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  1. We can now conclude and put to rest whether the junta organize her escape.
  2. Leave Yingluck probe to police, says Prawit

    You right. My apologies. The court grant her bail on condition she can't leave the country without permission.
  3. 3.5-3.6% GDP growth is among the slowest in ASEAN taking out Singapore which is on different level of development status. Sure GDP will improve after the election. Junta government is holding back Thailand growth potential.
  4. Are you seriously saying that a coup was needed to stop criminality from happening? That's not the responsibility of the military. That a load of bs from you. BTW, PTP didn't cheered and the men arrested were put on trial and acquitted. So who kill those innocent kids. I wouldn't rule out provocateurs. .
  5. Venture a guess. Double standard?
  6. Forget to add that they are crooks with immunity too. Ouch!!!
  7. Truth hurts. I consider junta who seized power because they have guns as cowards together with their partner in crime Suthep and Ahbisit. Much different from those who dare to face the electorate and win their mandate. I see you like people who seized power and gain office without people mandate. Sad.
  8. .....with their love for Yingluck. Reality hurts deery.
  9. So when the law went against your side, it is cowardly. I see you have the same mentality as the establishment. Only their political enemies are single out. Rest are untouchables. There goes your constant preaching on the need for the rule of law. If you want to talk about May 2010 Paris visit, you need to tell the truth. THaksin was invited by a thinktank in Paris and the organizers were frantically trying to stop him from making political speech regarding the atrocities of the military in quenching the Rajaprasong demonstrators. Thank god he did just that and made known to an international audience of the military killing of civilians.
  10. The spineless cowards are the junta who seized power and use the corruption agencies to pursue their political enemies. Then shamelessly announce that they are the soldiers of democracy and the good people. She stood up against all those abuses and intimidation for as long as she possibly can until the cowardly junta fear her supporters and plan for her escape. Just hope the junta would not go so low as to use her son as a bargaining chip. Knowing the junta despicable behavior, this might happen.
  11. Happy for the young man not to suffer the injustice of 10 years.
  12. That's so out of date. Here is the latest catch-phrase. "Prayut said sorry three times yesterday to some senior doctors while visiting the Stock Exchange of Thailand. He made the apology while giving a speech to executives of capital and securities companies and later in an interview to the media".
  13. I think she will turn up. If not guilty, she will have the last laugh. If guilty, she will appeal and then flee. Still the money on the court to postpone the verdict till after the funeral.
  14. Leave Yingluck probe to police, says Prawit

    Good links. Agree that this bail is rather confusing. Never seen (to my knowledge) a malfeasance case whereby a collateral was required to ensure court appearance. All told, this case is unprecedented and first of its kind in Thailand. The conditions laid out by the judge are also not clear and nothing mentioned in the media.
  15. If the junta is serious about reconciliation, they should have started work on the 1st year; not 3 years after the coup. Rather an insincere attempt.