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  1. yes it appears he has form, bit of a <deleted>, getting his just deserts, should have stayed in Canada
  2. mercman24

    Smartphone Driver License Not Accepted By Cops

    what an absolute waste of time and money, its no hardship to carry your licence, except for a thai maybe, i was stopped a few weeks ago, usual crap, thai girl behind me no helmet, (bet she had no licence as she did not produce it,) so she had a chat all smiles, then off she goes, cop wanted to look under my seat, no fkin way, looking for the machete, i generally carry, but not on a Tuesday for Friday. (joking) as this is police tea money days.
  3. ok off on a tangent, my mate in the UK had a rebellious step daughter (arnt they all at 14), out of control basically, she threatened him with sexual abuse, if she did not get her own way. it frightened the shit out of him, not much one can do except deny it.
  4. mercman24

    Policeman’s murder in Pattani possibly revenge

    great reporting , can we assume that the remaining gunman is still blasting away at the rangers or has he managed to escape as we hear so often
  5. HIGHWAY PATROL , sounds good , can be seen weekends , crawling up and down JOMTIEN beach road, with lights flashing like a christmas tree. while the weekend thai brigade, go flashing by, a lot not old enough to hold a licence, and what does a helmet look like, (sigh)
  6. mercman24

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    MAN U MANAGEMENT DISGUST ME, new manager had turned this team around not frightened of their own shadows anymore, the best start in history for a new manager, he will get us up to fourth place, and in the money. and this lot are openly looking for a new manager, total disrespect, for OLLIE, give him the job for next season,
  7. need to have a camera on that crossing, with a message saying, 1000 baht fine and your vehicle will be CRUSHED, look at the moto taxis trying to get their customers killed
  8. is there a delay. did i miss something, ? this is from an unelected government who has refuse any party to canvass, but blatantly do so themselves by visiting provinces and promising them the earth in the future, (if you vote for me that is)
  9. mercman24

    86 motorcyclists arrested in road racing clampdown

    i was on a ride out today just outside Pattaya and i kid you not,2 girls no older than about ten years old went whizzing by me, and of course no helmets, as said they dont car one iota, as there is no deterrent, the parents must be aware of the dangers, like those kids riding against traffic yesterday,
  10. farang no better, when they see adverts saying put 2 million baht down for a condo on a bit of waste ground and in 9 months after the build you can sell for 3 million, the building company have no capital whatsoever they are using the deposits for the build, then as we know no build come out on budget, builder goes bust does a runner, and poor farang who is only thinking of making a killing ends up with jack shit.NEVER EVER BUY OFF PLAN PERIOD
  11. mercman24

    Popular Nana Pharmacy closing

    i see there is a pharmacy now in the 7/11 in soi 4, up by the soi 6 junction, also just past the gas station at end of soi 4, a shop by the Brit pub sells lots of meds and of course booze.
  12. sorry , but thats what ya get for riding against traffic i see this every day, thais once again too dam lazy to do it properly, i can go out now and on the road to Wat Yai, gaurantee i will see scooter riders riding against traffic. too lazy to go 50 yards, cross the railway tracks and ride on the proper side of the road
  13. that would be the guy selling BETAMAX VHS recorders then
  14. what election is that then,? you lot have been in a coma, they have had one, well i know the result already lol
  15. i bet he could go into any foreign restaurant, be it Indian , Chinese etc, in any large town/city, Bangkok or Pattaya for starters,, and dig out a few.