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  1. i use to go fishing at Phra Khanong, the only thing i ever caught was plastic bags, just pathetic, every single person carries a plastic bag with their meals in them, what happens after, yep toss it in the river , floats out to sea and then returns to the beach
  2. ok i have suffered this but to say a person could not go to hospital with a BROKEN LEG because of a vehicle is obstructing a driveway is just pathetic, total bullshit drama queens
  3. well i ask you this, why did the cop offer the vendor millions to say he was the rightful owner ??
  4. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    agree with a previous poster its those bloody old buses belching out black smoke, what happened to those lovely NEW buses, are they rotting away somewhere, i expect so.
  5. why dont this stupid lot get a life, we know we can go into any go go bar in any province and see more than this. once again a laughing stock, the sad thing is , they cannot see it, national headlines again, for what ??
  6. i had it in the UK years ago, dropped kerb (at great expense) denotes my right of way, school dinner lady parked, so i could not get my boat out, her answer, * you should not have a boat* rang the cops, a young cop rolls up, wet behind the ears, goes over to the school the lady throws him the keys and told him to move it, i said what are ya man or mouse ha ha.my mate had a coach company, he said i will park one of my buses outside of her house , see how she likes it, i was tempted ha ha
  7. do i understand no Irish government for 1 year, maybe we dont need a UK government, all they do is bloody talk and no action
  8. did you steal that rock from the weather forecasters back garden ha ha, rain forecast for Jomtien yesterday true to form, not one drop, i just look out of my window now to get a better forecast
  9. brainwashed Thais, the lot of them, beggars in robes we call them, rich as hell, (have you seen the money being handed over at the temples, and spent on drugs , booze, and young kids. ) i have seen poor people down to their last baht giving these leeches money, in the hope of good luck, i tell my MRS you make your own luck in life, yep been to a few temples to see poor folk drop a 100 baht bill into an urn then off to another part of the complex to drop off a few more 100 bahts
  10. what an inconsiderate <deleted>, i suppose there is a law about obstruction, that would be obstructing a persons right of way in my book, 100,00 baht fine and a year in prison, (or was that to do with smoking ) ? lol
  11. moved to Jomtien last October, am looking fore a hospital to register with, dont say , BANGKOK HOSPITAL PATTAYA , my friend who has gone home to day, just spent 2 nights in there, had tests done, was put on a drip, the bill was 42,000 baht.he had DENGHI ? fever. just to say i was with the hospital at EKAMAI, brilliant service, had some problems, i had scans seen 3 different doctors, the bill was 5,000 baht, seen straight away, (it was that old pollution thing)
  12. Bling Shop In The Philippines

    i am just repeating what is on the packaging, if the products are manufactured here does anyone know of an outlet as i have never seen one. must be one somewhere,
  13. Police officer’s New Year largesse investigated

    if you skipped work in my company just a few times, you would not be working there anymore
  14. its a shame but every man and his dog seem to be corrupt no matter in what branch of employment they are in, be it a dust cart, a teacher, town hall, or a cop, the list is endless
  15. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    well he should know he was involved in one,, the old adage, dont do as i do, do as i tell ya.