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  1. A more pertinent question would be where the hell is nai han yai beach. 20 yesrs experience on phangan, and it is new to me.
  2. I too would and have. Being a recreational drug user myself, it would be difficult to avoid. I do avoid drunks though.
  3. oh he must be shaking. the junta has a very tenuous grasp of reality.
  4. HooHaa

    2-cat snack proves too much for Bangkok python

    pussy is no match for my anaconda
  5. https://www.goprothai.com/เช็คราคา/ seems to have better prices than lazada, there is a bundle deal for 16,900 seems rather reasonable. i wakeboard and we shoot alot but use cheaper versions like sj cam because its easier to walk away from it when lost. the gopro hero 6 is sweet though
  6. true. this jockeying has been years in the making, all unrest, protest in thailand has been the factions jostling for power awaiting a certain event. now that the worst has finally happened the clear victor has emerged and it is clear who had backing from the outset. ah complicity.
  7. very well played by prayut and the junta, suspect there is some complicity there as well, but shan't go into details as to where. a hole card was played and due to its face value, no one can object. very well played indeed.
  8. they become difficult to deal with and ask too many pointless questions
  9. utter <deleted>, this is way more than an oops i forgot.
  10. no, actually i have never done anything out of the ordinary that resulted in a dead child. criminal negligence at the very least. i dont see how this could possibly be rationalized away, and would recommend you stay away from any similar responsibility yourself.
  11. HooHaa

    Something To Do

    all my subtle friends have cats standing on their coffee tables. dont get me wrong, i love and have always had a cat for as long as i can remember, but a good smack or certainly establishes ground rules that last forever. if that seems cruel a squirt gun works wonders too. then hit em with the hair dryer.....
  12. What on gods green earth did you THINK a bargirl did? hes surprised his hooker wants money. Even the retarded can get laid in thailand it seems