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  1. superal

    Used car price list?

    I did not know that vat was added to the asking price , not something that I have had before . Can you please confirm that and what is the vat rate ?
  2. superal

    Used car price list?

    Have to agree . Also I went to Toyota Sure & they are also pricey . Couple of car sales in Bangkok , one is called one2car that seem to be OK ish but the one thing that does concern me is the sometimes immaculate condition of the cars even if 4 years old . No way to find out if you are buying a crash repair that I know of . Also finance seems to be on the high side .
  3. Imagine how much worse it would be if they never had the amulets to help them .
  4. Now you are being too sensible , they do not do that here . You could even go further by quoting the value of your condo and that alone would qualify .
  5. Ok , Its easy to say use Transferwise to move the 4/800k to your Thai bank account but how do you send it back after the 3 months . It is starting to feel a little uncomfortable with the moving of goal posts in an unstable country and so the least amount of financial commitment here the better . Who knows what the next surprise may be .
  6. Apologies and you are correct but the point I am trying to make is what will become of them ? and there could be hundreds if not more non compliant retirees who will be up the creek and stranded
  7. I stand corrected but it would not surprise me if that changed to stop dodgy agencies from operating that loop hole .
  8. Not any more I believe . Agencies will be very wary of the consequences if found to be illegally assisting in procuring a bent visa and not to forget the 4/800k has to be seen to come from a foreign bank account .
  9. Thinking the whole scenario through . So if nothing changes and the only way to gain the extension is the 4/800k in the Thai bank. . What will happen to the folk who are unable to meet the criteria and are stranded here without visas and sufficient funds to fly home . Free stay at the Bangkok Hilton ? but the UK Embassy will not let that happen as they care for their fellow countrymen .
  10. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that the proposal was met with heavy opposition and was dropped
  11. Hands up , I was wrong , just got access to my bank book and indeed it does show FTT which is surprising as there is not an international movement of funds , only a local transfer via another Thai bank account owned by TW . When your funds are withdrawn from your UK account they pass to a TW UK account and the message / instruction is wired to their Thai business branch to complete the transfer . So it must qualify as a Foreign Telegraphic Transfer .
  12. I am surprised that consular/embassy tasks are allowed to be contracted out , especially to a company that is not of the same nationality . Would have thought that embassy activities would be sacrosanct .
  13. Hi Rick , Not sure about a cost cutting exercise by the UK government cos for what they have to do in the form of affirmation is very little and for 2000 baht ? must be losing a lot of money , not that they give a f/f as they have already subcontracted other services . Have to wonder if there are other services that may disappear . I am going to visit my local Thai Immigration office next week to ask them what is acceptable to them , paperwork wise to obtain the visa . There is not too much consistency with the rules and law interpretation throughout the land so there may be less hurdles than we think .
  14. What means of money transfer do you use that shows FTT ( the popular Transferwise does not ) and to other readers as well , after 3 months is it a problem sending the 4/800k back to your home country bank account ? because I always use T/W and they are only a one way transaction , UK to Thailand . With regards to an income based on the rental of your UK home , would a copy of the rental agreement suffice ?