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  1. Yes... simply ignorant and plain incorrect... He is not aware that only about 95% of terrorists these days are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim at all. They are other religion or of some crazy political type.
  2. You are wrong. Not all terrorists are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim at all. They are other religion or other political types. Only about 95% of terrorists these days are Muslim.
  3. No....not all terrorists are Muslim. Only about 95% of terrorists are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim.
  4. Sure, it's those horrible "...Zionists..." making Muslims go nuts and behead people, blow up people, take little Yazidi girls for sex's a "....cover-up...". It's all a Conspiraceeeee!!! Ohhhhh. Ooooooo.....those poor Islamic killers can't help themselves....the "...Zionists..." make them do it. The Islamic killers just can't control themselves. Sure.....whatever you
  5. There are common antibiotics that kill pretty well all bacteria in your gut when you take them. What we were told to do in the old days was to eat stuff like yogurt to help replace the lost good bacteria. Your system gradually replaces the good intestinal bacteria in any case.
  6. Try telling that to all the Muslim terrorists all over the world. How many Muslim terrorist bombings and murderous killings in the last 20 years ? ? I think they will tell you it's about faith... the Koran... the Hadiths. That is... unless they use Taqiyya on you..
  7. Is there a way to shut off the annoying "Let Life In Herbal Essences" add ? ? So annoying.... and repeating.... driving me nuts ! ! Help please... is this REALLY necessary for Thai Visa Forums ? ? ? Help please ...
  8. My prayers for the victims... Someone said... "Usually, these Muslim insurgents attack Buddhists or government personnel or Muslim informants but to detonate Bombs in front of a major shopping center like Big C, where most of Pattani's residents are Muslims and most of the shoppers come with their kids. It doesn't make sense to me." Well.... in my opinion... there is nothing about any type of Islam that makes any sense...PERIOD ! ! Radical Islamic Terrorism and murder is totally senseless. And moderate Muslims who do not take to the streets and protest the murderous radical Muslim killers.... are simply helping the radical Islamic terrorists with silence and acquiescence.
  9. Not all medium well-off Thais are selling "there" [sic] possessions. Many more previously well-off Venezuelan people are selling their possessions these days. And many more people in India jump in front of trains, or lay down on the end it all.
  10. Sorry to hear that story. I hope your wife is fully rcovered from that experience . It's stories like that...that make me glad I have been pre-vaccinated against Rabies. So if I get bit, it gives me more time to get help, and I will need only two further shots of Rabies vaccine, and I won't need the Rabies Immune Globulin shot. It would have been much easier on her if she had been pre-vaccinated.
  11. For bacteria.... not sure about parasites like worms..... Garlic, onion, allspice and oregano, for example, were found to be the best all-around bacteria killers (they kill everything), followed by thyme, cinnamon, tarragon and cumin (any of which kill up to 80 percent of bacteria). Capsicums, including chilies and other hot peppers, are in the middle of the antimicrobial pack (killing or inhibiting up to 75 percent of bacteria), while pepper of the white or black variety inhibits 25 percent of bacteria, as do ginger, anise seed, celery seed and the juices of lemons and limes. Perhaps if the worms are only in the stomach and intestinal tract,,,, the chemicals in hot peppers might do a lot of good and help expel them out your rear... But if the worms have spread to other organs of the body.... you might be out of luck. I doubt hot peppers are going to help you at that point.
  12. China allows people from 51 countries, Canada included, to stay up to 72 hours Visa free..not required... if only passing through at the airport in China and flying on to another destination. So I do not need a Visa for China. Cambodia has Visa on Arrival (Both Tourist and Ordinary) at two airports. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. I'll be leaving Canada May 22.... just a couple of weeks from now. I bought a flight on Air Asia from Siem Reap to Bangkok for the 15th of June. So I'm hoping that the combination of valid Passport, plus proof of booked onward flight a couple weeks after arriving in Cambodia..... together with Cambodia offering Visa on Arrival..... will result in me being allowed on the plane in Toronto. If anyone here has further information or suggestions, or encouragement.....I appreciate it... many thanks. My fingers are crossed. I'm thinking I may be okay.....
  13. is down. Site under maintenance. They say they should be back up online soon. In the meantime... no online Cambodian E Visa unless I try one of the possible scam sites.. In the meantime, I will be leaving Canada in about two weeks, May 22, on a China Eastern flight with layover in Shangai, then another China Eastern to Siem Reap. So what I've done is I've booked onward flight from Siem Reap to Bangkok ...flying out of Siem Reap..June 15. I hope that is enough proof for China Eastern airline that I will be doing onward travel in less than 30 days from arriving in Cambodia. My plan is to get a Cambodian Ordinary Visa on arrival at Siem Reap. Do you think that will be good enough?
  14. Have you ever tried Bird's Nest Soup? Yum...... but a bit pricy... Not everyone's cup of soup... 555555
  15. "Macron seen winning French presidential runoff with 62 percent of votes - poll" Not saying it isn't true..... but just remember all the polls that said Trump didn't have a chance and that Hillary was going to win..... .