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  1. Changing from Gasohol95 to E20

    I put E20 in mine this week as I couldn't find a 91 pump (there were no colours visible on the pumps). I had zero bars of fuel before topping up. Once I drove off I could feel the slight loss of power but the car sorted it out quickly enough. Like a poster above mentioned the economy goes down a bit. I'm now on 13km/l rather than 15.5 (for city driving)
  2. The Warnings

    I don't need 'experts' or governments to tell me that cryptocurrencies are a risk. As an adult it is a given that in a scheme where you can make a lot of money very quickly, you may also lose a lot of money very quickly. Are people really that thick that we need warnings from big brother?
  3. Best get the chicken extract and prune juice hampers ready for the customary wai photo.
  4. Bangkok's Axe Throwing Bar

    Sounds like fun, thanks for sharing. Anyone know of any other pubs in bkk with unusual activities to do while drinking?
  5. I personally like the red plates and think it would be a shame to not see them on the road anymore. I know part of it is showing off that you have a new car, but if it's your new pride and joy, why not. Like some other posters on here have mentioned though, I got nervous driving at night and in different provinces with the red plates on.
  6. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    Depends on your budget and how well you know her. Personally I would never buy gold. If you buy something cheaper the next time she'd probably be disappointed. For me, last time I took her to a studio to have our photo taken together. We chose a few pics we liked and framed them. It went down very well as there were lots of smiles and laughter aswell as a bit of romance too.
  7. I go to Chiang Mai every year and this time I found the traffic simply ridiculous. It took me forever to get anywhere due to constant traffic lights and traffic jams. I felt like I was back in Bangkok. One thing that did impress me though was how many on bikes wore helmets. I'd never noticed in previous years but this time there must have been about 90% wearing them.
  8. If I offered to help a friend with something like this I wouldn't expect to be paid for it. I wouldn't take any money unless he forced some petrol money on me if it really was a distance.
  9. PM suggests Thais to start saving for their future

    They'll be there for the free aircon, don't you worry.
  10. When a kid drove into the back of my car at a red light, the missus rang his parents up and they were shocked. They paid for him to use a Minivan service to and from school, but instead he somehow had a bike. I'm guessing he chipped in with his other mates on the bike to buy it.
  11. And off he drives to find a foreign tourist next no doubt
  12. Ten-pin Bowling places

    Best bowling place I know in bkk is TPD near Bang Bon. Its not near Sukhumvit but it has great lanes and it's 60baht per game, I think.
  13. So what areas would you propose to improve road safety? Some of my pet peeves that I consider dangerous are signage, plants and the like at junctions making it impossible to see what's coming without sticking your nose out in the road. Streetlights that don't actually light the streets, road surfaces that reflect and are as slippery as an ice rink in the wet. No traffic lights at most U-turns, no give way signs, unmanned railway crossings, poor drainage.
  14. If you are behind the wheel of a car, you are responsible for controlling it. If you don't and you have an accident it's your fault. If there's no light, it's raining, the road is bumpy, the traffic lights aren't working then you slow down, pay more attention. I agree that road layout, conditions and lack of policing can contribute towards accident rates but at the end of the day it's drivers/riders who cause accidents. 6months ago I was waiting at a red light, a kid behind me rode into the back of me on his scooter. Nothing to do with road conditions or safety, all to do with the rider. Anecdotal it may be but it's an accident statistic nonetheless.
  15. Considering the volume of traffic in bkk I'm surprised there are not more accidents, especially when people push in at junctions and drive along the hard shoulders of tollroads so close to the wall. I've never seen a western stood at the side of the road calling his insurance company(that's not to say it doesn't happen), but considering the ratio of Thai: westerner that's not surprising.