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  1. I'm guessing because we are in Thailand, this happened in Thailand, this is a Thai forum etc etc etc
  2. I thought the 90 day report though was to show where you live and that you're still there. The stamp in the passport wouldn't show that. Don't get me wrong, I think the 90 day reporting is a waste of time too but for an occasional traveler I don't see the form as being such an issue. For a frequent traveler though, no wonder you get fed up with it
  3. I probably sound naive but what's so bad about filling it in? I just see it as an easier 90 day reporting form that saves me having to go to the local office for a bit longer.
  4. No incident that she was aware of or willing to own up to. Just like the Japanese professor with the biker
  5. They're just looking for another gullible race to rip off with their scams and dual pricing as more Westerners and Japanese have got fed up of it.
  6. I hate bikes like this on the road but after seeing the bikers cam, I have to side with him. Lost his cool after the car deliberately tried to ram him. He could have lost his life there and then so no wonder he was angry. Then the driver decides to get a knife out for a second go because he got confronted about his bad action. Two acts of what could be seen as attempted murder from the nutty professor.
  7. UK student loan payments

    Thanks for the clarification. I sent off my annual declaration within the last month so I will await their reply. In previous years I have been below the threshold but I knew it was only a matter of time before I rose above it. If they ask for about B350 per month then I don't mind paying it as I am in debt to them. If they demanded 5k per month then that's a completely different story.
  8. Drain smells from toilet in new house !!

    When we moved in to our new home there was a smell from the toilets. We were told that it was due to the septic tank not having the required nastiness/enzymes in it. We bought a few six litre bottles of the stuff (I cant remember what it was called), flushed a litre down each toilet per day and the smell finally disappeared after a few weeks.
  9. UK student loan payments

    Although the link by sappersrest says the minimum repayment is 98pounds I regularly receive letters from them saying this is the maximum. Maybe this rate depends on the year you graduated and the terms you signed up to, but if they plan to take 5k baht from you when earning 30k then they are deliberately putting you in poverty which I'd fight tooth and nail. If you don't declare it they will try and add the years maximum repayment on to your balance when they track you down again. They demanded several thousand pounds from me for not declaring my income when i first moved here and were very aggressive. I told them they could go whistle as I had nothing to give. I will never be able to pay my student loan off. Even when I worked in London my repayments weren't even covering the ridiculous interest applied. That was not what I signed up for when taking out the loan, we were told that it was interest free. Thanks Tony Bliar
  10. With the amount of looks that we get from holding hands I prefer not to in public in Thailand. I used to find the looks funny but its just sad now. Back in the UK we held hands every day and no one bat an eyelid.
  11. Cruise Control - What's the Point?

    In the UK its a big advantage with the average-speed speed cameras. I was driving along the m62 and m60 a couple of weeks ago where there are loads of average speed cameras around roadworks set at 50mph. Once the cruise control is on I can look at the road rather than constantly checking if I am doing 1 or 2 mph over. In Thailand I can't see when I would ever use it though.
  12. Customs crackdown at Suvarnabhumi?

    I'm guessing most who are stopped with a large quantity of new goods will have also reclaimed their VAT from the airport before departing for Thailand too. There's a huge saving/profit to be had by doing this so it's not surprising customs want a cut.
  13. What about other areas like Chumpon and Prachuab? Are these off limits too?
  14. Say hello to 4 of Thailand's hottest som tam sellers

    I was just hoping to see some natural beauty rather than girls who pump their chests up plastered in make up. A lot prettier to me.
  15. Say hello to 4 of Thailand's hottest som tam sellers

    Its just a shame that hot or sexy here means fake oversized plastic looking tits.