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  1. I remember some years ago Douglas came out and confessed that he was whatever a male nymphomaniac is called. He was undergoing treatment for it.
  2. Sorry I didn't mean any offence, really.
  3. Unhappy Ending For Sleazy Khaosan Movie Set

    You're in Thailand, NOT in other countries!
  4. Well I wasn't feeling well, but all you gents above have given me a good laugh. I feel a bit better now. Thank you all!!
  5. You mean her gigolo.That's the name for young men who go after rich older women.
  6. we have created a generation of zombies

    I remember when everyone got televisions. Anytime you went to visit friends,even at meal time, the tele was on. No conversation. Everyone watched the TV. Just as bad. This sort of anti-social behaviour has been going on for years.
  7. Retirees in Thailand

    I wouldn't want to live here. I like it for the few months of European winter that I spend here, plus the friends that I have made over the years. I understand the fact that many can live better with their pensions, plus all the other reasons and I say ......good luck to you all!!! Keep going boys!!!
  8. A farewell to the baron of Bobby’s Arms

    I think it's just bad English. Obviously it should be ..'gave him an advantage'.
  9. It's OK when I do it, just wrong when you do it.
  10. And isn't she violently anti-Trump? I'm pretty sure I've read that she wrote some article about him. Anyway as it is not a State wedding, he doesn't have to be invited. Obama on the contrary is a great friend of Prince Harry.
  11. I agree with you. My plane from CM is at 7 am. There is a lounge with food and drink before I start. Then we are fed as soon as we take off. The same thing on the next plane from Swampy. All I have to do is make sure that I have a coffee around 4.30-5.00 am. It's the same on the return flight. Bangkok Airways have a lounge at Swampy just near the CM gate.
  12. What I can't understand.......I saw the picture of the taxi with a smashed window. WHO did that? I've not seen that mentioned anywhere.
  13. On Christmas Day in CM the year after the tsunami, there was a quake. If I remember rightly it was 5.4. My bed is one of those enormous Thai beds. It is so heavy that I can't even lift the mattress to make the bed. Well that bed moved!!!
  14. At exactly the same time when the tsunami hit the coasts of Thailand, it was felt in CM. If I remember rightly it was 8.30 a.m. Obviously nothing serious.