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  1. I was just hoping to see some natural beauty rather than girls who pump their chests up plastered in make up. A lot prettier to me.
  2. Its just a shame that hot or sexy here means fake oversized plastic looking tits.
  3. The only thing I would trust these muppets of doing is getting our country in more debt and making it worse. I agree with Vogie though. Their election strategy is excellent. Lots of youngsters are now registering to vote as they like his policies for the working class. As I said in my post above, the NHS is a huge issue and Labour have said what people want to hear whereas the Conservatives have remained coy.
  4. May and her manifesto have been quite the disappointment so far. The media are always going to repeat the same old diatribe but I feel this does seem to be an elitist manifesto that does not bode well with the general voting public. First of all, May needs to clearly address the NHS issue and elderly care which is crippling her campaign at the moment. And please why does no party ever sort out the foreign aid budget and make it fair.
  5. I guess the real reason this is allowed is because they want the money and technology from the foreign universities. I know many lecturers here who complain that they can't do any meaningful research because of the out of date machinery. It also saves the government having to send students with scholarships to other countries, who then fall in love with those countries (or a nice handsome man there) and don't want to come back.
  6. Thanks, I've starred it on my Google Maps. Their dessert looks like it could be tasty too.
  7. Easy, Khao Soi Gai. Every time I go up north, it's on the menu every day.
  8. Did you have your indicator on? I couldn't hear it due to the music. Either way your headlights were shining in to the road which shows you're waiting to come out. I'm surprised she didn't stop when the motorcycle nearly hit her. That should have at least woke her up, but clearly not. One more question though, do you think she will learn anything from this? I'm sure you will always make that extra check now, but will she pay more attention, cycle on the correct side of the road, use lights?
  9. It may look like but it isn't. They often have cars on display in Central Malls. Even Tesco lotus and Big C have pickups on show to tempt us. Does anyone know if this is part of the section that they have been renovating over the last year or so?
  10. Just a quick note, most of us live in Thailand and this is a thai forum so i don't see why people can't post anything on here without the 'it happens everywhere brigade' coming out. Do you people just copy and paste the same line...
  11. I just assumed it was another episode of tuk tuk patrol. But I'm glad they felt the full face of the law with the infamous 500baht fine. They might need a go fund me page to be able to pay that off.
  12. Just checked on my current one which is 30 double rolls. It says it's 960m of 2 ply. I guess I'll have to see what the total length is for the others. I used to think that buying more would be cheaper but that's not always the case anymore
  13. Usually goes in the toilet, car and on the dining table. I like to buy the Cellox brand but have no idea which gives more. 24jumbo's or 30 big for example.
  14. Does anyone have an idea which tends to be the best size of toilet roll to buy and in what quantity for best value? I'm sure I can't be the only one who gets confused trying to figure out which one to buy.
  15. Not exactly foreigner friendly if we're not even allowed to take out a book from a library. Clearly we can't be trusted