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  1. I always wondered how the Indian looking ice cream sellers on their push bikes were allowed to stay here. This could be the answer
  2. Considering how many crimes result in a 500 baht fine and a wai, I'd be surprised if they were sentenced to three years in prison. A large fine would be good, but prison IMO should be for thieves and people who cause physical harm
  3. alien365

    No holidays or we dock your pay

    There's your answer. Ring them up and tell them you have the flu. Ten days later return for your thumb scan.
  4. In the end they found out it was a Thai woman not a westerner and she didn't jump. If it's the same case my missus was talking about yesterday that is
  5. My bad. Having read through the posts I didn't realise that this is a different lady to the one who was having big Joke make a visit to the UK. If she changed her story, I'd expect a prosecution.
  6. (Head in hands...) It's the usual rhetoric we hear when a Thai is caught doing something. They apologise to their own country or for affecting tourism. Personally I hope she gets punished for this. You can't put such a strong fictitious claim out there and expect no repercussion. Just like with that Musk guy. You can't call someone a paedo and get away with it if it is unfounded.
  7. Did she apologise to the people of the UK for bringing shame on our country?
  8. Interesting. They've clearly forgot their ethics code no.2 https://www.thaiairways.com/en_KR/about_thai/company_profile/history.page
  9. According to their website they have run at a profit every year, for the last 40years.
  10. alien365

    Future Park reveals progress on ‘Future City’

    A centre of premium lifestyle and living. Just what we need: more 'premium' spaces in this already overpriced city.
  11. Iv'e seen more mosquitoes this year than any other year I've been here. Constantly having to kill them in the house and outside. Normally I would see the guy smoking the drains out, buy in my area but we've had none of that this year.
  12. I'm guessing like most on here, when I see someone driving recklessly or too fast behind me I get out of the way. I have no interest in racing or blocking people, rather i try to help maintain traffic flow. The Yaris was fighting fire with fire which never ends well on the roads here. Fortunately no other drivers were affected by these idiots. Regarding the music, at one point I thought he had hit the jackpot on the slots.
  13. The Yaris deserved the side swipe. The dash cam driver also needs to be introduced to some better music.
  14. There's a special place in hell for people like him.
  15. As her coach admitted he was coaching I await an apology from Serena to the umpire for doing his job. She could have still won the match at that point but she chose to be a diva rather than an athlete. I can understand her getting upset but shouting at the umpire and losing your rag has never got anyone anywhere.