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  1. Durable goods such as cars and motorbikes.......... Economics minus 101
  2. hope it will clear the smog in the North
  3. Lot of Europeans who graduated 20 years ago or more dont have transscripts. The ECTS (GPA) system was introduced in the late 90's and Universities were not required to keep this data.
  4. Temperatures not too bad in Chiang Rai today. 34 max. The air quality is another issue.
  5. We went to Chumpon recently and the beaches are out of a picture book so beautiful but garbage everywhere. With a government more worried about submarines and high speed trains and less with garbage disposal and environmental issues, the pollution levels will rise. The general apathy of most Thais also doesnt contribute. Same for air quality in Northern Thailand, unhealthy for months already. How about the rivers?
  6. Lived there for years and absolutely loved the place. Must admit that am a family man with a couple of kids and not a bar stool.
  7. No it isnt, its a wonderful city with beautiful parks, recreation areas, sublime sport facilities, great schools and lots of space for children to play. I fail to see how Singapore is boring. Bangkok is dirty, jammed and there is no space to do any outdoor activities.
  8. 7 - 11 will dive into this and go the Japanese way offering a large assortisment of meals. I wonder what is more detrimental: street food or microwave meals?
  9. I have never heard of any tourists coming here for street food. Most are probably warned to stay away from it.
  10. Same for Taiwan. It seems that regulation and enforcement are curse words in Thailand and our 'Holier-than-the-Thai' forum brigade.
  11. Our Thai neighbours with kids also complain about the vendors blocking the walkways. Should they move to Singapore too? The main objection in this discussion is illegal occupation of streets and pavement.
  12. Illegal food vendors force my children to walk over the main road. They are blocking the pavement frying their chicken in rancid oils and distinct smells. Its about time to give the city back to its residents.
  13. Should be named Education Plummet.
  14. In feudal Thailand the elderly were supposed to be supported by their offspring. With increased economical mobility, access to credit and household debts, no savings and too much consumption, a drama is unfolding itself. The shoulders needed to carry the financial needs of an aging society are not strong enough. They are only getting weaker.
  15. I stopped counting the times that clerks or staff made errors in my favor. I always point these out and put the change back on the counter. Weird things is that quite often the clerk in question seems to be annoyed rather than pleased when I point out their error.