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  1. Retiredandhappyhere

    Be Warned. Thieving Hookers in Pattaya.

    Or just a bit of business?
  2. Retiredandhappyhere

    Disorder, deal or dead-end: How will Brexit play out?

    And "Welovesundaysatsp" replied: Maybe try it with your phone or gym contract to see what happens. Well, I guess that your membership would be cancelled and that would be it. No paying for future financial commitments of the phone company or the Gym, whether or not contracted for during your membership.
  3. Retiredandhappyhere

    EU pushes October Brexit agreement, threatens no deal

    Yes. You are going to be so disappointed when an agreement is reached. It seems to me that many remoaners are not thinking of Britain's future at all, but are instead hoping that the whole negotiating process goes belly-up, so that a "no-deal" conclusion would teach the leavers a lesson.
  4. Retiredandhappyhere

    EU pushes October Brexit agreement, threatens no deal

    The same applies to general elections, so why do you bother to vote?
  5. Retiredandhappyhere

    EU pushes October Brexit agreement, threatens no deal

    It is the complexities which are being negotiated now. An agreement will be reached at the eleventh hour. All the "no deal" talk is just bluster. Unravelling 40 years of EU membership takes time and most of the detailed work has been carried out behind the scenes. Of course, it is not easy and constant criticism of the work being done, without knowledge of all the details is ridiculous. Still, it seems to keep the remoaners happy. They will still be unhappy whatever the outcome of the negotiations, because they did not want the British people to have their say on the question of EU membership in the first place. However, we will be out next March and that is it.
  6. That just shows how out of touch the Pope is, since every man and his dog has been aware of the scale of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church for years and years. Not only that, they have also been aware of all the cover ups, but apparently it has taken the Pope by surprise. What utter nonsense!
  7. I now have little faith in religion or in Pope Francis' reforming process. One has to ask why a normal man would want to remain celibate for the rest of his life, which is supposedly a requirement for a Catholic priest. Admittedly, some may have absolutely no interest in sex, but many are surely escaping from something. I have heard Catholic priests claim that they are "married" to Christ.
  8. Yes, I want to really get you going, so how about corruption?
  9. You are, of course, correct, but I would suggest that it never occurred to the lawmakers that anyone could be so base as to RAPE a four year old girl.
  10. I disagree with your comment, since surely killing a RAPIST OF A FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL, though perhaps not right, cannot be regarded in quite the same light as the original crime?
  11. Retiredandhappyhere

    In appeal to EU, May calls for goodwill to avoid disorderly Brexit

    I understood that Article 50 on withdrawing from the EU, made no mention of any divorce settlement. When you leave any other kind of club, you not only cease to pay the annual fee but neither do you have any obligation for future expenses, including pensions of staff employed during your membership. You were the one suggesting that the EU should screw the UK for everything they can. Well, two can play at that game.
  12. Retiredandhappyhere

    In appeal to EU, May calls for goodwill to avoid disorderly Brexit

    With that attitude, the UK could tell the EU to forget about any divorce payment as well.
  13. Retiredandhappyhere

    EU summit to lay out end-game plans - Tusk

    That is NOT what Tusk said. He meant it would be a catastrophe for both parties.
  14. Thais do not need to vote for "corrupt leaders and corrupt governments" as they can simply stay with the current lot.
  15. Calling someone's product "rubbish" is not in the same league as being called a Paedophile in return. Long after all this is over, there will be many people who will associate Vern's name with that taunt, while Musk's product will be long forgotten. Some mud always sticks.