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  1. When I moved to Thailand I had my household furniture etc shipped over under the "duty free" laws, Bangkok customs phoned me demanding 17000 bahts as otherwise they would open the container to check its contents. I said you can open it as everything is in order and exactly as per the manifesto. They said that if they broke the seal and opened the container, they "could not guarantee that things would not be stolen" . I fell victim to their scam and paid the 17000.
  2. This whole episode is just a misunderstanding by the public. He has been in his office all the time, working hard on behalf of us all.
  3. If they dont want reporters asking questions, just tell them where he is. Surely they are entitled to know where the second-in-command is? These people just do not have a clue.
  4. "We have to find other, pragmatic solutions," Schaeuble said. "If... there is no majority for treaty change, we will just have to do it through intergovernmental agreements or enhanced cooperation, whether you want to call it variable geometry, multi-speed Europe, or coalitions of the willing." In other words, "Ve hav vays of getting our vay!"
  5. A laugh a day! In Manchester, the authoritiies know the name of the perpetrator after just a few hours of the bombing there, but in Thailand we get the above informed and instructive remarks, which are supposed to instill confidence in all of us. I, for one, feel safer already.
  6. This statement proves that it is not only the hospital which contained sick people. The Government has plenty who insist on making stupid statements and predictions whilst never considering the victims involved. When are they going to learn that always thinking of money first and only money just makes everyone sick.
  7. Whether we agree with the news regulations are acceptable or not, at least we can rest assured that they will be rigidly monitored and enforced.... possibly for as long as a week.
  8. When does the "fixing" start?
  9. Well, that's the jingle for today. What have they got in store for us next week?
  10. More "misunderstandings" by the public. Thailand, the HUB of misunderstandings.where virtually every Government policy or announcement has to be subsequently, explained, corrected, amended or just ignored as the public did not understand the first annpouncement. Strangely, it does not just seem to be Thais and ex-pats who do not understand them but nowadays the rest of the world seem to be ignorant as well. Fortunately, just lately, more and more people, including thopse in the media, are prepared to chance their arm (and liberty) in coming out and expressing their opinions.
  11. If spending 13.5 billion on the sub will not sink the budget, why dont we think up some more useless projects and waste some more money?
  12. The statistics normally quoted for Thailand show that there are around 25000 deaths each year on the roads. If, as stated in this article, 5500 are attributable to motor cycles, where do the other 19500 come from? I thought that motor cycle accidents accounted for about 83% of all accidents (if not all deaths). Can anyone throw some light on the apparent anomaly?
  13. I will second that....but hope that I will be one day.
  14. Thailand is not being touted GLOBALLY as the hub of Asia but it is being touted as the hub of Asia by Thailand, which also considers itself as the centre of the Universe as well as the hub of virtually everything else.
  15. BIB

    If he thought he had found a legal parking spot which was handy, why would he look for another one further away? Your comment would require him to have the benefit of hindsight and in any event there would be nothing to stop him being fined in your suggested new spot.