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  1. I think it is inevitable that they will take a couple of seats at least from the SNP. Hopefully, in return the SNP will take the seat of Mundell, although I hope the police will still pursue their investigation into his alleged fraud in relation to the 2015 GE. I think what we are seeing are the hardcore BritNats throwing their weight behind the Tories, not necessarily because they are aligned to their political ideology, but because they see Labour as a lost cause in terms of saving the union - and. it would seem, increasingly authoritarian, right-wing isolationism, austerity for the poor and tax breaks for the rich, and the privatisation of the NHS are prices worth paying for the sake of God, Queen and Country. For the SNP to lose more than 6 seats, however, would require a swing away from them of about 20% - I am confident that this is not going to happen.
  2. Again, the failure is yours as you, again, prove yourself incapable of defining the question you wish me to answer. Be specific - listen to the video, consider the issues discussed, try to understand them then form your own cogent questions, rather than your usual hiding behind sh!tposts and clickbait headlines. One would be forgiven, otherwise, for thinking that you don't have an original thought in your head. That aside, as I have pointed out on numerous occasions, I am not a member of the SNP. I see them as a vehicle to delivering a better, fairer Scotland. How I would vote after independence is wholly dependent upon the choices - I am not nearly as tunnel visioned as the majority of posters on this thread seem to be.
  3. Appending the words 'car crash interview' to any difficult interview seems to be the latest trend for partisan internet warriors. Is there anything in particular that makes this one deserving of the term in your mind? She is clearly well versed in the data she references and makes a clear point of highlighting various measures of how Scotland's economy is performing well. This focus on GERS is futile as GERS itself is a false measurement of Scottish income, and the focus on a single year as being representative of the country's economy is also a very partisan line of attack from Neil, who must surely understand that a nation's economy is not defined by one difficult year. But if you remember, Nontabury, I asked you to give me your assessment of the video and you came up with nothing. I am sure that you and not so devoid of insight that you have nothing to offer? No fears of TM being featured in a carcrash interview this time round though - she is too scared to take questions from the electorate and has resolutely ruled out any interaction with the public or with anyone who might be in a position to scrutinise her. Same goes for RD, who has stayed shamefully below the radar with her fingers in her ears, trying to pretend that the Rape Clause is a conceit of the opposition. Or maybe they are both trying to pretend that there are not 30 police investigations ongoing into various Tory MP's having potentially committed election fraud. But regardless of the above, you are both continuing to miss the point by a country mile. Independence is not about handing control of Scotland to the SNP. It is about taking control from an uncaring Westminster government and electing a government of out choosing, to enact governance with a wholly Scottish focus.
  4. This doesn't look good: Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue
  5. I have to agree that this is a fascinating book but I feel that it is burdened by an unnecessarily hubristic title. For our more Pavlovian posters, you can relax - the book makes no mention of the telephone, pneumatic tire, cloud chamber etc. It merely explains how the seeds of the Scottish enlightenment were sown by Scotland's secession from Rome: a radical change from a restrictive status quo which allowed it to reach its contemporary potential, if you will...
  6. Much like Cameron, the SNP was elected to Westminster with an almost ridiculous majority on a manifesto pledge to fight Brexit if it was to occur.
  7. In general, we are not governed by plebiscite. Parliamentary democracy represents the will of the people and confers the mandate for governing the country upon the largest party. Sturgeon is merely fulfilling her elected role.
  8. I was referring to the PM, the lady who is most definitely for turning. As for Sweeney, I am disappointed that the, undoubtedly, scrupulous and impartial editor of the piece didn't reference any of his data. Can you provide the references? However, ultimately it comes down to the supposed deficit. When the experts point out that it is based upon flawed use of data, it would be wise, would it not, to avoid placing too much faith in that lest one be accused of fear mongering.
  9. There is talk of the Greens not standing in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale as a way of helping the SNP unseat David Mundell, the only Tory MP in Scotland, and other possible strategic constituencies. Has the SNP ruled out an alliance with LibLab? If they were offered what they want, I see no reason why they would reject it.
  10. I was thinking she could maybe have a go at explaining this:
  11. Scottish MPs' influence on Westminster is very much overblown.
  12. How many? Have you seen a poll confirming this?
  13. I don't know the split - do you? I would suggest that the majority do.
  14. Yes, I am suggesting that. Hopefully the opposition will miss no opportunity to point out that she is scared to face scrutiny.
  15. Thank you for clarifying that. You just melted the irony meter, but at least you are true to form.