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  1. 555, I used to work in a profession with staff that were both armed and prone to suicide. I would often tell them if they got the urge to exit early see me first for a few "requests". I would gladly make it worth the families while.
  2. Logic. Some people get it some people don't. I literally just discussed this with my wife and she agreed, helping end the pet's suffering is good. I said what about a grandmother (keep in mind her mother was 113 years old when she died)? She could not give me an answer. I told her by logical standards that means you love your pet more than your grandmother. Her head swirled. I don't get it. I hope when I am 113 I can still reach my pistol.
  3. This is stupid religion at work again. In most countries no one would question the ending of a painful critical illness of family pet but it's not ok for dear old Dad. Let him rot blind and crippled in diaper filled with his own excrement until god flips the switch. End religion for the sake of humanity.
  4. How old you are exactly matters. Why not just say it? 30? 45? 49? All have a different best route so spill the beans already if you want accurate quick help.
  5. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    I bought a Mazda 2. The paint is a joke. If you want a new car covered in scratches by all means go for a Mazda.
  6. You were stupid to park there. I parked on the ground level during the recent floods in Phuket but I have a truck so it was not an issue but I will always chose the higher levels of the parking garage in the future. I made the same mistake parking on the top floor of a garage in NY in winter once. Never again.
  7. house rental deposit.

    Cowards like you are the reason Thai landlords pull this scam. Be a big boy and protect yourself.
  8. house rental deposit.

    Had 3 tv's loaded in my pickup when the landlord came running with my 30,000 baht deposit. Fact. When they have nothing to support their claim I have nothing to fear.
  9. why do they want to burn everything

    Legal and unenforced is the same thing.
  10. why do they want to burn everything

    Burning all ypur plastic waste legal. Having a smoke on the beach illegal and enforceable by three different agencies. Hmm makes sense.
  11. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    Why didn't his annual echocardiogram catch the blockage?
  12. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    What do you think a hospital will do? I never heard anyone say "I was having a heart attack but I ran across the street to the hospital and they stopped it."
  13. house rental deposit.

    Cant read huh?
  14. A bus is not designed for evasive action. He would have been better off driving slower and simply t-boning the truck. It requires training and pre-thought to reduce injuries or deaths in a situation like this. Driving into oncoming traffic, for example, is never an option for a trained driver. Training standards and quality enforcement will save lives. Yes, I know, not gonna happen. Stay off these busses and vans if you value your life.