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  1. I’m on 3BB 200/50 MBit fiber line and have the same problem. Software updates on my iPhone and Apple TV generally fail and I cannot stream anything from Beats One. But other than that, there are no problems with the line, yet, if I use another connection (TOT or mobile hotspot), the above problems go away. Been trying to google the issue, but this was the only post I found.
  2. With the exception of Maya, you’re basically listing all the places I would not expect to find quality shoes that fits a Western male food :) If you want a cheaper Thai brand, I can recommend Nutt. I bought a pair of these at Kad Farang at ~1,000 baht (after a 50% discount), there is a shop all the way in the back of the open mall having a lot of leather items. Been subjecting my pair to a lot of wear, and they are still holding up nicely and still very comfortable, so definitely good quality and they would probably also fit your shorts better than formal dress shoes.
  3. Thanks for the replies! As for tgeezer’s question about words tried, the last one was จึง (as also suggested by futsukayoi above), and that’s where I ran into a friend telling me that “Thai’s do not speak like that” :) I btw ran into another use case yesterday, taking a taxi to the airport and the driver asks me if I am going on a trip, I tell him “I’ll only go to Chiang Mai so park at the domestic terminal”. Here I again was missing the proper word to use as prefix for the “park at domestic”, maybe someone can let me know how they would have said this sentence in Thai?
  4. My netbank limit is 50,000 baht per transfer and 200,000 baht per day. I have been told that this limit cannot be raised. Curious if others have run into this, or been able to get the limit raised? Seems to me that many businesses would run into this limit regularly, but perhaps the terms of a business account is different, and/or businesses use checks to pay their contractors. For comparison, I also have Krungthai where I was able to get my transfer limit raised to 5,000,000 baht (their limit).
  5. It’s the standard (cheapest) card offered.It says “KTB Convenience Card” on the front.
  6. My KTB ATM card has a daily limit of 150,000 baht. But I think it is 150,000 baht withdrawn in an ATM and an additional 150,000 baht for transactions (purchasing of goods), at least the clerk (who gave me the card) mentioned something about, if I needed to buy something more expensive than 150,000, I could withdraw another 150,000 baht in cash. This limit did not seem to be anything I could change (as opposed to the transfer limit for netbank, which I got raised to 5,000,000 baht). And just for the records, if you go to a branch, there is no limit on how much you can withdraw.
  7. I often find myself mixing in the English word “so” when I speak Thai, this would be before starting a sentence that basically sums up what we have agreed on. For example, “so, you will send it to me next week?”. Does anyone know if there is a Thai equivalent to this word, or alternatively, the Thai equivalent to “I repeat what we have agreed on, just to make sure both of us are on the same page”?. I have tried a dictionary and used a few of the words that “so” translates to, but Thais tell me that nobody speaks like that, and indeed, I never actually hear other people use these words. What I did notice was that one bank lady added “tuk mai” after many sentences, which does somewhat express the same, but sometimes “so” is used in front of a question, where it would not work. For example something like “so, [going back to the original question] what is your preference?”
  8. Or more likely, because the discussion was in English, they did not follow everything, and were afraid of embarrassing themselves by saying something that showed they didn’t understand what had previously been discussed, or something where they could not fully explain themselves. I think many fail to realize just how much of a language barrier there is. Even Thais that seem to talk perfect English when small talking, may still have a very hard time understanding the various accents, and/or a vocabulary limited to the type of small talk they are exposed to. And I say this as someone who have found myself in situations where I only understood half of what was said to me in Thai, yet reply as if I understood it all, and/or found myself asking about something that was actually explained to me five minutes earlier (but I just didn’t fully understand it).
  9. 150 baht? That evil mafia really fleeced you and should all be jailed for running this criminal enterprise! So just out of curiosity, how much was the Starbucks coffee at Central Festival?
  10. Your committee members are registered with the Land Office. So who do they currently have registered, the old or the new committee? I would however agree that even though the Thai Condo Act says that each term is two years, the meaning is that they cannot be reelected for a third term, unless there is a lack of other candidates. Since the AGM itself is within a 120 day window, you could theoretically serve for two years ± 120 days. That said, if the old committee does not want to serve, and you did elect a new committee, even though the AGM was declared invalid, why doesn’t the new committee members start to do committee work? If the JPM does not respect their authority, then the JPM seems to already have accepted that the AGM was invalid, and should call for a new one.
  11. Many condominiums do cash accounting and omit personal accounts, which already makes it hard to check that all income is reported, but if the accountant is asked to do proper accounting (and complies) then doing accrued payments for income should make it simple to check that all the income is there. And as blackcab has said, there is actually nothing about this in the Thai Condo Act. Only the requirement to publish income and expenditure reports within 15 days of the end of each month, and present an audited financial report at the AGM (no less than 120 days after end of financial year). I would argue that the JPM could decide to change the financial year, without even running it past the committee. Of course the proper thing would be to present the proposal at an AGM.
  12. This one is good and does body wax (but according to a friend, not brazilian): There are a few other on Changklan Road which have “waxing” written in their window, though no personal experience. For intimate waxing, there’s a shop five minutes past Kad Suan Kaew walking toward Doi Suthep (left side of road). They have a pricelist sign outside which shows the types of wax they offer.
  13. They’ve started construction on the first one, which would imply they have a buyer. If I could own land and they would be willing to negotiate about the price, I would certainly be interested. And as written above, this offering has nothing to do with bubble economics.
  14. The spread between renting and renting is crazy, but if you look closer at what you get for your money, you might see why something is 10-20 times more expensive than the cheapest option. Something very similar is likely the case for buying and renting.
  15. So for scams going on at the actual Land Office, can we limit the “known scams” to the “bait and switch”, i.e. seller transferring the wrong unit to the buyer? Seems like a strange scam though, as the chanot has the floorplan, so this should limit what the seller can actually transfer without a very high chance of being detected (even by a buyer who does not read Thai, and thus, cannot check the address). What sort of tricks? I ask because if there are actually known scams, I think a foreigner is much better off knowing about them than paying 10,000 baht to a lawyer, and hope his lawyer does not get fooled by any of them. Of course the best odds would be knowing about them plus having an experienced person with you to double check things. But I have not heard anything that would cause me to warn people about going there alone, though I would say the same thing as when going to any other government office: If you do not speak Thai, expect a few challenges.