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  1. Nah, I am indifferent to troll but you did touch my funny bones. Keep trying.
  2. You admit that you know nothing but didn’t stop you from making assumption. You must be a lonely man. By the way, my Thai wife is yellow from the south and we accept our differences.
  3. Admit it, you know next to nothing.
  4. For sure they are not rubber farmers motivated by money and lead by a corrupt lying and possibly paid establishment crony.
  5. His thinking and views are so rightist that the 1997 charter drafters left him out of the committee for good reasons. The 1997 charter was called people charter because it incorporate elected representatives from each provinces to the drafting committee of 99 members. Meechai’s charter has 36 members; all appointees by the junta. How on earth are the suggestions from the public represented in the drafting and what benefits for the people if their views are not being heard and represented. Expletives.......
  6. The station will be in Bang Pa-In and doubt it will be connected by other rail system to Bangkok. I wonder why they didn't think of integrating with the rail system. They always don't seem to plan with integration with other transport system in mind. Even the tollway don't reach Bang Pa-in and kind of stop weirdly after Future Rangsit.
  7. So refreshing to know that there are Thais abroad who will organize themselves to protest in UK and maybe France and the NCPO can't do anything about them. I hope that they have numbers and the foreign media pick up on that and give them wide publicity and highlight the junta's suppression of human rights and denying election.
  8. Meechai is part of the trickery and deceit.
  9. Are those rats bailing out of the great Prayut hope? So the party is a non starter because they can't attract the financing and the resources to run in all constituencies as they originally boasted. People have turned their backs on the party and crocodile tears Suthep and the party will become insignificant in the election.
  10. One of many. He is a unusually wealthy man and well like. His great wealth are all inherited and gifts from friends; some deceased.
  11. Eric Loh

    Govt: 2019 budget deficit appropriate

    The EU visit is nothing more than a self enhancement attempt to raise his international profile as EU soften their stance after distancing itself from the junta following the coup. France trip has a specific agenda which is to conclude the Airbus deal for the satellite. The UK visit was to reciprocate Boris Johnson's visit in Feb. I doubt much business deals can be made unless he announce an election date and a return of democracy which investors will be keen to know before they make any decision.
  12. Eric Loh

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    In Lee's view "Democratic procedures have no intrinsic value. What matters is good government and the government's primary duty is to create a stable and orderly society where people are well cared for, their food, housing, employment, health". I will go on and add safety, corruption, stability, education and the respect by the world of the achievements of the tiny city state. He also said that democracy is one way of getting the job done and if non-electoral procedures are conducive to attainment of the valued ends, then I'm against democracy. Nothing is morally at stake in the choice of procedures.
  13. Only to be upset by Trump's tariff wars. If this gets worse, the world maybe heading for another depression.
  14. He done his homework and know where the best place to find lots of cash.
  15. Eric Loh

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    The China (not Chinese) model is a hierarchical system and are more susceptible to shocks and upheaval than a democratic system. If Xi Jinping became seriously ill or passed away suddenly, what would happen to the political system? The system has been tailored to him. Or, if there are military skirmishes, how will the nationalistic forces in society react? This system is built for expansion, especially economic expansion, and setbacks are very hard to justify. It’s easier in democratic systems because you can change the government. But in China you can’t so the potential for chaos and disruption is greater. Thailand is unable to support stable governments because the establishment and military don’t want their dominance to be threatened. Everyone knows that but you.