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  1. Sounds like you watched the whole event which is strange for a non supporter of the wedding , furthermore if I had no interest I would not be wasting my time reading all of these posts . It is more likely that you are a hater of the Royal family rather than an uninterested person . Also get your facts right as it was the biggest watched TV of the year etc so there was massive interest , your minority/majority statement means nothing and does not devalue or detract from the fact that the wedding was watched and enjoyed by multi millions around the world ,
  2. May I ask where is your mother country ?
  3. Impossible to drive at night with a grade 60 tint , side windows and back not so bad but front screen a no no
  4. Sure she made an error without realizing the consequences but you would think that a sales advisor would have the product knowledge to explain the dangers involved and offer guidance but that was not the case . The tint film was discussed between the two of them and was a joint decision . Why do you think that in the UK any tint over 20 is banned and your vehicle can be seized . Are you beginning to understand ? Despite the fact that there are zero guidelines in Thailand for windscreen tint does not mean it is safe to use a grade 60 or even 40 .
  5. Did the same with our new Mitsubishi as the windscreen had been fitted with a grade 60 tint film and I could hardly see to drive at night . Mitsu franchise refused to change it and said my lady had ordered it . My argument was that they should know that it would be unsafe . Contacted Japan who were very polite and attentive but said that there were no regulations in Thailand controlling tinted screens and up to the customer . I was in the UK at the time of the purchase and the saleslady had gone along with the 60 grade request but should have known what the implications would be , dont you think ? Was considering a new Pajero for myself and told them so but made no difference so for the sake of maybe 1000 baht to them they lost a sale of 1.4 million baht . Where is the logic ?
  6. Heard recently from a devout lady Buddhist , " we will not kill an animal and eat it , however if it has been slain by another person it would be a waste not to eat it " , so I guess is all about interpretation and in other Buddhist countries they do openly slay and consume dogs .
  7. I for one do not understand the negative and critical opinions of the royal family and the wedding celebrations that were enjoyed by millions of viewers around the world . The royal family are part of the UK history , culture , tradition and revered by many countries . They bring in many tourists every year and so create money coming into the country . The marriage of Harry and Megan has brought a new dimension to the Royal family and increased the interest of America who can now claim to be part of a Royal family , something they never had but always wanted by many but never thought possible . I watched the event and was very happy for Harry to have met and married such a beautiful woman who I predict will be a real asset to the Royals and world charities . I think Diana would have been proud of the couple .
  8. Without rabies they are still a real danger as a pack animal or individual . Think I am right when saying the Buddhist belief is not to harm any form of life and live in harmony with nature , however when it comes to the safety of your family and others , common sense has to prevail and eliminate the harm that these animals can bring .
  9. In the last 4 weeks I have been to Bangkok & no soi dogs seen , Khon Kaen no soi dogs seen , Udon Thani a couple seen with collars . There must be a cull going on and about time for the safety of all .
  10. superal

    NE live in village monthly

    That was a good read and despite some of my criticisms there are true authentic relationships with Thai ladies and their families to be had . I have been with my lady for over 7 years and never had an row , always happy & smiling . She has her own restaurant , beauty business and owns her house and mother lives with us and till of late her father who recently passed away and a decent guy . So we are the lucky ones but we are far outnumbered by the unlucky ones . For sure I help out financially and also pay my way but not to the extent of being milked . I have lost count where I have seen a new guy in town and got to know him and listened to his aspirations of buying land and building a family house . But love is blind especially if there are children involved and more often than not it all ends in tears for the falang who leaves with nothing. I have kept most of my wealth in the UK and followed the advice from this forum that said " do not invest more than you can afford to lose in Thailand " and that has served me well unlike some I know who have burnt their bridges .
  11. superal

    NE live in village monthly

    You tell a familiar story and there will be many a reader who can connect with you . Sounds like you are half way up the slippery slope , be careful as you seem to be a decent guy .
  12. superal

    NE live in village monthly

    Sounds like you served your Thai experience apprenticeship and are one of the more fortunate ones . Hats off to you and I think there will be many a reader turning green when they read your post .
  13. superal

    NE live in village monthly

    The parents are younger than you , they should be supporting you according to Thai tradition . Sounds like this is your first relationship with a Thai family who will take you for what they can get , one way or another . Cannot understand why you are paying them money whilst you are already supporting them with food etc . Be careful Mr. ATM
  14. superal

    International flights begin at Hua Hin airport

    Flights will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departing Kuala Lumpur at 10am local time, arriving in Hua Hin at 11am. From Hua Hin flights depart at 11:30am local time arriving in Kuala Lumpur at 2:35pm. To those in the know , from the time of arrival to the time of departure is only 30 minutes , a quick turn around . Is that enough time to carry out all the aircraft mechanical and safety checks ?
  15. superal

    Flat tiled roof : Any Tips for leaks ?

    How were the tiles laid i.e. on a 50 mm bed of cement which is the typical Thai way or by way of combed tile adhesive ? You also mentioned re grouting but if the tiles are laid the Thai way there will be next to no gap between the tiles to secure a grout . There is a clear liquid sealer on the market that is brushed over the area to form an invisible seal but cannot remember where I saw it , not cheap and from a reputable manufacturer . Easy fix if it works but exposure to the hot sun may pose a problem . I assume there is a fall to an external perimeter drain point that is not shown and if so does the area drain quickly or are there pools or puddles when the rain stops . Exactly where do the leaks occur in the house , mid span of room or ceiling to wall join , just at one end of the house ? as you say you are getting same leaks in the same place which sounds a bit odd considering that you have carried out a complete reworks . If me before I would carry out any flash sealing which is not a small job I would use a easy fix temporary perimeter seal either by a small up-stand to see if that works .