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  1. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    I am certainly willing to bow to your experience, but the link I provided suggests that the awareness of the trick you mention is not universally known. That said, I don't think anyone suggested that Uber was the silver bullet to right all the taxi service wrongs in the world, but whether it is London or Bangkok, rogue taxi drivers are known for taking advantage of passengers to a lesser or greater extent. Regulation, while good in theory, has its flaws in application. Uber provides a means of (for want of a less loaded word) democratising the transaction and putting a lot more control into the hands of the passenger.
  2. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Why does no other place in the world place the same burden on aspiring taxi drivers? Perhaps the London requirements are unnecessarily onerous? Certainly now, with apps such as Waze, there is not the same need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of back alleys and short cuts. Drivers themselves report in real time about delays, accidents, road works etc, and that is shared with all the other users. Technology has removed the requirement to have the map in your head.
  3. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    I am also unsure of the location the drivers in the link were commenting on, but my experience in Philippines is that the drivers do not know the destination. I actually find it maybe 20% more expensive than metered taxis, but the convenience, the relative cleanliness of the interior and the almost zero chance of rejection are all positives to me. Plus, if you put to one side the business practices of Uber, there are benefits that the technology offers which may be useful to some: you get the details of the driver prior to your journey starting, and you can share those with others. You can share your journey plan and you can see the optimum route proposed by Uber. Also, you can see the rating of the driver; you can leave feedback on his service - and he can rate you as a passenger.
  4. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Well my experience as a passenger , and this guy's experience as a driver suggest that they do not know the destination in advance. As for bidding, I think that cannot be correct either - I get a price from Uber before they transmit my ride request. They cannot confirm a price prior to requesting a driver if the driver has to bid. What information do Uber drivers know before they choose to pick up a passenger? ... ... Your destination is not shown until I arrive and swipe "Arrived".
  5. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Sorry, but it is you who does not understand Uber. Drivers cannot readily see the destination prior to accepting - there appear to be ways around that in some, but not all, circumstances, but in general the Uber driver is not explicitly informed by Uber of the destination prior to accepting the fare. As for the rest, I fully agree with the sentiment but the realities are very different. As a long-time part-time resident of Phuket, I await for some knight in armour to force the local authorities to deal with the taxi mafia there. Clearly it isn't going to happen any time soon.
  6. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    Uber makes things so much easier in places where taxi regulation is bad. When I lived in Bangkok I reckoned that I had about a 40% success rate in getting taxi drivers to agree to take me to where I wanted to go. In Manila it is very similar for regular meter cabs, or they insist on adding 100 pesos to the fare. Uber, and Grab to an extent, have taken away that frustration. Where the taxis have been ripping off the customers for decades, they only have themselves to blame.
  7. Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London

    CNN mentioned that Sadiq Khan is backed by the cabbies' union, however his spokesman tried to downplay that, stating that the decision was entirely made by TfL.
  8. The idea that Shetland and Orkney would want to secede from an independent Scotland and return to the UK has not been borne out by the polls but appears to be just another scare story by the media, to add to the myriad scare stories. But to address your hypothetical, I would like to think that such a situation was averted through a national dialogue that ensured that all regions of the country were respected to their satisfaction. It speaks volumes about the cohesiveness of a country if a sizable portion of it wants to peel off. The fact that the Catalans have got to this point suggests something fundamentally lacking in the Spanish national dialogue. But to answer you, if a distinct and contained body of people wanted to secede, then assuming the practicalities can be managed, so be it. Enclaves would be problematic; islands less so. With regards your earlier point, NS has made a public statement on the Catalan situation, unlike most of our spineless, unprincipled Labour and Conservative MPs.
  9. You and I seem to share a lot of common views, but Scotland is clearly not one of them (apologies for going off topic, but the relentless flow of misinformation about the Scottish government shows that if you throw enough mud, it sticks). The SNP has been the dominant political force in Scotland for 10 years and still has an impressive clutch of MPs - more than all the other parties put together. In Holyrood, with a system designed to prevent any party from gaining a majority, they still have the upper hand. How many other parties can claim to have the support that the SNP has after being in office for so long? As for the constant cries about indyref2, NS is very muted on that - it is Rape Clause Ruth and whichever low grade SLab leader is on seat this month, who keep blowing the dog whistle. And performance? Can you point to anything in particular? Your vague and catch-all term is a handy way for the Unionist MSM to try to paint the SNP as bad, when the reality is that, compared to the utter shambles that the Tories are making of virtually every aspect of civic life in the rest of the UK, the SNP are proving themselves to be competent while having one hand tied behind their backs.
  10. Bell's Scotch Promo'd at Big C b499L!

    Bells is, unfortunately, owned by Diageo, who have been active in the anti-Scottish Independence movement. There has been a subtle shift in Scotland in recent years to downplay the Saltire, downplay Scottishness itself, and promote the Union flag above all else, not just in whisky but in a several domestically high profile products, services and accomplishments. There is a clear attempt to water down the Scottish identity, presumably for fear that the rabble pick up their pitchforks again and demand #indyref2.
  11. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    From the Wikipedia page on the Henry Jackson Society: The think tank has been described by the media as having right-wing and neoconservative leanings, though it positions itself as non-partisan. According to the report published in 2015, "a right-wing politics is apparent not only in the ideas that the Henry Jackson Society promotes, but also emerges distinctly on examination of its funders.".[31]
  12. So what is the answer - stick with the unsatisfactory status quo? They are proposing a referendum, not unqualified secession. If the exercise is executed in a fair and uncompromised manner and the resolution passes then the clear and unequivocal will of the people has been demonstrated. You may be right that nothing will fundamentally change for the better for the Catalan people, but doing nothing is pretty much guaranteed to have the same result.
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Sorry - was an open question intended to spark discussion: is Britain rapidly becoming a sweatshop nation? Workers' rights under attack; welfare state being dismantled; salaries plummeting at an unprecedented rate etc. etc. Welcome to the Brexit puppet masters' paradise.
  14. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Are Burberry eyeing up the UK as potentially being the new Bangladesh? I cannot imagine that sales of their £500 baseball caps are rocketing domestically since Brexit was announced.