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  1. Thank you very much... Best wishes...
  2. Thank you both very much for your information. I fly out of Canada May 22. Question: What are "supporting documents" ? When I look at Cambodian Embassy website, it says this... : Requirements for obtaining an ordinary(Business) visa into Cambodia * A completed visa application form* A Passport with at least 6months validity.* One recent photograph (2 inches x 2 inches.)* Appropriate visa fee (US$40)* Supporting documents (My question... what are "Supporting documents"? Or do they not ask? )
  3. Around neck is best.....If on wrist.... certainly not the wrist of the hand you clean yourself with when using hand held "bidet". For sure not below waist level.. I've seen westerners...usually young people in their late teens or twenties or early thirties with a tattoo of Buddha on the calf of their leg. Ignorant and insulting. ....You can actually be arrested and fined and kicked out of Myanmar/Burma for that.
  4. I find that when Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses Astro-physics and Cosmology and Astronomy... he's truly brilliant. I love listening to him. But when he goes off course and discusses economics, climatology/paleoclimatology or politics or other subjects he is not expert in.... he demonstrates his ignorance of those subjects to people who truly know those subjects. He truly fools people who know no better..and they hang on to his every word. Neil deGrasse Tyson should stick to his specialty. He truly is amazing when it comes to Astro-physics and Cosmology and Astronomy.
  5. I'll be flying into Siem Reap from Canada with a stopover in China. I'm a 65 year old Canadian wishing to live in Cambodia long term. Should I get the electronic 30 day visa online? Or should I fill out the Visa card they hand out on the plane for visa on arrival? They are good for only one 30 day renewal., but I need the ordinary/business visa good for a year long renewal if I wish. I read that the electronic/or on plane tourist Visa is $30.00 and the ordinary/business Visa is $35.00. I've read about the costs of renewal. Something like $300.00 for one year. Can the electronic online 30 day tourist visa be changed to a ordinary/business Visa when in country? The 30 day tourist visa/electronic visa can only be extended once.. for a further 30 days. I need the Visa that can be extended for a year. Not sure what to do...... please help ...and thank you.. I'm just not sure what to do. Thank you.
  6. A hellhole ? Maybe Phnom Penh and Snooky.... but there are a lot of little laid back peaceful towns with friendly people and nice Buddhist temples to spend time at. And Siem Reap is not that bad... If you can live without crazy Phnom Penh and Snooky night life... I bet it's not that bad. I've spent time in Thailand.....and at the end of May I will begin spending time in Cambodia... lots of time.. I don't need a lot of crazy night life at the bars at my age..
  7. She's an amazing girl for wishing to do her part to help fight fires. But she's too young for that. However, if they are going to let her anyways.... they should at least get her proper safety shoes or boots and a helmet of some kind... Flip flops leaving her feet unprotected, and no head protection just doesn't cut it....
  8. Nobody mentioning Cambodia ? Like Siem Reap? Or laid back Kampot, Pursat, or Battambang, Stung Treng, Trapeang Prasat etc. ? (I think I would avoid Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville except perhaps for short visit.)
  9. Coral "bleaching" is a good thing. It's a way in which coral adapts to changing conditions. Releasing its endosymbiotic algae that is suitable for previous conditions.... (bleaching) and over time taking in endosymbiotic algae more suited for new conditions. If it wasn't for the ability to bleach and take in other forms of algae, and perhaps other ways of adaptation we are still learning about, coral would have gone extinct a few hundred million years ago. Coral been around for more than 500 million years.... and has survived "Greenhouse Earth" where our planet has been so warm as to have no ice at all.. and forests growing at the poles... it's survived Ice Ages.. like the Ice Age we are in right now..and survived Glacial Periods like the last one which lasted for 85,000 years and we just came out of abut 15,000 years ago. It's survived the Ordovician-Silurian Mass Extinction..... It's survived the Siberian Traps eruptions and the great Permian Mass Extinction event... It's survived huge asteroid impact events like the Chicxulube Impact Event which drastically changed the climate virtually overnight... Coral will still be around..... for a few hundred million more years at least...
  10. Re: "Their [sic] everywhere....." There are all kinds of people in Thailand and Laos, and Cambodia and Vietnam and Sri Lanka, and Philippines and Equador and Columbia and Panama these days.... They're everywhere..... they're everywhere....
  11. The best is still Lee & Perrins Original and Genuine Worcertershire Sauce..... since 1837..
  12. This man goes begging to the monks for food, and then feels he has the right to choose which food that is given to him... NO ! ! He should take what is offered and be thankful. "BEGGERS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS" ! ! !
  13. To the ordinary person in the street they are the same thing. Forms of highly regulated authoritarianism/totalitarianism controlling our lives an promising us everything. It makes little difference which boot crushes your freedom.....the boot of fascism, socialism/communism, or some form of theocratic dictatorship or other totalitarian system..
  14. 55555 thanks for saying I'm knowledgeable.. To some extent I guess I am more knowledgeable in this subject than many people.... But that does not make me an expert. You have asked a question I do not know the answer to. "...does post-bite treatment amount to the same thing as pre-bite vaccination?" I'm sorry I don't have the answer to that one. I could guess..... but that would be taking a chance with a horrible disease and someone's life, which I won't do. I can only tell you vaccine information I know about and know to be factual. I will not guess at vaccine information that I am not familiar with. Please see a doctor who is very familiar with Rabies and the vaccines for more accurate info. . I'm sorry I can't answer that question for you.. Best wishes...
  15. Yes... you Brits would certainly know all about L & P and HP. I'm Canadian myself... with English, Scottish and Irish and German ancestry.. Mostly English and Scottish. I don't mind L & P being more watery... it's the combination of ingredients and taste I find amazing.. The L & P sold in Canada is made in England to the English recipe. I love it. But in the U.S., L & P is made there under licence or something... not made in England... and is not quite the same as the L & P in England and Canada. The U.S. uses a different type of vinegar in it... and maybe one or two other changes. I've noticed that L & P can be found in quite a few countries in the better resaurants... and sometimes even in just regular restaurants.... But you might have to go further to find it. If I get desperate, I'll even go to a large grocery store and try to find a bottle to take with me to a restaurant or I get some street food I wish to put it on. I can always take my L & P bottle back to my hotel or residence building if I have a room with a mini-fridge. It lasts for ages. Your Brits have some great stuff... :)