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  1. Basil B

    PM Prayut eager for medical marijuana to be legal in Thailand

    I am sure you will find a doctor for the right fee, and if you have missed anything out he will diagnose it for you...
  2. I feel their has been too much bad blood for us to suddenly say we want to stay, we would be 3rd class members, remaining in the EU would just be like Euro Vision, all ganging up on us Brits... Never voted for Leave, and although I predicted exiting would be like a bad divorce I never expected it to be this bad, all for very little benefit.
  3. Just to point out it is low season... Presume a lot more hotels have registered and registering guests.
  4. Labour now talking of a second referendum to remain. If Labour were to call for a second referendum it could really pull the rug from under May... Q. Who will back May and the Tories? SNP Lib Dems Sinn Fien Plaid Cymru The Green Party A. None of the above, the only party that would support May is the DUP and they will not in the likelihood of boarder controls which seem inevitable, may even see some Tories voting in defiance of the whip ...or just coincidentally having urgent business elsewhere.
  5. 2"... You know this story was translated by an American or a pre-decimal English man/woman. 2 inch is 50mm to everybody else... To be correct as the pipe is Thai it would 50mm which is in actual fact = 1and 31/32 inch give a few thou.
  6. Basil B

    PADI Open Water Dive Course...

    HI Kim, just wondered what you diving expertise is that qualifies you to rubbish Pattaya??? For myself... PADI MSD Over 300 dives Pattaya and Samae San/Hard Deep. Dived a lot in the UK. Also dived Phuket and Samui/Kho Tao.
  7. Aggressive begging... Happens in many countries including the UK. often no need as there are welfare and charities that will help, often the beggars are just being greedy, can not walk around many cities in the UK these days without falling over beggars claiming to be homeless but I am sure many are not. Saw one years ago with a starved dog in a door way in Oxford, begging for the price of a cup of hot coffee, young woman took pity on him, rather than giving him money she went and bought him a coffee from a near by shop, he just threw it back at her.
  8. It is too late... A U-turn now will leave the UK in a worse position than no deal. If we were to to remain they the other EU members will gang up against the UK worse than they do on Euro Vision.
  9. And not all sharks are dangerous... Have a few pics I took of a shark sleeping under coral.
  10. It is brinkmanship, there will be an 11th hour fudge that will take decades of wrangling to fix.
  11. Basil B

    27 rats caught on Pattaya Beach

    in other words 78 were empty. Memo to self. Avoid Satay beach vendors.
  12. Less that 50% voted for him... And many of those that did thought the stories about him being a Moron was fake news, and others thought a Moron was a person of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...
  13. Basil B

    F1 2018

    Oh no... Drivers investigated for throwing the race, and mechanics charged with "doping"...
  14. Get him to detail this funding he said he had, $72 billion is a hell of a lot of money, if he can not then they have him "banged to rights".