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  1. mrmicbkktxl

    EU court to issue Brexit ruling on December 10

    i'm German and I like to UK to stay in the EU,but I think they doing the right thing.Sure it will be difficult times for the UK,but it will get better.Until 1993 everything was great,until 1993 the EU was called EEC(European Economic Community]All was only about economic integration,customs union and common market,a good thing I would say,wish we had the EEC back.Everything what came after 1993 is mostly a disaster,nothing is thought through.Now is 2018 and the (costly)big water head in Brussels is acting like a giant imperator and telling every member state what they can do or not do.I no need the EU to tell the member states how many immigrants they have to take,or how much a phone call should cost or how much child benefit a bulgarian kid should receive while in Germany.This whole EU thing should stop now and roll back to EEC only. The UK will get a shit Brexit deal from the EU.Why the EU should give them a good deal?If they do and the UK is doing well,other EU members will follow them.Still the UK is doing the right thing,they did the right thing about "Schengen and Euro'and this time will be no difference
  2. mrmicbkktxl

    Type 2 diabetes health insurance

    Again they don't offer a health insurance
  3. Exactly,I did my extension with a affidavit from German embassy last week at immigration Sriracha,they didn't ask for any bank books or other financial proof,but I had to draw a map and sign some overstay acknowledgement