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  1. witnessed this lot in Bangkok, just go up to a girl and try to put their tongues down their throat, brought up to treat women as second class. and bring that shit here, nice one girl
  2. all you people out in the sticks, vote for me, look what i am giving you, canvassing,? who ME ?? never . ha ha
  3. wonder what happened to the inquiry as to the massive corruption ripping off the poor people, thats gone quiet, still typical, they think people forget if left long enough
  4. mercman24

    Mocking teacher serves to keep up standards

    see post 8,, and you mistook the number 4 for FOR ha ha
  5. mercman24

    Sek Loso Is No-Show For Court Verdict

    saw him in Hilary 4 Bangkok he was crap live , surprising what a studio does to one
  6. talked to a guy only yesterday, he paid 12,500,baht and yes it was Pattaya , i worked it out at 288 brit pounds, mine doing it legit came to 98 brit pounds, (1900,baht for imi plus 52 quid for the brit embassy sharks) this november that will be
  7. mercman24

    North Pattaya mall and hotel set to open

    i was up there today, sure i saw 10,000 camping out waiting for the opening, thats what a bang on the head does to ya
  8. naughty train, why did you veer off the tracks and attack that poor innocent car, (oh and the clown of a driver)
  9. totally agree on the scared for life , i have a close friend, she was repeatedly raped by her uncle who took her out into the woods,he told her no one would believe her and that he would kill her, she is 36 now, forever traumatized, a life ruined.
  10. first thing to do is to check if she has a driving licence, then Oh dear, no insurance
  11. mercman24

    Dexion shelving material

    hi anywhere i can buy this stuff in Pattaya, i want to make up shelving for some SMALL fish tanks (14 inch long, thanks
  12. sorry, i got to say, not very clever of her was it, probably i got a truck, i can go where i like syndrome , and the negligence was on her part, so i ask who is negligent when we have a spot or rain and beach road is flooded every single time, probably wait until a scooter rider crashes and hits something solid,
  13. if its watching a video, he will be playing on his phone or asleep, like most Thais are when they play the vid at the test centre ha ha
  14. i wonder how many of these vendors are tax paying citizens, i bet not a single one,
  15. when i go fishing at wat yai, is see loads of these stupid riders riding against traffic on the dual carriageway across from the railway line, too lazy to go 50 yards, turn and then come down the road on the proper side