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  1. Based on the current government's treatment of the Windrush generation and their descendants, I wonder whether the other commonwealth countries are questioning the value of their place in the commonwealth, when commonality is clearly not on offer.
  2. What is a numbers game? What is 'it' which justifies the tolerance of weak, corrupt justice systems penalising and killing innocent people?
  3. Don't worry - if they ever put you or one of your loved ones against the wall for a crime that you or they didn't commit, not everyone will find it funny or shrug their shoulders and say 'karma's a bitch'. There are those of us who still believe in basic human rights, even though some might be tempted, in your case, to shrug and say 'karma's a bitch'.
  4. China has a conviction rate of 99.9%. "Of the 1.16 million people put on trial last year [2014], Chinese courts returned a guilty verdict for all but 825 of them. You did the math right: That’s a 99.93 percent conviction rate." Those Chinese cops and the Chinese legal process must be leading the world in terms of efficiency and accuracy, or there are a lot of innocent people being found guilty. Maybe the following, from the above article, offers some insight: "... in 2011 ... a Henan Province farmer named Zhao Zuohai was released from prison after serving 11 years because the woman he was convicted of murdering was actually very much alive and living at home."
  5. Israel IZ Kamakawiwoʻole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  6. Bank charges

    Banks the world over are legalised scammers - very much a necessary evil, but evil without a doubt.
  7. Well, the leading Brexiteers are part of a shadowy network of people who stole facebook data and misused it to sway the opinions of malleable, disaffected people to end up with a result that has clear financial benefits for them. Fraudulent, corrupt, self serving - those adjectives are perfect for describing the people to whom we have unwittingly handed control of our country.
  8. Is this your question, MT? If so, then I haven't a clue - but I would suggest that your scepticism of the motives of these people should be directed to the brexit backers with just as much energy. Do you genuinely think that Dacre, the Weirdo Barclay Brothers, Aaron Banks, Rees Mogg etc are the good guys? Do you really think that they want what is best for you, that they have your best interests at heart?
  9. This song is full of camp melodrama and a great tune to boot: McAlmont & Butler - Yes
  10. The hauntingly beautiful Your Ghost by Kristin Hersh
  11. I am expecting bendy bananas at 3 o'clock...
  12. The problem with anecdotal evidence is, of course, that it is coloured by the innate particular prejudices of the individuals giving and receiving the information. That is not intended as a slight against your friends, but it is a feature of human nature. That is why we should rely on facts rather than anecdotes.
  13. Phuket man accused of robbing Russian tourist

    That anyone, let alone a single female, would get on the back of a stranger's bike in a foreign country beggars belief.