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  1. Thank you. It's a decent weight then if he's not a lifter. Could have hurt himself if the bench wasn't raised.
  2. Does anyone know the weight in Kg? I remember my first time in a gym when I was 15, I went to the bench press that my friend had been using which had 20kg either side. I thought I'd be fine as I could press 40kg at home. Unfortunately I didn't know the weight of a proper bar and embarrassingly needed help to lift it back up. It was like pushing against a wall. I lost a lot of man points that day...
  3. I know which beatdown I'd prefer. A cut and a bruise or two is nothing compared to a more serious assault from someone less in control.
  4. Like others here I agree that the big guy was in the wrong but in comparison to how the Thais fight I don't think it was that bad of an assault. Once the other guy was down he didn't continue beating him to a pulp. If the big guy was an angry Thai I'd say the outcome would have been quite different.
  5. Personally, I'm waiting for the rude woman to be found, named and shamed. I'd love to see what her excuses are for acting so rudely.
  6. To all those who have no idea where these roads are, they (apart from Silom) are the small roads around the Khao Sarn Road area.
  7. Don't get me wrong, i agree that reducing speed would help but i believe the speed limit just needs to be followed as they are. It's the ones screaming through traffic at 150 high on yaba or with no consideration to the road conditions or to others who i see as the problem.
  8. I think the point i was trying to make is that the speed limit needs to be sensible. If you set it at 75kph (45mph) they'd be too slow for a bigger road. And I'm guessing if that was put in place Thai's would buy a different vehicle to get round the limiter (i know i would). There's no point spending a million baht on a 3ltr pick up if they'd be outpaced by a milkfloat.
  9. Getting right up behind them and flashing your lights seems to be how the Thai's do it. But it's all about enforcement which we know doesn't happen.
  10. If a pickup is heavily loaded with people then i see no problem setting a lower speed limit, but i disagree with automatic limits as the pickup isn't always going to be loaded. I don't see why minivans should be restricted to 75 either. I was on motorway 7 a few weeks ago and they flashed the speed limit as 80. If the speed limit is ridiculous less people will follow it. Everyone including minivans were going 120kph which is suitable for that size of road. On my way back it was raining and everyone slowed down accordingly.
  11. I hope they don't. 75 is way too slow for highways. If you said 75mph then it would be more realistic. I think getting fools out of the right hand lane driving at 75kph causing everyone to weave round them would have better results
  12. Haters are always gonna hate.
  13. Although I tend to agree with what he is fighting for, I find it completely unacceptable for him to berate others when its none of his business. I'd have to cover my kids ears ( if I had kids) and tell him where to go.
  14. I'm sure many will just wait until the new year when happiness is provided to the people and you can pay your tickets at 100B each.
  15. I don't know what the fuss is about. I'm sure we will hear very soon that the UN now understand Thailand....