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  1. If you were going left to right you could always wind your window down, smile and wave. That's what the locals do round mine. As you're going right to left, you may need a longer arm
  2. If you can afford to repay the 6% interest rate you wouldn't actually need the loan anyway. You would likely pay it in full to save yourself money. The banks lend money to people who can't afford their ridiculous repayment schemes. I feel sorry for the teachers as this will no doubt be impacting their lives significantly while the bank owners count their billions made from mostly poor people.
  3. alien365

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    I'd say a quick pip of the horn shouldn't get you in any trouble if you use it to let them know you are there, or get them to move at a traffic light on green for example. The only times I've ever done a long beep is when I've had to avoid an accident like motorbikes cutting out of side roads straight in front of my car, motorbikes trying to overtake when I am already turning right, or even a Fortuner that decided to reverse in to my car. He didn't hear the short bleeps so an aggressive honk was needed when he got incredibly close. The only confrontation I had was when someone flashed their lights and I thought he was being polite (my first week driving in Thailand).
  4. I'd have thought Thai baht would be more appropriate for a Thai forum as most here use it on a daily basis. I have never had to use a dollar in my life.
  5. Was it a Chinese run business?
  6. alien365

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    If you're going to complain about the English, you could at least spell 'there' correctly.
  7. alien365

    Remove stains from shirt armpits

    My mother in law uses lime and tamarind juice. I'm not entirely sure how it works but all my underarm stains are gone after she's had a go at it.
  8. She seemed to be traveling at a rate of knots that didn't help.
  9. He was not in the correct position I don't argue that at all, but he wasn't 100% to blame which is what you stated while cursing at other members. Just because most accidentally leave them on doesn't mean we can ignore them. She should have been more patient and cautious.
  10. I'll have to remember that next time I see someone indicating left that it's safe to undertake them because a driving instructor for cars, buses hgv1 and tracked vehicles says so...
  11. The lady who crashed was mostly at fault but the left turning guy should also have made one more check before turning. If the guy who was turning left was in a car with the indicator on, most would say it was the woman's fault so same applies. I felt the mini van should have spotted this one earlier than he did too but it would have been difficult for him to avoid the bike veering towards him.
  12. All you need is someone to stand at your b pillar and walk sideways and you will soon find a blind spot. Usually dangerous on three lane highways when changing lanes.
  13. I don't see the point of paying extra to sit in the back of a C class. If it was an S class then I would consider it for the comfort.
  14. alien365

    Please Recommend me a car

    If you don't mind the car being a few years old I'd recommend a 2.2 litre zafira. They have 7 seats that can easily be folded down. The engine gives decent power too. I have a friend ( seriously it's a friend not me) who is selling theirs for 150k
  15. Overtaking on the inside, aka undertaking. Of 6 years driving here I've yet to have a problem, probably because I don't get right on their bumper first, or flash my lights, or beep my horn at them, or break test them after making the move. Don't get me wrong I don't do this every day, but when there is a huge queue behind because of one tool at the front they sometimes need a reminder of how slow they are driving.