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  1. If one is to have a gypsum ceiling with the grid support. what is the best way to mount ceiling fans? My ceiling has not been installed yet so can do the prep work for fan mounting.
  2. Conduit and box channeling in QCON

    Thanks STWW. That's the same tool Eyecatcher had. I will look in Global for it.
  3. Hey Guys- Looking for advice on the channeling of conduit and electrical boxes in QCON. Anything better to use than the grinder and chipping method? The boxes are done the same way, as in cut the box outline and chip out? Eyecatcher had a neat looking hand tool for raking out the channel smooth after it was chipped out.
  4. Nakhon Sawan News

    Thanks for the report Bill...Hopefully you can get them fully trained by the time I retire in a year or two!
  5. Home Insulation

    Anyone know if there are companies in Nakhon Sawan or Kamphaeng Phet, or in that general area, that spray foam on the underside of metal roofs (PU?). And is there one that does blown insulation over the gypsum ceiling?
  6. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Ken-What model is the Honda beside your Rebel?
  7. Jerome-At what stage to apply...before or after render? If after render, tile adheres OK?
  8. New USA Passport

    Thanks Joe
  9. New USA Passport

    My plan was to have an appointment at the Embassy on the afternoon of my morning arrival. My R&R is 16 days and they are saying app. 2 weeks for processing. I believe after initial appointment I can keep my old passport with me while they process. Then on to GF's home to await e-mail from the Embassy that passport is ready. After passport pick-up I will be flying out in 1-2 days. A hotel In Bangkok will be obtained before passport pick-up. Really didn't want to go to immigration in Bangkok if could be avoided.
  10. New USA Passport

    Whiz- Is there a certain office at the airport you went to or does the Immigration Officer at the departure desk (where the long lines are!) do it?
  11. I am coming on an R&R to Thailand from the Middle East. I will arrive on Visa Exempt and will be getting a new passport at the U.S. Embassy. On their website they say after receiving my new passport (app. 2 weeks?) to go Thai Immigration and get the entry Visa stamp transferred to new passport. Is that also true for Visa Exempt or can you show old and new passports at departure?
  12. Thai Furniture

    I saw your items on CTH...very nice. I am in Kamphaeng Phet so a bit South.
  13. Thai Furniture

    Hey Forum- I'm trying to remember an area of Central Thailand that was known for their many furniture craftsmen...Was it Tak?
  14. Aluminium or PVC ??

    What brand did you use Slugs?
  15. Is Schwab the best thing going for a debit card?