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  1. Well it's reading OPs like this that makes me look so young. There's nothing like a good laugh. (Apart from a couple of very serious ones.) Thanks Chaps.
  2. If what you say is correct, then it explains something that had puzzled me. I noticed that many of the men were very protective towards the ladies they were seemingly with. If it was bought sex then there was no reason for that. Thank you.
  3. I must warn a Brit friend of mine. He manufactures lubricants in the UK.
  4. The Only Farang

    I have quite a few Shan friends and a few years back, one of them invited me to spend some time with her family in their village,way up high somewhere. I think it was Wiang Haeng, but am not sure. We had a stop not far out of CM, everybody controlled. Then up to near the village. we had five military stops. Everybody out (except me) and everybody controlled (except me). I was taken to meet many people in the village and was expected to eat and yuk, drink everywhere. Came evening I was taken to the village square to have my head to toe wash (under a sarong) with all the other ladies. Breakfast was around the fire in front of the house. Then I went to the Temple to meet the monks. After, three of us, no helmets, went on a scooter, along a highway to the nearest town for a meal. During the afternoon, I think the whole village, particularly the kids, came to peek at me The next day was my birthday, but I couldn't make them understand. I forgot to say that my friend spoke very little English, reads no Thai and the villagers spoke no Thai. We had no verbal communication whatsoever, just hands and gestures. We were four women, so I sent my friend off to buy some goodies to drink and eat. By the time we got going ,all the women of the village were there. It was great.
  5. Never had problems with that, in all these years I have been going to CM. It's part of the deal between the main airline and their counterpart. Even on the return flight, CM to B'kok, they take the International weight. I must say that, not to have to put up with all that interminable wait at Immigration is wonderful.
  6. I make three flights to CM. Two by Air France and then B'kok Airways. All bought at the same time. At the first check-in, my luggage is booked through to CM. No problems there! When I get to B'kok, I do not turn left for Immigration, I keep going to Transit. There are Three Immigration desks with someone standing in front of each to inspect your papers A couple of seconds later, you are in front of the Imm. official. Once there was someone else there, and the other times, I have had Immigration all to myself. The hallway for gate to cM is almost in front of you.
  7. Thai masseur accused of raping tourist

    I'm not Thai, but I wouldn't either. Unless, of course, I was looking for a bit of 'consensual'.
  8. Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    I once stayed at a beach near Rayong at Songkran time. Wouldn't have known. Not a thing happened.
  9. I'm not arguing with you B.Boy, but I could have sworn that I saw Ryan himself say it. I only get CNN in LOS and I think it was at the beginning of the Trump reign. If I'm not mistaken Ryan at that time was not an ardent Trump supporter.
  10. Shopping at the fresh market?

    I buy chicken, prawns, squid and pork from Somphet regularly. I've never had any problems. As the ladies have known me for a long time, I quite often have a choice with the chick and the lady with the prawns throws in a few extra. It all seems to be cheaper than what I can have in Rimping or Tops.
  11. I don't know why the Republicans are so devastated by the news. They have known for months that he wasn't standing for re-election. I heard and saw that on CNN months ago.
  12. WelI I got to 1 minute something. Hope to have the courage to watch a bit more later. I thought maybe like a serial.
  13. New SETV rules for Aussies.

    Well Dean. This is 3 years that the Thai Embassy in Paris has been asking me for exactly the same info. So it isn't just so easy as before!!
  14. French cop held for rape of British teen on Koh Tao

    How do you know she was travelling alone? She went out with another woman. In actual fact there is very little info in the OP. I find most young Brit girls that I come across in CM, extremely bold and game for anything. I can't say the same for other nationalities.
  15. French cop held for rape of British teen on Koh Tao

    In the OP it is mentioned that he is black.