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    Saw Dr. Viroj...Very impressed and thanks to the forum for the help as always!
  2. claynlr

    Wood species

    Anyone know this wood species by the pics? Supposedly old wood. It was all 3 of us could do to get it in home!
  3. claynlr


    Had a company physical in Dubai and the results show an elevated PSA level and need to see a urologist in BKK. Any experience or suggestions?
  4. claynlr

    Transfer of Funds to Thailand

    Thanks Pib...got it!!
  5. claynlr

    Transfer of Funds to Thailand

    Can you talk more about this Pib? When the screen come up "accept exchange rate?" what should be looking for? I didn't know we had a choice at an ATM.
  6. claynlr

    Honda NM4

    Saw this on the AP site...futuristic
  7. Nonsense.....it's a vodka tonic....HeeHee
  8. claynlr

    Honda Forza 300

    Here's a good overview http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2018-honda-forza-300-review-specs-scooter-nss300
  9. Hey guys- Sorry for late response..been busy at work. Yes Europvc has different color frames but at a higher price than white and I think the color fading guarantee wasn't as long as the white. 2/3's of the windows are under carport or the extended roof at the front. The other 1/3 are under a 1M overhang. The concrete detail around the windows were I think 300 something baht for around a 5' section. They really set the windows off for not too much. They have double pane glass for noise and insulation purposes. The casements provide good cross ventilation but when AC is needed I wanted energy savings. UPVC won't transfer heat as aluminum do (unless a thermal break is added but not sure that is available in Thailand). The profiles are German from Aluplast. Hardware is German. A foreman and 4 installers came and were finished in a day. Here is the size breakdown and price: 4-100CM x 140CM 2-90CM x 140CM 1-300CM x 140CM (The large window in pics...3-100CM x 140CM mulled together) 2- 100CM x 100CM All the above are casement..also have a 40CM x 40CM awning window over the toilet. All windows have roller insect screens, stored in an enclosure at the top of the window and pulled down in a track when needed. Price was 204,500B for double pane glass, single pane would have been 181,900B so about 22,600B to upgrade. Aaron Eggleton is the Managing Director at Europvc and was wonderful to work with, answering all e-mails promptly and re-quoting numerous times due to my indecision of what I wanted!! Thanks for the comments and any questions I can answer I will try. The windows were a big cost of my home if not the single largest purchase and were researched extensively! In answer to poster Delight, yes bragging.....jackass
  10. Windows were installed in the new build yesterday. All were white UPVC, double pane gray casement windows except for one small awning window over the toilet. Mossie screens were rollers that pull down in a track and retract to the top.
  11. claynlr

    90 day report at Khampaeng Phet

    Thanks Fred!
  12. claynlr

    90 day report at Khampaeng Phet

    Bill- Is this where the office is?...From Google Maps but it looks like it's across from Hwy. 1116?