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  1. Yes, the Polish President really gets it. Unfortunately you still don't seem to get it.
  2. Where is the lack of interest by the "left-leaning media"? They have reported that Trump wants classified documents released. As the documents are classified they have no idea what they contain. Do you expect them to make assumptions about the contents? I suspect Fox may have more of an idea about the contents as Trump has probably told Hannity all about them. More obstruction of justice?
  3. alanrchase

    Bangkok motorcyclist arrested with otter

    Same here. I was fishing a year or so ago and one popped it's head out of the water and hissed at me. Had to check on internet to see if they were an indigenous species. Wife said they are very tasty.
  4. alanrchase

    U.S. President Trump facing a 'coup' - Bannon

    During the election campaign Bannon was all for attacking the institutions wasn't he?
  5. The US consumer will be the big looser. The cost of imported goods rises which will allow companies that do produce in the US to raise their prices. As we all know once prices rise they very rarely come back down again.
  6. alanrchase

    Bringing food into thailand

    If you are talking about mushy peas you will be arrested immediately and rightly so.
  7. alanrchase

    Summary of your likes and dislikes about Thailand

    I did put a question mark in.
  8. Will the cream be provided by Baldrick?
  9. alanrchase

    Enforce a drug test

    Is her surname Heisenberg?
  10. alanrchase

    Summary of your likes and dislikes about Thailand

    Dislikes? Posters asking questions about like/dislikes in Thailand?
  11. He has already lost one crooked lawyer but I think Giulianni is filling the position nicely.
  12. Perhaps this is what happens when you appoint an AG on the basis of the nice things he says about you instead of his qualifications?
  13. Just had an idea for a cartoon. Trump sat on a chair with a keg of gunpowder a few feet away. The keg is labeled USA (maybe US justice?) with a big American flag on it as well. Trump is holding a box of matches labelled GOP and is striking them and tossing the lit matches at the keg. The base of the keg is littered with burnt out matches.
  14. It seems that this is a bridge too far for the forum Trump supporters to defend.
  15. alanrchase

    My first rice cooker - what do I do wrong? (it sticks in pan)

    My rice cooker tends to bubble over if I only cook a single measure of rice, no problem cooking two or more measures. Try cooking larger amounts of rice or buy a smaller capacity rice cooker. Sharp is a known brand so would be supprised if the cooker is at fault.