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  1. This is one of the top primary schools in Khon Kaen. I was surprised to learn that two Thai teachers I know, that were there for over 25 years had transferred to a less prestige school because of the new director (which is this dingbat). The foreign teachers are on a 12 month contract and he decided to literally steal a month's pay from each and only pay them 11 months without prior notice. Wide-open corruption at its finest. Unfortunately, worst case scenario he gets transferred to another school instead of going to prison.
  2. What a joke! The very city that rule it illegal has AirBnB's everywhere. I just got back from a 2 day stay yesterday and I will be going there next weekend. They might possibly crackdown on them for a day, week, month, and then same same. Back to not enforcing the million laws in this country.
  3. Again, just clueless blah blah blah from an out of date / out of touch geezer. The other people are Thai and my fiance just laughed about it being "illegal". Most everything in this country is illegal nowadays. Do you see anything being done? I'll be using AirBnB in the city of Hua Hin itself where they ruled it illegal. Let's see if anything is done about it! Now go ahead and continue to moan and moan in every other topic.
  4. You obviously have never used AirBnB's in Thailand or anywhere for that matter. They are generally nicer and cheaper than most hotels. I use AirBnB every couple months to rent out a brand new, super modern condo in Hua Hin/Cha Am. It has two rooms, two bathrooms, living room, and a full western kitchen. 1,200 baht after the service charge and cleaning fee. Usually there are 4 or 5 of us so at 200-300 baht per person it's cheaper than a hostel.
  5. Next news: Elections postponed 2 more years due to civil unrest.
  6. diddygq

    More police deployed for Songkran

    The police, in Isaan (on duty) are usually more drunk than the general public. Maybe the normal Joe/Somchai can start breathalyzing the police. Hey, remember this is a backwards country.
  7. diddygq

    Online Teaching

    You must be one of the old dinosaurs people talk about on TV. Two days ago in Chiang Mai, they just had another huge conference for the digital nomads there where Immigration and the Thai Labor Office spoke. As long as you aren't overstaying your visa (no matter what visa you are on) and they money isn't coming from a Thai company it's legal.
  8. They are going on at both. However, the recent news articles I've read mainly focused on Suvarnabhumi and my guess would be that it happens more often there because there are more international flights. These baggage handlers are brain dead numbnuts though and I don't think they really care. Police recently found a room either in Phuket or Krabi filled with stolen goods from airport luggage.
  9. Because the size of the drone and the power of the controller. They wouldn't allow me to carry it on last time. I'm going to try but I doubt it.
  10. Yeah, you now need to register drones in Thailand. I submitted my documents 7 months ago. 2 1/2 months later I go to check on it and seems they lost the documents and had to start the whole process over. I have been flying it unregistered but I literally just picked up the registration from the CAAT office in IT Square today. So, I'm good to go. It's a really dodgy rule. I've heard about some officials not letting drones come in because they haven't been registered but the only way you can register it is to do it here. Some guy literally makes up some idiotic rule without thinking. He usually holds a senior position and the peons just agree with him. It goes on in every sector here in Thailand.
  11. I'm going to Taiwan and the whole point for buying the drone is to get awesome footage of my travels. I'm not worried about bringing it to Taiwan but coming back to Don Muang is another story.
  12. A friend of mine just flew here and he noticed one of his small bags was a bit unzipped. I guess somebody stole some biking equipment. Snakes! I will be forced to check in my $1,000+ drone next week so I'm going to buy a little GPS tracker and hide it in the drone case.
  13. diddygq

    Online Teaching

    It's not illegal at all. The immigration just held a seminar in Chiang Mai for all the digital nomads there. If you are not working for a Thai company and you aren't overstaying your visa it is completely legal.
  14. diddygq

    Video: Pattaya will be Thailand's "Miami"

    They are probably referring 'dreaming' of Miami Beach is an area in Miami.
  15. diddygq

    Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    There is a lot of money floating around China now and people are getting richer by the day. Yes, a huge amount of the population probably don't have the financial means to travel abroad. However, we are talking about a country with 1.2 BILLION+ people living on their mainland. So, even if it goes up a few percent you are talking millions.