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  1. Compare Bangkok's street plans with that of any other city in the world and you'll realize that its the worst planned city in the world. All the new lines will not improve the situation. How will the people of Bangkok (the millions not living and working along the lines) get to the stations? They will prefer hpurs of traffic.
  2. SoilSpoil

    Chiang Rai Train Station

    There's a lot of talk of a train connection between Den Chai and Chiang Khong. Does anyone habe an idea where in the city the new station is planned?
  3. Water management as hot potato: the need of the farmers vs entire cities. The governments need the votes of the first and largest group.
  4. SoilSpoil

    Bangkok air quality improves

    What he really means is that the rainy season is clearing up the areas around Bangkok that are normally polluted because of agricultural burning. Even now, the air quality in Nakhom Sawan, for example, is moderate and fires can be seen in a lit of spots. After the monsoon, the big smog will return.
  5. SoilSpoil

    The case for banning trans fats

    Trans fats are as alien to your body as shoe polish, and are not to be confused with vegetable or saturated fats. People don't have enzymes to break them down. They should be banned yesterday.
  6. Acute quitting alcohol can lead to serious consequences. GABA receptors will freak out after 20 hours or so and seizures or worse are not uncommon. Doctors advise a taper down instead of cold turkey.
  7. The article doesnt mention the massive burning of sugarcane fields that has created life threatening smog pollution in the lower Northand large parts of Isan. All these chemicals used become airborne.
  8. What could possibly go wrong? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/16/bangkok-half-marathon-worlds-longest-u-turn-17-mile-race
  9. SoilSpoil

    Maize farmers fear effects from imported barley

    Good news. Now farmers won't have to burn their field to grow animal feed.
  10. There's never been a lack of ambition in this country.
  11. SoilSpoil

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    Great trip. Skip the highways, and go through Nan, Loei, towards Khao Yai.
  12. Its not the bags that is the problem, its the amount of plastic thats put in the bags. The bag problem is easily solved as done in other countries. Food packaging is the real challenge.
  13. Everyone should have at least 1 million baht in liquid form in case of emergencies. For me its my visa requirements and reserve for medical expenses that make me a 1% according to this (?) research.
  14. I am gonna have an extra beer tonight, as I finally belong to the 1%.