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  1. Do click on the article if you have not. The real story is that based on the "30 foot long" estimate the people in the video must be 25 feet tall.
  2. And chickens are bigger and more muscular than Indian park rangers so these guys should take extra precautions.
  3. Don't bring power packs on planes. You don't want to be the guy that kills everyone.
  4. Hahaha God only knows why someone would do something as foolish as this!! You made your bed bro!
  5. csabo

    Finance not paid - and now?

    e) not your problem stay out of it
  6. csabo

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    He said "NO! DON'T DON'T DON'T WANT!" Sounds like the problem solved itself. Next?
  7. csabo

    Sizzlers salad bar

    I cant believe someone who went to Sizzler actually returned a second time.
  8. csabo

    I think I ate red ants by mistake.....

    "pre ow"
  9. csabo

    We are doing so much cocaine that eels in our rivers are totally wired

    Is blow approved for "medical" use yet? I always hated weed. This isn't fair.
  10. csabo

    The best place to visit Thailand?

    Looks like the OP got a lot of info to run with (or run from).
  11. csabo

    Need call forwarding from USA

    So you have to keep your Skype app running 24-7?
  12. csabo

    Need call forwarding from USA

    Things have changed
  13. csabo

    Using Taxi Service like Uber, Grab...

    Hey guys look! I found the only guy who doesn't know what google is! What a shitforbrains!
  14. csabo

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    ...and those who can run very fast
  15. I found several online but can anyone recommend a call forwarding service to my Thai cell number from the US that provides me a local US phone number and voicemail (to email). I need a cheap but functional low monthly minute plan as I need to be reachable to a single person from a US government agency over the next few months and their office will not allow international calls.