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  1. Hello I am currently staying in Thailand on a 12 extension of stay based on Marriage, my next 90 day report is 30th May 2018, and my extension of stay expires on the 7th of June 2018. I need to go back to Australia shortly, for a unknown period of time. I will get a re-entry permit. I do plan to re-enter before my extension of stay expires. My question is how long before the extension of stay expires, do I have to submit application for renewal for 12 months or can this be done on the 7th of June.
  2. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Public forum, much information can be learned from Thai Visa, many interesting threads with a lot of smart Thai bashing comments within, some good posters who seem to like the Fact they live in Thailand and enjoy there lives. But all the Thai bashing , political correct, spelling correct, sarcastic , bored people with nothing more to criticise, every day life in Thailand, put a real damper on this forum. Your obviously one of them so a quick goodbye to you
  3. poor service at Tesco compared to 7/11

    Never read so much garbage, get a life
  4. Television repairs

    Would anyone know of a place that repairs Televisions in Kanchanaburi
  5. That is the standard acknowledgement they should have everybody complete and sign when they apply for the extension (completed and signed 9 of them). Number one means a change of the reason for the extension which means your current extension would end on the date you do it. In your case it would cancel your current extension based upon marriage and you would apply for one based upon retirement. It certainly does not mean you have to get a new visa. Thanks for clarification, I believe I have been told the wrong info at Immigration,but this time I will apply again for the 12 month extension based on marriage as they were adamant that they were correct. Cheers
  6. Thanks for your replies. After speaking to them at immigration, they gave me the TM 7 form & this form as well which I only noticed this morning. In my thinking Clause 1 seems to verify what I was told. Cheers
  7. Today went to Immigration {Kanchanaburi} to ask about changing from extension of stay based on marriage to retirement , last 12 months I have been in Thailand based on Marriage. Reason being for why I wanted change was retirement a lot easier regards paper work etc and have the required funds in a Thai Bank. Was told that I would have to leave the country and obtain a new non immigrant visa based on retirement. Not a big problem for me , as will do the marriage way again, just a lot more involved Interested to know if this happens in other provinces currently, as have read (only read) that one could change the reason of stay on there passport stamp
  8. Hello have been staying in Thailand with a 12 month extension of stay based upon Marriage. I would like next time to change the extension of stay from marriage to retirement. Can I do this without a fly out. If I can what , paper work do I need to show. Cheers
  9. Wondering if anyone knows what is going to be built opposite Big C in Kanchanaburi? Cheers