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  1. If all the bad drivers here in Thailand were taken off the roads, would there be any drivers at all?
  2. Australia and Austria = same same (At least here in Thailand)
  3. I think donating nothing would have been better. 5,000 baht is pretty much a spit in the face.
  4. Any diamond of that value and size surely would have been GIA certified and should have a laser inscription on the ring. I'm sure there has to be some way to track it, at least see when it was certified if he claims it was his 'mothers'.
  5. Something tells me this isn't the first time he claimed he has epilepsy when smashing into someone.
  6. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    They should join up with their cousins from Myanmar, the Rohingyas, to become a super exiled group. The U.N. and other organizations just starting to get decent aid to them.
  7. Where is the CCTV Video? I clicked the link in the news article but I didn't see anything but still pics. Can somebody link it please? :) Never mind, I just noticed that somebody linked the clip on the Facebook page in this thread. Disgusting stuff!
  8. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    What a great law for Thailand and the mafia, I mean police. They can't wait to extort money from the tourists that come and fly them without knowing this law in 90 days.
  9. Boxing world champ turns cop in Sisaket

    When 99% of the Thai population has no training, it's not hard to assume with a picture or not. I truly think a piece of paper with a B.A. from a Thai university is equivalent to a 9th, maybe 10th grade high school/secondary education in most western countries. Brings me back to my memories of my teaching days when I first got to Thailand. A big ceremony was held for a highly respected teacher for getting a "PhD in English Education". The next week I was walking by her Grade 1 (IEP - Intensive English Program) class and saw her writing on the black board "This a father, This a brother, etc." The week after "I like eat orange. I not like eat apple". Just sad!
  10. Any westerners should come with American football or ice hockey attire if they plan to eat at a buffet.
  11. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    Every verdict here in Thailand is decided before the trial starts.
  12. This is getting out of hand, not only in Pattaya but so many beautiful spots devastated by this crap. On a side note, my mother and sister are coming here and I plan to take them to one of the islands/beaches. Does anybody know a beach that is still intact, still beautiful like they were a decade or two ago?
  13. Hazing can be pretty torturous in the U.S. without the crude sexual acts as written in the article. However, the big difference is that you only get hazed if it's your choice to join a fraternity or sorority and 99% know what they are getting into.
  14. Tramadol Addiction

    Over the years I have become more and more addicted to Tramadol and with my tolerance at an all time high. I need to get off these things. I live in Bangkok so does anybody know of a Methodone clinic or a place where I can get Suboxone to wean myself off?