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  1. There is a party struggle for control and will likely to see a split. Suthep has been trying to plot to seize control of the Dem party for the past year in hope of gaining the party backing for Prayut. He knows that his ACT party wouldn't get enough vote to secure Prayut as next premier and need the Dem party. His proxies are ex-PDRC leaders like Thavorn who is very strong in Songkla, Chumpon and Nakorn Si-thammarat. The primary election was a cliff hanger as only about 100,000 out of the 2.5 m members got to vote in their party leader primary. The 3 provinces were able to act quick and secured lots of members while the rest could not be registered on time. Thavorn/Warong were confident they will win as Songkla, Chimpon and Nakorn are strong PDRC bases. Something must have happened in the voting and Suthep's camp is very unsatisfied. Trouble ahead for sure for the party.
  2. Rob, without sounding condescending, your personal anology measure poorly against a ranking based on empirical studies. That’s the proof I need.
  3. Have you look at how the indices are measured. Look it up to get an understanding that other factors were added since 2015. Anyway, the point was that under elected government in 2012 was a marked better ranked than post coup military government. That fact stand.
  4. Eric Loh

    Activist Protests Higher Salaries For Generals

    Those generals see this as an insult that their salaries were exposed. It’s only less than 10% of their real salaries.
  5. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble regarding quality of life and fascination for military government, check the ranking below. The year 2012 was under an elected government and quality of life ranking was “10”. Then check 2013 onwards and see how they declined under military government to the current “17”. A denial like you may not agree. https://www.numbeo.com/quality-of-life/rankings_by_country.jsp?title=2018-mid&displayColumn=0&region=142
  6. As long as the generals continue to stage coups, the bad of the political parties will continue to thrive. Like the idiom, an one-eye corrupt man will be king in the land of blind corrupt generals. The alternative to stratocracy and authoritarian rule is always more appealing. Empowering people to vote their leaders is the only solution #Malaysia.
  7. You are absolutely right. Bread and butter issues must be top of his agenda if he want to win support from the masses. Conscription and changing laws are important but do not address current economic woes of the common people.. The financial woes are best captured by this plead from an ordinary man on the street. Somkiat Santakorn, 58, a vendor who travelled from Chumphon with his family to register as members of the party, said he liked its policy ideas and had faith in the democratic stance of the party. “What I want Future Forward to do quickly is work on the economy. People haven't had more money in their pockets over the past few years. Next I want to see changes in the laws and constitution for equality of rights". Maybe FFP will fleshed out their economic policies when the political ban if lifted. I hope so or they will unlikely to gain much support from the people.
  8. He is a mystery writer. Lots of questions but no opinion and left the end hanging. Self censored himself; scared.
  9. Just love how the political parties are running rings around the EC and the junta. FFP has been selling their merchandise on line for quite a while and earned them close to 2 M Baht which is a handsome sum. They probably reached their target and to make that sale legitimate, they then ask the EC for a ruling. Idiots being played like a violin.
  10. I would love to see fat out of shape old man throw a fist without hurting himself.
  11. Eric Loh

    Pheu Thai Splintering To Win In 2019: Jatuporn

    Back to the drawing board Meechai. You cancelled the previous MMM election system, rejected the MMP and thought you have done enough to frustrate the big political parties with the MMA. Maybe now is time you do a MIA.
  12. Eric Loh

    Who heeds a man of no integrity? [Editorial]

    Pretty much a cowardly article ignoring the real reasons for the coordinated and elaborate planning that went into the staging of the coup. Blame that on the citizens and nothing about the military who have regularly staged coups. Lack of fortitude and gutless to confront the real enemy of the people.
  13. Eric Loh

    More Pheu Thai members shifting to sister party

    They are standing for election, an aspect of democracy lest you forgotten.
  14. Don’t worry about this too much. The military don’t have a re-call system and I have yet to see any laws regarding failure to report. This conscription is a joke and really has little to offer to a real war except maybe in the cookhouse.