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  1. It's disappointing that not a single MP representing a Welsh or Scottish constituency was present for these discussions. I am sure, however, that the hotline to Arlene Foster will be kept open to get her approval for each step of the way.
  2. Why would you assume that? Sgt Rock was driven, I believe, by an irrational hatred of everything that he felt impinged upon his concept of English superiority which led him to tilt at every EU windmill in sight. Brexit has not even happened yet but the effects are already being felt.
  3. Not at all - but the much missed Sarge had a whole array of EU disaster scenarios pegged as virtually guaranteed, starting, I believe, with ITEXIT or whatever catchy phrase the EU haters coined in 2016 to cheer on Italy's 'imminent' departure from Europe. Then there was, if I recall, Austria, Netherlands, the collapse of the Euro, Hungary defying Brussels on their border controls etc. Not much to report on any of them other than to remind ourselves of Mark Twain's quote about the reports of his death being greatly exaggerated. Or maybe Taylor Swift was onto something when she sang 'the haters gonna hate'?
  4. I think we have discussed the many unfulfilled prophecies according to Sgt Rock at some length on these boards.
  5. As opposed to other non Brits (Rothermere, Ashcroft, the weirdo Barclay Brothers, Steve Bannon etc) telling us how badly we are being treated by Brussels and that we should leave for the sake of their tax avoiding offshore bank accounts our national sovereignty.
  6. So would you advocate a return to the old days, when much of the working class was excluded from non-vocational higher education? Here's a novel idea - rather than making cuts to public services to balance the books, how about the Tories crack down on tax dodging at corporate and individual levels? Oh yeah, that won't happen because they would be shitting in their own nests.
  7. Morch mentioning the Big Lebowski got me hankering after a bit of the Gypsy Kings - surely the best cover of Hotel California ever?
  8. Off topic, but the demonisation of Brendan Cox is truly disgusting. A far right brexiteer murdered his wife because she had the audacity to speak up about the folly of Brexit; now the right wing rump are continuing the assaults on him because he was not cowed into silence.
  9. Vic Chesnutt - Flirted With You All My Life
  10. Colour me sceptical, but this seems a bit too close on the heels of Rees Mogg demanding that the UK cut back foreign aid (except to his Panama bank account).
  11. Nick Cave's song about the end of his relationship with PJ Harvey - Far From Me