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  1. Maybe the worst are the only kind that can deal with the worst. The good qualifiers are no match for the worst kind.
  2. Lucky man unlike Yingluck not given the luxury of more time for witnesses.
  3. Yellow shirts jailed for storming NBT station

    Doubt anyone here is taking the “color” seriously just like not taking your post seriously. We just having fun.
  4. Unfortunately we differ on facts and innuendo just because you hate and despise the man. I too despise the man for his corruption but I rather keep to facts. You can made all the assumptions you like but you losing your credibility without backing them up with facts. By the way, I think you meant the UDD, not the red shirts. By now I thought you know that the red shirts are a political movement not an association and include various groups with diverse political priorities. Some group even dislike Thaksin. Now you learn something factual mate. .
  5. He really did all that!!! Got to ask you to give some factual examples. Did he pick the next leader? He was qouted that he was non-committal and depends on party choice. All in print mate; not yours. I would say that was very democratic an approach. Right?
  6. Managing a political party or giving advise. Don't seem like an intervention.
  7. Rice rains on PM Prayut (VDO clip)

    Broken vase, dead pigeon and rice raining down on him. He is a magnet for bad luck. Discard the toad, maybe luck will change. Worth a try.
  8. The junta is worried sick; period.
  9. What about the military influencing parties to form Ahbisit government. Or Dem being influence by military. Like I say, it’s a can of worm and a trapdoor. No lobbyists. That is quite a stretch of imagination Rob.
  10. Whatever the computation, the future looks dim for Thailand. Right now the focus is only on the election but the Sword of damocles is hanging perilously over the appointment of the PM. The citizens will never tolerate another military non-elected PM and the junta is pulling all the stops to prevent PTP; all leading to another round of chaos. Just hope there will be sensible intervention to prevent bloodshed.
  11. Got me scratching; what is the legal definition of intervention. I heard of intervention in a lawsuit or undue influence but how is intervention in this manner legally interpreted. Really like a trap door to be interpreted in ways that suit the hidden powers. The junta is really scared stiff of Thaksin and Yingluck with unclear laws meant to curb their immense popularity but the reverse is happening making both of them even more appealing than the corrupt inept junta.
  12. Bad omen. Crows big bully and gang up to take away a peaceful pigeon. Hmmm. Happen before.
  13. GDP growth to rise over 4% this year

    Former sick man of Asia Phillipines estimates growth 6.8. Will see which country will overtake Thailand as the number 2 largest economy in ASEAN. It will be quite soon.
  14. I don’t know and you don’t know so why speculate. The Act have all the provisions on donations from 10k to 10m Baht and full details of donors. You can’t prove it. Just leave it as that.