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  1. yes and if you want to bring a pet to thailand they are more than crazy about medical certificates, vaccinations etc. if they would simply apply that to thai dog owners as well, it would fix the problem instantly.
  2. Yes what’s the point of the whole story, right? Useless data
  3. let the self proclaimed normal people have their delusions, thats all they have left
  4. Everybody wants you to realize that your talking bullshit. I personally feel very offended and it’s my prerogative to fight people like you as hard as possible. You are shaming gay people for being gay. What happens in peoples personal time and space has nothing to do with their professional life. There are plenty of straight people hooking up on tinder etc. plenty of straight molesters, rapists, pedophiles, the list is endless. If you don’t want your children to be taught by homosexuals, I can reassure you that it is probably too late...hypocrisy and double standards is what you teach your children with your unreflected opinions.
  5. if gays and lesbians were such a death sentence, why didnt evolution get rid of them? you are very basic in your thinking, did you attend a thai school?
  6. So if it’s not legal it must be illegal?
  7. Yes, as of late gay people are allowed to work. Obviously just as hairdressers, makeup artists, actors and tv show hosts
  8. Only because people like you think so. This is 2018
  9. Yes that’s what I was getting at
  10. wasn‘t there a story about a guy who stole cheap crap and got deported for it? but of course its different if ur not thai....
  11. Yes recycling and waste management is really easy, many countries do it, it’s neither rocket science nor witchcraft....and yes tourists seem to use the bins so why complain and report about that. The article should read : tourists use thrash bins and keep the beaches clean.
  12. Thailand mulls plan to build own satellite

    If they want to inspire children they should provide them with a proper eduction first.
  13. Stupid nonsense. Who would have thought it could become even more idiotic.