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  1. no, that part is just plain stupid. but funny. im just addressing folk who insist they should have turned it in if they believed it was real. as if there is somewhere trustworthy enough to hold it until an owner came to claim it. and having lost a stack of cash, who in asia would expect to get it back?
  2. i find a wallet with a few hundred bucks in it i will try return it. i find a stack of cash, with no distinguishing features on holiday, you better believe im having it.
  3. ah the authorities. grand gestures amounting to nothing, and no real plan in sight. military enforced puritanism.
  4. miaow, that fellow in your profile pic looks familiar, have you perhaps been on the news recently?
  5. you do understand that this guy probably appeals to a different demographic right? anyways this is pointless. i defer to your brother in law, his mates and colilineils wife on all things thai. sadly, i have other things to do and will stop beating my head against the wall of indignation and ignorance. as for you time on the ground here, much like your tv like and post count, they amount to nothing, but i understand you feel they give you credibility.
  6. and now you are being obtuse. i am merely pointing out that this is not a one off mad rant that is incomprehensible to the natives. I am pointing out that he is not unknown and has a following of sorts among a number of people (local - - as in thai local) that are not unaware, and not unappreciative of what he does. thai visa wrote yet another post without proper background that panders to the misery and schadenfreude that gains them ad traffic and the general populace of wretched gits that have chosen to settle here with their wives as their sole point of contact to the local world have jumped upon it with vigor, assuming stances of righteous indignation over the actions of a person who actually is a contributing member of the local community and whose humor seems to be appreciated by at least some of those able to understand it. this is classic thai visa, throw in a hooker, a katoey, and a story of infidelity and lost savings and its another good money day.
  7. Tbe dude is a comedian. Why do you have trouble grasping that? He has over 70k followers on social media and he takes the piss. Its what he does. Though sadly he hasn hit the big time yet as cloinniels wife has never hesrd of him. Sigh.
  8. The man is making stupid farang look stupid. Only you can change that.
  9. People arent poking fun, that would suggest some familairity or knowledge of the man. Guided by a typically biased article from the thai visa team who have done their best to make the man look unhinged, without doing any research at all in to who he may be, the hoi polloi here have jumped on the bandwagon to declare him,, insane, and an embarrasmment to their fragile selves. It is actually just another indicator of the ignorance that abounds here amongst a community of sad sacks looking for anything that makes them feel better about themselves in comparison to the next guy. Post like this do the rest of us a service in identifying who is best ignored.
  10. Nonsense, colinneils wife has spoken, and she is the final arbiter of all things thai.
  11. So your wife disgrees, based on a biased article by the thai visa "news" team. And she is the voice of all thais? Excellent, no reason to question her judgement, nope none at all.
  12. thaivisa member do that well enough on their own
  13. Founded: 7 July 1984, Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada Headquarters: Montreal, Canada Founders: Guy Laliberté, Gilles Ste-Croix, Daniel Gauthier, Rachel Vertus Quebecois perhaps, but canadian nevertheless