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  1. I didn't claim 40%, that was somebody else. For me, if including refusing to accept the journey or using the meter, I can believe that statistic. My personal experience would be about 20%, but as I say I've now chosen to use my own transport rather than complain. I know some posters do seem to be overly critical on all things Thai, but I just read past them, not take over a whole thread defending my stance. You're happy with the service, great. If they took me places and used the meter I used to be happy too, it was just finding that driver.
  2. Considering you seem to be arguing with so many posters on this thread have you actually thought that there is some truth in what they are saying? A lot of people have regular bad experiences with taxi's. You can't call others experiences rubbish if that has been their experience.
  3. Taxis here are dangerous, especially for women. Every Thai woman I know sends a pic of the taxi ID to a friend if they are taking a journey home at night. Some will try to rip you off, drive dangerously, be rude, be on drugs etc. Yes they are cheap in relation to other countries but you take a risk each time you get in one. I now prefer to drive in bkk myself. I find driving in bkk traffic less hassle than taking a lucky dip with the taxi's here.
  4. I don't see where the som nam na comes into it. She didn't exactly do anything bad.
  5. If I see people collecting money for parking like this I just refuse to go to those areas. I will never pay some chancer to park on the side of a road.
  6. I bought my car on installments so I don't fully own it yet. The main dealer arranges the first class insurance which I'm happy with for now. I just know the main figures of sum insured and personal injury/ liability. So do you know what you are insured up to in case of a flood? As per my initial query
  7. Does anyone have the small print in English for their insurance policies here? I'd be quite keen to see what my sum insured is for water damage as a maximum of 30k is a joke. I think I will try and get mine in English at my next service.
  8. I really can't see the condo's insurance covering anything other than the building and the fixture and fittings. If they tried to get insurance and were declined due to it being a basement flat they will have chosen to self insure. Personally at the fist indication that it was going to flood, I'd have been there to move the stock.
  9. By the general way u-turns work I would much rather they u-turn in to the slow lane giving time to accelerate than the fast lane. From watching the video again though those kids on the bike would have crashed in to the other cars who took a tighter line also if they were a few seconds earlier.
  10. My wife would love to do more meaningful research but the equipment and machinery here is outdated. The only chance to do anything meaningful is when we go back to the UK and she uses some of the facilities there
  11. Just out of interest what do people believe the outcome would have been if the Brit hadn't produced his machete? I'm guessing (from the way the brio was being driven) that he would have had his car kicked in and been assaulted quite badly himself. Lots of road rage in this event with nobody coming out of it smelling of roses.
  12. The main point I got from the article is that there is another snake to watch out for. If nit-picking you could say snakes are also poisonous if the snake is eaten, venom ingested, but I'm sure you knew that already.
  13. I'm guessing he means noodle. As it's a Thai word (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว) it's quite a difficult one to say, or spell in English.
  14. They wait until they get a new years present by the general and get to pay them at a fraction of the cost.
  15. I don't really care what the outcome of this is but I'd hope that any charge is then equally given to all the Thais brandishing weapons in their crazy road rage attacks too. From previous cases he should get a 500 baht fine but I doubt that will be the case