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  1. And those behavioral similarities would be.....................? (Waiting)
  2. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.... but in your post... do I detect a hint of attempted moral equivalence between Donald Trump and the stupid Pillsbury Doughboy fat kid that runs North Korea ? ?
  3. Maybe North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho is setting himself up to be North Korea's version of the former Iraqi Information Minister, "Baghdad Bob"/"Comical Ali" ( Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf)
  4. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Quite often.. Their ice cubes could be perfectly fine. I would guess most of the very popular bars/restaurants get their ice cubes from a safe source. But you can never know for sure unless you investigate. But I would assume that when you have such a business.... you don't want to make your customers sick. You would soon get a very bad reputation and lose your business. You're going to source your ice cubes from respectable good source. In all my time in Thailand and Cambodia, I never got sick from ice cubes in my drinks ...regular Coca Cola.. or hard drinks.. But I also only went to establishments that had been around and in business for years, and had good reputations among both locals and expats.
  5. Unbearable Itching

    For allergic reaction causing hives...taking something like Benedryl caplets or simple diphenhydramine antihistmine capsules is okay.. 25 mg - 50 mg. Prednisone can really help. But it's powerful.... take it with doctor's advice. A very bad life theatening reaction may need an injection of epinephrine and hospital.
  6. Unbearable Itching

    See post # 51. DUST MITES DON'T BITE !. They simply eat dead skin flakes. Most homes in the world have dust mites, even in the good 'ole U.S.A. about four out of five homes have them. And the families are not even aware of them. They are so small you can't really see them with the naked eye. It would be a better than even bet that your home has dust mites. You could have a million of them in your pillow...(many people do) and not even be aware they are there. Dust mites are not parasites, they don't bite, sting or burrow into your body. Dead skin that flakes off from you, dandruff, and hair are the only things they go after. They can trigger allergic reactions and/or asthma in "some" allergy sensitive people as their minute exoskeleton and feces can become airborne and inhaled.
  7. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I'm a 65 years old, caucasian Canadian, live in Canada, travel a lot in the tropics for months at a time, sometimes living for many months in Thailand, Cambodia, soon the Philippines and back to Thailand... been drinking cold water all my life.. the colder the better as long as it isn't frozen.. Ice cubes in it. I've never had a problem with it. Never gotten a sore throat. I've never heard of it causing sore throat. Of course in SE Asia or India or Africa... any third world and many second world countries.... you should stick to sealed bottled water....even for brushing your teeth. When I'm renting an apartment in SE Asia, I will only use the tap water for showering, being careful to not get the water in my mouth. And for cleaning my butt with the Butt Gun..... Perhaps you have an underlying problem that was already there in the background. Ice water itself never caused me any problems.. Do you smoke ? Smoke anything ? Then quit ! Are you in a city with very bad air pollution? Possible throat infection ? See a doc...
  8. Unbearable Itching

    Contrary to popular opinion, dust mites do not bite or feed on people.They feed on dead skin cells that come off of everyone. Dust mites are in almost every home in every country in the world. Instead, it is the tiny, airborne fragments of dust mite shed skins and feces that cause allergies for people. If you are allergic to them, you could possibly get itchy hives that LOOK like bites. Reducing indoor humidity and consistent, thorough vacuuming with a HEPA-filtered vacuum can help reduce dust mite allergens in homes. Most people are not allergic to dust mites and co-exist with them in their home without even being aware of them. They are usually too small to be seen with the naked eye...Their mouth parts much too small to puncture your skin.
  9. Where have you been? Don't you know that freedom of speech and expression are now suppressed? Google, Apple, Governments, Schools and Universities.... and YES, even ThaiVisa.com, are now suppressing and killing freedom of speech and expression. The left wing extremists and Islamists have won..... We've lost. Be careful what you say or print.... very careful. Google even fired an employee for simply making a note expressing his opinion and claiming that women had biological issues that prevented them from being as successful as men in high tech. It cost him his job ! ! Be careful...... even in ThaiVisa.
  10. That's correct. Sshhhhhh ! We are not allowed to mention that one community/religion...even if it's the truth....... so much for freedom of speach and expression these days. Google and Apple are also shutting people up. Google even fired one person recently for writing a memo concerning his feelings about gender differences.
  11. Excuse me please...... but... "...hole world..." ? ?
  12. Big bombs explode in Pattani

    Yes... simply ignorant and plain incorrect... He is not aware that only about 95% of terrorists these days are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim at all. They are other religion or of some crazy political type.
  13. Big bombs explode in Pattani

    You are wrong. Not all terrorists are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim at all. They are other religion or other political types. Only about 95% of terrorists these days are Muslim.
  14. Big bombs explode in Pattani

    No....not all terrorists are Muslim. Only about 95% of terrorists are Muslim. About 5% of terrorists are not Muslim.
  15. Big bombs explode in Pattani

    Sure, it's those horrible "...Zionists..." making Muslims go nuts and behead people, blow up people, take little Yazidi girls for sex slaves....it's a "....cover-up...". It's all a Conspiraceeeee!!! Ohhhhh. Ooooooo.....those poor Islamic killers can't help themselves....the "...Zionists..." make them do it. The Islamic killers just can't control themselves. Sure.....whatever you say....lol