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  1. Finally, the long wait for some positive news on the impact of Brexit is possibly over:
  2. Of course - some may have been born in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. But if they were born in England then they are English, no two ways about it.
  3. I presume that you have correlated the data that would show a disparity between the offending of immigrants and British born offenders?
  4. Unfortunately, as we see so often on these types of threads, prejudice, more often than not, trumps fact.
  5. Guilt in a civil trial does not equate to guilt in a criminal trial, the burden of proof in the former being lower. "In civil litigation, the plaintiff wins if the preponderance of the evidence favors the plaintiff. For example, if the jury believes that there is more than a 50% probability that the defendant was negligent in causing the plaintiff's injury, the plaintiff wins." source If I was a juror on a criminal trial, I would expect that the evidence be completely watertight before I condemned a man.
  6. Does that not require something more tangible than innate prejudice?
  7. How about the big rise in people getting caught up in online child pornography; teenagers sexting; revenge porn and the general increase in libidinous behaviour in society as a whole, as our media pushes the boundaries of what previously was considered to be decency on a daily basis? Or is it really all down to those immigrants?
  8. Yes, this is a well worn path - one Alf Garnet type pops his head up with a couched suggestion of something that, at that point, is utter fantasy and within minutes it is repeated as fact by those who long for it to be true. I suspect you are closer to the truth when you mentioned the cuts in policing.
  9. Where has it been stated that the increase in crime is linked to immigration? Is this fact or just the pavlovian response of the Ukippers?
  10. Whilst it is a tragedy for anyone to suffer such a condition, it is probably a particularly bitter irony for Tashi Pratt King, who's husband died from the same disease in 2012. Before he died, they wrote to McCain to ask for his help in keeping the health insurance that was paying for his treatment but was being withdrawn. According to Pratt King, "McCain sent us a letter back saying it might be best to move out of Arizona because he did not consider health insurance (and thus, access to healthcare itself) a human right."
  11. It's a buyer's market at the moment - too many workers, not enough jobs, so no doubt about it, employers are going to use the opportunity to trim their costs where they can without fear of struggling to recruit, and where is easier to cut than soft costs? As you say, this is becoming the new norm - as demand for staff grows again, T&Cs will not revert back to their former values. I also see an increasing push for "In Country Value" and the preference for hiring local staff over expats. Maybe bad in the short term, but if the skills are not there to begin with, longer term opportunities will reveal themselves.
  12. I am not so sure - I suspect that many know what it is that they are against. As for having a credible alternative, that is maybe lacking...
  13. There are lots of ways a creative government might find the funds, should they choose to do so. Maybe from putting the same efforts into identifying tax avoiders as they put into identifying social security abusers? Both a problems, but I believe that losses due to the former is several times larger than the latter. At the same time, they could clamp down on legal but unfair exploitation of non-dom rules. And how about applying the same tax rules to the likes of Starbucks, Google and Amazon that small business have to deal with?
  14. Getting back on topic, where do you stand on the pay cap? The Tories seem to be flip flopping on this one now - putting aside your feelings about Labour, what do you think about their proposal to increase public sector workers' wages?
  15. Even more disgraceful, in my opinion, is the sight of working class people cheering on a party that shows them nothing but contempt in return. The Tories don't like you - they laugh at you as they legalise the continuing exploitation of your and your descendents' labour, and the appropriation of your wealth for themselves and their paymasters. But hey, Labour bad...