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  1. A few years ago, Thai friends tookme on my visa run. We shopped,looked around, had lunch etc and finally the husband left us with cans of drinks in a quiet little corner whilst he went off to get the car. There were two bins about 1-2 metres from us. Four cans were thrown on the ground!! Now these Thais are upper middle class!! On the beach near Rayong, the B'kok people come for the weekend and the seafood. Mostly all the shells etc are thrown. Mind you there are NO bins either.
  2. Have you seen these Russians? Phangan police and hotels want a word

    I would have said that too.. I have stayed at the Malaysia in B'kok several times and I feel pretty sure that I paid on leaving. I'm getting a bit old on it, so maybe I'm wrong. I have also stayed in little beach hotels near Rayong and paid either in dribs and drabs or at the end. On the other hand my GH in CM wants the money and the deposit straight up and I have been staying there for over 12 years.
  3. Yeah! Wanna make sumpin' of it?
  4. That's strange!! I have a gay friend, who when I questioned him about this (I was QUITE concerned for him and eventually for me) told me 'don't worry about it luv, I assure you they are very satisfactory'.
  5. I've been going to the same hairdresser for 14 years (in CM) and I always have hot/warm water.
  6. Shirtless Farangs

    I remember, many years ago in Melbourne (the 90's) that male employees of the Commonwealth Bank wore shorts to work. Very respectable of course, at least to the knees, short sleeved shirt and tie. Can't remember for the feet, but I should imagine socks to the knees.
  7. For the Paris Embassy (a 60 day visa) I have to show a letter from the bank that says I have 1000 euros in my account. With bank exchange etc I am showing them that I have more than 30,000 baht.
  8. I'm one of these Western women............I have been going to LOS for many years now. I'm not looking for a relationship (sexual). Too old to be bothered with men, BUT I DO like their company. When I go out I just like to have an agreeable time. Over the years I find that men (we are talking about Thailand), once they realize I am not looking for a holiday romance, don't want them to pay for my drinks , not expecting anything later, they only want the uncomplicated CONVERSATION, on maybe all sorts of subjects (not that I meet many intellectuals in CM), more or less the same mentality and no problems of language. In other words to be on the same wave length. Actually in some cases, it is rather funny. Some of them bring their women, who don't sit with us and look on rather benignly whilst hubby/bf and I sit for some hours drinking and talking.
  9. Shirtless Farangs

    Well I see quite a few of those, from early in the morning in my small town in the SW of France.
  10. Why can't you all take it as a bit of fun! Just be amused by it! As though you are watching a film. All the chaps I meet are VERY cagey about their lives back in wherever it was.
  11. This thread is supposed to be about Thai products in the UK (Europe), not Brit products in Thailand. I live in a small country town in the SW of France and Lidl regularly has Thai week. If I wanted I could drink Tiger all year round.
  12. Some years back I kept ducks for foie gras. I had to change the straw twice a day. A big storage of straw was kept outside under a hangar. This particular day, I lugged a bale down ready to cut the string and discovered that I had disturbed a wasp nest. I have never run so fast in my life with the swarm right behind me. I tore into the bathroom, didn't waste much time shutting the doors and under the shower fully dressed. Was there for ages until the swarm calmed down and it went back to repairing the damage I had done. They rebuilt the nest until I came back the next day with a lethal spray. It was dead serious at the time, but when all calmed down I found it rather funny. Me being pursued for quite a distance, by a very angry, noisy crowd of wasps.
  13. You don't know them as well as I do. It's true to a certain extent that they vote with their heart, but I can assure you to vote Le Pen it is mostly to stir the shit. As for you above who say that France doesn't have much leverage in the EU you don't know what you are talking about. The EU is Germany and France.
  14. Up to the very last second - before picking up the Macron voting slip - I didn't know for whom to vote. I would have voted for anyone in preference to Le Pen. The French (in the 1st round) usually vote for anyone for whom they have a sympathy. I nearly voted for one of the little chaps, but felt this time that it was too serious to play around. They often vote Le Pen just because they want to be ornery or stir the shit. which is what they have done this time (I hope). Some years back I was in a study group and got talking politics with one of the others. She was an ardent communist (when the PCF was pretty strong). Her aunt lived in Marseille and voted J.M.L.P. My colleague told me that if she lived there, she would vote for him too. It's easy to be a rabid communist when you live in a country town of 10,000.
  15. Recently a friend of mine slipped in the water in his bathroom and died three days later.