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  1. She is going to win tonight but her days are numbered, me think she is going to try for more concessions from the EU then put it to the vote, if she does not win with her brext package and she certainly will not without substantial movement from the EU and that is not going to happen. The candidates will probably be hard brexit, lets try again, we did our best lets remain.
  2. I did not get it either... maybe she meant "incontinent" (from PMQ's)
  3. Looks like May is safe for the time being... 153 Tories have already nailed their colours to the mast, they support her, she only needs 5 more... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-46533245 62 people are talking about this
  4. My doctor scribbles better than that... Say's a lot, letter dictated to his PA, possibly not even by him, "post it" with recipients name, he just scribbles "Dear Name" and signs along with other one hundred or so letters he has to sign.
  5. You are jumping the gun... She has only to say the EU deal is dead and lets put all options to a referendum and she will be safe Mogg, Johnson and few others who will be no lose to the Tory party will no doubt throw their toys out the pram and join Farage in forming UKIP Mk2.
  6. In the UK they probably have to wear steel toe capped safety shoes and yellow vests...
  7. the BBC reports 3 dead and 12 injured Gun man believed to be injured, hope it hurts...
  8. Major said Revoke, could revoke and resubmit but that just means another two year before we could leave if Mays proposal was accepted, or we were going to leave on any other terms. I am assuming extend is not an option provided for, also we will have no representation in the EU Parliament when our currant MEP's time in office runs out.
  9. https://whatukthinks.org/eu/questions/if-a-second-eu-referendum-were-held-today-how-would-you-vote/#
  10. I am sure Sir Graham Brady has got more than 48 letters calling for a confidence vote in the party leader. I think tomorrow (Thursday) she will call a meeting of all all Tory MP,s, to thrash out a way forward, most Tory MP's understand she has the best deal she is going to get from the EU and the mess is not of her making. The consensus of the meeting will be no point in putting the EU offer to the commons as it will be defeated, their is nothing that parliament will agree on and the only way forward would be a peoples vote. TM will retain the support of of over 157 of her MP's some of the letters will be withdrawn and the confidence vote will be cancelled. If as I assume the "Hard Brexiteers" Mogg And Johnson, etc, number well less than 50 if the peoples vote contains a "remain" option then she will have the support of the LibDems, SNP, (Sturgeon was on the radio yesterday calling for remain so you might say she has nailed her knickers to the mast) and all the other minor parties represented at parliament except Labour who will oppose it I doubt will be able to get anything like 200 MP's through the opposition lobby with many locking themselves in the toilets to prevent the party bully boys manhandling them through the lobby) when the division bell rings, and even some voting with the government. The big issue is how do we stop the clock ticking while we run another referendum??? I doubt there is any legal way to do this under the currant EU constitution or rules.
  11. It is just a few of them now. Just shouting louder and louder to hide the fact that they are loosing support... They are scared stiff of a peoples vote, they know the leave vote was a fluke, many of those 17.4 were making a protest vote, they thought remain was going to win by a mile...
  12. Basil B

    UK: Who was the 'Thai bride' dumped in the hills?

    Unfortunately there is no link for anyone with information, but anyone within the UK could dial 101 and ask to be connected with "North Yorkshire Police"or ask for the information to be forwarded to North Yorkshire Police. Or email [email protected]