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  1. I use a transfer service. Online booking. Nice vehicles (Camry or similar) w/complimentary water. English speaking drivers. All well-groomed and well-dressed. Price is set during booking so there is no haggling/dodgy meters. In terms of safety, security and comfort well worth the extra $$. Also no amulets! So the drivers obey the rules of the road and drive like humans. Not speed demons anxiously trying to jump the queue to their next life. Hope the young lady receives the care and treatment she deserves. The taxi co. should step up and cover her bills. But given their hiring policy, not holding my breath.
  2. Catch-22. Banks and lenders won't dispense money on account spending is slow. Spending won't pick up unless there is cash in the economy. I don't blame the banks and consumers for their cautious approach in these unpredictable times, rather there needs to be credible and viable fiscal policy coming from gov't house that inspires confidence in the economy (both inside and outside Thailand). So far it has been smash-and-grab and every man for himself. As well as unneeded submarines, persecutional defamation suits, improving the "image" for tourists, populist band-aid/handout policies (which were condemned before) but now are ok and lip service to stamping out corruption. But nothing on a rigorously studied long-term economic plan. Just crickets among the cacophony of breaches of the computer crimes act, sedition charges etc. Thailand is trying to put lipstick on a pig and a band-aid on the gaping wound that is its economy. Having said that, having a transparent and level playing field for business would require those that are commanding this ship of fools to come clean. Never going to happen. Good luck to all who have chips on the table.
  3. All joking aside. 100km in a day in this heat is a feat in unto itself. Never mind the critters. The training sounds grueling. I know I couldn't do it. Wish the team best of luck! Though, I hope they are aware of the hazards that await them. I.e. I did not see any mention of acclimatizing the team to the coldest temps on Earth or the myriad mental issues they may face. Hope they have proper gear and support! A backpack full of Mama and Doraemon pyjamas aint gonna cut it.
  4. The guy is likely sipping mimosas in the Maldives with Phra Dhammachayo by now. Good luck to all.
  5. Stone something...At a mate's in BKK for Super Bowl. His wife's phone rings. It is her mum. She proceeds to have a shouting conversation with her mum about what they ate etc. Mate says, "Honey, do you need to shout into the phone we are watching the game?" The wife retorted vociferously (as if we were all daft), "My mum lives in Chiang Mai!!!!!!" 'Nuff said.
  6. Looks more like the Slappy Zone. The gals did alright for themselves, tough. I'd rather go up against the two flailing Arab twins than one woman from Walking Street any day.
  7. Yes! His image was actually what evoked my comparison. Orwell must have been required reading in the military academy's "Authoritarianism 101" classes.
  8. What an utterly arrogant and condascending thing to say to the people that pay your salary and have to swallow your excrement daily. I thought Napoleon from Animal Farm was a fictional character. Guess not!
  9. See?! That official was right! Tourists are "coming" for the nature.
  10. If true. That is good. Too bad she is out, though. Hopefully she just crawls back under her bridge. Hope the owner got her phone back after all of this.
  11. Well, Allah is no worse than the other 3 names. Poor kids indeed. And another on the way.
  12. In the same place as the Peoples Party plaque.
  13. Judging from this test page that came through over Line from an actual teacher, it seems they are in desperate need of assistance.