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  1. Yes i not sure about this last month I did it, it worked ok but it's not same now.
  2. On the mountain
  3. I've found all internet in Thailand rubbish, problems with it anywhere here, can't see Vietnam on that list but I found all internet in Vietnam really good everywhere I went. Best I've had in Asia.
  4. On the mountain Chiangmai
  5. I wonder if their families were blown up in a terrorist attack would these idiots be protesting against Trump then.
  6. They should be allowed more luggage allowance depends on BMI.
  7. Something I totally agree with also airlines should charge by your BMA if it's over you should pay by weight this wouldn't effect your height, and work your weight with your luggage.
  8. I cut my own every week, so don't have to kill any barbers
  9. J Just walked past the Apple shop near Houy Kaew in Chiangmai four monks inside looking at phones and ipads