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  1. What I see is a poor excuse for a man, who happens to be Thai, beating a woman up over a minor accident. Human males do have more of a rooster attitude, but 'men' don't hit women. I don't see there being an ego issue here, just other members who think that hitting a woman is abhorrent behaviour that shouldn't take place anywhere.
  2. I personally find it is the Toyota drivers, Fortuner, Altis, Vios, Vigo, transporter. I'd also add the dmax to the list. Honda drivers tend to be slow, holding everyone up. How's that for a generalisation
  3. The story said that he was driving a chicken truck. Knowing the road well he was only a couple of kilometers away from the chicken factory, so my guess is it was a mobile phone related accident, not break failure.
  4. You can see the kids are already displaying their feeling of impunity which is no doubt inherited from ones who should be leading by example. I don't get how a beep of the horn, or someone giving the finger can enrage people so easily. If I got beeped i'd think what have I/am I doing wrong, not pull over and assault someone for it.
  5. I though the 50mg in Thailand was in blood? That being the case the UK limit would be 80mg
  6. New Altis or used Camry?

    I've had my CVT for 5years, driven 90k Kms and it's never put a foot wrong. City driving, highway driving and hilly driving are no problem at all. What the next 5years brings I don't know, but for the smoothness I love it.
  7. What can you buy for 1,000 baht in Thailand?

    I'd say 1,000 baht gets you two decent meals for two people eating out. If you eat locally that will cover the beers.
  8. I was in Uniqlo yesterday and I couldn't walk round the shop due to the staff being in the way. I was also asked by three different helpers if I wanted a basket. One even tried to force one in my hands. On top of the promotions blasting through the speakers and the fact that I already had a basket (next to me on the floor) I found it all a bit overwhelming. Not an enjoyable experience at all.
  9. Myanmar islands near Ranong

    Thanks guys. I'm getting the impression that I should up my budget and stay a bit longer. I was initially thinking a quick getaway, but maybe a bit longer is needed while it is still relatively unknown.
  10. Myanmar islands near Ranong

    Friends who have previously obtained visa's for Myanmar mainland went to Bangkok to do theirs which I found a bit off-putting, but my search online showed that an e-visa was possible. A $10 border pass would be ideal as I don't have any intention to go to the mainland just yet. I am keen to try the Myanmese islands mostly because I expect them to be more peaceful and untouched. Fingers crossed I can get out there before the rainy season starts. Thanks again for your comments.
  11. Myanmar islands near Ranong

    Thanks Jimster, I'll get the wife to inquire with Grande travel who are the ones who were advertising the trip. I am really hoping that i can visit the smaller islands in Myanmar without the hassle of a visa and re-entry. If I do need to jump through a few hoops I may decide to go to a Thai island instead and use the money on an extra night or two. Ko Phayam or further south like Ko Kradan spring to mind
  12. Myanmar islands near Ranong

    Hi Jimster. I'm not the OP but I was about to open a new thread with a similar inquiry. I was thinking of going to horse shoe island or Bruer island from Rayong. That being the case will I cross immigration at some point, and therefore need a visa and a re-entry permit? (I am currently working in Thailand.)
  13. I think people may be criticizing your priorities. If you are unwilling to adjust your schedule then you may not have the flexibility needed to work here. Not all jobs though require you to sign it before 8am. If you work at a university, hours are usually more flexible dependent on when you teach. Tread carefully though as marking of exams and essays may start to take over your life. Alternatively, you could teach in a language school where working hours are usually evenings and weekends with little marking to do.
  14. What is wrong is the enforcement. The law means nothing if it isn't enforced. Not once have I seen the police stop a car for driving too fast here.
  15. Lowered the speed limit, problem solved. I'm sure everyone will now drive 60 in comparison to the 80 they strictly abided to before.