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  1. Best way to go for up to 6 month cell service?

    Best way to go for up to 6 month cell service? Be a farang ex-pat and commit a petty crime. That should give you at least 6 months.
  2. Britain's May asks EU to help her end Brexit sniping at home

    It is surprising, Grouse, that someone as knowledgeable as you, cannot spell, although I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was a rare moment of humour on your part, when, for some inexplicable reason, your usual condescending manner deserted you.
  3. Four areas need addressing to reduce corruption: committee

    Well, Worgeordie, you beat me to it, almost word for word. We can hear it now "Sorry, I declared my ownership of 5 houses in Bangkok, but completely forgot about the other 15. Sorry, just an honest mistake!".
  4. Bangkok Marathon will be one of world’s best, Kobkarn vows

    The trouble is that most of the "successes" are in fact merely forecasts, with very little follow up with any meaningful figures after the events.
  5. Gosh, these academics are good!
  6. May, Juncker call for faster Brexit talks

    She is no more deranged than you are. I suggest you wait to see what the eventual outcome of the discussions are.
  7. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    Well, it took as long as it did, because the people were never asked before.
  8. Striking French workers disrupt flights, schools

    Macron is one of the elite. Why should he care about ordinary workers, who have already been the subject of some of his disparaging and condescending remarks. He is unlikely to win the next election, assuming of course that he lasts that long. His love affaiir with the EU is not fully shared by all of his compatriots.
  9. So, if someone is caught smoking on the beach but putting the stub in a bin, he/she would still be liable to a 100,000 baht fine or a year in jail, according to this ridiculous law? The offence should be that of littering on the beach, or anywhere else for that matter, presumably according to existing laws, and not that of just smoking on the beach. Although a non-smoker myself, I can imagine that this news might put off a few more tourists from coming to Thailand, particularly should any unfortunate person ever be jailed for a year for this new offence. Sometimes it seems that it is cheaper to kill someone in Thailand than to commit a comparatively minor offence.
  10. 'Ball in your court' - Britain, EU clash over next Brexit move

    That is because Germany is the country which has benefited most from membership of the EU.
  11. Well, if the state of the two-year old dual carriageway going past my home is anything to go by, I think we would be reading a horror story about 20000 or so supporters being killed and injured when the new stadium collapsed on their heads during a match.
  12. Government assures public that election will take place according to roadmap And what exactly does the roadmap state? Does it give any clue as to the election year? It is clear to everyone that the election date can be postponed time and time again on any pretext whatsoever.
  13. Yingluck asylum request could spark uproar

    And of course the self-appointed Thai Government is SO respected around the world. In any case, no country would want to upset Thailand now that it has its sub.
  14. Amazing that the "extent of his injuries" after hitting the ground, after an eight-storey rapid descent, suggests to the police that it was suicide and NOT an accidental fall or an assisted one (i.e. murder).