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  1. This is not a civil prosecution where the victim is seeking damages, he is being prosecuted under criminal law, if the allegations are true then he should go to jail, she is just a witness in the case, the only reason why the case should be dropped is if they do not have enough evidence without her giving testimony from the witness box, even is she was forced to give evidence, as a "hostile witness" he testimony will have lost all credibility.
  2. Don't be silly... This Is Thailand.
  3. Probably they are suspected of those crimes and they are being investigated.
  4. At least with an intersection they can blame the cement lorries with Thai truck brakes...
  5. But the price of the beer does include the "remarkable interactive shows"
  6. That was a pretty strong condemnation of the violence coming from a racist, sexist, narrow minded bigot...
  7. just realised that when I wrote "low IQ with a funny hair cut" that disruption could also be fitting of the POTUS as well.
  8. My guess is the Americans have been planning something for years that would do a lot of damage with minimal lose of life. may even give them 30 mins warning of their intended targets so they could be evacuated. But I am hoping that when the low IQ with a funny hair cut presses his rugby ball(s) the missile go 180 degrees off course, that should put the wind up his yellow neighbours...
  9. Obliviously the police do not know the full facts when someone dial 999, and if it was mentioned that a person was run over multiple times by the same vehicle, Yes calling in an armed response team seems the right thing to do. Talking to some police officers last year, they said it was not easy for the controllers because there were very few incidents they could send armed officers, just imagine armed officers turning up at ones local supper market to arrest a shop lifter, that would give the Sun something to write about.
  10. Alan Sugar has a lot to answer for...
  11. HOT FAKE NEWS... HR department at the White House to be fitted with revolving doors. Working for Trump, no job security unless one is kin...
  12. My guess is the owner of the substance would have counted those bags may times, their dabs would be all over them, that is if they were not handled by every Tom, dick or Harry when the haul was discovered, could have finger printed everybody there, but there again that's too easy.
  13. Hopefully it will be a case of Trump being all mouth and no trousers...
  14. "...really is crazy?" I think the way out for America is to get him sectioned... Sorry, Sectioned is a British thing, meaning to be committed compulsorily to a psychiatric hospital in accordance with a section of a mental health act.
  15. The reason why they can not get rid of it is a few Republicans do care.