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  1. She may not be a expert in British building regs but she should know what her company recommends...
  2. Last week Corbyn was blaming the Tory lead Kensington Council for this and demanding the resignation of the councilors (Presume he meant the Tory ones)... Last night 800 families had to be evacuated because their tower blocks are also clad in flammable materials, presume he will be calling for the resignation of Camdon Councilors too...
  3. I hope this child is able to tell her story anomalously so other children understand they do not have to do it and there are people out there to help. I also here the child has been sent to a children's home, how terrible they still have those awful place these days, much better the child be fostered out to a trusted and vetted family.
  4. Oh no not another referendum... So we elect a President... Just look at the mess over the pond
  5. Unfortunately that was the " Vote Leave" sales talk... and a lie, Iceland (not the food retailer), Norway & Switzerland have to accept a lot EU rules and can not do separate trade agreements with other countries without EU approval. Gove and the Blond Dimwit... That's another fine mess you got us into...
  6. Has size anything to do with it??? I am not talking length... but thickness... ...of a wallet
  7. Maybe if all the bars that that depend upon the P4P business turned their lights off for a night just to demonstrate what Walking St would be like with out their businesses, Sure there would be a "U" turn faster than a Ping Pong Ball ...
  8. I was not questioning what may have taken place between the citizens arrest and the handing over of the guy to the police... But there again hope they did get the right guy and not some unfortunate who was in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  9. Who goes to Finsbury Park if they can help it... What does not help is the BBC and others doing live interviews with people being emotional and distorting facts, one guy this morning saying it took the police over an hour to respond because they were Muslims... the BBC should have cheeked the facts before broadcasting.
  10. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  11. The biggest lie was the we can do the Norway thing, clearly the vote leave did not intend this to happen, and it was told collectively by the Vote Leave campaign, what you are citing is one person, namely Osborne who has jumped... Yet, Gove and the Blond Dimwit are appointed to government promoting hard brexit...
  12. But shouting "we want answers now"... Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows it is going take time to investigate, just the lefty rabble raisers trying to unstabilise the government...
  13. I am not so sure, but possibly a legal challenge on the validity given the the amount of untruths told during campaigning, but There again I think a lot of Brits are getting feed up with referendums and elections.
  14. Two wrongs do not make right... Fact is I am sure public opinion is now for Single Market and Customs Union, and it was what Gove and the Blond dimwit promised Vote Leave voters by citing the Norway model.
  15. Remember a lot of those who voted Leave did so on the we can do the Norway thing...