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  1. Sponge part for upholstery

    Ah, my guess is wrong. I know that whereabouts alright. Will visit this week...thanks & cheers.
  2. Sponge part for upholstery

    Do you mean Dowroongwittaya school? If so, I always pass that lights daily and I never knew there is the one! I know only the water tank shop, MOT service, Media service, International law office(?), accountant shop, Thai learning service, supercheap opposite to 7-11 shop.... which one is nearest to the upholstery shop? My guess is somewhere near 7-11 shop, isn't it?
  3. Sponge part for upholstery

    Hi, I can't seem to find the appropriate upholstery shop to get the sponge part in/near Phuket Town. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. This is not a statement yet - so wait & see....
  5. What Putlin did not realise is that they already eat grass even before decide they give up their nukes....
  6. The owner should not gamble that his potential customer will continue next 10 years. That is his problem - nothing to do with the customer.
  7. Does that make the sense UK pays the first installment to EU without knowing the finalised bill? Sorry, the answer is NO. Until all the finalised details must be agreed and completed first including trade, border, etc....
  8. Do not pay anything to EU. Brexit is created by Merkel & her own tragic consequences including Barcelona.
  9. That is why Brexit starts to defend themselves.....
  10. Wish this announcement of safety measure should have happened a long time ago so it will stop many unfortunate consequences.
  11. Air pollution alert in 14 Thai provinces

    Good time to call for Pedestrian zones, cycling campaign, battery cars, etc.... A plenty of ideas but only if Thai's infamous reputation - "Do nothing" method - can be tackled first!
  12. How to get rid of dotted circles?

    Hi, I have been experiencing these problems in the past particularly I am interested to use the "*" wild character and the "?" (I think so) single wild character for Thai vocabulary pattern. For example, I want to retrieve the list of เ*ีย and เ*ือ but the search has never been succeeded in the various applications EXCEPT http://www.sealang.net/thai/vocabulary/ - this is somewhat working well for the * wild character only. Please forgive me if this is not relevant to you but brainstorming may be some uses. By the way, I think it is very difficult to eliminate the dotted circle (very annoying one!) because of the logical process consisting of the complicated Thai characters.
  13. Cant say it is good idea because these are the police matters.