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  1. TATA Xenon

    We have some at my company in the Middle East...all I can say is no, no, no...always broken ,
  2. Recommended dental clinic in BKK

    Bangkok Smile has done a lot of reconstructive work for me. Crowns, bridges, and root canal. Office on Asoke and root canal done at their office on Soi 5. Very happy with Dr. Saravudh who speaks English well. bangkoksmiledental.com. Call center 02 664 2800
  3. Doctor For Physical and Blood Work

    Bangkok soi 4-71. That's just the general area we will be staying when we come to see the doctor. Can take the BTS or a taxi if it's farther away.
  4. Doctor For Physical and Blood Work

    I AM regretting you suggested anything! You know most people if they wanted to be helpful would say " I recommend Dr. Donna Robinson. She was wonderful for my medical need." But not you. You give some vague first name without even a last name and then a snide remark about do an internet search. Move along jackass.
  5. Doctor For Physical and Blood Work

    As in Dr. Donna Robinson?
  6. Doctor For Physical and Blood Work

    Who's Dr Donna?
  7. Doctor For Physical and Blood Work

    Def not pregnancy! I was hoping for a private G.P. rather than a hospital but those are good alternatives.
  8. Hey Siri--Check this door from Europvc. The pic doesn't do it justice but they will send you a better one, PVC Golden Oak. They can divide it any way you want and also do horizontal dividers.
  9. Anyone recommend a General Practioner on Sukhumvit for a physical and blood work up? The TG is having general fatigue every so often and that's not like her. I am not trusting the doctor back at the village (well, near the village).
  10. LA would be awesome. Nothing I have seen on TV but great reports of dealing with them such as Spokane Al.
  11. State map...taken from Chicago Consulate site http://www.thaiconsulatechicago.org/jurisdiction_en.php
  12. But by the state map I live in a state that has to apply at Chicago..or can anyone apply at the Washington Embassy?
  13. I did Joe... VII. Retirement in Thailand, the applicant must be at least 50 years old and must submit documents as follows : documentation showing proof of retirement bank statement or monthly/year income. a copy of the applicant’s criminal record from the local police department a certificate of health. *These documents must be certified by a Notary Public and certify true signature of the notary public by the Secretary of State.
  14. Are there any Chicago O-A visa holders that can respond about proof of retirement documentation? I will retire soon but will not take SS for a few years so that can't be used. U Joe says being over 50 is proof of retirement but they can get that proof (age) from your application or passport. Seems they want something else.