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  1. Over 60 years ago, I took part in a school debate. Can't remember the subject, but my father helped me to prepare my part. I will always remember him saying, "Don't worry about Britain, don't worry about the US, the country to watch is China. One of these days it will be THE superpower. I think Dad was a very clever man!
  2. Gillyflower

    Dear Sir/madam: Sorry..... we don't accept ladyboys

    You posters who know CM. The big book /stationary shop just down from the Irish pub. The employees are very polite, but I have never had one who spoke a word of English. Unless you take an example of what you are looking for you are doomed to quite a long search for what you want. A few years back they had a ladyboy working there. He was intelligent and spoke excellent English. He seemed to understand automatically what I was looking for. The next time, couldn't find him, went to see the Manager who called for him to look after me. The next year he wasn't there. I hope he went on to an even better job.
  3. Not me for one!!! Yuk! I would really have to be desperate!
  4. Last time that I went back to France from LOS, I didn't have enough euros to pay for the taxi waiting for me at the last airport (won't go into the whys), so as I had more than enough baht on me, changed it at a SuperRich. I got just about the same rate as if it was the other way round. I was quite happy.
  5. Being a well brought up young woman and not quite understanding the OP (!), I do remember once, having rather grave doubts on the matter, asking a gay friend of mine if Thai men had what was necessary etc. The answer was that "Don't worry luv, they're very well equipped." Having just been propositioned by a rather gorgeous individual, I was slightly worried, as you can well imagine. Back down to a more serious level, if all of this happened sometime ago, and no one witnessed it how can the mayor talk about 'abnormally well.......
  6. If I remember rightly Mbouka (aged 26) is a policeman himself. Also I do remember that the girl was in the bar with her girlfriend and the GF's boyfriend. Also that it was quite a time before she actually went to the police. We never heard what the friends had to say. One would think that if she was so stoned, they wouldn't have let her go.
  7. I am pretty old (before WW2) and I lived in a country suburb out of Sydney and although there were several poor families, there were certainly no bag walls or dirt floors. I'd love to know more about that one. There was however a family who used to career round in a sulky.
  8. Gillyflower

    All TV members are not equally served!

    The Op asked something that I have often wondered myself. I get it around 4 a.m. which fits in with the 9 a.m. sending time. Today, for in stance Brunolem started the OP 17 hours before that, and some others 16 and 15 hours ago. But now is all explained.
  9. Gillyflower

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    Am I being racist if I say that he sounded just like an American Baptist preacher? It reminds me of what an Irish friend from Dublin, said about Limerick.....all piety and <deleted>.
  10. Gillyflower

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    I watched it off and on. Thank goodness Simon Baker in the Mentalist was on another channel. When the American bishop came on, I was a bit shocked, a bit embarrassed and very bored. I switched off for most of what he said. Actually I was equally bored with the women commentators on CNN. They came out with a load of junk. The men were OK.
  11. But wouldn't it be like a race in Europe? No other traffic is allowed on the course before and until the cyclists have passed.
  12. I live in a small town in Euro country, no problem with 100 note. However whenever I go to an ATM I am only given the option of 50's or less. When I want something like 3, 4, 500, I am only given 50's. Perhaps if I went into the bank, I may be given larger denominations. As for the 500,I have never ever seen one.
  13. Gillyflower

    What Would You Do?

    Well the obvious reply to your reply, is.......don't keep it. Mustn't have you not feeling good!!!!!
  14. Gillyflower

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    When I went to the Promenada in January, there were no more than 7-10 in all the lines with the exception of Tourist Visa. I was no. 1. This was at 7.30 in the morning. I went at 8 to get photos and photocopies then a rupture of electricity that lasted until 8.50. Of course I was no longer no. 1, but still only about 5 before me. Got to the desk, the younger one looking at my papers, and the older one on her calc. She suddenly says to me, "You look good, madame". I preen myself, thinking she meant my clothes. The American next to me said, "She's working out your age". Then the older woman starts a conversation, about the weather and so on, then switches over to French and we continue. We must have held things up for a good 5 minutes whilst we had our social chat. Mind you, there was the young man who handed me my passport and took 5 minutes to explain all the ins and outs of a visa to an elderly lady. Last year, inside, one of the women came out from behind the desk, holding a passport and asked me to find the owner for her!!!! Saying to me in English, "I don't speak French". I still can't work out why she asked me, when I have a French passport too.