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  1. The outcome - Malwarebytes have detected & removed the reimage bug successfully. I also remove reimagesetup.exe from download file manually as well. So I assume you can resolve too.
  2. Hi, I got the exact same dialog saying "REIMAGE: Important Notice" today after windows update.Grrr.... It is not clear if windows update has caused it. This is obviously annoying me and my time. However I am currently working out how to remove it via malwarebytes and avira.....Did you manage to remove it yet?
  3. EU should be grateful that UK has committed to contribute them over 40 years. Instead today EU shows their disgrace so it is encouraging to prove UK's decision to leave as the best choice.
  4. Hi Simon43, I am BSL native and living in Thailand as expat. Your article is appreciated because everything what you said is generally right. In the short words, there are many different perspective views whether or not Sign language is universal. If you can grasp the signing principle (i.e. expression, movement, space & attention), then you will understand better. Each country has its own sign language corresponding to its national vocabulary only - not grammar. It is true that Deaf Thai vendors can communicate the Westerners/Arab/Chinese through their "common sense". If you teach any deaf children or adults in Myanmar, I would strongly recommend you grasping the basic signing principle before you visit them. It will make a big difference and they will admire your effort in signing (I have no knowledge about Myanmar but I hope the teachers are allowing them to use sign language like in Thailand). My Skype tutorial for introducing British Sign Language (BSL) for English speakers or "International" Sign Language for non-English speakers is available. 1 trial lesson then 1 package of 10 lessons (45 mins to 1 hour each) See
  5. Many thanks, KHUNBENQ. Now it works. I completely forget about text coding in the browser. This quiz is great source to strengthen Thai memory. สุขสันต์วันงกรานต์
  6. Hi, I am not sure if I pick this right forum. It is about Thai font problem via Firefox 52, windows 7 64. Please see the attached. You can see some wild characters which are supposed to be in Thai fonts. This website is called It is really good source for Thai learners. My idea of solving all the possibilities are running out so I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Korb khun mak
  7. "Americans seem to love presidents who bomb people." Or should it be "Russians seem to love presidents who drop the chemical bombs" Never be an easy solution.
  8. Just curious - Has anybody experienced this new issue yet? I believe the chip has moved to the front, isn't it?
  9. I believe sterling can be bounced back if global market will happen. A real question is When?
  10. Is it good time to pause the developers for Phuket? And preserve Phuket's Nature?
  11. ธาดา = creator ? พวก = group
  12. Video

    I think the pillion rider lost his balance because the rider is unexpectedly accelerating by human mistake. As result of that, be thankful he has managed the miracle escape from definite death spot and the bike has collided another bike. Apart from that situation, I am somewhat disgusted with the aggressive bus using dangerous speed and not even making the brake but overtaking another bus. Wow, that is pretty crazy.
  13. No, it is useful. Another words are "sure" or "definitely" - Thai2English
  14. In Bangkok only or national area?