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  1. superal

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    I have seen that as well. I reckon must be village people who know no better . I Have Thai relatives who are completely the opposite and live in a gated community and their standards are as high as that of good western ways . The house is immaculate and so is the garden , so it can be done by Thais but most of the time eating and sleeping seem to take priority and the surrounding trash is normal along with chickens and dogs everywhere ( another side of my Thai relatives ) . T.I.T. If you look in the Thai dictionary you will find that maintenance means repair .
  2. Brown envelopes , agents fees , late 90 day reporting fines , consistently inconsistent rules , non consideration of farangs liquid assets , lack of info from the B.E. / T.I. as to future rules . BTW a friend in Hong Kong went to the Thai consulate to ensure that he had the correct papers for P.O.I. visa . He was told " not interested in your papers , we want to see the 800k in your bank and because you are a H/K resident the money can lay in either a H/K or Thai bank account " He was happy with that as a Thai bank for him was a no no .
  3. superal

    AIS Fibre Internet Speed Upgrades

    Do you suffer with buffering or freezing when watching a UK programme ? I have TOT fiber 85/25 that does often mess up despite the Ookla speed test showing good results but then as you say running testmy.net it can drop to single figures because of throttling by TOT when leaving Thailand servers . I have today seen a poster ad by 3bb in my soi 100/50 for 900 baht a month . Till now TOT was the only available fiber service in my location . Does anyone know if 3bb are a better performer ? Just done a testmy.net and first one was 12.7/6 and the second 12.4/21.5 at 18 00 hrs . tOT 77/24
  4. Could it be that Thailand has got to its " sell by date ? " , for some I think the visa change is the straw that broke the camels back . You say tunnel vision , well we all know that most Thais live for today and do not consider tomorrow or the consequences of their actions . Gonna be a few interesting months ahead . I really do feel concern for the expat who has a family that he supports to a decent standard but fails to meet the financial rules , just crazy and what would become of his orphaned family if he had to depart from Thailand ? I wish Thai TV had a Thursday night type " BBC Question Time " so as to give our voice but then again that will never happen as we are no more worth than a soi dog , or so it seems .
  5. When you look at all of the T.I. rules of monetary income to qualify for an annual visa and then look at a non o imm; visa based on a retirees UK state pension where no income info is required , it is baffling . To me I will not be depositing 800k in my Thai bank account again for the following reasons . 1/ There are some I.O.'s who not only want to see the 800k seasoned but are saying that it has to be an active account in regular use and not falling below the 800k at any time . There is one thing about the visa rules and that is the goal posts can be moved any time and interpretations can be up to the local I.O. ( as can be the case in many other countries ) 2/ Foreigners liquid assets are not taken into consideration when they can massively exceed capital in the bank . 3/ To the posters who believe there will be a change of heart from the T.I. I hope you are right but why should they ? Do you think they never thought through the quashing of the proof of income method ? Any reversal would be a loss of face . 4/ I will be taking an annual UK break for my non o visa ( in the too hot months March / April ) and if in the future there are more complications thrown up visa wise , I will consider my options . Finally a friend was quoted 28k baht for an agents service just last week .
  6. superal

    Worst Joke Ever

    Just been reading about a thief in the UK who was caught stealing the Advent calendar from a local school. He was sent to the magistrates court and sent down for 21 days .
  7. superal

    No Letter and no Money

    Just a few days ago a friend called an agent and asked what would be the cost to secure a retirement visa. Answer was 28k baht because of the latest T.I. crackdown . So that equates to 700 pounds ish . I would rather return to the UK for a short break and pay for a proper non o visa . Back to the main question , I have heard that Sri lanka is quite a gem and not as hot as Thailand max 32c
  8. Can anyone tell me if the UK Embassy in Bangkok will accept proof of pension income from my bank statements as opposed to formal pension paperwork in order to receive the affirmation of income letter .