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  1. lelapin

    Flu Jab

    Any recommendations where to get a flu jab in Pattaya
  2. lelapin


    Anyone have experience of SaferVPN
  3. lelapin


    Can anyone recommend a VPN to access BBC I player from Thailand
  4. lelapin

    Recommendations for ceiling fan repair in Pattaya

    Had a fan repaired yesterday with new motor - near Lake Map. Sor -086 971 2372
  5. lelapin


    Anyone recommend an acupuncturist in Pattaya preferably on the Darkside
  6. lelapin


    Thanks. How long before can I apply at Jomtien and do I need to know my departure and return dates
  7. lelapin


    I have a retirement visa and I am planning to visit Malaysia for a week in August. When do I need to complete my TM8 re-entry application and do I do this at the immigration office in Jomtien or at the airport when I return.
  8. lelapin


    I am looking for a good English speaking lawyer in Pattaya (preferably The Darkside) to prepare a will for my wife. Any recommendations?
  9. Pattaya Mail have a weekly Dining Out column which reviews restaurants. Are they only allowed to publish those that get a good review.
  10. lelapin

    Car Insurance

    I am having a friend from the UK visit me next month and would like on some of the days to loan him my car. Would he be covered on my Thai car insurance to drive with a UK driving license.
  11. I get more interest on that money in my Bangkok bank a/c than I would with my bank in Engalnd.