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  1. The main crux of the Johnson quote is really about inappropriate dress in the UK and the fact that it has no resemblance to UK living or attire . If these immigrants want to live and conform to UK standards they would not be segregating themselves by wearing alien clothes and if it means that much to them I suggest they go back to their home lands where they can practice their customs to their hearts content . The majority of them are in the UK only because it is a land of easy handouts compared to their mother countries . The burqa has become a symbol of all Muslims and I have to tell you they are not a popular people throughout Europe , in case you did not know because of their religious beliefs ,treatment to women and terrorism across the globe . They truly believe that they will rule the UK in the near future and are told to produce as many off spring as possible to enable this . I appreciate immigrants who have truly integrated to the UK , studied hard , gained respected qualifications and made a good contribution to the country , especially those within the medical field . They live among the local community and dress in normal western fashion and even pop down to the local pub for a pint and chat . They are people who are thankful , respectful and appreciate the chance they have been given by the UK . Would you like to live next door to a mosque ?
  2. I do not agree with you on the annual pension increases as it makes no sense , reciprocal agreement or not . Why ? because it is your payment of N.I.C.s & taxes that have earned your rights to the benefits of NHS treatment & pension that should be paid out regardless of your country of residence . What effect on the budgetary systems does the place or country that one chooses to retire to have ? Indeed there is an argument that because a person is a non resident of the UK they are less of a burden on the overstretched NHS & cold weather payment. At the present time the UK number of OAPs is on a high from the era of the baby boom which happened after the end of world war 2 , so people born 1945 onwards . I know that an appeal to end pension freezes was defeated a few years ago , however there may be some purpose to an online petition for a review of the current rules . Lastly I am disappointed that there appears to be no champions from MPs to fight the UK pensioners corner . Can anyone state if these pension rules apply in other European countries ?
  3. I think you covered the whole scenario of rotten treatment laid down to retired ex-pats . To me it feels like a crime is being carried out by the UK government who do not give a flying xxxk for its own indigenous folk who have supported the NHS all their working life . On a recent UK visit I phoned my GP for an appointment but no answer for 1 hour , so I drove to the surgery and was told I could have an appointment in 3 weeks unless it was urgent ." OK " I said , I will go to the local hospital A&E , I was then given an appointment with the surgery nurse . On my way out of the surgery I looked into the waiting room which was a colourful sea of assorted turbans . So there lies part of the problem with massive immigration over burdening the NHS system . This experience of mine is not uncommon as told to me by other friends from different parts of the UK . As for frozen UK pensions , that needs to be re- challenged and turned around , bordering on a fraud/crime , almost a treason .
  4. You cannot count occupants in Thailand as most cars have their windows tinted out , however I take your point but car sharing will not come to Thailand for another 50 years
  5. I have to say that I had similar thoughts , the long term visa holders to make a contribution for health treatment at the time of paying for their new visa or by a bank direct debit etc . The benefits only click in on a level at say 20,000 baht plus and that would stop small claims and admin costs . So what would you be prepared to pay monthly ? I am guessing but 500 baht a month or £ 150 a year sound reasonable ? I am not sure on the ex-pat numbers in Thailand but there is an opportunity here to benefit all concerned . As for short term holiday makers , mandatory insurance for all ( including holders of their own private insurance ) on arrival and length of cover shown by the type of stamp in your passport . Now how difficult would that be to set up ? If the British Embassy really cared for its people they would be proactive practical and not make stupid statements without thinking it through . Health insurance is beyond reach for many as your age increases . Take a look at Bupa for an over 70 year old guy with any medical history . The subs would take more than his pension . As said by an earlier post , have regular " well man check ups " and if anything is suspect , get on that plane to the UK where you have legally paid for your treatment by way of NICs .
  6. superal

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Seriously though , why do so many folk go to Pattaya apart from the sex tourists / it sure is not a beach resort but is a place of sea & traffic pollution , hazardous pavements , both dodgy katoys and long stay criminal foreigners . I am told that the dark side is much superior .
  7. It seems that Bangkok is such a large sprawling mass of roads that have no resemblance to town planning . Agree with what you say " pedestrian friendly " but honestly the whole way of government has to be overhauled to make anything work that would bring Thailand up to the modern day living standards . I cannot see any improvements soon to Bangkok congestion unless there are significant , out of the box thinking . Most of us western guys could contribute for sure to a brainstorm debate that would show the way forward . However TIT
  8. I am thinking a similar way to yourself . I believe the Bangkok Traffic management are entrenched in their ways of a solution to the city congestion . It needs a new radical approach from an outsider as with that comes unbiased and fresh ideas . Maybe a contract should be put out for tender to major western corporations for short term and permanent traffic schemes . To my feelings the main roads to be kept flowing non stop and the smaller arteries to feed in when able . Educated traffic police and where possible roundabouts to replace traffic delaying traffic lights . No parking on the main roads which so often cause mayhem . Could go on & on etc as I am sure you could .
  9. superal

    Worst Joke Ever

    An old retired sailor decided to have a night out on the town and after a few drinks got chatting to a lady at a bar . After a few rums / g&ts , amorous touchy feely moments and exchange of chit chat he asked her back to his home for a nightcap . They found their way to the bedroom with the lady being fairly horny by this time . However the old sailor confessed to her that because of his aging years there was only one way that he could get turned on and that was to go to the bathroom and both stripping off , to which she agreed . The sailor then ran the bath and got in and said to his lady , " we have to pretend that we are in a storm at sea as that gets me excited , so please turn on the basin taps as that sounds like the sea breaking over the bows , great he said , now flush the toilet cos that sounds like a huge rainfall , great he says , now lastly pull the light switch on & off cos that looks like lightening . The lady says are you happy now ? the sailor says yes thats great , the lady says are you going to make love to me now ? and the sailor says What in this fxxxxxg weather ?
  10. superal

    What kind of hobbies can you have in Thailand?

    You are so busy and sound happy but how did you find the time to write your post ? . Stay happy and good luck
  11. Indeed the Bedouin robes are mostly dark colours when worn in the desert and are made to be loose to allow an air flow by convection around the body , so fit for purpose in the hot deserts . However I do not think there are any deserts in Birmingham or London .
  12. Trump is worth 3.5 billion dollars and employs over 23,000 people throughout his business empire . Is that unsuccessful ? He has delegated his business interests to others whilst potus . He does not draw a salary from his job as president in order to show there is no conflict of interest . I rest my case .