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  1. Retiredandhappyhere

    SURVEY: EU -- Will it survive?

    Currently, it is the EU which is leaving individual nations without a heart and that is what voters are beginning to realise.
  2. Retiredandhappyhere

    anybody been to nakhon si thammarat? is it nice?

    Apparently, it is also the murder capital of Thailand. My wife used to live there and it certainly sounds as if there was quite a bit of violent activity when she lived there, although she was not the cause of it (or so she says).
  3. Retiredandhappyhere

    Just recieved 2018 tax bill, UK

    No need to worry, as on the basis of the income amounts you quoted you have no tax liability at all, assuming that you were entitled to the usual Personal (tax-free) Allowance. In fact, if you had tax deducted on UK interest, you should be able to reclaim it. Simply contact HMRC and advise them of your correct income figures, (and tax deducted), presumably as on the Tax Return you have already submitted or are about to submit and they will amend their figures. Even if you have not so far sent in a Tax Return for the year ended 5th April 2018, it is unlikely that HMRC would deliberately calculate such a ridiculously high figure, I believe it is just a computer error and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Whatever a persons' tax liability was for the past year, one half of that is payable as a payment on account for the following year, payable by 31st January in the following year, which explains the 50% charge you referred to. The other 50% is payable by 31st July. In your case, of course, the figures should be NIL,
  4. This announcement shows how serious they are about tackling corruption. There can surely be only one main reason why certain officials (and a lot of them) are willing to resign instead of having to declare their assets. What have they got to hide, I wonder? In order to protect these (probably) corrupt officials, the Government is apparently willing to change the law in their favour. Nothing new there, then? They do make it easy to despair of their country ever changing for the better.
  5. Retiredandhappyhere

    Rich nations fail as Thailand meets its emissions target

    My shopping at a local Tesco store yesterday was placed in a large brown paper bag instead of the usual plastic variety and I was quite impressed, until it split open when I took it out of the car and everything fell out. I would commend them for trying however, except that I understand that it was a one-day only change to help the environment, so perhaps not very effective in the long run. Next time when visiting 7/11 or Tesco etc, I will be sure to remember to take my own re-usable bag, instead of just trying to refuse the inevitable offer of plastic bags for literally everything, even for a single purchase. Thailand must really start to take this problem seriously and either ban plastic bags altogether, unless they are degradable, or start charging for them, before the oceans become an even bigger rubbish bin, killing most of the living creatures in it.
  6. If the DUP do reject the deal on offer, surely the most likely outcome will be a "no deal" scenario, which will leave Northern Ireland in exactly the position which the DUP are fighting tooth and nail to avoid. Those people hoping for a reversal of Section 50, based on the "non-binding" advice of the European Court of Justice, will be disappointed and so will the EU.
  7. Retiredandhappyhere

    French government preparing to suspend fuel tax increases - source

    Some of the "reforms" mad elsewhere many years ago have not always been in the interests of the ordinary working person, but designed rather more to justify even higher Government expenditure and/or to make the rich even richer.
  8. Retiredandhappyhere

    Britain can end Brexit unilaterally, EU court advisor says

    I guess you have someone "competent" in mind, because I certainly do not. The likely other party to take over from the Conservatives would be Labour, presumably with Corbyn as its leader and eventual PM. If so, God help us all. He is already talking about spending more than the country's income, thereby raising its debt level, just like all previous Labour Governments, since they never seem to learn from their mistakes. Higher spending resulting inevitably to higher taxes, as if the current personal tax rates and the 20% VAT rate plus all the other taxes are already not enough. The latest "non-binding" statement from the ECJ is designed to encourage UK MP's to vote to turn down May's deal and vote to stay in the EU. If that happened, we would soon find out that the terms of staying in would not be the same as they were before, with many of the previous concessions being denied. Reaction in the country, with or without a second referendum , should the latter result in a "remain" vote would also be a kick in the teeth for about 50% of the voters who previously voted to leave. Would they have the right to demand a third referendum, if the EU changed the re-entry conditions?
  9. Presumably, it was just waiting for your post?
  10. Retiredandhappyhere

    Prawit orders authorities to beef up security measures

    Report post #1 Posted yesterday at 04:09 AM Deputy PM orders authorities to beef up security measures FILE photo BANGKOK, 3 December 2018 (NNT) – The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Prawit Wongsuwan, has instructed relevant authorities to tighten security measures to crack down on war weapons and transnational criminal networks. Gen Prawit thanked and provided moral support to the security authorities in all units for their operations to maintain peace and order. He stressed that those who possess war weapons, firearms and explosives are a major cause of violence in society and lead to limitation of rights, freedom and equality in society. Gen Prawit has ordered police, military and administrative agencies in all areas to tighten up the measures to suppress influential groups associated with firearms and war weapons for safety of people and tourists. In the bit of his speech which I have highlighted above in bold, it sounds as if he is describing the Thailand military.
  11. Retiredandhappyhere

    Prayut pro-junta party’s top PM choice

    Yes, it is a bit like the story in the Bible, when Jesus distributed a few fish among thousands of poor and hungry followers, although in His case, everyone had their fill, unlike Prayut's gifts where his equivalent of the fish often never reach the people they are intended for and, even when they do, they make very little difference to their lives and they still go hungry.
  12. Retiredandhappyhere

    Prayut pro-junta party’s top PM choice

    The quote is a mixture of French and English and it shows that the poster has a degree of education which is often missing on this forum, particularly in my own posts.
  13. Retiredandhappyhere

    'State of insurrection' as fuel tax riots engulf central Paris

    Most of what you say is absolutely correct, but this is what you eventually get when politicians do what they like and fail to listen to the people who voted for them. Macron's honeymoon period ended long ago and he is now headed for divorce. He will never be elected next time because he comes across as an arrogant know-it-all, trying to lead France into a United States of Europe which nobody wants. With many EU countries being in "massive debt" as you say, and with its member countries' leaders not listening to their voters, there is a real possibility of the EU eventually collapsing, just like many other past "unions" of completely different countries with different cultures and languages have done. Macron's dream of becoming the self-appointed leader of the EU now that Merkel's reign is virtually over, is just that....a dream. At the next French election, he will fade into obscurity, politically at least, although, as a member of the elite, he will never be short of a euro or two. As far as the UK's Brexit problems are concerned, it is very doubtful that we will see anything like the riots in France by those who do not like the end result. Admittedly we have had some problems in the past, but we have nothing like the history of the French who do tend to riot in the streets as a means to get their Government to see things their way on all sorts of issues, most of which were much less significant than Brexit.
  14. Perhaps it is the fact that we can complain about all the things that annoy us, particularly on this forum, which enables us to let off steam, without upsetting our nearest and dearest too much, and then privately we have time to reflect and realise that perhaps there are even more important things in our lives which are so good that we are able to ignore all the bad points and enjoy our stay here. Back in our own countries, which to a large extent we have abandoned, we know that on balance we have done so because we have decided that the bad points outweigh the good.