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  1. You have obviously not read the posts on him. They (news ) always have to say alleged so as not to get sued plus it's not one ex GF who accused him of raping thier child (1 boy --1 girl both under 6 ) but several other people in other areas of the US besides Alabama including a delivery woman and numerous assault arrests. Faking his own death and identity theft of his friend to get a passport.
  2. I think we have answered your questions, there are NO other options for you except what has been mentioned in previous answers to your post. The Thai Elite Visa at $15,000 for 5 years averages out to $3,000 a year or $250 a month. Will cost you slightly more than getting tourist visas , traveling to other countries for the visa's, or getting re-entry permits. I am married to Thai but also over 50 so can use retirement visa here. Other's under 50 are married to Thai or work here as teachers or for international companies so can say they live in Thailand. Many may spend some time in their home country but "live" in Thailand. Have a home. condo or business here. Why do you care if we say we live here , if it's so hard for you to do then look elsewhere. If you do the Elite Visa as other poster said you will be almost 50 when it expires and you can do a few METV or TV's till you can get a retirement visa. Probably be married before 50, forgot there is also an investment visa, if you buy a condo for 10 million baht or more or invest that much in Thai stock you can be given an investment visa, Google it.
  3. PM me, I have a cousin who has lived in Cambodia for 7 years and run a successful Pizza Shop in Siem Reep . I can send you his info and specs on his restaurant. He decided to move back to America after woring in Hong Kong and Cambodia for many years.
  4. He can get a single entry TV in Laos good for 60 days and it can be extended at immigration in Thailand for an additional 30 days for 1900 baht.
  5. If you Google Pennsylvania University you will get results that say it is also known as PennU or University of Pennsylvania https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Pennsylvania
  6. Ladies in Thailand.

    I guess you've never heard the expression "you couldn't even get a bar girl with a fist full of 50's " I know a guy, forget about his physical appearance, but with his attitude/sarcasm bar girls would go out with him but when he offered to buy them a car and home if they married him and had his kid said no way. Later he found a sweet bar waitress ( who doesn't get his sarcasm) and married her that's why I said probably can get one. Imagine someone being so obnoxious that a bar girl will spend some time (to rip him off for 100,000 baht ) but no way they were going to stay with him long time to get a car or house.
  7. Ladies in Thailand.

    Many never had any social skills to leave behind which is why they came to Thailand, unable to get a girl in their own country but if they have some money can probably get one here.
  8. If you read earlier posts the owner of the Monkey Bar said "all" the bikers were foreigners, "no" Thai members.
  9. It was stated in earlier posts that one of the bikers kept coming there getting drunk and starting arguments with other patrons and harassing staff . On last visit he was refused service so went back got his buddies to teach the Monkey Bar owners a lesson.
  10. 19 pages and counting, if you can't get enough of this check out this. One of the Top rated US TV shows from 2008---2014 "Son's of Anarchy " Single father Jax Teller finds his loyalty to his outlaw motorcycle club tested by his growing unease concerning the group's lawlessness. While the club protects and patrols the town of Charming, Calif., keeping drug dealers away, its activities also include a thriving -- and lucrative -- illegal arms business.
  11. So you think documentaries are factual and correct? I guess you have not heard the expression " Don't believe everything you read" A number of years ago I saw a documentary on human trafficking and child prostitution on YouTube. Had a former US Cop going into a supposed area of Thailand to show what was going on. I noticed the cars were driving on the "Right" side of the road and then called my Thai GF and asked her are those people (in the background) speaking Thai as I can't understand anything. She said no they are in Cambodia so the NGO that was asking for contributions and showing how they were exposing crime in Thailand were not even in Thailand but that did not prevent them from posting their vids on YouTube as factual.
  12. E-cigarettes associated with increased blood pressure, heart rate, and arterial stiffness, study reveals https://www.news-medical.net/news/20170911/E-cigarettes-associated-with-increased-blood-pressure-heart-rate-and-arterial-stiffness-in-humans-study-reveals.aspx
  13. They can be both--- http://weaselnomads.webstarts.com/
  14. To answer your question the hepatitis vaccines are effective for approximately 25 years and will prevent you from food or blood-related body fluid infections. I have seen flights from California for as little as 20,000 baht. Not a good idea to use ATM's to get money as many charge a 3% FTF (Foreign Transaction Fee) plus ATM charge when withdrawing money.