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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean here. But let's hope that I'm right and you're wrong about Moscow. Oi,we've had a couple of ECWC Finals as well. There was no trouble at the last one in or around the Heysel, that I saw or remember being reported. As for the one before that. More sensible days. Peace.
  2. Because Rangers supporters have more of track record than most. See Prakanong's post. That's not true. It can change. It just needs more sensible laws governing alchohol sales on those days and better ticket allocation. Although to be honest, the second seems unlikely to happen. I don't see any reason why it should be. If it had been Man u vs Liverpool then I might have shared your prediction. And to be fair, if there's any trouble where the minority of morons want to mix it with the Russian OB then they're even more stupid than I already think they are.
  3. Thats the problem. BTW its not just Rangers and Celtic. Where eles does it find such violent expression then ? Btw, I also like Celtic, Not because of any religious reasons. But only since they played in Bobby Moore's testimonial , oh way back. And that there used to be a strong West Ham/Celtic tradition.
  4. Sectarian bogotry. I noticed one fan wearing a shirt designed in Red Hand of Ireland flag -- a loyalist symbol. Ironic if we consider that it was originally the symbol of Celtic sun god Labraid Lámh Dhearg. Unfortunately however both Clubs, Celtic and Rangers, have tried to move away from the historic sectarianism that underlies both Clubs. It seems to have failed with the bigotted minority.
  5. With respect to Jockstar, all the reasons that I dislike Rangers is summed up in this incident. A bloke and his brother born in Scotland but brought up in Manchester go drinking with some Rangers fans. The brothers are wearing Scotland shirts. After they thought that they had made pals with the Rangers fans they were drinking with they let out that they were Man u supporters. In some sort of argument that ensued one brother says that Ferguson is a Protestant. Result, he gets a bottle over his head and has to have thirteen stitches. The other brother runs away fearing that he'd get severely beaten-up if he doesn't. Followed in the distance by chants of "Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea...." This bloke reckoned that all day he heard what he described as "bigot songs", for instance, 'Fenian Blood'. This sort of behaviour wasn't an isolated one, but was replicated by Rangers fans before the match and after where several were arrested and one Russian fan stabbed. It's all too familiar after Spain last year. I'm afraid that this sort of bigotry and violence leaves me with no respect whatsoever for Rangers, or even any compliment that on the pitch they had done well, punching above their weight. A Euro ban seems like the only way to deal with a teams supporters now labelled as being the pariahs of Europe. HH