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  1. War with N Korea. Any impacts on Thailand?

    This post is a repeat / same as a post I made last month , or have you all got short memories ? Time to evacuate Asia ? By superal, August 10 in World News
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that your named drinks above also come with their own risks as Google search will show ( bar water of course )
  3. The only soft drink that I ever see without all that sugar is soda water . Do you know of any others ?
  4. Your statement says it all in a nutshell . Maybe all the vaping users should get together and have a " Vaping Get together " protest . The mind boggles , thousands of vaping users making clouds of vape while the authorities and media worldwide look on . Even the WHO recognizes that vaping is safer and the less of 2 evils by far in their biased report . The UK NHS stated that vaping is 95% less harmful that smoking tobacco . This country needs to move away from its insular mentality and open their eyes to what can be had from the western world . Maybe I am being naive and the powers that be do not want to be part of the modern world , little bit like NK ?
  5. I have trialed the HD Subs tv app.

    Hi James , How much are the monthly fees for IViewHD ? assuming its a monthly plan you will buy . Have you tried HDsubs ? the quality is the best I have used and in HD but it is 999 baht a month reducing lots if paying for the year or 6 months . My only grumble is trying to locate certain sporting events when they are on Bein as often there is no info shown
  6. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    I think it is true to say that it is China that the USA fears with both the NK & South China Sea problems and both situations unwinnable by dialect or military action . Difficult to predict the outcome but with Trump appearing to be losing international support he may well back off and get back to concentrate on the golf course . Alternatively the whole area could become a war zone but having said that , he may have enough weaponry to deal with NK to hand but China , no chance .. Now if KJ does utter one more threat against the USA will Trump carry out his promise of action against NK with China stating they will intervene ?
  7. I have trialed the HD Subs tv app.

    Hi , Last night was the first EPL . I could not find the Southampton / Swansea game when on the sports page menu . Also if I select a channel from the drop down menu and click on it , it does not select but stays on the current channel , the way to get to the selected channel is to make a note of the channel number I want from the menu and go back to the live screen and key up or down till I reach the chosen channel . Is this the same for you ? Using an " ilikehd " android box .
  8. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    and Chinese & Koreans
  9. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Kinda understand and I think that the whole scenario has got to climax sooner rather than later by dialogue because as previously intimated , there can be no winners with a nuclear war , however the situation is that Trump could be in a stuffed if he does both nothing or does something . Does he become reactive or proactive . Do not forget that Trump is only the voice sounding the military advisers who have the experience where this could lead to .
  10. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    None of your mentioned wars included the threat of nuclear weapons which is what I was referring to .
  11. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    When I wrote that I never gave it a second thought that it may be referring to both KJ & DT and this is the 3rd such reply , I am aware that DT is not a drinker , never the less , quite humorous .
  12. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    How are you so well informed ?
  13. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    You said it , not me
  14. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    Now that made me laugh , brilliant
  15. Beer at a quarter of the price ? please enlighten me , my suitcase is packed , ready to go