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  1. Keep telling yourself that if it gets you through the day.
  2. how? i see no similarities, eligibility is based on earnings and skill set and not purchased.
  3. you will note the spelling was corrected. the compounding was intentional.
  4. ah the delicious irony of misspelling moron. well done superchief
  5. if he were doing it with mates in english you'd call it banter. hes a kid having fun. good for him. given his language skills hes likely another escaped mormon.
  6. there was field on the application form for Wattana Wittaya Academy asking what my enrollment contribution would be to have my daughter go to their primary school.
  7. AIS 4g WiFi dongle

    a hotspot is just a wifi connection created by your phone. connecting to phone by wifi or "dongle" by wifi are the exact same process
  8. AIS 4g WiFi dongle

    laptop has no wifi?
  9. AIS 4g WiFi dongle

    no better than using your phone as a hotspot
  10. Excellent copy and paste skills. At least you reread it. Others still seem to struggle.
  11. The couple in bangkok were american. The subjects of this story were not. But you knew that already, right?
  12. American or not you seem to have reading comprehension issues. No indication of this couples nationality is given beyond them being "western". Its stunning how many people on thaivisa cant read a basic news article correctly.
  13. no its because you are old and unwilling to accept different might not necessarily be worse.