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  1. Tony125

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Your first sentence above says it all. I was told something once by some guy that said that he heard that--in the US we call that hearsay. You also mention you have no personal knowledge but it's just your personal assumption that International Schools teach in Thai. Why do you assume that? My nephew is 7 and is learning both English and Mandarin at his school in Pattaya. Stop commenting on stuff you have no information on just because you think/assume it must be done that way.
  2. Tony125

    Hells Angels Pattaya

  3. Miss B Haven is not referring to their cup size. Miss B Haven = misbehaving--of a person, especially a child) fail to conduct oneself in a way that is acceptable to others; behave badly.
  4. Tony125

    British grub

    sorry can't delete multi postings , not my fault TV site screwing up once again
  5. Tony125

    British grub

    Think the search for Brit food is for your pleasure, Never seen any Thai girl really enjoy Brit food ,hell they don't like American dishes. I have to eat alone on Thanksgiving Day as my wife hates turkey. Doesn't like ham on Easter says "it's too salty" doesn't like cheese "It's too salty" Krispy Kreeme donuts "it's too sweet" blah blah.