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  1. LA would be awesome. Nothing I have seen on TV but great reports of dealing with them such as Spokane Al.
  2. State map...taken from Chicago Consulate site http://www.thaiconsulatechicago.org/jurisdiction_en.php
  3. But by the state map I live in a state that has to apply at Chicago..or can anyone apply at the Washington Embassy?
  4. I did Joe... VII. Retirement in Thailand, the applicant must be at least 50 years old and must submit documents as follows : documentation showing proof of retirement bank statement or monthly/year income. a copy of the applicant’s criminal record from the local police department a certificate of health. *These documents must be certified by a Notary Public and certify true signature of the notary public by the Secretary of State.
  5. Are there any Chicago O-A visa holders that can respond about proof of retirement documentation? I will retire soon but will not take SS for a few years so that can't be used. U Joe says being over 50 is proof of retirement but they can get that proof (age) from your application or passport. Seems they want something else.
  6. Minimising sizing of aircon

    Thanks Naam
  7. Minimising sizing of aircon

    26-27....2-3....no....yes....no....6- 1M X 1.5M....3....15CM Q-CON (not sure the resistance) ...house...attic (foil backed gypsum,R-38 batt insulated
  8. Minimising sizing of aircon

    And 24K might be too large and won't bring the humidity down! My point is there does not seem to be anywhere (Thailand or on-line) to get a valid answer by inputting room size, level of insulation, shading of walls, etc. My original post had these inputs and I received the wide range of size choices.
  9. Minimising sizing of aircon

    From all the info I have received on an AC sizing question for a room in my house, from other Thai building sites, online BTU calculators, and esteemed members of the board... it seems the correct size is a crap shoot at best. For a 48 sq. meter room I have an advice range of 9,000-24,000 BTU's. And it seems you won't get a good answer from the "professionals" at the AC store because they will upsize you for a Thai style house or to make more money on a more expensive unit. Guess I' ll guess and go with 15,000.......
  10. Eye Exam

    Thanks for the response Buddy but please decipher " Tokio gave me one way different than my existing one that works as good or better than anyone I know." Not sure what this means.
  11. Eye Exam

    Got in touch with Siam Optical. They said the exam was 1000B but was applied to glasses purchase if bought there. If the glasses are too high I will just get the exam and maybe buy online. Zenni online looked promising.
  12. U.S advantages---Your money can stay in a U.S. bank and you can stretch the O-A out to almost 2 years! Each person has to decide what works best for them. Maybe someone would have trouble with the police check?
  13. Eye Exam

    Coming in on holiday and need new glasses. Any recommendations for an eye exam lower Suhkumvit?
  14. Airplane noise. Low flying?

    You could always pray about your problem Enlightened....