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  1. www.thailand-business-news.com/banking/53291-household-debts-hit-highest-8-years-filling-pockets-thai-loan-sharks.html
  2. Because its not the debt itself, but the debt to asset ratio. Those frugal Dutch have land or real estate where the gullible Thais hold cars and phones.
  3. Did the 1148 today on a PCX and its fenominal. Shame it rained but this is indeed among the best in Thailand. I would als recommend the 200km between Mae Sariang and Mae Sot.
  4. Gotta love his shirt.....
  5. paid 40 baht a kilo yesterday and expect prices to drop even more.
  6. moving and 90 days reports

    yes, 7 weeks ago. Also, I was polite and respectful , proper dressed and not drunk.
  7. moving and 90 days reports

    Yes and had receipt of notification in my passport.
  8. moving and 90 days reports

    No. Got Non O years ago at Embassy in Europe and am on 3rd extension now.
  9. moving and 90 days reports

    Yes I was also confused. I changed address, was even told to do 90 days at the new office and when I did told to go to Bangkok. I dont want to complain about Immigration, its always been straightforward, but I just want to know why. Lets see how my Non O extension will go in August.
  10. 2 baht a pineapple today. We bought 10 for 20 baht and will freeze then. Mangoes around here in Chiang Rai go for 15 a kilogram. Farmers revolution on the cards soon?
  11. Paid 5 baht a pineapple yesterday. Delicious.
  12. moving and 90 days reports

    I was send away. They would not let me do my 90 days report. I 'bought' a re entry permit, went to Mae Sai and crossed. The 90 days are now reset and next dye date I will have lived more than 90 days in Chiang Rai. I was also very surprised as it makes no sense.
  13. I moved from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and went to immigration to notify them on May 3rd. Today I had to do my 90 day reporting and they told me to do this in Bangkok. You cannot do your 90 days reporting if you live less than 90 days in Chiang Rai. So basically every foreigner that moves to another Immigration district has to go back the old office to do the reporting. Very inconvenient and I dont understand why.
  14. Ive been telling for ages that anything grows here and grows fast, so there's an enormous potential to become 'the kitchen of the world'. But the way its now is that most land is used for rice and animal feed (corn). Very low value crops
  15. Positive growth driven by improving farm prices

    When people eat more Mama noodles the writing is on the wall. Aka the Mama Noodles Index.