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  1. An alternate ad might ... I've dated 5,000 guys and will now show you how to make money renting your own private Kia parking space.
  2. Assuming she's about 15 years over legal age, she "dated" at least 1 a day 365 days non-stop for 15 year. It's about as silly as Madonna's son "like a Virgin" I think there are quite a few ladies around town who could teach her how to get 6 or 7 checks a month from all over the world from their "one and only...."
  3. Great!, I assume your shop has balance and alignment equipment.
  4. JoeW. This hasn't been the right time for me to pursue: but I'd still like you to keep an eye out for me and let me know if something you think i can use comes up. BTW I can't send a pm because there are several JoeWs - don't know which one you are.
  5. I think I have the only Cefiro in Yasothon... but I'm still looking . there are only 2 shops selling 2nd hand so they have a lot of options for a pickup or smaller cars. I looked twice but still can't the year.
  6. JoeW I can't figure out how to send a PM. I am interested and would like to pursue it. My email is '<contact by personal message>. Then you can reply with your contact info including Skype ID
  7. JoeW, The rim size is 16 Thanks, hope you know of some that has in stock or coming soon: Malt 25: Your advice and concern are appreciated. But really. I don't subscribe to your concept.
  8. JoeW, The rim size is 16 Thanks, hope you know of some that has in stock or coming soon: Malt 25: Why on earth would you ask such a question?
  9. I have a 2003 Nissan Cefiro and will need a set of 4 in the next few months. I live in Yasothon and found only one 2nd hand seller that doesn't have anything close to what i can use. Original size is 215-55 but I'm currently using 225-60. Please let me know if there is a 2nd hand dealer within a reasonable driving distance from Yasothon. A phone number would be really helpful so as not to waste time and gas. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Neil Alper
  10. To update and thank those who chipped in, I did find not only 1 competent computer tech but several trained including 1 who is a computer engineer. There is a computer section at the newly finished Porn Wittaya variety store who recently moved from there former location at the same corner. if you Google "porn wittaya yasothon" you will find a map and directions. Or call 045-714-751-4 What they did was install a newer version of my old main board; backed up my entire hard drive and moved the whole thing - including Windows 7 onto the new mainboard. They ordered the board (available in Yasothon) and called me when it arrived. I took my cpu in and it was ready in about 24 hours. My problem was that I was down to 1 gig of ram because of a bad chip in my old board. 1 gig of ram was not enough for several programs to work properly. So now, instead of the 2 i used to have, i now have 3 gigs at a total cost of 2,500. I highly recommend these guys. One speaks english very well and the 2 or 3 others can get their point across.
  11. My wife went to Nanaphan Plaza and was unable to find the shop. I called Nanaphan Plaza. and they gave me the number for AEC computers that only sell windows 10. Is it possible that you can find a phone number for the shop you're referring to or at least a name. Would really appreciate your help with the. Neil
  12. Thanks, we know where that is. My wife is going to stop by on the way home from a meeting in town to find the place and work out a good time when the tech can check it while I'm there.
  13. Thanks meatboy for both posts. My wife is meeting with the head of an accounting co today and i've confirmed banks keep monthly statement since account opening date. She's also kept all material purchases so, perhaps there's a better arrangement to be made.
  14. This is the first actionable suggestion. Thanks... I will go there.
  15. Thank you for your reply.