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  1. I have to assume that is supposed to be a joke.
  2. Wouldn't disagree with most of that, apart from the last bit. At this point in time I don't think that the electorate comes into it, those that may punish are sat at the same table.
  3. Apart from the fact that the referendum was not legally binding you have to remember that no government can dictate what a future government must do. DC gave the assurance in the belief that he would still be in charge after the referendum, a bit presumptious wouldn't you say. TM is solely responsible for the action that has been taken and as I have said before she allows criminals the benefit of beyond reasonable doubt, but it would appear that benefit is not extended to the country as a whole.
  4. Do you consider that the likes of Amazon and ebay would be classed as UK manufacturers?
  5. Quite, EU external borders are controlled locally in conjunction with FRONTEX. https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/agencies/frontex_en When it comes to Ireland it would appear that many are quite ignorant of the role the EU has played. Since 1995 and the first EU-funded peace programme, €1.5 billion has been spent in the North promoting cohesion, and economic development. Over €1 billion in EU financial assistance is to be spent in the current financial period to the end of 2020 in the region, of which €230 million will go to the NI PEACE programme (this is 85 per cent EU-funded) and a further €240 milllion goes to the Interreg programme for Northern Ireland, the Republic, and Scotland. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/meps-to-demand-continued-eu-funding-for-ni-peace-programmes-after-brexit-1.3624646
  6. I would have thought that with this vast experience in international trade you would have known that the CE regulations make no reference to exporters whatsoever and neither I or anyone else has said that setting up an office was necessary. Once outside the EU, UK manufacturers will no longer be 'in the market', so they can no longer place product 'on the market', as they do at the moment, that will become the responsibility of someone else, within the EU. They will need an authorised representative and as I have already said that can be either their own office or an agent. " It is necessary to ensure that products from third countries entering the Community market comply with all applicable Community requirements, and in particular that appropriate assessment procedures have been carried out by manufacturers with regard to those products. Provision should therefore be made for importers to make sure that the products they place on the market comply with the applicable requirements and that they do not place on the market products which do not comply with such requirements or present a risk. For the same reason, provision should also be made for importers to make sure that conformity assessment procedures have been carried out and that product marking and documentation drawn up by manufacturers are available for inspection by the supervisory authorities." http://www.ce-mark.com/7682008EC.pdf
  7. Obviously the phrase "where the product requires CE marking" is outside your comprehension.
  8. I have said no such thing and it is against the forum rules to deliberately take comments out of context. This is what I said "Post brexit, as a third country companies exporting to the EU where the product requires CE marking will be required to have representation within the EU. Either there own office or an agent," Since when does "Representation within the EU" mean an office in every country, gross distortion. If you bothered to read the regulations on CE marking you would see what I said is perfectly correct.
  9. The Dept of Consular Services, which most people deal with, can be located within the embassy or externally.
  10. Yes, different office different story. I was at Sri Ratcha a few days ago and for the first time they asked for a map for retirement extension.
  11. sandyf

    Microsoft hotmail rant

    Likewise. Mine is even longer, somewhere around 20 years and still the same password. Although mine is a Hotmail address a few years back the email package was rebranded by Microsoft as Outlook, they made several changes to the software but password was not one of them. A couple of months ago a friend asked me to set up new computer he had bought. It was windows 10, something I am not familiar with, and I tried initially with my own email and ended up in a mess. I had to reinstall windows and tried again with the same email but this time bypassed some of the setup screens and all was ok. I think windows 10 tries to integrate accounts which may lead to some problems but only a guess.
  12. Exactly. There is a very good reason why the EU has not done a trade deal with China, but leavers would prefer to ignore the why.
  13. This is where you will find the actual tariff schedule, along with every other country. http://tariffdata.wto.org/ReportersAndProducts.aspx As you say they are massive and only doctored extracts have ever been posted. It would appear the the leavers have chosen to ignore the fact that the UK has applied to adopt the EU schedule. A decision on that should come out towards the end of this month.
  14. It wouldn't be out of the question for some people to think that putting up with a Labour government for 5 years may be a price worth paying to get out of this mess. After all the following government can put it all right again, that's democracy, isn't it.