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  1. And when they have finished it they will be spending zillions on repairing it, and stopping them tunneling under it, flying over it and sailing round it.
  2. One should understand why these people are seeking a better life in the US... One way to stop this would be to help these people improve there quality of life in their own countries, unfortunately Trumps trade war is only going to make things worse for them.
  3. Problem is the Dems need to realign their policy or it will backlash on them as Trump and the Republicans will be accusing them of being too liberal on illegal immigrants.
  4. Also gives the contact phone number... should it not have been pixelated???
  5. Codeine is an opiate, perspiration only drug in the UK, I would have to be in exceptional pain to have it prescribed, doubt I would want to holiday if I needed it. THC as far as I know it only stays in in the system for 3 days...and I do not use it. I certainly been in cannabis grows and felt very light headed,on leaving had to wait some time before I felt safe to drive.
  6. My argument is legalising it will not stop the hard stuff or it being sold to kids.
  7. In the UK we have laws on selling alcohol and tobacco to under age children, It does not work...
  8. Could go towards the £20 Billion for the NHS but will the tax raised cover the cost too society the use of the substance will cost society???
  9. I do not know about other countries like Holland, but I am aware of what is happening in the UK not just from the TV but first hand, an I know that if it is legalised having to prove ones age, only mild varieties and taxed, would not stop the illegal production of stronger verities sold to anyone untaxed. It will not stop:
  10. Depends whether they do it by accident, or just taking a chance or bloody mindedness... Had a job in the city the other day had to park some distance and walk half a mile with a heavy tool box, while walking to the job a Rolls Royce pulls up near where I was working, left unattended at a spot reserved for taxis for over 20 minutes with the hazards flashing...
  11. A phrase that I was well accustomed too long before 1982 Maybe because my Grandfather came from north of Hadrian wall
  12. There is if there were a side bet on it But there again betting is illegal in Thailand so I doubt not...
  13. Any other arrests like the ladies and the Boat Captain?
  14. Sorry but people who break the law are not decent people[FULLSTOP] Listening to (I think it was Vince Cable) on the radio this morning made my blood boil "legalize it and the problem will go away"... Will it heck, do you think if they legalise and taxed it and limit the strength, those that grow it will just shut up shop??? Those that grow it are already competition to grow the strongest "brain pickling" skunk, thew will continue to grow it illegally, renting property from unsuspecting landlords and trashing their property in the process, stealing thousands of pounds worth of electricity every month, risk of causing fires and even putting lives in danger. In a few years Cannabis related illnesses will over take tobacco related illnesses a the biggest drain on healthcare and welfare resources.
  15. It has nether happened in any other country... Just look at America, the murders per capita is consistently less in the states without capital punishment. https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/deterrence-states-without-death-penalty-have-had-consistently-lower-murder-rates