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  1. Noise Levels

    I have noticed that in the last few weeks as well . What gets me is why do they not have silencers fitted ? Have you noticed that the drivers take their foot off and on the gas pedal to exacerbate the problem and the road is a quarter of a mile from my place but still noisy .
  2. I have trialed the HD Subs tv app.

    My apologies , you are correct . Also HDprime is easy to pay your subs to them . They take True money cards that you can buy at 7-11 or True shops and just type in the serial number to their web page for renewal of the package is instant
  3. I have trialed the HD Subs tv app.

    I believe iviewhd packed up a few months ago and now revived as hdprime.tv and quite a good service at 570 baht a month for all UK tv & sports
  4. Is it possible to get the same from the Thai Embassy in Hong Kong or is it a requirement to apply within the UK ( have a friend who has been refused 2 month tourist visa as the official said he had used too many )
  5. Well I actually enjoy most airline food . Of course I have had some airline food that was pathetic and not eaten but thats another topic . The airports of course have a captive clientele and it appears that many do not care how much they are spending as it is the end of their holidays but I am normally armed with sandwiches , however cannot beat the drinking side of things and it is annoying to pay over the odds for a beer or two but you have little choice ( Bill Bentleys Pub , Suvarnabhumi is ok ) . I believe some credit cards can give you cheap or free entry to some of the lounges or for the frequent traveler an annual card can be bought to gain access to many lounges .
  6. Pattaya should come with a health warning and not just for the polluted beach / dodgy jet ski operators . It is a dangerous place to be especially if you let your guard down after a few drinks . There are both locals and non locals who will rip you off if given half a chance . There is no doubt that sex is the number one feature of Pattaya and draws millions of 2 week millionaires every year most of whom are here for a sex holiday and daily booze up . It is not a place for a family holiday for sure . I was there for 2 days just before the new year and glad to get out of the filthy place ( saw many rats running between bars and the locals took no notice ) . Pattaya is passed its sell by date and for the life of me why would any ex pat want to live there is beyond me . There are other places in Thailand that can be enjoyed and provide similar services in a much cleaner and safer environment . BTW that video from the Mirror must be old as I did not see one bar girl using her mobile phone .
  7. Have you left Thailand ?

    Funny for sure but maybe you can start that as a new topic and see where that goes . It is often the case when having a yarn in a bar that the conversation ends up with a sexual tone as has happened here .
  8. Have you left Thailand ?

    A bit like working in a chocolate factory , soon get fed up with eating chocolate . Everything in moderation I suppose and easy to fall into the drinking slide . What have you found that occupies your time now and is the temptation there to return to your old habits ?
  9. Have you left Thailand ?

    Tee-total & celibate , sounds like you have been banged up
  10. and I note that you have received little support or replies to most of your many posts , wonder why ? But you do agree on the undercutting of wages to newly admitted foreign labour . I have a niece who is the manageress of an employment bureau . Her director makes visits to Poland on recruitment missions . The new workers are brought back to the UK together and work as a team . Thats where the fiddling starts by manipulating labour numbers and weekly invoices . The contractor is happy ,to be paying low rates and the Polish workers who although being paid below the government basic wage are more than doubling their normal Polish wage . Happening around Europe and very difficult to prove . I argued with my niece that they are stealing UK jobs but she defended her bosses strategy saying they are good workers and its dog eats dog in this world , pity she could not say that to all the service guys who sacrificed their lives to keep the UK free .
  11. I assume that this is not an EC law ? So basically the family business is paying zero tax from its profits and the employees will be declaring they are earning too little to pay tax . Mostly a cash only customer transaction and not easy to prove the shops profits . So making no contribution to the country , just taking only . Maybe you should all jump on the bandwagon instead of subsidizing these cheats by way of paying your taxes .
  12. It is a real eye opener and maybe I have found part of the reason on Google search . Apparently even though you may be living in a non industrial area the rain you are receiving may be carrying pollutants from far away especially if you are down wind of refineries etc . The initial start of the rain will be the worse for being dirty as the first rain clears most of the pollutants but there after the rain should become clean to the eye but not as clean as can be produced in a laboratory .
  13. Medical face masks

    I started this post as I have worked in industrial environments where the wearing of various types of mask was mandatory for certain conditions . The very basic mask is normally a disposable one with a double band that stretch to the back of your head , top and lower to the ear . Over the bridge of the nose is an aluminium strip that is squeezed to form over the nose to create a tight fit . Breathing in is by way of a one way rubber valve situated in front of the mouth . It will not be full proof but is a good defense against dust particles . When the mask shows signs of soiling it is discarded and a new one fitted . If we talk about bacteria or gases that is a different type of mask completely and comes with a cartridge mounted in a housing within the mask and near the mouth . They have a very limited lifespan if subjected to real use and I believe the cartridge once opened must be discarded .Various grades of cartridge for different applications and the wearer should be clean shaven. So when I see the Thais wearing this cheap open sided mask I ask why as there can be no benefit . Or is it a fashion statement ?
  14. The future of the whole world is unstable at present and I for one would not like to be a young person now , even in a country such as the UK . The German governments enforced multi cultural melting pot , by promoting racial integration , is a recipe for a disaster ( birds of a feather flock together ) . Inner towns are taken over by immigrants and the nationals move out further afield . The refugees / immigrants often form mafia type gangs who have little concerns of the consequences of their actions and trying to trace them in crime solving is not easy . I believe Sicilian , Albanian & Turkish gangs are operating in Germany .