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  1. 2 lorry loads of drugs were seized in the last few weeks, i wonder if they will be sentenced to death, just sayin ?? ah is it a joib only a Thai can do ha ha
  2. mercman24

    Live band performance in BKK?

    Hilary 1, soi 4, just up the road from Hilary 2, no drunk farang idiots in there. a bit more stylish... Titanium bar, beware lady drinks 250 baht last time i went. one year ago
  3. shoot the guy on the <deleted> noisy Harley in the NEXT CONDO pleeeeese lol its not even a nice noise, like a <deleted> tractor, now my 1000 RR Fireblade with a Yoshi 77 can was music.
  4. you stupid old man 6000 a day ? no way, i fear his working days are going to come to an abrupt end soon. should have kept under the radar, cant deny anything with photographic proof
  5. i will repeat a post i made on this matter went to Immigration last week to do my 90 days, Officer noticed my yearly retirement permit runs out this month, he said * I CAN DO FOR YOU 16,000 baht, (not needed) but handy to know for next year ha ha, nothing has changed
  6. can anyone give me some advice as to health insurance for a 71 year old,i am in the best of health go to the gym, its a shame they put people in age boxes, no one can guess my real age ha ha, but that cuts no ice, i have an address in the UK (to all intents and purposes i live with my daughter) NOT, all my 5 pensions etc info goes to her address
  7. mercman24


    yes thankyou someone has just put me right, headline said JJ GREEN FAMOUS MARKET TO CLOSE, but in the small print it said NIGHT MARKET misleading heading
  8. mercman24


    I read that it was shutdown on the 13 September, yet my friend just rang them and they said it was OPEN so what is the position so someone is not telling the truth as my friend is on the way
  9. mercman24

    UK pensions

    did anyone see the chart as to the difference in the French, German and other EU countries pensions as compared to the UK, i paid extra for years, and when they upped the pension a few years ago ,mine never got increased pro rata, so my friend who had not paid one penny in, now just gets a few quid less than me, so you can say those of us who were frugal, are subsidising those who have not been.
  10. i know what you mean about looking BOTH ways, when i lived at Phra Khanong, every morning a cop would either ride his motorbike against traffic on a dual carriageway or on the pavement to get to the police box, one morning he nearly had me as i left my condo to go to 7/11, i turned turned left (on the pavement) and he nearly mowed me down
  11. know any THAI s with 800,000 in the bank, bet ya dont, as from next year i will know a lot of farangs with that sort of money, then the banks can boast, look how rich we are, and lend out OUR money
  12. re, get out of the sun, we had a student years ago as a guide in CUBA ( money helps with their education) sweltering hot day, we dived into a shoe/trainer shop, when we questioned it, he smiled, AAhh !! air con , ha ha, we had a cofffee outside, he vanished , came back with one ciggy he had bought, so i bought him a packet, friend for life lol
  13. all the times i have visited shopping malls in Bangkok and Pattaya the only places i have seen with customers are the coffee shops,where thais sit for hours over one coffee playing on their phones, never once have a seen a busy retail shop, one big reason i tjhink must be the high rental costs of running one of these units, and the pass it on mentality of thais, Thais love the old night markets, low rents cheap clothes, to buy,
  14. mercman24

    Blind Spot Mirrors

    post 3 read post 4. there is such a thing as a blind spot it is for my scooter, posted on here as i thought i might get an intelligent reply thanks to those who supplied it
  15. mercman24

    Pattaya eyes MICE market

    beat me to it,, i was going to say *am i the only one to see the word blazoned across the building say NICE not MICE * two totally different words in the queens english