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  1. wow 20,000 baht to join that,s a lot of *short time * money, one could become a *teaching expert* (lol) and still have 15,000 in ones wallet, there are some gullible people about
  2. do unto other as they would have do unto you, (only do it twice as hard) i hope this poor girl has got some nice brothers, scared for life,
  3. can i ask once again , why do we never get any follow ups of reported cases. eg the russian robber, who beat that girl senseless and the Aussie guy who got stomped by the Yank, in Pattaya, just two spring to mind
  4. next stop soi 4 NANA , PLEASE, get rid of vendors and those bloody scooters virtually making it a one way street now. having to walk in the road as pavements blocked, and buses travelling up it to go to various tourists hotels make it very dangerous.
  5. mercman24

    Android boxes now illegal in Thailand

    be like me , just sit back and enjoy the show whilst wearing your , copy t shirt and nike trainers, lol
  6. ONLY IN THAILAND where they want to turn a near tragedy into a tourist attraction, how sick is that., the baht is king here.
  7. thats a pity he is not going to sue this idiots ass off, if that tart can sue TRUMP, (who was paid off and signed the deal) then, this guy should have gone to town,
  8. mercman24

    Thai business owners who think they own the public road

    not been stabbed yet i presume, and when it happens Thai man will say, you attacked him first, he in fear of his life., lol,, fancy a box of chocolates do you, or maybe some flowers, hopefully not on your coffin
  9. got to be rock and roll, anyone putting on rap music needs shooting (not saying that was the case ok) he he
  10. a bar i know, the cops get *freebies* poor girls got no say in it. then lo and behold , the cops not in on it go and arrest them
  11. so much for conservation, remind me not to employ these guys,
  12. mercman24

    My Thai wife just had a meltdown

    post 14 are you an American (irs), this is Thailand, the farang is always wrong, he owns jack shit here, (well he thinks he does) lol
  13. agree on the tyre issue , my bike is 28f/33r i have never ever seen a motorbike shop with a pressure gauge, ( i have my own) last time out, i asked about a gauge, i got a toothless grin in reply, and just pointed to his finger, which they press into the sidewall, on checking, i had 47 front and 49 rear, as said many accident can be attributed to tyre pressures i think, especially on wet roads, get well soon young lad
  14. i wish people would stop calling them LIFE JACKETS they were *BUOYANCY AIDS* a totally different kettle of fish, used for water sking etc, (water skier) they will not turn you over like a proper LIFE JACKET would, a non swimmer would have a big problem trying to turn over in the water wearing one, that is why many drowned wearing one,ANY SAFETY INSPECTOR, (what is that) would say these jackets are NOT life savers, totally the wrong jacket to have on a pleasure boat