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  1. you are absolutley right, i have talked many of my chinese friends to understand the hesitant behaviour of the chinese government and everybody agrees that too much is at stake and too much can go wrong.
  2. again, don't talk about things that you obviously know nothing about. read the news, warch tv and educate yourself before you spread wrong information.
  3. i am from Germany and whatever you think you heard, does not reflect reality. Germany takes as many immigrants as possible because we can and we have the infrastructure to do so. There will always be haters and uneducated groups that try to blame anything and everything out of fear and missing intellect on war striken people. We have a culture that welcomes people and embraces them, there is no such thing as a German culture without a bit of Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and even American culture. Time moves forward and the world is one. Please do your homework before you assume things like this, it is false and misleading. Wars have never solved anything and only lead to pain and destruction. Americans build reservations, Americans put ethnic groups in different parts of town. We include people. Educate yourself, i'm tired of this idiocracy, xenophobic and racist bullshit. Why do you live in Thailand, or do you think your better than other people so you get the right to choose where you like to be? since boarders are so important to you!? its absurd
  4. Where do you get this kind of nonsense? HBO? We are talking about the real world and not some entertaining tv-series.
  5. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    i guess the most important thing is to be able to differentiate between real girls and ladyboys. i'm gay and even i get confused sometimes especially when they look good and have spend some money on the right surgeries. that mainly goes for real transsexuals though and i personally consider them as real girls ( unless you want to start a family thats, not a real problem) the other kind are the ladyboys that are still "fully equipped" but have had a boob job and some this and that done. like insanely large behinds..... real females might be a bit heavy on the makeup but tend to be of a sofer appearance, there is a distinct difference in proportion between men and women. straight guys are sometimes blinded by exagerrated sexual attributes and don't see the whole picture. generally speaking thai girls want to be cute and sweet looking and not overly sexy. ladybodys might have broader shoulders, a bit more muscle tone etc. etc. and they like to show off the investments but at the same time all of this can also not apply. its a tricky thing and all my straight friends have this problem, especially after a few drinks. if u are not sure just be polite but also determined to walk away, a friendly laugh and smile and run for cover in a seven eleven. i hope this helps
  6. since spanish people have seen how their beautiful coastline has been turned into ugly faceless apartment blocks maybe his argument and advice should be taken seriously as he only wants to prevent thailand from the same fate. if we dont learn from the mistakes that others have made in the past we will do them again. we bear the responsibility for the whole planet and have to make sure that our children and grandchildren and many other generations can breathe and live, eat and drink. if you really think he just wants to talk bad about thailand than thats your choice, but the bigger picture will not change. there is just one planet and everything is connected. everybody is just a visitor because nature doesnt care about boarders, countries or nationalities. its an abstact construct that humans came up with.
  7. so you suggest if people want to talk about real life environmental issues, that will sooner or later affect everyone, including your area, we have to leave the country, instead of addressing the problem, promoting awareness and eventually and hopefully solving the issue? Is it not also in your own interest ? you don't seem to be much older than me but your reactions make absolutely no sense
  8. I don't think he does, but It's apparent that he takes things to an unnecessary personal level, if you expect an educated and critical discussion of a real world problem he will just troll away.
  9. thank you, it can be so frustrating to keep discussions on an educated and civilised level. I also love Thailand and it breaks my heart to see how nature has to suffer. As far as I'm concerned I'm here for the natural beauty, the wildlife and the ocean. Whilst some remote places might still offer this, it's hard to deny that we are in a downwards spiral. Many countries have made similar mistakes and not learning from their shortcomings would be another mistake. Many people don't know what they have until it's gone. It's not too late, but a quarter to 12.
  10. mhhh that actually makes sense, I was just thinking that his drug history might have fried essential parts of his brain. He is just provoking and stirring things up. I hope the moderators will go through his answers, quotes and comments and realise that he is intentionally trolling this thread
  11. the absurdity of his reactions has by far reached rock bottom, just let him discredit himself
  12. you know they like to choose their own reality. I'm still confused about what drug he is supposedly on, since their only reason for completely discrediting his statement is the alleged drug abuse..
  13. why even bother...most people are just here to feel strong and mighty by bashing anything that doesn't comply with their own opinion. they have been in a 19somethings bubble for too long to see the big picture and think they have seen it all.
  14. yes maybe but I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, social media is more powerful than anything else these days and if enough drama is being caused by this kind of video, maybe the right people see it and eventually act on it. It would be nice for all of us, wouldn't it?