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  1. This thread is supposed to be about Thai products in the UK (Europe), not Brit products in Thailand. I live in a small country town in the SW of France and Lidl regularly has Thai week. If I wanted I could drink Tiger all year round.
  2. Some years back I kept ducks for foie gras. I had to change the straw twice a day. A big storage of straw was kept outside under a hangar. This particular day, I lugged a bale down ready to cut the string and discovered that I had disturbed a wasp nest. I have never run so fast in my life with the swarm right behind me. I tore into the bathroom, didn't waste much time shutting the doors and under the shower fully dressed. Was there for ages until the swarm calmed down and it went back to repairing the damage I had done. They rebuilt the nest until I came back the next day with a lethal spray. It was dead serious at the time, but when all calmed down I found it rather funny. Me being pursued for quite a distance, by a very angry, noisy crowd of wasps.
  3. You don't know them as well as I do. It's true to a certain extent that they vote with their heart, but I can assure you to vote Le Pen it is mostly to stir the shit. As for you above who say that France doesn't have much leverage in the EU you don't know what you are talking about. The EU is Germany and France.
  4. Up to the very last second - before picking up the Macron voting slip - I didn't know for whom to vote. I would have voted for anyone in preference to Le Pen. The French (in the 1st round) usually vote for anyone for whom they have a sympathy. I nearly voted for one of the little chaps, but felt this time that it was too serious to play around. They often vote Le Pen just because they want to be ornery or stir the shit. which is what they have done this time (I hope). Some years back I was in a study group and got talking politics with one of the others. She was an ardent communist (when the PCF was pretty strong). Her aunt lived in Marseille and voted J.M.L.P. My colleague told me that if she lived there, she would vote for him too. It's easy to be a rabid communist when you live in a country town of 10,000.
  5. Recently a friend of mine slipped in the water in his bathroom and died three days later.
  6. Do you realise that France may have a BRIT ruling it as lst Lady!!!!!! Things have come to a sorry turn. I still can't work out for whom I'm going to vote.
  7. Where did you get that from?
  8. It was between Kurds and Afghans.
  9. This is why you never see baby pigeons

    I'm very fond of pigeon and eat it quite often. Actually only squabs (30 day old) are sold, anything older is usually made into salmis. I have seen many young pigeons in CM. You can tell them by their beaks. I wouldn't eat town pigeons, only wild ones (can't tell their age so could be impossible to eat unless stewed) or pigeons born in captivity (the ones usually sold).
  10. I agree. I try to bring as much cash as I can get together. Then you look at the various exchange stands. I never go to one that has to do with a bank. Their rates are lower than what I call the independent ones. I have just read the above replies. I talk for CM. There is on Loh Kroh a Super Rich, BUT one even better. It's just a few metres further on, called Super.
  11. Well I will say that most of them dress better and look cleaner than just about all other nationalities. I have a silent smile quite often, because the women look as tho' they are about to go to a garden party at Buck Pal.
  12. Swampy tonight.

    I didn't have to show that I paid (I didn't) but I had to give them a paper from my GH saying that I had a booking from 'here to then'. My GH got the French email address all wrong,, so it finally was a fax. But same difference.
  13. Swampy tonight.

    Yes. If you look on their website, you will see that it is a requirement. I believe it is the same everywhere now.
  14. Swampy tonight.

    The Embassy in Paris wouldn't give me a 60 day visa, if I didn't show proof of an hotel booking. Not quite the same thing I know, but the idea is there.
  15. Cheating Frenchman sues Uber for tipping off wife about affair

    I didn't know that having a lover (other than your wife) was illegal........