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  1. Why don't supporters stay home and show support through social media? This would have the same effect and also preclude any potential attempts by opposing agent provocateurs from starting an incident.
  2. The influential woman first named obviously has connections higher up than the officer that accused her of involvement.
  3. Little pr***s with big money are never a good combo for those that surround them.
  4. Sadly, there is another on the way in 7 months.
  5. He is named here:
  6. Why would anyone want a photo of someone else's baby? Weird.
  7. And amulets.
  8. "He is homeless and may have escaped across the border on foot." Last time I checked, the Mekong River forms the border between Nong Khai and Laos. Unless this creep can walk on water, this seems an unlikely scenario. If he took the FB1 crossing on foot, how could he have gotten through immigration while naked and likely no valid travel documents? "Police at the scene later found his bag and discarded shorts and underpants."
  9. La vitesse tue. Speed kills. Again.
  10. The guy is a complete tosser, but if he is staying here legally and hasn't broken any serious laws I don't see how he can be deported. I think if he was actually charged with animal cruelty offences at most he would have to pay a fine or fines. As for the trespass violation, I am not sure but suspect it would be the same. Pretty sure these are not 'deportable' offences. One cannot be deported just because some people (myself included) find their behaviour offensive and sign a petition. I think a big issue for most is that he is making $ from his antics. It reminds me of a petition in the US put forward by 'non-Beliebers' to have Justin Bieber deported to his native Canada. Which I think spawned a funny counter-petition in Canada to deny his re-entry/repatriation. Unless they can convict this fella of a serious crime, looks like Thailand may be stuck with him. P.S. Even if he got convicted under LM112 he would still not be deported and have to do jail time here.
  11. Just trying to fit in with the local males.
  12. Have to give your ID. Scary if one has a dissenting opinion. Probably why they get rave reviews time after time.
  13. Or 1 Chuck Norris.