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  1. Self-driving Uber car kills Arizona woman crossing street

    Wow, you could have saved all that work by just living in Thailand.
  2. So, you want to cull the humans?
  3. But of course in this case it will still be "never". A half-hearted start on the problem will then be quickly abandoned.
  4. Saudi Crown Prince signs off UK visit with push for fighter deal

    The UK should stay and call the shots? Just like we were doing prior to Brexit?
  5. Shackled Suspect Pushes Past Guards To Freedom

    That's not a nice way to talk about the police.
  6. Bangkok Bank ATM Requires Switch to Union Pay

    In that case, Bangkok Bank can expect to lose thousands of customers and I will be one of them.
  7. Northern EU states urge caution in euro reforms

    In most EU countries, it is the pro-EU leaders who have their say and NOT their voters. Hence once the British voters were in fact asked, Brexit was the result. Most EU countries refuse to let their voters have the choice with a referendum on the subject, fearing a similar result to Brexit.
  8. Because we want to!
  9. Theresa May urges Britain to 'come back together'

    Yes, we and 27 other countries together deciding what is good for the UK and no doubt they have as much interest in what is good for the UK as we do ourselves? It may surprise you to know that we prefer to make those decisions for ourselves and that Brexit is not all about money.
  10. Of course saving the coral is very important, but so is the effect on humans swimming in that contaminated water, but after years and years of accepting the revenue from ever-growing numbers of tourists, is it not time to spend some of that cash on improving the infrastructure? I am surprised that they are not blaming the damage to the coral entirely on tourists this time.
  11. So, the Australian authorities were impolite as usual? How could the UK delegation discuss the exact terms of trade when they do not yet know the outcome of the Brexit talks? The UK will be back talking POLITELY to OZ when they know the result of the Brexit negotiations. I would have thought that UK/OZ trade would be in both country's interests.
  12. One of the reason why we voted for Brexit was the fear that we were quietly being "conquered" by the EU led by Germany. The UK has no dream of conquering the 27 member countries. We just want to be able to trade with them as we were able to do when we were part of the trading relationship known as the Common Market, without being led down the path to a United States of Europe.
  13. You will end up being surprised at the UK's negotiating skills. The EU's current claim that all 27 members are '"as one" in the negotiations will be proved to be a myth when each individual country starts trying to protect its own trade. Eventually a compromise will be reached where neither party will get everything it wants but which will be in the interests of both. A deal which damages both parties is not in anyone's interests, despite all the bluster coming from the EU side.
  14. Pattaya to be developed as "Tourism for All" city

    Not just in Pattaya either. Hua Hin centre is not much better. Broken kerbs, missing pavoirs, metal signs at head height, dangling cables, and uneven or partly missing drain covers are just a few of the problems.
  15. Of course the new law coming into force in May will stop all this money grabbing, but wait, it only applies to landlords with 5 or more properties! So, most tenants will remain unprotected.