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  1. Estimated 1% of our gas comes indirectly from Russia... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43421431 And we do not have to purchase oil from Russia...
  2. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    I understand they are in talks with G4S, GEO Amey & the UK Probation Services...
  3. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    And skipping bail... Why would any civilised country not be willing to extradite the scumbag???
  4. Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol

    Looking at the red list, all the Thai's listed are wanted by Malaysia, The USA, Canada, etc. not Thailand... Actually the are no persons listed as wanted by Thailand.
  5. We should cut all ties with Russia, kick out all Russian diplomats, close down RT, kick out all Russian journalists, make visas only available to Russian dissidents. Maybe we have not yet got compelling evidence, but I am sure Putin is behind it and we did not punish him hard enough last time, the reason Putin wants the evidence is to work out how advanced our intelligence agencies are...
  6. What I was getting at here in the UK the British Red Cross Society runs in competition to the St John Ambulance Brigade with active members doing first aid at major events, promoting first aid training, nursing assistance, etc. does the Thai Red Cross have ambulances, do they promote and train first aiders, do they provide first aid cover at major events???
  7. Unfortunately (AFAIK) there is no St John, Red Cross or any other like organisation in Thailand. Personally I would like to see every child do First Aid as a compulsory subject in school, in every country. "Get down on your knees at his side. 15 compression and two breathes. Although the latest update says 30 compression and 2 breaths." Yes, different ideas 15/2, 30/2 I actually believe if you are on your own just go with the compression's with may be the occasional 2 or 3 breaths. P.S. Flat Earth Society say's do not do CPR as you may break the casualties ribs... If you do do CPR you may well break the casualties ribs, but better to survive with broken ribs that will mend than die.
  8. OMG... Flat Earth Society live and kicking in Pattaya... As far as I know AED's (Automated external defibrillators) are fool proof And a little research. https://www.resus.org.uk/defibrillators/training-required-to-use-an-aed/ Resuscitation Council (UK),
  9. Here is some help... 25 March, Melbourne, Australia 8 April, Sakhir, Bahrain 15 April, Shanghai, China 29 April, Baku, Azerbaijan 13 May, Barcelona, Spain 27 May, Monaco, Monaco 10 June, Montreal, Canada 24 June, Le Castellet, France 1 July, Spielberg, Austria 8 July, Silverstone, Great Britain 22 July, Hockenheim, Germany 29 July, Budapest, Hungary 26 August, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium 2 September, Monza, Italy 16 September, Singapore, Singapore 30 September, Sochi, Russia 7 October, Suzuka, Japan 21 October, Austin, USA 28 October, Mexico City, Mexico 11 November, Sao Paulo, Brazil 25 November, Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi
  10. My thoughts are... Many of these petty criminals come from villages far away from Pattaya, they come to Pattaya looking for rich pickings so why not kick them out of town? Send them back to their villages, Thais can not do much without their ID card, so take it off them for 3 to 6 months so they have to stay in their village.
  11. I do not think it is happy, but the person being executed would first feel light headed, may be a few seconds of tingling before passing out.
  12. Russia to retaliate, very predictable... We should pull all our diplomats out of Russia and boot all the Russian diplomats out the UK, ask another country to look after our interests in Russia. Tougher visa restrictions for any person holding a Russian passport, any person applying for a visa who holds dual nationality who fails to declare their Russian nationality should be treated as a spy. My advise to anyone thinking of going to the world cup is not to, there will be a lot of anti British sentiment, and England fans are likely to be set upon and then accused of starting it and there will be no consular assistance.
  13. Should that have read "some uptime"???
  14. Just waiting for the film... Who will they have for Donald?