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  1. Please recommend a good health insurance

    Not sure you need to contact them for specific information, I don't have this policy but like the fact that it is renewable for lifetime if you sign up by 70
  2. Please recommend a good health insurance

    Luma Health Insurance Spon S sored S · Apply now before age 70 to enjoy our Lifetime Renewal guarantee. Health Insurance for Expats Brilliantly simple health insurance solutions for discerning global residents. Get Quote LUMAHEALTH.COM
  3. It was probably a spontaneous decision, took out the canoe to paddle around ---maybe got tired from the effort and decided to rest up on the island.
  4. More money

    My opinion is that some guys are just callous unfeeling ----------- If a woman (Thai or otherwise) has been with you, taken care of you , comforted you and been your companion for years when you die you figure your dead don't care what happens to her now. Unlike the US and other countries the girl or wife would not have a pension or social security to provide for her in old age. Farang 78 in my village passed away , left his Thai wife (64) with no pension or insurance. She has only a home worth about 6 million baht that she has put up for sale as she has no income to live on. That is a damn shame. One should care how a supposed love one is going to survive after your gone. Think as she is older too that she can just find another guy to support her? If my wife were to screw me over I could divorce and get hopefully half of sale of house and property we own if not I could walk away with my US pension and she would have property but no income. If things stay fine when I die she gets the properties and 70 percent of my pension.
  5. Because at the moment you don't need a police report to enter Thailand visa exempt. The USA should probably not issue passports to convicted felons but the bleeding heart liberals would probably be in an uproar over denying persons freedom to travel, blah blah blah.
  6. Can't get into Canada with even a drunk driving conviction In USA.
  7. Don't think the American's story will hold up under scrutiny. The first reports from the hospital said the Austrailian died from extensive "sustained " trauma to his head and face meaning not a single blow but multiple blows /kick to the face/head. Also reported the American was jailed for murder in the 90's. He's trying to make up (presumably) a story that will get him out of trouble. If he hit the guy once or even 5 times after the Aussie grabbed the girl or started stuff with him and he hit floor and died could be self-defense justifiable homicide or worst case manslaughter but if he continued to beat kick him after he was down and unconscious that's minimum manslaughter or murder. You can only use enough force to stop an attack ,once unconscious he was no longer a threat. Can't continue to asualt the person when he is ko'd and no longer a threat.
  8. He doesn't need to show 800,000 baht in a Thai bank if he uses the proof of income route by getting a letter from the embassy declaring monthly income of at least 65,000 baht or a combo of monthly income and money in bank for a total of 800, 000 baht a year.
  9. As I remember that was a teacher who tried to hang himself as the police arrived at his house , this is a school director. Two different cases.
  10. Your "story" is a little suspicious. I have been to Doi Suthep many times in the past and since you had a Thai GF with you she should have explained you could rent pants/coverings at the top of the Dragon stairs. Even at the Gran Palace and other temples around Thailand you can rent or buy pants/covering at the place or as in case of the palace I went down the street and bought a pair I might actually wear later.
  11. Was not talking about Gov or business employees who as a qualification for their job need to be fluent in another language. Many places in US have signs forms written in Spanish and other languages and some stores have signs saying "we speak Spanish, Viet ect" I was talking about general public in US and Britain such as taxi drivers, security ,police that Thian in his post said don't understand him. I try to learn a little of the language of countries I go to. If you at least make an effort to speak the people are more inclined to help you. Have had Thai laugh but then correct my speech and help me with what I want. Even had Thai who heard me talking with a Thai who I could not understand come over and tell me in English what the person was saying to me. Has happened many times when I first got here by both male and female Thai.
  12. I'm from US and because of my heritage speak some Spanish/French but most Americans only speak English unless their parents are recent immigrants. Most Brits only speak English even though they are close to Europe and most people from EU speak more than their own language . My father ,gran-father ,uncles were from Portugal but all spoke 4--5 different languages including English. Because Brits colonised a lot of the world they think everyone should speak English --learn their (Brits) language. Thailand has never been colonised by Brits, French, Dutch ,Germans ect (as many other Asian countries were) so don't speak or even care to understand those EU cultures. I teach my Thai nephews/neices English as I tell them it is important to learn if traveling or working overseas and even getting jobs in Thailand where they may need translators. When in Britan do the police , security ,taxi drivers talk to travelers in Mandarin? Spanish? French ? Thai?
  13. http://www.sukhawadee.com/new_web/index.php You have to visit here ! Take any of the lrge golf carts to go from one venue to another. After goint to top floor of first building go down to 2nd floor and look around. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1226133-d6000931-Reviews-or20-Sukhawadee_House-Bang_Lamung_Chonburi_Province.html#photos;geo=1226133&detail=6000931&aggregationId=101
  14. Ok read the thread my mistake but I was referring to a previous post of a woman who was refused entry for a drug conviction 20+ years ago.
  15. Scroll down page and clik next to see all 25 places https://www.thecrazytourist.com/top-25-things-to-do-in-pattaya/ Also visit Mimosa and SilverLake Winnery https://www.renown-travel.com/daytripspattaya/silverlakevineyard.html Site has many places listed to visit