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  1. how smug is that smile when the real world knows what he and his lot have done
  2. and the crunch line is, * hi thief, if you not too busy, care to pop along to the cop shop to discuss this matter* <deleted> is up with this police force in this country
  3. go for it, i bet she has booked a 5* all inclusive, how is your credit card looking,
  4. never been here before have you., they aint very keen on Indians,(its to do with their non existant hygene habits ) thats about it realy.
  5. it never ceases to amaze me how people carry packages for a *supposed * friend on board a flight etc,nieve or not this is a NUMBER 1, no, no,
  6. talking of garbage,, TRUCKS,, do they ever clean of fumigate them.christ you can smell them from a mile away, riding up beach road the other day, what the hell is that smell, yep, knew it, garbage truck, you can see just by looking at them they are never hosed down and cleaned
  7. HELLO !! where does it say MOTORBIKE ?? try reading before posting
  8. one temple and 132 million baht goes missing, dam good business, this, preying on the poor, to give money for GOOD LUCK, still its instilled in them from an early age. and they still cant see it.imagine that happening in a western society
  9. the huge drugs hauls i see every week here, it wold seem drugs are easy to come by, silly girl taking that risk.
  10. ha ha of course its not the LAZY THAIS, dumping their <deleted> rubbish everywhere, got to be the best one yet, *its not my fault blame the snakes and the lizards * once more denying the true reason for the rat infestation, i have heard it all now
  11. yes its in all spectrums of life here, a lady i had not seen for 2 years recently got in touch, she now works for a well known insurance company, she asked me for money to *sponsor* her, (what was in it for me) ? as she had to pay the office manager, a bribe, to get a better position, how sad is that
  12. totally agree with soi 4 problem and that food stall outside of KS bar. with seating on the pavement, and with a pole blocking the way, also and those dam scooters parked on both sides of the road,need moving, the buses serving the hotels in soi 4 , its a nightmare for them..
  13. nothing like blowing your own trumpet, shame your sea is full of <deleted>.
  14. ha ha went to India a few years ago, on a boat trip up river we rounded a bend to be met by bare asses, of Indians shitting in the river. happy memories. lol !!.
  15. its the same the world over especially the younger generation, a while ago i was sat in a restaurant having a meal, 6 young thais came in, all sat down by us, not one word was spoken, as they all played on their phones . big sigh !!