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  1. Maybe he is talking about “ the other Switzerland” .... more fake news please, more alternative facts please.
  2. Good job hongkong. Asia has some catching up to do. Equality for everybody
  3. zzidenn

    Sinking species

    people wont change their lazy habits until they are forced by law to do so. more animals will die more coral reefs will bleach out and die and the ocean will be a lifeless, stinking body of waste water. its a tragedy to see how thai people rape and abuse the nature they were given, there is no respect, the air is being polluted, the fields are poisoned with pesticides and the oceans littered with trash and pumped full of excements and urine and industrial waste. just to make more money.
  4. zzidenn

    Make marijuana legal, says Phuket Poll

    The downward spiral to hell! I once had a drag and afterwards I really craved sweet candy and watched funny YouTube videos all night! The next day I was so sleepy it drove me straight into a full on coke addiction. Now I’m ok, I drink 10 large Chang on a daily basis to keep the devil away and it works.
  5. zzidenn

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    i usually get the shit because I’m not listening and my partner has an English degree and speaks fluently. I tend to be distracted and in my own world....we talk a lot though, if I pay attention . Maybe make it a habit of sharing and talking more. My sweetheart is from the south, but then again everybody is different and generalizations don’t work very well in my experience.
  6. i dont know how i am literally wrong. most of the charging stations on eaanywhere are not build yet but „coming soon“
  7. i dont really mind the street vendors but i mind their lack of hygiene and the mess they leave about. i think that regulations and control are a good starting point, they should not disappear but they should be respectful and clean.
  8. There is literally 0 infrastructure to support electric vehicles and how can a tiny clean vehicle compete with big dirty pick up trucks?
  9. zzidenn

    Moto rally: Riders demand Grab play by the rules

    It serves the motorbike taxis right. They are at times vicious and aggressive, shouting death threats and driving like they own the place. Grab drivers are mostly polite and helpful and we have the possibility to actually complain and as far as I have learned grab actually follows up with these complaints and holds the drivers responsible (I.e. blocks them ) if the regular mb taxis want to stay relevant and competitive they should start with an attitude adjustment.
  10. It’s a win win though and it works excellently
  11. They have buried the wires along the more exclusive parts of Sukhumvit road, I saw it happening, it was quite an ordeal. I can’t imagine how this big of a task could be accomplished in just a few years or months. One has to stay realistic
  12. im personally wondering what kind of extravagant machine is needed to process the mj....
  13. Exactly, once money comes in it’s all good. Way to go
  14. Nobody knows because nobody has told anyone, we western people grow up learning sustainability etc. in school and are constantly surrounded by these ideas and thoughts, western nations have already destroyed most of the original nature decades ago. In Asia the problems are new and nobody cares to educated the young about it. It’s a good step in the right direction and about time! Manufacturers should start offering new options for food packaging that is reasonably priced and doesn’t reduce the street vendors margin. Why would they go sustainable if it means a loss of income that nobody appreciates? Also if no public bins are available, how is possible to throw things away properly?