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  1. "Lamyai" = Longan - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longan
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    Looking for Clowns for a Kids Party

    @ elektrified: He's a friend of mine...and he's quite good at twisting balloons and with the kids. @ bluweyze: PM me for his number if you still haven't found one.
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    ECON Car Rental - anyone know of them?

    Furthermore, we are not a cheapo operation We owned the following businesses in Chiang Mai: House CM Limited Partnership Property Sales & Rentals Management Buddy Connection Co., Ltd. Asset Management Company Buddy Construction Co., Ltd. Develop & Build Company Buddy Guesthouse & Coffee Garden Lodging & Dining Buddy Journey Co., Ltd. Tour & Travel Services Econ Car Rent Co., Ltd. Car Rental Company Settoon Jewelry Custom Made Pearl & Stone Jewelry Top Dog Pet Food & Hotel Head Office: House CM Limited Partnership 410/3 Chiang Mai Land Village, Chang Klan Road, T. Chang Klan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand. Branch: Buddy Journey Co., Ltd. 410/2 Chiang Mai Land Village, Chang Klan Road, T. Chang Klan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand. Branch: Buddy Guesthouse 77/1 Kamphaeng Din Road, T. Chang Klan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand. Branch: Settoon Jewelry 189/22 Chang Klan Road, T. Chang Klan, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand.
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    ECON Car Rental - anyone know of them?

    @Mousehound First of all, no intention to self-promote...but in response to the questions asked... I'm the manager of Econ Car Rent. We are only four months old company and have had only nearly 20 customers so far, so, most probably many haven't heard of us yet. We strive to provide rental cars at the lowest price possible in Chiang Mai. Our latest low season rental rates as below: - * Daily rate: 800 Baht/day - * Weekly rate: 700 Baht/day - * Monthly rate: 18,000 Baht/mo. * Prices are all inclusive of Tax and Comprehensive Rental Car Insurance. * We also provide free drop-off and pick-up service within 12 km of downtown Chiang Mai. To verify that our vehicles are properly insured, we could provide you the contact number of our insurance company and you may call them and provide them the rental car license plate number and they will look it up for you. As for theft waiver, if the rental vehicle was stolen along with the keys in it, then our insurance company wouldn't cover it. @taotoo I can understand your suspicion because there are many companies whom although declared that their vehicles are covered by 1st Class Insurance, what they didn't specify is that it's a 1st Class Personal Car Insurance and not a 1st Class Rental Car Insurance.
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    My 5,000th Post

    Glad you settled down well in Chiang Mai. Congrats on your 5,000 posts. A great contribution to others on Thai Visa. Merry Christmas.
  6. Hi, I've finally settled for a VPS Web Host Package hosted on a server in Singapore. The web host installed Plesk Control Panel which I may then log in to the CP to manage my Server & Domains from a remote computer. The settings of the Plesk Control Panel requires a seperate port for connection to a remote computer and the port 8443 has been blocked by my Maxnet ISP. I've also had lots of problem doing FTP through Maxnet. Calling Maxnet doesn't help...all they care about is that HTTP access is working...and other than that...it's not their problem. Furthermore, I've already pre-paid three months' in advanced for my VPS web hosting as it's the web host's minimal requirements; and quite costly too but on a superb server. So...what are my alternatives? Switch ISP? What other ISP is available for a TT&T Phone Line in Chiang Mai? But...would switching ISP solve the problem? Just to be sure. Anyone here with similar experience pls advice. Thanks. Jet
  7. Update: Phew...! Finally got my Maxnet Indy package upgraded to Premier Package this morning at 9am; after many phone calls to Maxnet Call Center yesterday!!! Anyway, after the upgrade, I'm able to connect to my Web Host Plesk CP right away. Tried out the FTP/SSH and it works smoothly too; though I don't see "ANY" significant speed increase in bandwidth, at least everything else is working smoothly. It's like what 'melonf' said: "Seems like giving in to balckmail but it is an option" But then, personally I see along the same line as what 'klikster' said: "...I guess my sanity is worth guess my sanity is worth Bt 1000 - 2000" It's just a few hundred baht difference and you get to keep your blood pressure in it's normal level + your sanity Next...I gotta go now...lots of work to be done!!! Thanks everyone for the input
  8. Hi solent01, If only you had posted earlier...I would have given it a try No...it doesn't have to be port 8443....it could be any port other than the standard ports. Problem is...my Web Host wanted me to request for a definite port number so that they could change the connection port settings of my Plesk CP, but, when I called Maxnet Call-Center, they refused to provide me any ports info. saying it's confidential info. and that as long as all HTTP access is working fine, it's not their problem. Furthermore, I don't think my Web Host is gonna entertain me by trying port after port by luck trying to find an open port for me if I can't provide them a definite connection port info. Anyway, the Maxnet package upgrading was scheduled for 11am today, time came and went, but upgrading not done I've just given them a call....and they said will call me back. Let's see what next P.S. - my current Maxnet Indy speed is crawling almost to a halt!
  9. Hi, Thanks to all the replies above The staff at Maxnet also suggested that I upgrade to the Premium Package (THB 1,900/mo.) and they said that should solve the problem. Anyway, I'm scheduled for the upgrading at 11am today. Once I've tried out the speed and connection of the upgraded Premium Package, I've post my review here. Hopefully by then I'm able to coennect to my Web Host CP through port 8443...or any other ports than the usuals. Jet
  10. Hi, Thanks for all the replies Though I browse the News Clipping on this forum on a daily basis, I have totally forgotton about this thread which I've started!!! Guess how I came to land on this thread...through Google while I continue my hunt for a VPS Web Host! Hahahaha Update: I've tried out two different web hosts in Singapore for the last two months. The first one was alright, good pricing, speedy server/bandwidth...BUT...no cPanel! They used an open-source Web Hosting Control Panel which isn't very user-friendly at all. I could get lost using their control Panel even doing the simplest task which would only take me 1 min to do it in cPanel. Most of the stuff have to be done by SSH which isn't something I'm really good at. The second Web Host, which I'm currently dealing with, and which I've purchased just four days ago, well.......HELLISH!!! First, their billing system charged me the wrong amount. Secondly, there weren't any kind of notification after the purchasing process which makes me wonder whether if the purchase has gone through. Sent them an email two hours later and got no reply. 8hrs later, sent out second email and got a short respond in 15mins, saying they haven't receive my order and ask to provide more info. Checked my Credit card only to found that the amount had already been deducted. Another email to the web host and got a reply in about 2hrs saying that their billing system screwed up, apologised and promised that my VPS Account would be setup "within 4hrs" as advertise on their site; by then I have already waited around 12hrs! After the promised "Delivery within 4hrs", I waited for another 5hrs and...nothing. Sent them another email, and again no reply. Waited for another two hours and sent them another email again. No reply...and again...sent them another email...and...nothing!!! 18hrs later, got an email notification saying that my account is ready and that they have sent out the notification the day before and didn't understand why I didn't receive it; I checked my email inbox/junk mail...but nothing!!! Anyway, since the account is ready, I bought their bluff and gave it a try. The first thing I did was to upgrade/recompile the system software to make sure it's up to date before uploading my site; which is a procedure I did with every other VPS web host account. Half-way doing recompilation, the system failed. Sent an email to the web host and after many emails thru and fro, they suggested a full reinstallation of cPanel, which I agreed; that was two days ago (Friday noon). Today, Sunday, 11.16pm, and after dozens of emails with no replies in the last couple days, I'm back on Google looking for a web host again I guess their promised as advertised 24/7 support is also a bluff!!! There's OBVIOUSLY absolutely NOBODY there on weekends!!! Personally, what I think is most important for a web host is...SUPPORT...SUPPORT...and of course HUGE & Fast Disk Space + Bandwidth...hehe But the deciding factor for me is SUPPORT! Not like I'm a problematic client. In my 8yrs with many other web host, I would only request for help during the initial stage when I'm updating and/or configuring server software. Once that done, they most probably wouldn't hear from me again! Unless of course...something wrong with the server itself. Sigh...sorry for my long rant...as I'm really very disappointed and difficult for me to digest the fact how incompetent and over-priced Asian Country web host are! (I'm Asian myself) Speaking from 8yrs experince having hosted my sites in the US in the past. Tytus - I'll send you a PM after this....thanks
  11. Hi, Can someone recommend a good and reliable (preferably with Live Support) VPS+cPanel+WHM Web Hosting company in Asia? Budget at not more than Bt1,500/mo. I've started by doing a Google search for web hosting company in Singapore. Most of them are over-priced (like 50% - 60% more) compared to pricing of Western & European Countries, and Support on their web site seems like non-existence. I'm currently paying Bt1,440 for a VPS Package (Disk Space: 20GB / Bandwidth: 400GB / cPanel / WHM) US Based web host and their support and service was superb. But due to some technical problems with the ISP in Thailand, I need to move to a web host in Asia. Could someone point me in the right direction here, pls? Maybe...there is such a thing as a 'Reliable" Web Host locally in Thailand? Thanks in advanced. Reason of Edit: Additional Info.
  12. visualweb.co.th <--- Disk Space: 15GB / Bandwidth : 400GB / CPU: 208.8 Mhz / No cPanel / No WHM / Price: Bt2,700/mo. + setup fee: Bt1,000
  13. Thanks OneThailand. I'll check out the link you provided right away I don't need the latest build for all basic software. Just a stable version of all basic softwares and OS in which the majority are running. More info. after further resaerch through google...seems like the final answer is...there is no such thing as a rightly-priced reliable web host throughout Asia...except for Australia Not giving up yet...I'm now looking at Hong Kong
  14. Hi, Are there any Web Programming Courses and Graphic Design Courses in CM conducted in English? Recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance. ^__^
  15. I've read every single jokes in this Joke Section...came back to check on new jokes on a daily basis...remember most of it
  16. Sorry Jamesyboi Previously posted before, slightly different but same same http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=69727 http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74387
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    Crackdown On Anti-Thaksin Movement

    Where do you people get this garbage? The man sold stock he owned in a public company and complied exactly with the Thai tax code just as the people who are attacking him have complied with it when they have sold stock in a public company. How in the world does that make his wealth 'ill-gotten'? As for General Prem strutting around in his soldier suit attacking the legitimacy of civil government...well, coup's come in all shapes and sizes, don't they? And...you call yourself oldAsiahand? What is it about politics in any Asia country that one could be CERTAINLY sure of whatever one is talking about and that even goes to one whom is in the game!? And you call yourself what? OldAsiaHand? Maybe time for you to retire Mr. Old Have a fruitful and fullfilling life...don't get involve in any politics in any country; but would be good to stay in the know of whatever's going on. Cheers.
  18. 1998 KIA SPORTAGE 2000cc 4WD for Sale. Mileage: 125054 Fairly Good Condition. Good Engine. (requires minor electrical repair work on the Automatic Windows and Side-Mirror controller.) Selling: Bt265,000 (O.B.O) Free Delivery-To-Door for Test-Drive within Chiang Mai vicinity only. Contact: 01-8824337
  19. 1995 7-Seater Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2000cc for sale - Excellent Condition Mileage: 0944** Selling Price: Bt369,000 (O.B.O) Free Delivery-To-Door for Test-Drive within Chiang Mai vicinity only. Contact: 01-8824337 (Thai/Eng)
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    Frankly...I find farang exSPATS living in CM are kind of...putting off!!! Anyway...don't bombard, spit or spat at me pls. Learn to share the good things in life...and you'll become a bit more Thai everyday...as obviously the length of stay whichever farangs had lived in Thailand doesn't make anyone anymore Thai. I'm not saying that being Thai will be a better person...so pls don't find fault in my English though I know I'm not really good at it. After my first "comment" in this forum...I'm ready for anything as I've been reading this forum since it's first existence and I know what to expect after my post. Well...wellcum. ^__^ Um...and I did check and recheck...think and thought about what I've written before I post it. P.S. - Ted...wellcum to Chiangmai in advance. ^__^
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    According to the wife (phoned her last night @ 2 p a min -mobile -rip off)she can now see the tops of some of the cars in the car park ...so looking good. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Rinrada...No offence intended...but yours info. was over the phone. I'm in CM myself and have been so for the last 6yrs. Nowhere in CM is still under water other than the river and canal itself, which the water level had also receeded significantly. ^__^ P.S. - Unless Rinrada's wife is living somewhere in the rural area very far off from CM town area...then I wouldn't know.
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    Yes. ^__^
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    Home Delivery

    What is the phone number of KFC home delivery in Chiang Mai please, does anybody know? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Pizza Hut & KFC - 1150 Enjoy!