for the building?
  6. Astra Condo and area

    There are two buildings, I think the intent was to have rental business limited to building A with the more permanent residents in building B, which I believe have a separate entrance/lobby. That said, in the Astra area I would definitely recommend one of the Peaks buildings over Astra. Further down south there is The Shine which I can also recommend (unless you need a full kitchen). There is also Anantara’s new building which looks pretty nice, though the interior is “Lanna style” and many of the condos there are being used as hotel apartments (managed by Anantara). Last I was there, the clerk joked that you need a Chinese passport to enter (as the lobby was filled with Chinese people). If it’s more than a year since you stayed at Peaks Garden, there is a new nighttime food market opposite Pantip Plaza, it seems to be a success, they even expanded across the street, but 90% of the vendors disappeared after the first week (of no customers).
  7. Working for free is nothing new. Musicians, comedians, chefs, people in the movie industry, etc. has done that for as long as I can remember. Though working for free in the more hard sciences (like mechanical engineering) is definitely unusual (also today). Architect (like your niece) probably a little more likely because you have “rock stars” who everyone wants to work for, so famous architect firms can get away with paying their “interns” little to no money. But I think your niece is making a very conscious choice about working for free for someone “famous” (to build up her C.V.) rather than take a paid architect job that might not look as good on her C.V. or be as interesting/exciting.
  8. There are different types of “digital nomads” in Chiang Mai. One group is doing actual paid work for clients, their employer, or running their own business selling real/useful products. Another group is spamming the internet with blog posts like “7 best restaurants in Chiang Mai” and trying to monetize this via ads and affiliate marketing, they also try to build a following (e.g. via YouTube) and then attempts to sell their “knowledge” (about how to become successful as a digital nomad) to their followers . I didn’t watch the entire video, but I think it is this latter group that is being compared to a pyramid scheme, because the scheme is basically to build a group of followers and then sell products to these people, and the product is basically telling your followers that they should also build a group of followers to which they can market their “services”.
  9. I have a Krungsri VISA/debit card as well, so I tried to register it for Verified with VISA and it failed as well (saying wrong ID and account number). I do vaguely recall that I have previously been unable to use it online, not 100% sure (I generally use my Krungthai VISA/debit cards for everything, online and offline). I wouldn’t be surprised if Krungsri just doesn’t allow online use of this type of card.
  10. Excellent Notary Services

    I used a lawyer at the mall next to The Shine. He seemed to take his job serious and I doubt he would have notarized a passport over Skype. This was 3 years ago, so I do not know if he is still there.
  11. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    I would not do an international wire to someone else’s Thai bank account: you will not know the exact amount (after exchange rate and fees), nor the exact time the money arrives in the account, and you can be almost certain that the recipient will not be able to see who sent the money or even any note you may have provided when doing the wire transfer. I would setup a Thai bank account and then transfer from this, as you can then do an immediate transfer in THB, so it will be much easier to “track” your transaction, i.e. you can send them the confirmation page that says “75,000 THB was transferred to account XYZ in name «name of Landlord» today at 15:03:42” rather than “You should have received the equivalent of 2,300 USD in THB between the 10th and 15th of this month”. Though it is not unusual to pay things in cash here (even large amounts), just be sure to get a receipt. Most condos will have some pre printed receipt books for this purpose.
  12. Rubber suction cups

    I bought some plastic hooks in Robinson (Central Airport Plaza) which have rubber suction cups. The diameter of these are 6 cm and you can probably remove the hook, though I am not sure what the purpose would be of the stand-alone suction cup.
  13. I’ve never had a problem with my non-Thai debit cards, and like many other Europeans, I’ve never had a credit card.
  14. Hilton cannot charge my Thai debit card, I also had a problem with (I think) Nok Air, and Index Living Mall refuse to take debit cards (unsure if it’s limited to Thai debit cards). There is definitely something “different” with Thai VISA/debit cards, I have written about this before: When authorizing funds (e.g. a hotel deposit), it takes months to clear the authorized amount (i.e. refund the amount that was authorized/debited), this has happened to me a few times now, but as mentioned above, I’ve also had a few vendors come back and say that my card was simply rejected by their system. My cards are setup for online use, and majority of things do work fine.