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  1. There is no minimum, other than what is physically required. I went to Malaysia once with about two thirds of a page, unlike the previous visit the Malaysians went and put a small sticker in the middle of the spare space. When I came back into Thailand the IO was pushed to find room for the entry stamp but nothing was said.
  2. And as every leaver knows, brexit and Muslims are one and the same. I moved up to Sheffield in the early 80's and part of the city was virtually a no go area for white people, even the police feared to tread. Of course all the fault of the EU? Fast forward to the 2000's and Burnley was torn apart because the EU? had refused planning permission for a 4th mosque, many other areas had similar problems. Then we had the Rotherham sex scandal, police knew there was a problem but backed off as the race issue had become so toxic, another EU problem? There are some very good reasons why certain areas of the country have a negative perception of immigration policy but it must be kept in perspective. The rhetoric over the brexit issue has become so intense people have lost track of who was responsible for what. If you have an broken arm and a cold, is trying to cure the cold the most appropriate course of treatment.
  3. The company that my son works for has merged with a company in Dublin in an attempt to secure their future. The prospect of relocation is like a black cloud hanging over him.
  4. Do you really think the referendum was valid, more than 16.14 million leavers with the same point of view would have added some credibility. Pooling various arguments against a single cause is a bit of a distortion. Only the delusional would believe that leavers have been singing from the same hymn sheet. One has to assume that when contemplating surgery, the latest information has no part to play in the final decision.
  5. So you think that whipping them into submission is preferable.
  6. That may well be the case but the point in question was regarding the EU position which is laid out in MEMO-17-5365_EN.pdf.
  7. Protect the minions from those above.
  8. Quite, I saw the statement in the house and there was little evidence of backing down, only regrouping for the next move. Kenneth Clarke stood up and said something like how can we deal with other countries if we cannot deal with ourselves, PM declined to comment. Democracy in name only.
  9. The EU position on visas MEMO-17-5365_EN.pdf Brussels, 20 December 2017 European Commission - Fact Sheet What is the visa reciprocity mechanism? Visa reciprocity is a central principle of the EU's common visa policy and an objective which the Union pursues in a proactive manner in its relations with non-EU countries. This principle means that the EU, when deciding on lifting the visa requirement for citizens of a non-EU country, takes into consideration whether that non-EU country reciprocally grants visa waiver to nationals of all Member States (except the UK and Ireland who do not participate in the common visa policy) to every non-EU country whose citizens can travel to the EU/Schengen area without a visa. The current visa reciprocity mechanism is established by Regulation (EU) 1289/2013 and entered into force in January 2014. It foresees that if a visa-free non-EU country has not lifted the visa requirement for all EU citizens within 24 months of the publication date of a Member State's notification of nonreciprocity (in the present case by 12 April 2016), the Commission, taking into account the consequences of the suspension of the visa waiver for the external relations of the EU and its Member States, can temporarily suspend the visa waiver for 12 months for nationals of that country. The EU has a common list of countries whose citizens must have a visa and of countries whose citizens are exempt from that requirement (see Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001).
  10. Cherrypicking rules supreme, ok for you but not for them. These days reciprocity is the name of the game.
  11. Five years of Labour may be the only way out of this mess.
  12. The government was found to be in contempt of parliament and now the speaker effectively says the government is contemptuous of parliament. Parliament is sovereign but the government has little respect for sovereignty, do leavers really think that this is the way forward. "Halting the debate after no fewer than 164 colleagues have taken the trouble to contribute will be thought by many members of this House to be deeply discourteous," he said. "I politely suggest that in any courteous, respectful and mature environment, allowing the house to have a say would be the right and, dare I say it, the obvious, course to take." https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46511390
  13. So you want to be 'tested', whatever that is supposed to mean, every time you visit another European country. Somehow I do not think your 'majority of leavers' would agree with you.
  14. Another nail in the coffin? The court went even further than its advocate general and said the UK could even revoke Article 50 if the period had been extended. This is significant because it means time could be bought to hold a referendum or general election whose result could see Brexit cancelled. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-court-case-ecj-ruling-article-50-theresa-may-deal-uk-european-court-justice-latest-a8675541.html