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  1. Once the constitution has been royally signed, election must be held after few bureaucratic steps. Even the laws regarding holding of election must be finished by certain period. IMHO, Prayut is under a lot of pressure by the establishment to hold the election. The poor economic is affecting them too and they also fear another round of chaos that is simmering at the grassroots level. Anyway, the junta has prepared adequately to lord over politics for a long time.
  2. Disgusting and appalling comments by 2 uncouth leaders. Same disgusting comment by Trump on Sgt Johnson “that he knew what he signed up for”. Leaders not suited for high office.
  3. Dem Party alone will not be able to form the government. He will likely to fair much worse then the previous election. That will mean that he will have to negotiate with the 3 major mid size parties and some smaller parties to have a chance to form the government. To me that is a tall order. Like you I hope he realize the folly of going to bed with the military as he will be push around. Best chance is they join force with PTP and firewall the military ambition. Far fetch, maybe maybe not. Think he still bow to the military.
  4. Do the math and you know that even with the 3 mid-size parties supporting him in the next election, it will not be enough to form the government. The best bet is for the Dem to get behind him and with the mid size parties getting more party lists due to the complex MMA system, might be sufficient to form the government. As long as Ahbisit is the leader of the Dem, he will be too weak to refuse some arm twisting and a chance to be deputy PM. Or PTP looks unable to win the majority because the MMA system was designed to do just that. It will possibly lead to an impasse electing a PM and the upper house will be brought in and the combine votes will allow Prayut to be the next PM. And we can expect any round of chaos to follow.
  5. Buzzword was and still is retroactive. Can’t go wrong if they want to nail anyone.
  6. This will seat nicely with other classics like " I am a democratic soldier" or Prawit's gem on cadet death by saying "don't join the military".
  7. If I recollect, the initial open bid didn't get the desired bidders and changed to close bid auction. I am not a real estate person and maybe you with your knowledge can correct me. In a close bid, I don't think the bidders identities are revealed. Only the winning bid need to reveal their identity. In that auction, there were 3 bidders. Potjaman bid 772 M Baht and other bidders were Noble at 750 M Baht and Land and House at 730 M Baht. I think the bidding aspect was above board.
  8. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Kicking the can down the road; a perfect metaphor to describe this feeble attempt at police reform. Certainly not sterner stuffs like revising the law with some kick ass deterrents, no more transfer of inactive posts but sacking from the force, re-structure the whole force starting from the top, arrest the top corrupted officers to send a message to the lower ranks and investigate all the unusual wealth of officers. Ceding to another corrupt agencies is just passing the tough to another group of feasting pigs.
  9. You know what you written and trying to imply with some sick sarcasm. Posters can judge.
  10. You think that he can be prosecuted. Let’s not kid ourselves.
  11. What kind of person would ask someone to leave the country when they lost an argument. Childish and juvenile.
  12. Nothing to worry. There are committees and commissions vacancies waiting to be filled by junta surrogates.
  13. TVF only represent a tiny portion of the online criticism of the junta. View the Thai social media space and you find stronger increasing anger and frustration of the junta behavior. Even main stream media and academics which were pro junta in the beginning have been critical of the junta. You going to jail them all? Those still hanging on to the junta coattails have really lose any sense of righteousness and wrongness of the junta's behavior.
  14. What a waste of tax payer money. All ado about nothing.