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  1. Yeah this sites full of armchair tough guy’s marines SAS CIA etc haha
  2. Long-time homeless American deported

    Unless he was a immigrant etc
  3. Sorry late reply just saw your post, very nice people I’ve been three times the last year over three months altogether never been cheated or had any problems with people or anything easy for everything good Wi-Fi everywhere cheaper than here, for me great gyms also very inexpensive good cheap beer if you like a drink and accommodation inexpensive with friendly staff and good service in restaurants with genuine smiles everywhere. I don’t like Hanoi so much but Saigon is great and I will move to live DaNang soon hopefully. Also the women are lovely and very intelligent walk down the street don’t expect to shouted at hello handsome man, where you go, they have class.
  4. Terrible I hope he has a quick recovery, getting worse in Thailand
  5. Go to Vietnam better than both
  6. Totally agree very safe city and nice people never had any bad vibes there at all.
  7. He's a scumbag and so is anyone who supports him, don't care about the 10 20 things as checkout it's the American bs that's the problem
  8. Yes in Ho Chi Minh Saigon beer and Saigon Special good and cheap and DaNang many beers around 15 baht a can including Tiger beer.
  9. In any other country if your dog runs out the house you worry about it getting run over, here in Thailand it runs off you worry if it's got a date with some guy haha
  10. But but I thought you had to be Pakistani or something to get that