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  1. This is getting out of hand, not only in Pattaya but so many beautiful spots devastated by this crap. On a side note, my mother and sister are coming here and I plan to take them to one of the islands/beaches. Does anybody know a beach that is still intact, still beautiful like they were a decade or two ago?
  2. Hazing can be pretty torturous in the U.S. without the crude sexual acts as written in the article. However, the big difference is that you only get hazed if it's your choice to join a fraternity or sorority and 99% know what they are getting into.
  3. Tramadol Addiction

    Over the years I have become more and more addicted to Tramadol and with my tolerance at an all time high. I need to get off these things. I live in Bangkok so does anybody know of a Methodone clinic or a place where I can get Suboxone to wean myself off?
  4. I've never been to Penang for a visa run but I think I'm going to take a trip to Malaysia so I mine as well do it right around the expiry date. I know the normal documents I need for a 3 month Non-B which is all I can get because I have a son but I'm not married or not even together with his mother anymore. Do I need to have an outgoing ticket or show money in the bank for this?
  5. Alprazolam is supposed to make you chilled out and relaxed. Did the reporter forget to mention Yaba?
  6. Civil Servants/Government Workers cannot lose their jobs in the precious kingdom. The worst would be moved to something "inactive".
  7. They need to form a committee first.
  8. Yeah, I think everybody knew that Conor's only chance was in the first 4-5 rounds. He won 3 rounds. Definitely the first, second, possibly third and eighth. He would never have won a decision no matter what against Mayweather's handpicked judges. They scored it 8-1, giving Mayweather the 2nd round when he barely even threw a punch. It would have been a travesty if he actually did win but was robbed by the judges. Also, would have been a travesty if he couldn't last through five rounds. He made the UFC fighters / organization proud that one of their own hung in their against one of the best ever for 10 rounds.
  9. Not computer savvy are we??? That person, you, or both went to the wrong URL where other sites take nearly the same domain name. This happens to every popular site. I watched and have been watching first row for about 7 years here without any personal information ever given. It's completely free, except for the annoying ads that you have to click through for the first 30 seconds or so. That's how the site makes money (ad revenue) so not a big deal just to close them out.
  10. In my opinion, the fight was great and exceeded expectations. People said McGregor wouldn't land a punch and he landed more punches in 10 rounds than Pacquaio did in a 12 round fight. Also, we haven't seen Mayweather push forward in years. Conor is known to blow is gas tank around that time in a fight but he is also known to get a second wind (Check out McGregor/Diaz 2). Like Conor said, he wished the ref would have let him continue to make it out of the round or either hit the canvas and I agree. All in all, it was a WIN-WIN for everybody involved. Mayweather walks away with 350+ million and can pay off his gambling debts and taxes. UFC makes 50 million for nothing. Conor walks away with $100+ million. Showtime makes a huge amount and the list goes on. No losers in this fight and Conor will be back, better than ever in the UFC!!!
  11. Another delusional comment. UFC is the elite of the elite in MMA. Mayweather would get choked out in about 10-30 seconds. He wouldn't know how to defend a take down. Next comes the transition to back and strangled.
  12. What an idiot. First Row has been around streaming every sport, free, for years. Welcome to the age of technology.
  13. UFC (MMA) is the fastest growing sport while boxing is dying out.
  14. Mayweather will make around $350 million with his promotions and expected PPV numbers. McGregor will clear 100 million from the same and that doesn't include 50 million that the UFC takes since he's actually under contract with them. Anyway, I've been rooting for Mayweather to LOSE for the past 10 years or so, probably like a lot of people. It hasn't happened yet and this is the last chance so I can't miss it, even if it's a long shot.