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  1. Two weeks to unlock Brexit, EU tells Britain's May

    Well I wouldn't call Davis a mass murdering war criminal but that is for another topic. However, if you are convinced of the ability and preparedness of Davis and his UK counterparts then I am a bit dumbfounded. To what extent would their collective incompetence need to be demonstrated before you suspect that they really weren't up to the task? See Johnson comparing the RoI / NI border with English Channel for more.
  2. Two weeks to unlock Brexit, EU tells Britain's May

    I am not sure how you came to the above diatribe from my contribution. Despite recognising the utter folly of what lies ahead, I am accepting it becoming a reality, so I want that the best people for the job actually do the job. Why, as the above photograph shows, does he walk into a meeting on one of, if not THE, most important trade discussions ever, without a sheet of paper to refer to? Is he so confident in his ability that he is just going to sit back in his chair and wax lyrical - and get a satisfactory, equitable result? As for slagging off the UK? Be serious - Davis is not the UK. Unfortunately he is the man that our PM sent to represent our interests, but commenting on his less than stellar performance and apparent lack of preparedness can hardly be seen to be an attack on the UK.
  3. Off-topic, but in 1807 that would have been a British rather than English victory.
  4. Two weeks to unlock Brexit, EU tells Britain's May

    I am sure he is doing his best - but is it good enough?
  5. I don't recall the introduction of the Euro also heralding a European-wide cultural homogenisation. If you need to rely upon a piece of paper in your pocket to instruct you with regards to the cultural references that should should be experiencing then I would suggest that foreign travel is not your forte.
  6. Is there something that I don't quite understand in your post, or are you actually getting at what I think you are getting at?
  7. I think this is a good analogy - imagine going to a restaurant with your friends and agreeing to order a big spread of food for you all to share. After you have had the starter, you then decide to leave, but want to pay only for the starter that you have eaten. Your friends, on the other hand, point out that the mains were ordered collectively, on the assumption that you would all eat them. It is only reasonable, is it not, that you pay for the food you ordered even if you subsequently decide that you don't want to eat it?
  8. And there will be no conciliatory handshake at the end if that happens.
  9. I would be wary about relying too heavily on Imanuelson as an impartial reporter. He clearly has an agenda.
  10. Who is talking about wholesale redistribution? This is about all of us operating under the same rules rather than the distorted world of Leona Helmsley, where only the little people pay taxes. Tax evasion and tax avoidance, combined, cost the UK exchequer around £7 billion. In an effort to clamp this down, the government employs around 700 people. Benefit fraud and over payments, however, costs us less than half that - £3 billion. However, the government employs 3,765 people to stamp that out. Seems a bit skewed to me. Source.
  11. Your last point is the most important one - because most of us have no ability to actively influence the law with respect to taxes. Those who benefit from these laws are, mainly, those who have the government in their pocket. I am sure that there are more than a few Brits on Thai Visa who are observant of the UK's 90-day rule. I personally know a couple who were hauled over the coals by the tax man for a couple of minor infractions. Yet Lord Ashcroft can be a sitting member of the HoL and, despite promising to give up his non-dom status, chooses to ignore that promise and flouts the rules openly. Where are the repercussions for him?
  12. To make matters worse, she is asking the tax payer to cough up and pay for repairs to her house to the tune of £369m. Oh - and she also tried to claim old-age winter heating allowance. Parasites - each and every last one of them.
  13. What particular skills did Betty demonstrate other than falling out of the right womb? Equal opportunities? Are you for real? If so, I too want to be able to write the tax code such that I am also able to benefit from not paying any.
  14. Did you read that on a Trump tweet?
  15. Make the most of it because soon she will be sent back to the Philippines.