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  1. exactly my thoughts , I would be chuffed with 122/76
  2. My results Before cig BP 132 69 63 after cig 149 70 69
  3. Interesting reading and leans in favor of you comments or at least that is my interpretation .Before & after a vape I suggest Mommysboy take a BP test and copy the results here . I will do the same with a cigarette .
  4. When you are trying to change habits of a lifetime it is a difficult task and you have to be in the right mind set , have a reason to do and targets to hit . I read that you are struggling with the vape and I sure can understand that as I still smoke even knowing that it is the cause of many illnesses .But is the vape not virtually safe ? in the UK doctors encourage smokers to vape rather than smoke as the dangers are minuscule in comparison .
  5. I can relate to all you say with regards to Mobdro as I have been getting the same problems and that is coming through an android box with download speeds of 80 Mbps . Youtube performs well all of the time . I hear good things about HDsubs who have all of the UK programmes , including Sky and also some European . I contacted them and had a 3 day free trial which ran very well but they control what you watch , i.e. first day BBC1 , second day sports various , third day BBC1 again . I decided to try it out for a month at 900 baht but when I tried to pay by d.c. it failed 4 times . Contacted them and they said is it a card that is not used much , if so try another and I did . One more different d.c. & then a c.c. . No good so emailed them and the said I can pay through Western Union . Have not got there yet . One more thing , if you have the Thai computer shop called Advice near you , they have android boxes for under 1000 baht and for 300 baht their technician will come to your home and install it with no time limit on how many hours he takes . Link for hdsubs
  6. But isn't it a mystery why you have such variables with your systolic readings . I could understand if they had been taken before and after exercising . My readings , as I said before , are similar to yours with my Thai doctor saying 140 systolic is fine , when in the UK it is seen as pre-hypertension & treatable . Is it a case of the Thai medics catching up to western standards ? For sure as your age creeps on ( 70 in my case ) it is important to remain active & even include resistance weight lifting , which maintains muscle mass that is lost at a rapid rate as we age , plus increases testosterone levels for many benefits . But that will not improve your BP , that apparently comes from exercises that make you out of breath ( the mind boggles ) . I remember reading recently where doctors came up with proof that 2 or 3 flat out exercises a week , where you are panting for 2 or 3 minutes at a time , was adequate to create good cardiovascular levels . Maybe for the younger guys though .
  7. only took me 1 minute , how about you ? dont forget to include your research time
  8. Think you have too much time on your hands . Go and shout on speakers corner , see how long you last .
  9. Sharon is a name used for male & female especially in the USA and with hebrews .
  10. Where did you buy your BP tester from ? not the local market I hope . Your results are remarkable inasmuch as the improvement of your bp , also what are your pulse rates ? finally what have you done to effect all of the changes that you can pass on to us ?
  11. So I take it you are not a Farage supporter . You really are nit picking over his personal business . Farage has a lengthy term of office and fully deserves his pension. Like him or loathe him he has made his mark in history , has a huge following as a MEP / broadcaster / general speaker and is not finished yet , waiting in the side wings to peruse the Brexit deal . I do not have to delve into factual evidence , as you seem to do , to prove my opinions , mine is well known to the populus and secondly I have other more important daily matters to attend to , so time is a factor . Nevertheless I wish you well with your TV discussions .
  12. Should be for that price , was it a buffet or were you served . Could be you paid for where you were ?
  13. 118/76 are you a teenager ?