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  1. Yeah, I'd go with Crested Goshawk. Interesting encounter indeed.
  2. Looking is like a hawk or kite of some sort. Beautiful.
  3. HooHaa

    What did u bring with u before heading to bkk?

    Great idea on the linen, if your. Country of origin has a size equivalent to a Thai kingsize.
  4. HooHaa

    What did u bring with u before heading to bkk?

    I reckon the issue is you, I travel with very little issue unless I get a dodgy shrimp.
  5. That is the question. Many of the volunteers are asking for more than nothing. They want souls.
  6. HooHaa

    Haggling,do you feel guilty?

    Well they obviously could tell you were an upmarket, desirable, viagra-buying sex tourist of the highest ilk. An honour to have you, it must have been.
  7. HooHaa

    Haggling,do you feel guilty?

    Yes, hiding behind your wife is certainly the way to do Thailand right.
  8. And thank you Jenny for the update on anaesthetic technique. Your Google skills are unparalled.
  9. You have a remarkably firm grasp of the obvious. It worked. Nuff said.
  10. Kids in surgery most certainly use breathing appratus
  11. No. I suspect the whole article is out of context.
  12. HooHaa

    World’s Oldest Man in Japan Who Loves Eating Candy Turns 113

    Just off the headline, are there older men who don't like candy?
  13. I think they buy them because they are cheap. If other alternstives were more affordable you would see more of them on the road.
  14. Oh, there would be a confrontation. But not via face book