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  1. e-smoking

    My supplier is closing up shop. Does anyone know of a reliable dealer? I prefer liquid as close in taste as Marlboro. I realize this info might not be best for the general forum so please call at <phone number removed>
  2. Work at Home

    Rc2702 I have the equipment you say I'll need. Send me a topic and I give you a 2-300 work sample reply.
  3. Work at Home

    Thanks for taking the time to reply regards, Neil
  4. Work at Home

    Sorry to hear about your slow down. The event things pick up and you're back in the market, what your actually looking for is a lot more helpful than me trying to guess. In this past communication, my goal was to show a degree of experience in writing sales information and my level of business undertakings.
  5. Work at Home

    I had hoped to have heard from you by now. l'm interested and would like to know more about it. Perhaps you've been busy or just forgot.
  6. Work at Home

    my direct email is [email protected]; by phone would be unnecessarily expensive. If you'd prefer Skype, let me know and we can set a time and date. I only load Skype when I intend to use it.
  7. Work at Home

    Thanks a lot. I'll give them a shout.
  8. Work at Home

    Very interested unless it involves cold calling. Please let me know more details.
  9. Work at Home

    I'm not sure why you bothered to answer
  10. Has anyone had a positive experience with a legitimate work-a-home company. There are millions of ads that take hours to read only to find you can make $20 per month or just plain scams. I would appreciate the advice of one with experience., Thanks, Neil
  11. An alternate ad might ... I've dated 5,000 guys and will now show you how to make money renting your own private Kia parking space.
  12. Assuming she's about 15 years over legal age, she "dated" at least 1 a day 365 days non-stop for 15 year. It's about as silly as Madonna's son "like a Virgin" I think there are quite a few ladies around town who could teach her how to get 6 or 7 checks a month from all over the world from their "one and only...."
  13. 2nd hand tires

    Great!, I assume your shop has balance and alignment equipment.
  14. 2nd hand tires

    JoeW. This hasn't been the right time for me to pursue: but I'd still like you to keep an eye out for me and let me know if something you think i can use comes up. BTW I can't send a pm because there are several JoeWs - don't know which one you are.
  15. 2nd hand tires

    I think I have the only Cefiro in Yasothon... but I'm still looking . there are only 2 shops selling 2nd hand so they have a lot of options for a pickup or smaller cars. I looked twice but still can't the year.