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  1. Hot weather , humidity & salt intake

    Many years ago I worked through the night in a boiler house in very hot conditions . At the end of the shift in the morning I was not well having sweated all night and felt almost lifeless . A nurse was called and I was given 2 bottles of salt water to drink . This did the trick and was OK in a short time . In these hotter climates where most of us sweat it must be asking a lot of our western bodies to continually replace the lost salt / nutrients and so a little help , as pointed out in these posts , has to be a good thing . Thanks to you all for some interesting information .
  2. I have had a few incidents recently of hand cramps that occurred whilst working outside or playing golf in hot & humid weather . After Google searching I find that the over 45 year olds are more prone to health problems in hot temperatures . I wear the appropriate clothes , hat , sun cream etc and drink water every 20 minutes or so . However I am reading that because I am sweating the skin is losing many minerals and the intake of water alone is not helping . The body needs to replace the lost salts and drinking water alone is flushing out important minerals . So the search showed that a salt intake plus a sports drink such as Gatorade should be taken . My cramps were caused by drinking water only . The UK medics discourage the addition of salt intake but does that rule apply to hot climates ?
  3. PM concerned about school bus accident

    Totally agree and my thoughts for ages . So if we can see it why cant the hierarchy ? well to me it is apathy where very little is done to mitigate the carnage on the roads of Thailand . All the resolutions are out there to be copied from the western world and if need be introduced by a contracted western world company . Start with one province to monitor progress . It is called duty of care for which there is very little here . All to easy to blame the public and there lack of skills but they know no difference . Has to come from the top and to me this continuing annual loss of life from road traffic incidents could be aligned with that of lack of human rights . As an emerging third world country Thailand must be seen to raise its standards and show care for its people . A lack of this could be made to introduce trade sanctions or as penalty points when it comes to contractual bids but there again maybe a pipe dream .
  4. Judging by the small response most of the readers must be tea teetotalers , or could it be that they are reluctant to reveal the truth . I certainly enjoy a few beers most evenings and I know of many others who do the same and there are a few who like a beer in the daytime as well . I like to have my beer no earlier than 5 00 pm but mostly 6 00 pm onward and never touch the top shelf . I do the same in the UK and mostly in the house as pubs are too expensive at 4 pounds a pint and sometimes more , as opposed to 14 pounds for a box of Fosters 20 x 460 millimeters x 4% . .I sometimes ease off if my trousers are getting tight and the scales do not lie . Keeping fairly active by a few rounds of golf a week and odd jobs around the house etc helps . The one difference that I make here in Thailand is that I always have a frozen glass lined with ice cubes into which I pour my cold beer from the fridge . That sounds good and I think I will go and get one now , cheers
  5. All the salads are the same

    You probably just have a normal immune system, but superal might have some susceptibility. I think you may be right as I was told recently that I could be more susceptible to dodgy tummy as I take an anti re-flux tablet every morning and so there is not so much stomach acid to burn off the germs . This year i had a stomach problem that was caused here by a water borne bacteria but it all started on my return to the UK . I lost 7 kilo within 2 weeks .
  6. All the salads are the same

    I do enjoy salads especially in hot summers but I refrain from eating here in Thailand after having two lots of stomach sickness after eating a salad possibly caused by poor hygiene at the restaurants . I am also a bit concerned with washing the salad in my house water supply as I have been told not to drink it . Does anyone take precautions with salad preparation at home and are you comfortable eating salads in a restaurant ? Finally I know some folks who never take ice with their drinks in Thailand to eliminate water hygiene problems .
  7. Hi Tim , Also have a friend who is married to a Thai lady so would you know the info on costs for a marriage visa / is proof of funds needed ? Your help very much appreciated .
  8. Many thanks , I will pass it on
  9. Have a friend in a similar position , so how much is the visa in Laos please ?
  10. Huge crowds gather for free "herbal remedies for cancer"

    Interesting . Do you have a link to an unbiased site that has proof of the success of cannabis oil in the treatment of cancer . I could not find a site that did not have a conflict of interest .
  11. The truth sometimes hurts , probably needs protection from himself and help , he is heading in one direction only .
  12. the region is famous for its spicy salads, Not sure I would recommend the spicy salads , they have put many folk in hospital including myself , through lack of hygiene . Not to mention that Issan has a high rate of stomach cancer caused by raw fermented fish and spicy food to the extreme .
  13. HDSUBS

    I have subscribed twice to this company , both for a month at a time for 999 baht . They advertised buffer free and no freezing but I have experienced both recently and contacted them saying to them that my internet appears ok at 80/20 mbps fibre optic . When the programme freezes for say anything up to a minute it resumes with no loss of continuity i.e. it carries on where it left off indicating a problem with the transmission . On the odd occasion the freeze does not restart itself and I change channels , then back and all is working again . HDsubs response to me was to clear the cache under miscellaneous in my account , which I did , and the situation appeared to be much improved although not perfect . Do not get me wrong , this service is good and the best that I have had but I would like to know if anyone else gets the same problems or is it my set up ? ( using an android box that was supplied by ilikehdtv on a previous contract )
  14. I totally agree with your comments . No matter what your religious persuasion you can have nothing but great respect for the Thai people . The whole event was immaculate from the design of the architecture , planning , sculptures , costumes and procession . You could not help but feel the love the Thai nation had for their king . Awesome and unforgettable .
  15. Report to Immigration

    Is that a fact ? it seems too sensible to me but I hope you are correct , can you back it up with any posted info ?