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  1. All of the posts here make logical sense to us farangs but you have to stop and consider that this country relies on corruption at all levels of society as is the norm for many other Asian countries . Police salaries are not great but are boosted and subsidised by other means . Its the way that things work here and has done for a very long time . Only difference from the western world is that corruption here is mostly open and not concealed . As for the drink driving it is not uncommon for Thai men to have their first tipple in the early morning and continue throughout the day just topping up . It is not seen as out of the ordinary and is taken for granted by many and is almost part of their culture . I am sure you have seen Thai guys drinking from an energy drinks bottle that actually contains lo cal bought from the mama papa shop . When there is a fatal accident and drink is involved millions of baht change hands . Thats how the system works here , unless you know better . Gotta take off your western hat cos things aint gonna change soon .
  2. Could be the Venice of Asia so to speak , every cloud has a silver lining , the mind boggles
  3. Thanks for the info hobz but I cannot bring myself to believe that the area inside the white line can be used for any kind of parking . Unless anyone else knows better .
  4. Not too long ago I was stopped at a police check and the officer who spoke to me asked why my partner was not wearing a seat belt and would have to issue a fine but she told him she had just taken it off to gain access to her handbag to show her i.d. so all ok . As I waited to pull back into the stream of traffic which took a couple of minutes ( Thai drivers are so considerate ) there must have been a dozen pickups pass all carrying people in the cargo section and of no concern to the police . So what does that tell you ? It would take a nuclear bomb to change bad driving habits and law enforcement . One more thing , the white line on the left side of the road is supposed to be for motor /cyclists . Some Thais I spoke to also said that they can proceed in any direction when inside of that white line , can you believe ? We all know they do it but they think it's correct to do so .
  5. PSV i.e. public service vehicles should ALL be fitted with tachographs , including taxis and the police trained to decipher them . When it comes to coaches /buses / minivans they could be fitted with speed limiters . I have lost count the amount of times a minivan has passed me like I am stood still when doing 90kph . The items mentioned are a better solution than the satnavs suggested by pm Chan o cha and are in common use in the western world , so why are they not used ? maybe there was some truth in my earlier post .
  6. Exactly and the reason that Thais do not get hit is that the fines are so punitive and the police would be flat out every day . As you say the police saw money signs when spotting her and gonna cost her quite a few baht to get out of jail .The Thai law is renown for its flexibility on fines and punishment .
  7. Why does anyone want to own a dog that has the capabilities to kill a man one on one , let alone an elderly person or child ? The dog that as a pet becomes part of the owners family and would not harm a fly , the family will tell you . Do they not understand that if for some reason the dog has a bad day , out will come the animal killer aggression . Best place for them is in a zoo . In the UK many of these animals are owned as a status symbol by hoodies who like to parade them on the pavements unleashed and unmuzzled . In Thailand I believe the reason that the soi dog is tolerated was out of respect for the king who was a dog lover and set up homes for dogs . I was told that you will not see the soi dog in Cambodia or Vietnam , only on your dinner plate . So no problems jogging or walking in those countries .
  8. Could it be that there is an allowance for culling of the general population because that is the only motive through the lack of mitigation of the continuous carnage on Thai roads .
  9. Straight from the horses mouth
  10. Good analogy . The reasoning that annoys me is that if you speak out against these Islams you are often called a racist and that as we all know is a difficult road . However these immigrants come to the UK ( and other countries ) without any intentions of integration , maintain their style of dress and religious beliefs and even try to convert others to their Islamic beliefs which entail acts that both discredit women and are against the British law . The Islams believe in their own law of Sharia which they live by but is denied by the UK government . Multiculturalism is unnatural and was never meant to be . Sooner or later there will be big problems as the Islamic population continues to increase at a high rate with the intention , by their own admission , to rule the UK .
  11. New arrivals should be on a probationary period and thereafter monitored . 2nd 3rd 4th generation etc are a real problem as they are natural residents of the UK , however some are indoctrinated with Islamic beliefs and few have integrated . They often appear to be stable and hold professional jobs until something clicks and they show their true colours by committing crime or they travel overseas to support their Islamic friends much to the disbelief of their family and friends . What would happen to us if we misbehaved in their country of origin ?
  12. Wanna bet ? They will because they do not seem to worry about delays to tourists i.e. immigration / passport / visa check can be a long process at Suvarnabhumi . I have seen these x ray machines in operation at Suvarnabhumi when passing through the " green zone nothing to declare " and they cannot cope with the many tourists and the majority were waived through . If all baggage is to be x rayed in 2018 there will be further delays . Maybe it will pay to go through the " red zone " and innocently declare something small that is not liable to tax . ( dont know if the x rays will be used in the " red / green zone " or when the baggage leaves the plane on route to the carousel .
  13. Completely disagree . That was a powerful speech that was straight to the point and not ott . However I feel you were ott when stating "hagiography " because Andrew Neil told the background of the deceased policeman and his daily duties which were realities . At one stage I thought that he was about to give his solution to the crisis and that would have been interesting .