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  1. And the modern day clearances continue unabated: FIRE STATION SHUT BY BORIS JOHNSON TO BE TURNED INTO LUXURY FLATS BY COMPANY RUN BY TORY DONOR - 22nd June Wandsworth Council votes to allow cut to affordable housing at Battersea Power Station - 23rd June
  2. Glastonbury is not catnip for lefties especially; rather it is something positive in outlook and unashamedly contemporary, which successfully captures the imagination of young people of all persuasions and backgrounds. While the Young Tories is clearly a thing, laughable as it may be, I think it is fair to say that they, like their seniors, are very much out of step with the thinking of the majority of the people who are going to be the future of our country. That is why Corbyn, not May, will be welcomed at Glastonbury. I have to say, though, that the comments from Johnny Depp were ridiculous and childish in the extreme - trying to stay relevant?
  3. No - the fighting will not stop in our lifetime because it is not in the interests of the US for there to be peace in the region.
  4. The Scottish parliament will, I presume, follow the clearly expressed will of the Scottish people? Is that not what we want from our elected representatives?
  5. Can you please put a health warning on these posts, Grousey? On reading the article, I laughed so hard, I almost did myself an injustice!
  6. I loved the story where he took a sabbatical from acting and ended up working as a cobbler.
  7. I don't see anyone advocating giving poor people Ferarris - the only mention of such garbage is from those with an agenda to stigmatise the poor.
  8. Well, the pro-union parties collectively managed to get 24 seats while the nats got 35 - hardly a ringing endorsement for the union. But I will agree that we need to work harder to ensure we manage to get out of the union.
  9. Excuses for a correction? Disappointing, yes, but 2015 was not the norm. Admission time - I predicted a loss of around 6 seats, not 20. Still, add up all the other parties in Scotland and they fail to match the number of SNP MPs. I can accept that - even be grateful for the counter to SNP dominance (hopefully they will up their game, moving forward) but I am struggling to accept that so many fellow Scots could bring themselves to vote Tory.
  10. Even I did not believe that 2015 would be repeated, but I don't accept that the SNP is bad at governance, certainly not compared to the Tories. Of course there are myriad reasons for what we saw, but don't discount the overt appeal that RD and her cohorts made to the more... LOYAL members of society. Their courting the sectarian vote was shameless and constant.
  11. Scotland - the only country where the norms of winning and losing don't apply.
  12. Has it been called? The BBC is still predicting a hung parliament? If SLab had not been actively encouraging people in certain constituencies to tactically vote for the Tories, they may be party number 2 in Scotland.
  13. I suspect that you are right.
  14. Of course, the SNP got something that no other party has - a majority.