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  1. csabo

    The best place to visit Thailand?

    Looks like the OP got a lot of info to run with (or run from).
  2. csabo

    Need call forwarding from USA

    So you have to keep your Skype app running 24-7?
  3. csabo

    Need call forwarding from USA

    Things have changed
  4. csabo

    Using Taxi Service like Uber, Grab...

    Hey guys look! I found the only guy who doesn't know what google is! What a shitforbrains!
  5. csabo

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    ...and those who can run very fast
  6. I found several online but can anyone recommend a call forwarding service to my Thai cell number from the US that provides me a local US phone number and voicemail (to email). I need a cheap but functional low monthly minute plan as I need to be reachable to a single person from a US government agency over the next few months and their office will not allow international calls.
  7. Not sure why you consider an application of a law to be extreme. If the letter of the law applies the charge is levied.
  8. If there was a hell that would be a scary threat.
  9. csabo


    Can't read huh? I said many reports on both beaches.
  10. csabo


    Many reports in my Phuket snake FB group of beautiful venomous yellow bellied sea snakes wriggling around on Phuket beaches specifically Kata and NaiHarn. It seems they are being thrown there by rough seas. Fascinating if wildlife interests you.
  11. csabo

    Buying a small car advice

    I have the Mazda 2 and my only significant complaint is seats feel fine when you first get in but after an hour or so they hurt like hell. I drove mine new from BKK to Phuket and it felt like someone shoving a knife in my ribs for most of the trip. Even just around town it cuts off circulation in my legs. I don't use it that often so not a biggie just an FYI.
  12. You and me both brother. This country really can draw the losers of the world.
  13. Why would anyone want to meet any farangs. I can't think of anything worse. I moved here to get away from them.
  14. Anyone who doesn't want sms alerts on bank activity in this country is an idiot.
  15. csabo

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    Ton Tan market Khon Kaen