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  1. lelapin


    I am looking for a good English speaking lawyer in Pattaya (preferably The Darkside) to prepare a will for my wife. Any recommendations?
  2. Pattaya Mail have a weekly Dining Out column which reviews restaurants. Are they only allowed to publish those that get a good review.
  3. lelapin

    Car Insurance

    I am having a friend from the UK visit me next month and would like on some of the days to loan him my car. Would he be covered on my Thai car insurance to drive with a UK driving license.
  4. I get more interest on that money in my Bangkok bank a/c than I would with my bank in Engalnd.
  5. SaferVPN works fine for me with BBC ITV and C4
  6. lelapin

    What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    About to sign up today for NORDVPN @ $99.00 for 3 years - any comments
  7. lelapin

    What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    I am looking for a VPN for one device that will allow me to access and stream BBC ITV Channel 4 in the UK and which is easy to install, easy to use and is reasonably priced. Also offer me good support if I have a problem. I am currently using SaferVPN which is very erratic with speeds and availablity. Any suggestions,
  8. lelapin

    Oven Hood

    I need to replace an oven hood. Any ideas where to buy one in Pattaya and a person who could install it.
  9. lelapin

    Wording of Will

    Clearly you haven't been travelling on the roads of Thailand very much. Not everybody sits at home every night watching TV with their girl friends.
  10. lelapin

    Lawyer - Dark Side

    Thanks. Will give them a call
  11. lelapin

    Lawyer - Dark Side

    I want to make a simple will here and wondered if anyone can recommend a lawyer in Pattaya on The Darkside.
  12. lelapin

    Wording of Will

    Why can't the POA be the same date as the will. This is the situation with my UK will. Why do I need to change my lease if I am now covered until I am 96. Sorry if I am being thick but I do have senior moments.
  13. lelapin

    Wording of Will

    Yes. All very helpful Will Ok Why does the POA need to be undated What is Usufruct lifetime
  14. lelapin

    Wording of Will

    I am 75 now so I imagine that a 20 year lease should see me through but the point re leaving the house to me with a year to sell it, was very useful. I could link that in with me stating in my will that I would then pass on part of the proceeds of the sale to her family. Leading on from this then, is there a lawyer in Pattaya that anyone could recommend that would be fair and competent on this topic.