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  1. Actually, I don't think that the 2 year-old had much of a choice in the matter.
  2. Electricity poles removed as utilities go underground

    A groundless assumption?
  3. Britain says there will be no Brexit bill figure by October

    Whereas you, with no inside information to go on, clearly know exactly what is going on?
  4. Britain says there will be no Brexit bill figure by October

    I believe David won!
  5. I assume your post was meant to be either sarcastic or funny as otherwise I hope that your first post is also your last!
  6. English Premier League preview: what to watch this weekend

    Truevisions, in justifying their 7% price increase, suggested that we would be able to watch Premier League matches. However, Gold subscribers are paying 1678 bahts per month now and yet are only able to watch Bein 4, which so far has only shown Southampton vs Swansea, with the more important matches being shown on other Bein channels, which are blocked for Gold subscribers. Am I alone in thinking that this is a Truevisions con?
  7. Police formally ask prosecutor for extradition of Boss

    What an absolute farce this case has become. 5 years have elapsed and NOTHING concrete has been done to arrest the culprit and they are now waiting for September 3rd to pass by so that one other charge can be deleted. The whole world, if aware of this case, must be laughing at the complete ineptitude of the Thai (so-called) Justice system. Who does not now fully understand that there is indeed one law for the poor and NO law for the rich and powerful.
  8. Police formally ask prosecutor for extradition of Boss

    They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek him bloody nowhere.
  9. Chinese restaurant offering discounts to women with bigger boobs faces backlash

    Ms Zhu said: "In addition, I think it is discrimination against women." How can it be discrimination against women when it is specifically aimed at women. In fact, it is discrimination against MEN as they are unable to claim the discount.
  10. Petition builds against Macron's First Lady plans

    You will be disappointed, as his popularity is slipping fast, even before any adverse public reaction to some of his proposals, particularly the labour laws and greater participation in the EU and its planned "United States of Europe".
  11. I suggest we all await the outcome of the negotiations before deciding whether the decision to leave the EU was "folly". Because the UK Government quite sensibly has not put all its cards on the table at the outset, people, with no detailed information at their disposal, are jumping to the conclusion that it has no plan. Some elements of their plan are to be published this week, I understand. The same people who rubbished the Government for being a bad member of the EU for opting out of the Euro and many of the unacceptable EU proposals by careful and awkward negotiations, are now claiming that the UK are poor negotiators. The British are renowned for their negotiating and diplomatic skills and these will be proved to be valuable assets in arriving at a reasonable exit from the EU, which will prove all the doom and gloom merchants completely wrong. A reasonable settlement is in the interests of both the UK AND the EU and all the negative comments from the UK and the EU while negotiations are in progress are not helping to achieve that objective. No-one is claiming that there will not be an initial negative economic impact on the UK and the EU economies following Brexit, but time will tell which party comes out best and indeed survives in the long run. The remaining 27 members of the EU are by no means all speaking with one voice and were a referendum on continued membership to be held in one or two countries, particularly with the leaders' move towards a "United States of Europe" in the pipeline the outcome is not as certain as some would like. Finally, Brexit was NOT only about money, important though that is.
  12. DSI says it has no jurisdiction to probe Thawatchai’s death

    If we have not already done so, we would all be perfectly justified in despairing of the actions of the DSI and the police. A man was murdered while in custody for just one day, so despite the convenience of non-operating CCTV cameras, there could only be very few suspects in this case, who actually had access to the victim's cell in that limited amount of time. Who was it who told the lies about the "hanging" with socks or a shirt? Here we go again with one department passing the buck for investigation to another section in an attempt not only to delay matters but mainly to ensure that the guilty party or parties are protected. It is quite clear that the victim was murdered to prevent his naming those higher up the chain of command who benefitted from the dodgy land deals. It will be interesting to follow developments in this case over probably the next couple of years, or even longer, should any documents need to be translated.
  13. You should pop over to Pattaya, where plenty of ladies there will claim to be only 25 years old and will happily feel you, as old as you are!