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  1. Not so sure Max would have had to pass Lewis and Seb... As for the penalty, lot of talk the stewards are inconsistent on this, certainly dragging him out of the podium waiting room must have really hurt.
  2. F1 2017

    Unless other drivers are going to as well he is better off not doing so.
  3. F1 2017

    Will Lewis take F1 Drivers championship tonight??? Probably not, he needs to win 16 more points than Seb and 3 more than Valtteri. But there again LH has a white wash to complete and Seb is so desperate I can see him taking out another driver at the first corner and if it is Kimi ...well Ferrari will be in the market for another driver for the rest of the season and next year
  4. Channel 4 will be screening it live... this a free, none subscription UK channel but to view over the internet you will need to register and they block none UK IP addresses. http://www.channel4.com/ http://f1.channel4.com/ As for max winning....
  5. To run high speed trains Thailand will need double tracks, when they work that one out will be when work stops on this project and they quietly try to brush it under the carpet. when it comes to failed infrastructure projects Thailand has an outstanding TRACK record...
  6. Back to Pattaya we go, Mr Crusoe

    Maybe he will get a discount by taking his own LiLo if he goes for a soapy...
  7. Unless they have a lot more stashed away I hardly think $900USD will keep the 3 of them in kabab's for more than a day or so. Good chance they have been scammed, now the double whammy.
  8. 25Kv is irrelevant if you are trying to point out how much energy the trains will use... Multiply the voltage by the amperage. I think the real factor is just how much carbon, but there again look at how much carbon per train passenger verse that of a car trip, then you may find out it may well be more greener to use the train.
  9. Hardly news... The big news will be those who do open as getting staff to turn in for work will be a big problem, I suspect the only restaurants open after 3pm on the 26th will be in hotels, and then it may be a cold buffet and certainly no alcohol...
  10. Only 3,000B with a rusty pen knife...
  11. For most of the UK we have had a lucky escape... Was working in the centre of Brum today, a lady walking up the street just before midday commented how red the moon was, actually it was the sun she was pointing at, it was a very deep orange, half an hour later I could not see the sun and it got dark as if it were dusk, then by 3 brilliant sunshine and blue sky's.
  12. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    Obviously you were not around in 1973... And Corbyn is standing on the touch line shouting at the referee "go to Specsavevers" like a scratched record on a wonky record player...
  13. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    Would have been interesting to have had a straw poll of TV members at the time of the referendum. In this poll it is interesting to see there are more than 52% of TV members claim to voted to leave. I would be interested to know of those who have voted in this poll are British and would have been entitled to vote?
  14. Would be better if some big commercial interests were to sponser flyers in English, Chinese, Japaneses, German, French, Etc. to be handed out by hotels and tourist police.
  15. Would help if they knocked down some of the buildings encroaching on former klongs and opened up the blocked klongs...