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  1. A few years back when you could get your 60 days at Mae Sae, there were two windows open at IO. I was there for ages, the window next to me dealt with 5 people whilst I was still there. Eventually I got my passport and visa stamp. At the airport when I was leaving to go home, the same story, I was there for ages, all the other queues moving. Finally my IO asked me to accompany him to see the supervisor. To cut a long story short, I wasn't in LOS, had never come back in. The old twerp who stamped my passport, couldn't use a computer. Fortunately I had the paperwork.
  2. I understand (CNN) that the pastor has a VERY good friend who is a VERY good friend of Trumps. Knowing how Trump is , it could very well be that he is wreaking all this upheaval just because of that.
  3. I'm sorry, but this is the President of the US talking. Very ill bred and unbecoming for a man in his position, but then he has no class.
  4. I agree, plus it has different marks from the picture of the other photo of a car with English plates.
  5. Yes, perhaps,, but she did speak with a foreign accent. She may have a Brit passport, but she originally comes from somewhere else.
  6. I'm replying to the last sentence. I agree, most humans are copycats, and we have to have the propaganda fed to us, that it's bad to have plastic. But you have this very recent story of the Coles plastic story in Australia. I was aghast. In France we have a large supermarket chain (Intermarche). Itmust be nearly ten years that they stopped plastic. As far as I know, no one complained. But you have also Lidle and Aldi. Although I suspect for the supermarkets it was more from a financial motive. Now in my small town, we have a very large market on Saturdays. The mayor brought in a no plastic ban. Followed for about 3 weeks, then back to plastic. I must be honest tho' many of them are those bio????? (can't think of the word in English). But you chaps will know what I mean. It has to be on the TV etc. I have to stop, because I get very het up over this business.
  7. Well this topic had one good result. It made me turf out of my chair and go to check on my passport. I must say, I feel a little sorry for them, but not much. Everyone knows about 6 months this and t'other and so many pages etc. Obviously I don't know, but one presumes that they make regular trips to LOS. I mean they are not inexperienced travellers.
  8. I realise that we are talking about T'land and I know this is rather off topic. But many years ago when I started travelling,, I had an Aus.passport issued in Australia. The next three came from Australian embassies in foreign countries.
  9. Gillyflower

    Has this happened to you?

    I may not have read everything correctly, but I thought she didn't know about the BIG banana. So that can't have had anything to do with it. If you're not young nor inexperienced, you must be a bore. Perhaps that's what it's all about.
  10. Why should they need to speak Chinese? I've never had an IO address one word to me in any language.
  11. You got in before me. Actually in all those big cities mentioned in post No. 6, I don't think there is any special VIP treatment at the airports for Chinese. It's when they go their respective ways that they are given the big treatment. It's very insulting to all the other nationalities that come to Thailand.
  12. I know I'm getting on a bit , but did I understand what I just read? No, I must be going nuts. I have to be!! Even Thailand can't be THAT backward!!!! It makes me think of that affaire in the US about the doctor and all those athletes. I'm just gobsmacked.
  13. You've got lovely legs!!
  14. Gillyflower

    Does your Gmail stutter too, lately?

    Ever since I changed to the new Gmail, I have had nothing but problems. It takes ages to start, time to go and make your coffee or other things.
  15. He's a Shan. In CM all my friends are Shan and I find them very much brighter, intelligent etc. than most Thai people.