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  1. In any other country if your dog runs out the house you worry about it getting run over, here in Thailand it runs off you worry if it's got a date with some guy haha
  2. But but I thought you had to be Pakistani or something to get that
  3. All so true it's the most horrible job working in a Thai school I did it once never again, kids were awful teachers hate you,
  4. Yes i not sure about this last month I did it, it worked ok but it's not same now.
  5. On the mountain
  6. I've found all internet in Thailand rubbish, problems with it anywhere here, can't see Vietnam on that list but I found all internet in Vietnam really good everywhere I went. Best I've had in Asia.
  7. On the mountain Chiangmai
  8. I wonder if their families were blown up in a terrorist attack would these idiots be protesting against Trump then.
  9. They should be allowed more luggage allowance depends on BMI.