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  1. Flu shot in Pattaya?

    I did my flue shot there as well. Bangkok Pattaya clinic on Sukhumvit . 790 thb. Recommended
  2. I think is a good idea. Hope they will do it
  3. yes sorry in my first post I was not precise , anyway I think is too sharp as well. Hope is a mistake . I don't know .
  4. At whishbeer now is 805 thb for box of 12 62cc or 990 thb for box of 24 32cc plus vat. If the price is correct than is 41.25 thb for one small leo + Vat. Almost 45 thb .
  5. I don't know how much was yesterday. But now at whishbeer 1 box of Leo is 805 thb + Vat
  6. As of now the price at tesco online is still the same of yesterday. Will see tomorrow
  7. one poster before said Marloro Red today in is 7-11 was priced at 165 Thb
  8. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    if the xmax 400 really make it here, it will be the scooter to have.
  9. So today You have been in a 7/11 and was 45 thb for Singha light ? Do you see if the price of others beer as changed as well?
  10. Anyway a 66cc of beer at 5% will have 14.19thb of tax for alcohol . Old scheme 3.3 thb. So around 11 thb of difference regarding the alcol content. Than the old scheme tax 60% of the production price and the new one 22% of the selling price . Since I don't know the production price i cannot calculate this part
  11. I belive the new tax scheme will not be on top of the existing one of before . So is difficult to calculate. You have to add the new tax but you also have to deduct the older one
  12. If the wine you buy is mixed with other fruits and not only grapes I don't think there wil be a huge difference in price. Different story for the real wine that will be taxed a lot
  13. As I understand the idea is to arrive at 3000 bath of tax for 1 lit of alchool. But they will do it little by little in the next 20 years. As for the price hike now I don't think is major . Maybe 10% of the price of a beer. Just my opinion
  14. This one was the old tax scheme .
  15. As I understand this is just the start. In the next 20 year they will increase it to arrive at 3000 thb for 1 lit of alcohol.