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  1. i really hope that all of this random BS makes tourists go someplace else and hurts the economy. go and ban f* foam dishes and all the other crap that thais throw into the ocean and adress some real problems. a few well placed ashtrays would have done the trick.#letsmakethailandtheworstholidaydestinationever
  2. oh yes i totally misunderstood your colorful prose because i thought you meant „run“ literally obviously
  3. For the old generation in china, depending where from, it’s kind of acceptable as long as they are kids. I’ve seen Thai making their kids pee in flowerbeds and what not, just the other day waiting for a motorbike. A poop, a pee who cares
  4. I don’t think most people would run, it depends on your upbringing and social circumstances.
  5. I normally don’t want to go that low, but how about she was already selling his stuff on the market? This whole story is so absurd, very sad but just so absurd.
  6. This is disgusting and any kind of animal entertainment should be prohibited.
  7. As much as I wanna say that the police should focus on solving crime instead of worrying about their handsome looks...a thai mustache is considered a crime against fashion and 2 thumbs up for a full babyface shave.
  8. In Europe we have the Thalys, it can do up to 350kmh in Belgium and France.
  9. in germany supermarkets etc. are not allowed to give out plastic bags for free. they have to obligatory charge people... which quickly made everyone use reusable canvas bags or paper alternatives. its very simple and easy to implement
  10. When will styrofoam finally be banned? It’s so unnecessary and ecofriendly options are widely available. It’s easy many countries have done it
  11. in like 2 weeks time some nifty old lady will turn this booth into a little eatery
  12. Patong Police seeking German over footpath antics

    theres lots of thai people lying around in gutters around onnut.... what so special about a european doing that....
  13. I know many Thai who live in Europe and they do exactly the same. there is nothing wrong with that. Why do you think that it is a problem?
  14. i dont think its just that simple. buddha belongs to nobody. did buddha set these rules? and wait a minute, was he even thai?