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  1. To update and thank those who chipped in, I did find not only 1 competent computer tech but several trained including 1 who is a computer engineer. There is a computer section at the newly finished Porn Wittaya variety store who recently moved from there former location at the same corner. if you Google "porn wittaya yasothon" you will find a map and directions. Or call 045-714-751-4 What they did was install a newer version of my old main board; backed up my entire hard drive and moved the whole thing - including Windows 7 onto the new mainboard. They ordered the board (available in Yasothon) and called me when it arrived. I took my cpu in and it was ready in about 24 hours. My problem was that I was down to 1 gig of ram because of a bad chip in my old board. 1 gig of ram was not enough for several programs to work properly. So now, instead of the 2 i used to have, i now have 3 gigs at a total cost of 2,500. I highly recommend these guys. One speaks english very well and the 2 or 3 others can get their point across.
  2. My wife went to Nanaphan Plaza and was unable to find the shop. I called Nanaphan Plaza. and they gave me the number for AEC computers that only sell windows 10. Is it possible that you can find a phone number for the shop you're referring to or at least a name. Would really appreciate your help with the. Neil
  3. Thanks, we know where that is. My wife is going to stop by on the way home from a meeting in town to find the place and work out a good time when the tech can check it while I'm there.
  4. Thanks meatboy for both posts. My wife is meeting with the head of an accounting co today and i've confirmed banks keep monthly statement since account opening date. She's also kept all material purchases so, perhaps there's a better arrangement to be made.
  5. This is the first actionable suggestion. Thanks... I will go there.
  6. Thank you for your reply.
  7. Thanks a lot. Neil Alper
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by opening the OS settings. I have 2 1 gig ram cards that have been working together for a long time. Some time ago the system started shutting down. I was advised by a trusted tech in Chiang Mai that it was over heating and I should take off the side of the box and run a small fan. This worked until about 2 weeks ago when it started shutting down after about 15 min consistently. I went to a repair shop and the tech told me that one of the ram cards had died. He took one out and and left me with 1 gig. When I got home, i couldn't open Windows. He then told me that it was my keyboard???. I bought a new keyboard and the computer is no working with 1 gig. before I left, I seem to remember him saying that he was going to luam gon the ram. I took that to mean that he set the computer up to recognize only 1 slot. I then went to another tech who found that the ram card was not dead but i could now use either one but not both. He did not understand my attempt at explaining that the former tech could have possible changed the ability to see only one card slot. I can put both 1 gig cards into the slots but only see 1 gig of ram.l I hope my description is clear and I thank you for replying. Do you have a suggesting on what I should do next? I would greatly appreciate your advice. Btw, i could not find a place on the IT forum to open a new topic.
  9. We live in Yasothon My wife started a partnership with her mother a few years ago for a small business that lost money. Because of that she didn't think she needed to file reports. Now she's being threatened with penalties that need to be paid quickly under threat of jail. She doesn't even know an auditor or anyone else who can offer advice on how to handle this. If anyone of you has experience with this, please help. Thanks Neil Alper
  10. Hey guys, Thanks for your reply. I will pose the question on the IT forum ... just thought there would be more info locally. The issues need to be discussed in person, I would have to disassemble the computer to provide the info you suggest.
  11. Hey: I am living in Yasothon and have a computer 8-10 years old. As far as I know, there are two computer shops in town that have repair personnel; one slightly better than the other. I have to believe there is such a person that does not work in one of these 2 shops and may have a private clientele from word of mouth. What a bonus if they speak English. I am having some problems and can't get correct solutions or options that do not involve an expensive upgrade.
  12. My eyes are now wide open and i realize i won't have to worry about higher, unreasonable fees in the future. Thanks to all of you who helped explain the situation and provide assurance that the system is more than fair.
  13. Apparently, the 3 months without fees was the 'proposed' class action settlement. I've written to the in new york to see what the current status is, i.e. is the case closed or still on--going. As it's really my first awakening about all this, i agree the amount is small - especially compared with other methods. But if the bank is able to make the decision to raise the transfer and come closer to those other methods at some time in the future, it could become more impactful. the 25 baht comment was out-of-context. It had to do with a transfer a cash deposit my friend made from bkk to repay me via my SCB account in Chiang Mai. Bank tellers sometimes make their own decision about transferring the net amount or telling the customer what the transfer charge will be so they can pay the additional. When (if) I hear from BBL in NY, I'll let you know.