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  1. *I note that my original (admittedly) adolescent post has been removed. Stay happy all. And goodbye TV! All best to the TV posters that have kept it fun, fresh and friendly (Father Fintan Stack, NCC guy from Hua Hin, Simon the Smurf avatar guy, PRBKK etc). Keep it real brothers and sisters. Doc out!
  2. Get a life. It was a light-hearted comment meant to bring a few laughs. Perhaps it failed. Aside from that judge, get off your high horse. You don't know what I drink (if at all) and do not know me. Never presume. You know what is stupid? People who have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than take an anonymous shot at someone on a forum? That is pathetic. I won't presume (as you have about me) what a boring and pathetic life one may have here when one has nothing else to do than lash out against others who actually enjoy or (in my case) have enjoyed Thailand. Back to the OP, I agree that Thailand needs more people like that kind woman. It might bring back young and adventurous travellers with money. Not just attract bitter old men on fixed incomes that sit at computers all day and take random potshots at others on a forum. Heavy beer intake. Haha. If you took offense to my comment or found it in poor taste all you had to do is say so or report me to the mods. As it stands, you're just making things up about someone you don't know. Go back under your bridge, troll.
  3. Chicken scratch for drinkers and smokers. Drinkers will always drink. Smokers will always smoke.
  4. That may be true. But don't forget they never fight 1-on-1 and likely their posse also carry all manner of weapons.
  5. Except the right to self-determination.
  6. Weren't we all commanded by the Big Cheese to forget about her???
  7. Have to admit, shows some talent. Riding a unicycle AND performing a sex act on himself.
  8. Shortage of amulets. Thailand needs more amulets. Amulets will fix the road safety problem here. The PM should 44 up some more amulets. Job done.
  9. Some serious holes in the engine cover. These fellas have some pretty hard noggins (if in fact that is what caused them).
  10. docshock13

    Man killed in brawl over 'smelly' noodles

    Real Thailand.
  11. docshock13

    ‘Neighbourhood python’ finally goes too far

    Glad to hear the python had a good feed before being dispatched to its natural environs. Sadly, it didn't consume the lower IQ species.
  12. docshock13

    Clue emerges about Yingluck’s escape route

    Such a baffling mystery. Where could she have gone? And by what means? The only reason these rearends get away with this bologna is bcoz they can. At the moment they are winning this game. But for how long?