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  1. and two wrongs do not make a right... I did not give my consent to be baptised, and would not had I been old enough to say no.
  2. Tolerance??? seems to me the only tolerance Muslims have is for the radical terrorists in their community who think that they have the right to rid this earth of those who do not believe in Islam.
  3. Sorry to say, but when people come to the UK as political asylum seekers when/if the situation changes and they are not at risk why they should they not be repatriated?
  4. I feel I am right in thinking that many of the Muslim/Islamic leaders are just hypocrites, holding prayers for PR yet they are the ones who could if they want "out" the radical extremists from their community. Muslim men prayed for victims of the attack at a mosque in Manchester. hypocrites
  5. I do not care what his nationality is, he is still a ********. Wonder when and how his body will be returned to his parents??? Hope it is many weeks and the get told to bury him discreetly.
  6. 22 Years old one dead for every year of his miserable life... I am sure he did not do this unaided. I hope thy nail the other ******* quickly.
  7. Had a very dry whit on and off the stage... probably along with the Saint and Bond he played a superb roll in North Sea Hijack. Best memory when Moore discovers Lea Brodie is not a lad... Will be sadly missed...
  8. I look at it this way, the real offence was DUI, there was no intention to kill, but they should not have been driving, therefore is it not better to have a more server penalty for DUI drivers instead of a "close the stable door after the horse has bolted" approach to DUI. Yes, the only difference is someone died and she could probable afford the blood money without batting an eyelid, but that is not going to bring back the poor police man. better to get the drunks off the road in the first place.
  9. Sorry but if you want real justice it has to be the courts to decide... First there needs to be a deterrent to stop them doing the the same thing... Then I agree some compensation to the victims (or their families) for some reduction in sentence. IMHO Causing death by drink driving should have been a custodial sentence, say 5 years, 6 months to 1 year inside the rest suspended, banned from driving, if after release they drive a car back inside, the penalty could be reduced if the offender pays compensation awarded by the courts but they should do at least half the sentance.
  10. Some one kills you pays your family a few bahts... do you think that is OK??? Seems no lessons learned as she still has no qualms about getting behind the wheel drunk.
  11. Quite right it seems the only way to forcibly remove a POTUS from office is defined by : The Constitution defines these as follows (Article II, Section 4): The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors. There are other ways which may just have him regretting supporting the NRA.
  12. "Joint Custody" highly unlikely, This is Thailand... and he is a alien.
  13. Two things... Talking to Russia about Comey??? why would Comey come up in conversation unless the talk was about covering up the talks that never took place... Describing Comey as a "Real Nut Job", so what does that make Trump.
  14. I thought the squirrels down fall was their liking of high tension cables...
  15. Sounds like someone must have a yard full of fencing to off load...