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  1. Presumably, the same person who checks your posts?
  2. Retiredandhappyhere

    Sisters put up sign cursing killer of five pet dogs

    I assume you are a Vegan?
  3. Having seen these pictures, I suspect that nature will beat the Government to the demolition process.
  4. I note that the article states that "A man" was the offender, whereas had it been a foreigner who committed the crime, it would no doubt have quoted his Nationality in the headline.
  5. He also warned that any state official involved in graft would face asset seizure while those taking such ill-gotten money or assets would be liable to face charges of money-laundering, which is punishable with a maximum 10-year imprisonment for every asset transferred. The AMLO generally seizes assets temporarily during investigation for inspection, allowing suspects or their associates to provide explanations about the origins of the asset within a given period of time. I assume, then, that they are still holding about 23 expensive watches, pending completion of an investigation into Prawit. When can we expect the OFFICIAL result of the so-called investigation?
  6. Retiredandhappyhere

    UK Brexit minister says parliament vote cannot reverse Brexit

    Yet another example of this man's arrogance and rudeness towards the millions of people who voted for Brexit.
  7. It is amazing to me that, while many regions and provinces all over the world want and sometimes vote for the right to govern themselves, the EU is trying to move in exactly the opposite direction, even eventually controlling all existing 27 members from a central point. The Soviet Union eventually disintegrated and so will the EU if it insists on continuing down its current path. Brexit and the difficulties being experienced with Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Greece, to mention a few, are just the beginning.
  8. No argument there, although with no lights or signals at all, one half of a crossing barrier unaccountably lowered two weeks ago narrowly missing my car as I was passing on the other side of the road and only two days ago the well lit automated barrier at another nearby crossing was closed for ten minutes with no train arriving, which resulted in several cars and motor bikes having eventually to zig-zag across. Admittedly, everyone I saw carefully checked the line both ways before crossing. This particular crossing barrier had been repaired just two weeks before.
  9. Meanwhile, Corbyn continues to criticise May and her Government but offers no realistic solutions himself on behalf of the Labour party. I have said this before but will say it again. The EU are famous for coming up with compromises at the eleventh hour and Brexit will be no different. All the posturing and the demands that the UK should come up with all the proposals for an agreement will count for nothing when an acceptable agreement to both sides is reached and announced at five minutes to midnight on the final day. The absence of any acceptable agreement should mean no exit billions either.
  10. Retiredandhappyhere

    Wait worthwhile as Halep wins French Open

    A fantastic final which in the first set looked as if it would be a run-away win for Stephens, but Simona's tremendous fighting spirit and talent brought her through to victory. Bearing in mind her lack of height compared to most of her competitors, Simona Halep has done a remarkable job in winning her first grand slam and making it to number one in the world. Congratulations to her and commiserations to Stephens, who showed a remarkable ability to "slide" apparently effortlessly around the court.
  11. Retiredandhappyhere

    German finance minister seeks to reassure Germans on Italy concerns

    It seems that the EU are facing quite a few major problems on several fronts (Brexit, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary and Poland to name just a few) and Germany is trying to put a brave and calming face on it all, but clearly there are difficult times ahead.
  12. Retiredandhappyhere

    Ancient paintings found in Krabi cave

    This week an additional 30 paintings have also been found near the first area. These paintings show stories of adults and children, marine life, fishermen and elephants. Along with pictures of computers, old models of Hondas, Toyotas and a tractor.
  13. Retiredandhappyhere

    Satellite Deal Whistleblower Threatened With Lawsuit

    So, the satellites which we are NOT buying, will be used to locate natural resources and not to spy on people. Where do they find these simpletons?
  14. Retiredandhappyhere

    Certain kids ‘especially vulnerable to sex attacks’

    916 per month, I believe you meant. Far too many!
  15. Retiredandhappyhere

    Two foreigners found dead in Hua Hin in separate incidents

    That's the way to go!