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  1. Swedish man found dead at Bangkok hotel

    Better arrange the cosmetic operation now then? Just joking, as lots of bar girls have told my friends that you are already the most "hansum" guy they have ever seen!
  2. New vehicles with temporary license plates to be banned

    Years ago I purchased a new Toyota Sports Rider but told nobody even on the day my wife and I travelled 95 km to collect it from the dealer. However, my then Thai wife must have been boasting about it, as when we arrived home in the new car, about 12-14 neighbours were lined up outside to greet us and inspect the vehicle. She seemed delighted but I was quite embarrassed.
  3. German coalition talks drag on, president warns Europe at stake

    Many Europeans were laughing at the woes and alleged weakness of the UK Government following the last (admittedly unnecessary) UK election, but are we permitted to find the current situation in Germany slightly amusing? It would seem that whatever convoluted solution to the problem emerges from the current talks, no individual party forming the new coalition is going to be completely happy and any planned EU developments might be delayed. Strange how the "United States of Europe" concept, previously often denied by many pro-EU supporters, has reared its ugly head now in a very public way.
  4. Posted yesterday at 12:29 PM And Just Weird replied" "Yes, said so many times that it is unoriginal, tedious and as meaningless as the first time it was said". But the repetition which seems to offend you, does not make it any less true and it does explain why so many ex wives and girlfriends are murdered by their former partners, with apparently no fear of the consequences.
  5. Prawit praises Prayut as potential non-elected PM after election

    The whole election promise has been, is and will be a complete farce. I hope the International community recognises it as such and will categorically state so in due course.
  6. Oh, so that makes it OK then. I robbed a bank last week but that's OK as I don't consider that a crime! However, as I am not a member of the current government, no doubt they would take a different view?
  7. To my knowledge, when you "trade up" your car over the years, you still end up with only one car and not 19! The Junta has made massive claims about reducing or eliminating corruption, so it is no "witch hunt" when a leading member is asked to explain his unusual wealth. Not to do so would confirm to the general public that the Junta is not serious about its intentions regarding corruption.
  8. It is if you cannot explain how you managed to pay for it (or them), particularly if you supposedly own about 30 million bahts worth of them and, in addition, have apparently increased your other assets by a further 30 million in the last 5 or 6 years on a salary alleged to be no more than one million per year. Lucky for us, the NACC is on the case, so we can be sure of a totally transparent, impartial and fair investigation into this particular case.
  9. Seven students faint in Ayutthaya school van

    Go on Dave, get started, as in common with many other retired ex-pats, I've got nothing to do all day and I enjoy a good rant. Try and keep it down to a couple of pages though, as I am a slow reader and I like to be in bed by 9 o'clock and my better three quarters does not like me reading in bed, particularly while otherwise engaged.
  10. The first claim was that the tourists were politely asked to move because they were sitting on the hotel's land. Now, apparently, they were only asked to move because otherwise they might be injured by falling branches from the tree they were sitting under. This new concern for the safety of tourists is very commendable and the hotel, instead of being criticized unfairly, should be congratulated on its humanity. It will be interesting to see how long the new measuring of the hotel's plot takes and whether we will ever learn the real outcome.
  11. And looking good in what is supposed to be election year cannot be a bad thing for the General (oops, sorry, chief politician), particularly when he currently has no opposition. His regular TV broadcasts and campaign trails around the country, often involving "gift" project announcements, also ensure that he has at least several months electioneering under his belt than any of his potential rivals.
  12. Wanting a new start, Britain's May changes leadership team

    Can we take it that you are unhappy with the UK then? What do you think of your neighbours, wherever you happen to live? I am reminded of the old joke about the old farmer leaning on his gate when a couple drove up in their car and asked him what the people were like around here, as they were thinking of moving into the area. The farmer replied by asking them what the people were like where they now lived. When they replied that the people back home were miserable and unpleasant, the old wise farmer told them that they would find the people round here would be exactly the same.
  13. Prayut defers questions to his cutout twin

    Yes of course he is able to put his point of view whenever he wishes, but nobody else is allowed to. As a supposed EX-army man and "new" politician, he can appear regularly on TV and travel around the country meeting hundreds of potential voters, making speeches and delivering gifts, whereas his potential competitors are not allowed to meet in groups of more than five, without breaking his law. One day, they might even be allowed to form a political party in time for the much-heralded but non-appearing election. As for your comparison with the UK PM, her Government was in fact ELECTED and she is obliged to appear once a week in Parliament to answer questions put to her by any of the 600 or so ELECTED Members of Parliament, all of which can then be seen on television by the ELECTORS. The UK media (TV and Newspapers) can also be as brutal as they like in asking questions and in investigating any possible wrong-doing, without any of the nonsense of being "invited" in for attitude adjustment, so your attempted comparison with the UK system is absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Oh give over Steven! Can't you think of anything new to say?
  15. Cheap Charlie Farangs that expect service but do not want to pay

    Oh Steven, you love the Junta but you absolutely hate all farangs. What a strange person you are!