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  1. lelapin

    New Stores

    Are you sure
  2. lelapin

    New Stores

    on the land on Siam Country Club Road by the new motorway
  3. lelapin

    New Stores

    Does anyone know what stores are being built on the land on Siam Country Club Road by the new motorway. I have heard many rumours and they are all different.
  4. lelapin

    Returned to UK

    I sold a 45 year old 2 bedroom apartment in London for 295,00 pounds. I bought a 4 bed 4 bathroom house with pool and jacuzzi for 160,000 pounds in Pattaya and you wonder why I prefer to live in Thailand.
  5. lelapin

    Search topic

    Thanks guys
  6. lelapin

    Search topic

    Trying to use search topic feature on Thai Visa without success. Can key in topic but doesn't have anywhere to press search
  7. lelapin

    Pool Repair

    Thanks but mine is only a fairly small repair job.
  8. lelapin

    Pool Repair

    Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, reasonably priced swimming pool repair company in Pattaya
  9. lelapin

    90 day reporting

    OK. I think when I go in to report I will check what their rules are re me reporting again within 24 hours of my return. Seems crazy as I have been living in this house for 4 years.
  10. lelapin

    90 day reporting

    OK Thanks. Would I then need to report back to immigration within 24 hours of my return.
  11. My next 90 day reporting is due 21st August. I am travelling to Malaysia on 24th August and returning to Thailand on 30th August. As I will be leaving the country less than 7 days after my reporting date do I need to visit Pattaya immigration before I go. When do I have to report there after my return.
  12. lelapin

    Flu Jab

    Any recommendations where to get a flu jab in Pattaya
  13. lelapin


    Anyone have experience of SaferVPN
  14. lelapin


    Can anyone recommend a VPN to access BBC I player from Thailand
  15. lelapin

    Recommendations for ceiling fan repair in Pattaya

    Had a fan repaired yesterday with new motor - near Lake Map. Sor -086 971 2372